Gingerbread cookie nicecream

It’s not even November yet and i have already begun planning Christmas recipes!! The life of a (part time!) Recipe creator!

So expect christmas recipes already in November…. because I’m not sure i can wait to post the recipes and meals until December. Of course i am mostly looking at creating some winter/christmas inspired breakfasts, snacks and desserts… but there will even be some main meals as well. But what is traditionally eaten for christmas varies so much between countries and cultures so it’s hard to make christmas main meals that will be relevant for many.

But i would love to know what you traditionally eat for christmas?

It can of course be questioned…. is nice cream really a christmas food? And my answer to that would be no. Far from actually.

Instead… it is all about the warm dishes. Oats and rice pudding among other meals. But in some parts of the world it is actually warm during Christmas, so then why not make this dish…. ot maybe you just want some gingerbread flavoured nice cream during summer… that works as well!!


Typically nice cream is just bananas with your flavours of choice.

And ice cream is based on cream and sugar.

This recipe is something in between.

Based on bananas, but added coconut cream for extra creaminess.

The coconut cream can of course be excluded, and just use bananas or add in some whipped soya cream. The coconut cream does add quite a bit of coconut flavour which may not be for everyone.

In prep for this recipe, don’t forget to peel, dice and freeze bananas. I used 2 bananas but you can freeze in more and just use the amount you need for each time you make nice cream! So if bananas are ever on sale… then buy a bunch and freeze in!

What coconut cream to use?

I used the top part (the cream) from a can of full fat coconut milk. But you can use an actual can of coconut cream instead.

So this recipe does require some freezing, mixing, refreezing and then defrosting. But it is worth it… and like i mentioned earlier, you could make a big batch and just defrost/freeze when you want to eat some!


Prep: 5-10 minutes, cooling time: 1-2 hours, defrosting: 30 minutes

2+ bananas, peeled, diced and frozen for atleast 2-3hours in advance

10+ gingerbread cookies. Or use as many or as little as you like.

100- 150ml coconut cream or whipped soya cream

Optional, pinch of ginger, cardamom and cinnamon or some gingerbread spices.

How to:

In a mixer, place the bananas, coconut cream and crumbled cookies and mix on high speed until smooth. If you don’t have a high speed food processor, allow the bananas to defrost a little before mixing so you don’t break your mixer.

Add in the extra spices if using. Taste and add more spices or cookies according to preference.

Pour the mixture into a container and place into the fridge for 30-60+ minutes

Then, once cooled, allow to defrost a little before eating!!

A very simple recipe. Almost so simple it doesn’t require instructions or a recipe!!

Give this recipe a try, or check out some of my other nicecream/ice cream recipes and let me know what you think!!