How to make vegan mayonnaise

Mayonnaise… either you love it or you hate…. I have never heard someone say they are “Ok” with it. It is either love or hate.

Let me know in the comments which type you are…. Though I am guessing that if you are actually looking at this recipe you are someone who loves mayonnaise and maybe wants to figure out how to make their own version to save money, or just know how to make a vegan one.

So in the past, I have seen some different ways to make mayonnaise… one based on aquafaba and another based on cashews.

I have never personally liked mayonnaise, so making my own has never been something that has occurred to me… why make something I don’t even like. Hence why I have used crème fraiche in many of my creamy salads!

But I recently learnt how to make my own vegan mayonnaise and it looked so simple so I thought… I have to give it a go. Because if it is that simple, then of course I want all of you to know how to make it yourself.

According to others who ate the mayonnaise, it is similar to the real thing… though you do want to be careful with how much kala namak you use as it gives off a very sulphur smell and taste meaning that your apartment will smell like egg/fart when you use it 😊 Just a little warning!

What is kala namak?

It is also known as himalyen black salt. Because of the components it is made up of, alot of sulphur, it gives off a very eggy smell/taste which makes it great when making tofu scramble or chickpea omelette. However it may not be the most appetizing smell.

I would also recommend you buy preground kala namak and not the hard rocks which you need to ground yourself, because there is risk that the grinder you use to grind the salt will forever smell like sulfur!

The key to make this recipe successful is:

Make sure that all the ingredients are in room temperature, if you use milk that is too cold it might not work out.

I also need to mention that I can not guarantee the results if you use another plantbased milk than soya milk, and the same goes for using another oil than olive oil. However, I am pretty sure using rapeseed oil should work fine instead of olive oil.

Use a handmixer and some type of shaker/glass. It might work in a bowl, I haven’t personally tested but you can give it a try and let me know in the comments below.

If the mixture is too loose, then just add a little more oil and keep mixing, it will thicken up.

Note, after some time in the fridge the mix may not be as “loose”, but it is just to mix it and then it is fine again. Just like with homemade oatmilk, when you store it in the fridge it is not always the same as the storebought versions that have added preservatives to keep them fresh and long lasting.


Make chili mayonnaise by adding some chilli to make mix

Or why not some garlic mayonnaise… adding some extra salt and crushed garlic

Or make your own vegan aioli, with the mayonnaise as the base (Recipe example)

Chiptole mayonnaise (120ml mayonnaise, 1/4 tsp garlic powder, 1/4 tsp onion powder, 1/4 tsp dried oregano, 1.5 tsp chipotle powder, squeeze of lime, pinch of salt)



240ml olive oil (or rapeseed oil)

120ml soya milk – at rooms temperature

½ tsp kala namak

1tsp mustard

½-1tsp lemon juice

Pinch of salt, optional

Add chilli/garlic if you want to spice up the flavour.

How to:

Begin by adding the oil and soya milk to a jar/glass. These two won’t mix, i.e a coagulation will happen. So add the mustard along with the kala namak and lemon juice.

Then begin mixing with the handmixer. It shouldn’t take too long, c.a 2-3 minutes, but be patient.

If it doesn’t begin to thicken up add some more oil… and if necessary a little more mustard as that will help combine the oil and plantbased milk (which contains water i.e oil and water don’t mix, so you need mustard or vinegar to help with that).

If the mixture really doesn’t mix then it could be that the ingredients are too cold. However, this recipe should work if you follow the instructions 😊

If you try this recipe, let me know how it went… also if you made any adaptions to the recipe or the flavour 🙂

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  1. This sounds lovely if i can find the kala namak i will give it a go, i live in the middle of nowhere so it’s hard to find some ingredients that i need.


  2. Gerald says:

    this sounds absolutely delicious I’ve actually been thinking about going vegan for a few weeks now and just reading your blog is definelty swaying my choice towards if you and the blogger on are what inspire me to actually go along with my weight loss journey thank you both so much!


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