Portion dessert: Saffron and gingerbread cheesecake

Saffron and gingerbread cheesecake parfaits

It’s Christmas and new years… you want dessert but you don’t want to, or don’t need to make a cake for several people… what do you do? Skip dessert… no of course that shouldn’t be an option.

Instead… make parfaits or single portion desserts… then you won’t have a bunch of dessert over that may not be eaten (or let’s be honest, is left over dessert even a thing?). Or maybe it is just date night and you want a tasty dessert for you and your partner or friend. Then here is the perfect dessert fro you.

Or if example, you whipped a bunch of cream and don’t know what to do with it, then this recipe is also for you 😊

Variations: NOTE… you can vary this recipe by making it oreo based. I.e use oreo biscuits as the base and add some crushed oreos to the cream. Or make a snickers based parfait by using digest biscuits in the base, adding chocolate and peanut butter to the soya cream, adding some salted nuts and caramel sauce as well as dark chocolate to the parfait 😊

The actual cake recipes for inspiration: Snickersmousse cake(HERE)& oreo mousse cake (HERE)

There you have 3 easy dessert ideas you can make.

So this recipe has been shared before, HERE, but that was to make an actual cake that serves 6-8 people, and this recipe is basically just downsized to make parfaits.


Ingredients – 2 large pots

c.a 100g-150g gingerbread men (you don’t need to be so precise with how many gingerbread men you use)

C.a50 g vegan margarine (melted) or neutral coconut oil

120ml soyacream, whipped

0,5g saffron

c.a 50g sugar

c.a 150g vegan cream cheese

Optional: some vanilla

How to:

Begin by melting the margarine. Crush the gingerbread men until almost crumbles – some bigger pieces are ok.

You can do this by placing gingerbread men in a plastic bag and then with a rolling pin, rolling over the bag to crush the cookies. Or just smashing down on the cookies with something heavy.

In a bowl, pour the crushed gingerbread men, and then pour over the melted margarine until combined. It should not become mushy or be too much margarine, if there is… then add more crushed cookies. Or vice versa, if it is too dry then it is just to melt a little more margarine.

Pour the base/cookie mix into your desired glasses, jars or pots. Press down to form a base.

Place in the freezer while you make the filling.

In a clean steel (or baking bowl) – make sure there is no oil reisdue, whisk the soya cream with a few drops of lemon juice until stiff peaks begin to show.

In another bowl mix together the cream cheese, sugar and saffron. Then “fold in” the whipped cream into the cream cheese mix. When it is all mixed together, pour into the portions/jars which you placed the gingerbread base and let sit in the freezer to solidify. Take out of the freezer c.a 30 minutes before serving and optional to top with some more gingerbread cookies.

NOTE – you can make layers and parfait. Example, make the gingerbread cookie base, place into the freezer. Add the saffron filling to half way, then add some crushed gingerbread cookies before adding more of the saffron cream. And then place back into the freezer.

Also note, you can use some lingonberry jam on top or in the middle, as that works well with the saffron cream and the gingerbread cookies. Though I don’t know how easy it is to find that jam in countries outside of the Nordic countries.

If you make this, don’t forget to let me know… on here or on my Instagram! It is always fun to hear when you try my recipes and what you think of them…. And yes, that also means constructive feedback 😊 I have been asked to start writing in grams instead of ml or dl which I usually use, and that is feedback which I am keeping in mind and going to try writing in grams instead or as well as ml and dl!