Zucchini roll ups

Zucchini roll ups

A few weeks i was talking to my sister and she was preparing dinner while we were talking on the phone and i asked her what she was making, she answered with zucchini roll ups. But she was using mozzarrella (i think) in hers… it was some type of cheese and cream cheese anyway. And the dish sounded delicious, so i thought why not recreate it but VEGAN. Because let’s be honest, the majority of dishes can be veganized 🙂


If i am honest, zucchini is one of those rather boring foods. It is very bland, doesn’t taste good just as it is and just isn’t such an exciting vegetable in my opinion. HOWEVER, zucchini shouldn’t be underestimated as it is one of those vegetables which you can add to many different dishes just BECAUSE it is bland, haha.

I have a few different zucchini recipes you can check out, HERE:


1- 2 zucchini

250g tofu (a firm sort)

150g vegan cream cheese ( i used oatly)

1 jar of sundried tomatoes (minus the oil)

400ml crushed tomatoes

Bread crumbs

Salt, pepper, oregano

*To slice the zucchini i used a cheese slicer, but you can also use the side of the cheese grater which is a large “slice” (if that makes sense). Or a potato peeler 🙂

How to:

Wash the zucchini and with a cheese slicer or potato peeler slice thinly. Place on a plate and sprinkle over some salt on the zucchini and set aside for 30 minutes.

In the mean time, mix together the filling. In a bowl mix together the tofu, sundried tomatoes (cut into smaller pieces), cream cheese, salt and a GENEROUS amount of black pepper. Then add some oregano spice and optional some garlic powder.

In your form, pour a little tomato sauce into the bottom of the greased form and spread out.

Preheat oven to 200C.

After 30-60 minutes, wipe away the salt from the zucchini. Then take one zucchini slice and 1/5 of the way in, place 1 scoop (tablespoon) of the filling. Then roll and place the zucchini roll (with the “edge” on the bottom side). Repeat with all the zucchini slices until you are either out of zucchini slices or filling.

You can see instrutions and pictures on how to make the rolls in my instagram highlight, CLICK HERE

Pour the tomato sauce over the zucchini rolls, add breadcrumbs along with more salt, black pepper and oregano. (Optional, some grated vegan cheese or some olive oil for flavour).

Bake in the oven around 25-30 minutes. Best eaten warm, but works fine cold as well 🙂

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