Avocado hummus

Hummus and avocado are two favourites of mine, what happens if you combine both?

DELICIOUS is the answer to the question of, what happens when you combine hummus and avocado?

There are so many different hummus combinations now a days, granted the original hummus taste will always be the best. But i love all the different variants of hummus out there. For my recipe on how to make hummus, CLICK HERE. And for some alternative hummus recipes, click HERE

This recipe was actually inspired by a follower who messages me asking me if i had tried this combo, and i hadn’t. So i am very glad i was told to try this combo as it is so good.


Chickpeas, i didn’t measure exactly but i would say around 2 cans (c.a 480g)

2-3 garlic cloves

60ml lemon juice

60ml tahini

2 avocados (2 medium size)

2-3tbsp oil

Water if necessary

To get more green colour i added green peas, which also added a sweetness to this mix which i really liked. So it is optional with the green peas but i liked this addition.

How to:

In a mixer, add all the ingredients (wait with the green peas if using, and add at the end so you can adjust the texture and greenness of the mix). Mix until smooth, and adjust the ingredients according to your own preference!

Eat as it is with a spoon or add to bread or with some crackers. Or why not use as a pasta sauce? 🙂

Don’t forget to let me know if you try this, and follow me on my instagram: itsahealthylifestyle

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