Oatmeal raisin chickpea cookie dough

Are you an oatmeal raisin cookie lover or does it have to be a chocolate chip cookie for you?

I have to say, i love both. And i am NOT disappointed if the chocolate chips actually turn out to be raisins.

So i decided to adapt the typical chickpea cookie dough and make oatmeal raisin chickpea cookie dough, and it definitely did not disappoint. The best thing is that you can eat just as it is with a spoon… fullfilling your childhood dream of lying in bed and eating cookie dough by the spoonful. Or was that just my childhood dream?


Can be turned into balls or cookies, or just eaten as it is

1 can chickpeas (225g)

45g nut butter ( i used peanut butter, but i am sure almond butter would work great as well)

90g rolled oats

Stevia, use 2-3tbsp and adjust according to your own preference

1-2 handfuls of raisins

2tbsp syrup, or use dates for sweetness [Around 4-5 dates] (note, you can adjust the stevia based on how much syrup you use)

1tsp vanilla powder

Cinnamon & cardamum

Pinch of salt

Optional, some coconut shreds

How to:

In a food processor or mixer, add the chickpeas along with the oats, peanut butter, syrup (or dates), cinnamon, cardamum, vanilla and salt. Mix until smooth. Taste test and add stevia according to prefernce.

The more you mix the smoother it gets, so can take anywhere from 3-7 minutes depending on your desired texture and also what food processor you use.

Once mixed, fold in the raisins. Eat as it is with a spoon.

If you want to turn it into balls or cookies, then don’t mix until *super* smooth, instead allow some texture. Also, add the oats AFTER mixing as the oats will help you to form the dough into shapes. You may also need to use some more oats.

Don’t forget to let me know if you have tried this recipe!!

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