Baked potato tots – 2 ingredients

All the things you can do with potatoes and I’ve never made these incredibly simple potatoe tots.

Or well i have made sweet potato tots in the airfryer which are still just as simple. You can see me make them in a video, HERE, and the recipe is HERE.

Potatoes are a favourite of mine. Mostly i eat them just roasted in the oven with some salt, garlic and a little oil. A simple classic.

But sometimes you want to switch things up 🙂

I am thinking i should make a masterpost of potato recipes so if anyone else is tired of eating potatoes the same way!!!

If you have a favourite way to eat potatoes, let me know in the comments below!

So how do you make these potato tots…? Well i have a video showing you how i make them coming up… but as they are so simple you barely need instructions!


Potatoes – use a firm sort, i.e no floury potatoes. Around 400-500g.

Seasoning of choice, i used salt, black pepper and chives. (Onion or garlic powder works as well. And you could even add things like sweet corn, bell pepper etc to the mix)

Oil – optional

How to:

Begin by washing and peeling the potatoes. Then parboil them, meaning that you coil until they are slightly soft, but not all the way cooked so they are mushy.

Note – don’t chop the potatoes as you are going to grate them.

It took about 5-7 minutes until the potatoes reached the right softness. However if you use bigger potatoes it might take longer.

Once parboiled, pour away the water and place in the fridge to cool down. After about 15 minutes the potatoes should be cold enough to handle and grate.

Using the side of the grater with bigger holes, grate the potatoes.

Add salt, pepper and seasoning of choice. Mix together.

Cover a baking tray with parchment paper.

Preheat the oven to 210C

With your hands, form the grated potatoes into small “tot” shapes. Not too big and not too small. The starch from the potatoes should help form and hold together the potato tots.

Place the tots on the baking tray. Optional, drizzle with a little oil.

Bake in the oven for 30 minutes, turning over after half the time.

Eat warm with sauce of choice.

Such a simple recipe but turned out so good!!! I am sure you can bake these in an airfryer as well but then you can’t bake as many at a time.

Also how many potatoes you use depends on how many tots you want to make!

Air fryed roast potatoes | 20 minutes to make

A while ago i shared on my Instagram how i made the perfect airfryed roast potaotes… and i thought i should share it on my blog as well 🙂 Easier to link to whenever someone asks me how i make my roast potatoes!

*Post contains affiliate links to Amazon*

I got an airyfryer for Christmas, so i have now had it for 6 months and it feels like i use it more often than my oven…. or well, maybe not. But it is one of my most used kitchen appliances. If you have thought about getting an airfryer… Get one!

If you are someone who loves roast vegetables or roast potatoes then it is so much quicker and easier to just make it in the airfryer. But you can aslo make other dishes, which i show you in some of my YouTube videos, HERE & HERE & HERE

So don’t think that the only thing you can make is roast vegetables, you can make lots of different foods in an airfryer.

You can see some recomended airfryers, HERE!

So how do you make the perfect roast potatoes?

  1. Buy mini/delicatess potatoes
  2. Place in a bowl. Drizzle over some oil, salt and seasoning of choice… example garlic, paprica, basil or why not some fresh thyme?
  3. Mix until well coated.
  4. Place in your airfryer. Bake at 200C for 20 minutes.
  5. Eat warm with some sauce, example guacamole, salsa, mustard tahini dressing, garlic sauce etc




3 airfryer recipes! Onion rings, tofu wings & french toast!!!

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It sure has been a while since i made these snacks… and i am thinking, i definitely need to remake them again! Life got in the way and i wasn’t able to edit the film i made when i made these snacks…. and well, i wanted to post the video and the recipes at the same time, so this post had to wait!

Today i am showing you 3 new airfryer recipes! 3 new snack ideas you can make.


You can find my other airfryer videos & recipes, HERE & HERE . RECIPES: HERE & HERE



They were sort of an experiment… aside from the onion rings as that recipe actually comes from Caitlin (From my bowl). So i was pretty sure they would work.

Also the baked tofu “wings” are very simple to make and i have made tofu nuggets in the airfryer before, so i was rather sure they would work as well. HOWEVER, i would recommend that you bake them, then cover them in the sauce and bake for another 5 minutes – just so that they don’t lose their crunch!

And lastly… the french toast. Which didn’t turn out as expected. I cooked them in intervals as i wasn’t so sure how long they needed. But also i think it would have worked better with a more firm bread sort and not just a regular “white” bread, which soaks up far too much liquid and easily becomes soggy. Also… i think it was a little too much chia seeds, and instead maybe i should use flax seeds/crushed flax seeds or just flour as a binder.

So i think i still need to experiment making french toast in the airfryer, however you can find a good french toast recipe i have made before, HERE

You can see how i made the food in the video – posted above! And really, none of them require any exact measurements. But you can see the full recipes below!

For the onion rings: Exact recipe, HERE


You have a wet and dry mix.

Begin by peeling 1-2 onions, and then slicing into medium thick slices. Then from each slice, take 2 onion layers and that will be 1 ring. (As you see me do in the video!). Place those layers on a plate while you do the rest of the onion.

Mix together the wet ingredients: 60g flour (1dl), 230ml plant based milk as well as some spices. Mix until no longer clumpy – but should not be overly liquidy.

In another bowl pour some bread crumbs and mix with spices.

Then begin by first dipping the onion slices into the wet mixing and coating, followed by dipping into the dry mix. Repeat with all the slices.

Bake in the airfryer at 200C (400F), for 8-10 minutes. You will have to do this several times as you don’t want to overfill the airfryer!



How to make the Tofu wings! 

To make the tofu wings there are a few steps!

  1. Press the tofu of water – you can do this by taking the tofu out of it’s package, placing on a plate and then placing something heavy on top. And leave it there for 30-60 minutes.
  2. In the mean time you can mix together a sauce. I used THIS sauce
  3. Once the tofu is pressed of water, slice it into your desired shape/size of the tofu.
  4. Then in one bowl pour some cornstarch (around 5tbsp), or use flour.
  5. In a second bowl pour around 60ml plant based milk.
  6. And in a third bowl pour bread crumbs along with spice mix – example a premade spice blend. Or just use some salt and pepper!
  7. First dip each tofu piece in the cornstarch/flour, followed by into the plantbased milk and lastly cover in bread crumbs. Repeat with all the tofu pieces.
  8. Drizzle over some oil.
  9. Bake in the airfryer at 200C for around 15-20 minutes. Then slip and bake for another 5-10 minutes.
  10. Once done, cover in the sauce and eat. OR, you can cover in the sauce and then bake for another 3-5 minutes!



For the french toast, you can always test using THIS recipe, but frying in the airfryer instead.


The recipe i used in the video:

First off – use a sturdy bread which won’t turn soggy, you can of course use plain white bread as well, but it will soak up alot of liquid. Then allow it to harder/turn a little stale by leaving out in the open for 12-24 hours. Or you could even roast it on very low heat for a while in the oven!

In a bowl mix together, 2,5tbsp chia seeds & 220ml plantbased milk. 1/2 tbsp sugar, cinnamon and a little flour (this is optional!). Allow to sit for 10 minutes so that it all mixes together. **Note, you can switch chia seeds for flax seeds!

Cut the bread into slices. Dip each slice into the liquid until covered -not too long, around 10-15 seconds. Place some parchment paper in the airfryer, and then place the french toast slices into the airfryer – don’t overfill. About 3-4 at a time.

Bake around 6 minutes at 180C, and then flip and bake for another 5-6 minutes. Repeat with all the french toast sticks!

In the mean time mix together sugar and cinnamon.

Once the french toast is done, coat in the sugar and cinnamon mix!


Eat warm and enjoy!



Hopefully you enjoy these recipe ideas – don’t forget to give my video and view, and check out some of the other videos i have made 🙂

If you have any other video suggestion ideas, or maybe airfryer recipes i should try out, just comment below!!

You can find an airfryer, HERE, and some other kitchen items i use 🙂

5 new air fryer recipes | Cauliflower wings, sweet potato fries, pizza rolls, tortilla chips, apple pie

After my previous video and post, HERE, showing you 4 airfryer recipes, i was excited to try several more! And i can tell you.. the experimenting isn’t done yet. I am thinking about other ideas i can try.

So 3 of the recipes were ones i knew would work, and 2 other ones i wasn’t fully sure if they would work or not. But the results turned out super good. So even if they are easy to make in the oven as well… if you don’t have access to an oven you can make them in an airfryer 🙂


You can watch the video when i make these recipes here:


Sweet potato fries

The best sweet potato fries are made when you 1) Peel and slice into thin/equal sized fries. Then leave in cold water for about an hour. Then let them dry.

Place in a bowl, add some oil, seasoning and a little cornstarch and mix. Then bake in the oven (or airfryer) at 200 for c.a 20-25 miuntes. Turning them over/shaking them after c.a 15 minutes.

Of course you could skip the whole water and cornstarch part and just drizzle over some oil and seasoning, but in my opinion, the most crispy fries are when you do those first two steps!


Cauliflower wings

Cauliflower wings is one of my favourite snacks/meal ideas. It is also very easy to make in the oven. You can also make cauliflower wings many different ways, so you can look at some of my previous recipes and choose your favourite. (HERE) And it is just to do the same as the directions, but to heat in the airfryer at 180 degrees celsius.

Also, you can put some baking paper to avoid that the sauce (or bread crumbs) drips to the bottom of the airfryer. But it also works well without.

Just note, that they are best eaten warm and within a few hours of making, because otherwise they will lose their crunch.

You can make the cauliflower wings with just sauce, or with a batter and then sauce, or with a batter and breadcrumbs. So whatever you prefer! You can look at my previous recipes HERE.

Bake in the airfryer for 15-20 minutes at 180 degrees Celsius.


Tortilla chips

Sometimes you crave something salty and crispy, but don’t have any chips at home… then you could make tortilla chips in the airfryer. I have to be honest – I think they turn out better in the oven.

It takes a lot longer to make them in the airfryer, as you can’t put as many in at the same time… not to mention that they didn’t turn out as crispy as they do in the oven.

However, they were still tasty – just not as tasty as the oven version. But if you want to make them in the airfryer, then follow THIS recipe and bake them in the airfryer at 180 degrees celsius for 5-7 minutes (don’t forget to turn over/shake them after half the time).


Pizza Rolls

Pizza rolls in the airfryer was an experiment, which I wasn’t so sure if it would work or not. And granted, I think I should have made two batches. I.e instead of put all of them in at the same time, I should have put half of them in so that they had more space to expand and crisp up.

However the result was still delicious. Granted, it works just as well in the oven – but if you don’t have access to an oven, then these ar a delicious snack.

You can follow THIS recipe, and preheat the airfryer to 180 degrees celsius and bake for 5-7 minutes. (Note, use baking paper underneath & don’t overfill the airfryer!)

(The filling i used to make my pizza rolls was vegan mince meat, sweet corn, taco sauce, vegan cream cheese & spices).


Apple pie puff pastries:

Just like the puff pastries, this was an experiment which turned out super delicious.

Use half a puffpastry sheet and cut into 4 equal sized pieces.

Dice an apple and fry in some coconut oil or spread with some cinnamon and sweetener. Once soft, add a little to two of the puff pastry slices. Then place another puff pastry sheet ontop of one of the sheets with filling, and press down. (As if you were making poptarts).

Bake in the airfryer at 180 degrees C for 5-7 minutes, and turn over and then bake for another 4-5 minutes.




4 air fryer recipes: Sweet potato tots, falafel, crispy tofu & roasted chickpeas

After almost a month of owning an air fryer i thought it was finally time to experiment and see what else i could make in it, that wasn’t just vegetables or potatoes.

To start off with i made 4 rather simple recipes, which you can easily make at home as well! All the recipes work in the oven as well, but take longer time… and i am sure you can skip the oil as coating, but that just adds crunch according to me.


I will of course be experimenting more and seeing what other recipes i can make 🙂

I think an airfryer is great… whether you have an oven or not, but also an awesome appliance if you don’t have an oven (like some student apartments).


Video of me making these recipes:

YouTube Video






400g chickpeas (can used “raw” – but soaked atleast 12 hours, or use precooked from a can – c.a 1,5 cans)

1 small onion

2 cloves garlic

c.a 1/2 tbsp flour

Seasoning: Salt, pepper, parsley, cilantro

Optional: Oil

How to:

Heat the airfryer to c.a 195 degrees celsius.

Mix everything together in a food processor, and mix until combined but not overly smooth. (I.e it should not turn into hummus!). The better food processor you have, the quicker it goes. (It took me some time and had to do in half batches!)

Form into small falafel shaped balls (if the mixture is right, they will be easy to form and will hold their shape). Place into the air fryer – not over filling, c.a 8-10 depending on how big your airfryer is. Bake in the airfryer for 15 minutes, checking on them after half the time and moving them around a bit.

Repeat if you have more falafels!


Sweet potato tots:

1 medium sweet potato – boiled and mashed.

c.a 25-30ml bread crumbs

1/3 tbsp flour

Salt & pepper

Seasoning of choice


How to:

Begin by peeling the sweet potato and chopping into small cubes. Boil until soft, then mash and allow to cool.

Once the sweet potato mash is cool, add the bread crumbs, flour and seasoning. Mix and then form into small cube/oval shapes. Drizzle over a little oil.

Heat the airfryer to 200 degrees celsius and place the tots into the air fryer –  don’t over fill. I.e you will have to make 2 batches.

Bake for 6 minutes before turning the tots over and baking for another 6-7 minutes. (They should be slightly crunchy on the outside when done!).

And repeat with the second batch.

*Note, eat when warm as they won’t keep their crunch for too long. So don’t make more than you will be eating as they won’t last so long being stored in the fridge!


Battered and breaded tofu:

1/2 bloack tofu – pressed of water.

C.a 100ml bread crumbs.

5-6 tbsp flour mixed with water (or plantbased milk) & seasoning to form a sort of pancake batter.

Optional: MARINADE. (I didn’t marinate my tofu before hand, but i recommend that you do!)

Recipe for homemade BBQ sauce

How to:

Optional: Pressing and marinating your tofu for c.a 2 hours in the fridge. Or skip this part and go straight to the next step, but then you will have to really season the flour mix.

Chop the tofu into small squares – or desired shape. In one bowl/plate pour the bread crumbs, in another bowl mix together the flour, water and seasoning until you have formed a pancake like consistency.

First cover the tofu in the flour mix and then roll in the bread crumbs. Place on a plate and repeat.

Heat the airfryer to 180 degrees celsius. Place the tofu pieces into the air fryer – not overingfilling, and bake c.a 12-15 minutes. Shaking/moving the tofu pieces after half the time.

Note, these are also best eaten warm as they are then most crispy. They can be stored in the fridge, but will lose their crisp.


Crispy, roasted chickpeas!

1 can chickpeas, c.a 230g

Seasoning of choice, ex. paprika/garlic powder/Onion powder/pre made spice mix


How to:

Pour over some seasoning and spices over the chickpeas as well as a drizzle of oil, c.a 1/2 tbsp or as much/little as necessary. Mix until combined and all the chickpeas are coated.

Preheat the airfryer to 200 degrees celsius. Pour in the chickpeas and bake for 15- 20 minutes. Check on them after half the time and shake them around.

You may hear some “popping” sounds but that is fine. They are most crispy when warm and freshly baked!

You can vary the seasoning of these endlessly!


There you have 4 simple recipes you can make in your airfryer 🙂 And of course, more recipes (& videos) will be coming soon! Let me know if you like these types of videos/posts!