November goals, life update & life thoughts and my current inspiration

Hello and good morning everyone 🙂 Or well, not sure it can still be considered morning when i am writing this post.

It feels like a long time ago i actually wrote anything about my life on here or maybe that’s just me. As usual, there really isn’t much to update about my life, hence why i haven’t written much about it.

Just trying to get through my school work load, which has consisted of far too much work and litteratur reading – but that’s what happens when you love learning and decide to study 3 courses at once. But soon it will be over.

At the moment it is full focus on studying for an exam which i have next week, and after that, my next course starts which will be in exercise nutrition. And hopefully i will have atleast a little more time for other things – because right now i am mostly spending my days infront of the computer taking notes and studying. This of course means that pretty much everything else in my life hasn’t been a priority. But that’s just life at the moment!

Now it is a new month and only two more months of the year left…. a year that has flown by incredibly fast. I am looking forward to 2019, but it will also be the year of changes…. in spring i will be done with my bachelors and hopefully get my degree. Maybe start working – where i don’t know. Having to move and find a new apartment if i stop studying. Where i want to live… i don’t know.

Yesterday (Thursday), i met with my step dad and had dinner and we began talking alot about the future…. how things happen and change which you have no idea or had never planned for. My goals and plans which i have now, may be completely different in 10 years time. Where i think i will be in 10 years time, i may not be there at all. I mean, if you had asked me at the age of 16 what i would be doing with my life – or where i would be at the age of 22, i would have said something completely different.


I know what i want and what i want to achieve, but i am also open to new and different possibilities and the fact that things might not go the way i had planned or thought.


What i do know is that i want to have my own apartment – somewhere, not sure where. I want to adopt a beagle (one night i was up until 3 just looking at dogs to adopt, and found the cutest beagles from Ireland which needed to be adopted. And i was very close to sending an adoption application. Realistically i could have a dog now. Though i also need to think long term, and the fact that i might want to travel or live somewhere else. And i don’t know where i will live in the future and if i will be allowed dogs. Of course, my parents could take care of the dog. But it is a huge responsibility as well as costs alot with food, insurance etc and you need to have the time, which i don’t know if i have. But in the future i know i will adopt atleast one dog.)


Also i want to help people with their health, mindset, balance. Whether i do that through my own business or through another company ,i don’t know yet. But i know that in someway i want to help people – and just to start believing in myself that i can help people.


Sometimes i feel like i am not doing enough and i think, “why don’t i have a successful career like other people?” forgetting the fact that i am only 22 and in school, studying for my bachelors. I don’t need to have my own business and successful career on the side. It’s easy for me to compare myself to people who are 30+ and are doing what i want to do in the future, and i think….”why don’t i have that as well? Why am i not doing what they are doing?” forgetting that they are focusing 100% on their businesses and career while i am still in school, focusing 200% on studying. Not to mention that they are older and have had their failures and sucesses – but all i see are their successes, forgetting that they have had set backs and tough times and failures.


Sometimes i think i am far too hard on myself – i am definitely an overachiever. But i am learning to be kind to myself and knowing that i am doing my best, even if i often think i am not doing enough. But that just leads to stress and negativity and not taking time to think about what i am actually doing and giving myself credit and praise.

One thing i am so thankful over is my family. The support i get from them is amazing, and the conversations i had with my step dad was exactly what i needed. To give me some perspective and also my mum who reminds me that i need to just take a moment to be kind to myself and give myself praise – instead of always thinking about the things i am not doing or thinking about what i haven’t achieved. My family have always supported me, and been there for me, as well as they all give me so much inspiration. We may have different paths and careers in life, but my sister is inspiring me so much with all her hard work with both her studies and now career. And my mum and step dad inspire me by always wanting to grow, continue to learn and progress in everything they do. Studying courses to keep learning and getting more knowledge!

So after this long post – needing to share my thoughts.

What are my goals for this month and rest of the year?

To be kind to myself. To give myself praise and credit. To take time for self care weekly. To stop doubting myself. Also keep being social and meeting new people – not letting my anxiety get the better of me. Keep staying positive. Stay in contact with my family – talk to them atleast once a week and not let it go several weeks like it has the past while. Also try to get into a regular sleep schedule again i.e there have been far too many late nights which has led to me sleeping past my alarm.


These are just some of my goals.. .i would love to know some of your goals for the month and rest of the year?:)

**Attached are some of the inspiration pictures i have found recently and wanted to share*



Taste test: The vegan burger that bleeds (Juicy vegan burger)

When i was working i saw that  the store i work at had begun selling the “juicy vegan burgers” by Garant.

They are supposed to resemble the beyond meat burger which “bleeds” and is supposedly very similar to meat.

For 65kr (€6,50) you get 4 burgers ala 125g, i.e €1,60 per burger, and kind of expensive. Part of me was thinking… for the same price i could buy 3 blocks of tofu or 2 packages of other fake meat, or i could buy 8 vegan burgers for the same price from another brand. The economical part of my brain was saying, “can i really justify buying this?”. But i love testing new foods, there is something so exciting about it, so after work i treated myself to the burgers and some burger buns!


I haven’t eaten red meat in years so i am not the best person to compare if this burger is meatlike or not. But also i personally like the taste of the fake meats that already exist, i like the taste and texture of them. Not to mention that i love tofu so don’t feel like i need to eat fake meats.


So, after preparing and eating the burgers what do i think?

Well, when you cook them they do “bleed” unlike other fake meats. This is the beetroot juice… personally i did find it a little strange, and i don’t need my food to fake bleed, hahah.

I fried the burgers for several minutes on both sides until cooked all the way through.

Taste and texture?

It was the weirdest texture…. sort of mushy in a very weird way. There was no resistence or chew, and it hard a sort of gummy texture. Very weird and hard to describe. I also read a comment from another person who said that it was similar to medium rare burgers in consistency. As i have never had medium rare burgers i can’t compare… but i feel like that is how it might taste. It also kind of reminded me of failed (undercooked) seitan, which has a sort of gummy texture to it.

Taste wise? It was rather bland and next time i might add some seasoning or sauce when preparing it. Also i might try preparing the last burger in another way to see if maybe it tastes better then.


Well each burger contains 15g protein which is quite alot, and the burgers are soya free which is great for those who can’t eat soya. They do however contain gluten, so are not gluten free. And c.a 200kcal for each burger which is similar to burgers in the same size. But i guess the pros to this burger is that it doesn’t have saturated fats, trans fats or cholesterol like red meat burgers do.

My final thoughts?

Personally i don’t think i will buy these burgers again as they weren’t to my liking. Instead if i want burgers i’ll use another brand or just make my own burgers! I do still want to try the beyond meat burger that can be bought from certain restaurants in Sweden… maybe it will taste better.

Everyone is different, so just because i don’t like it doesn’t mean that you won’t!

I just don’t feel the need to have my food taste or look like meat products. I don’t miss eating meat and feel no need for my vegan food to be similar to meat. However i do like the consistency and taste of certain fake meat alternatives, and they can be a good go-to when too tired to make my own food or when eating out/with friends!


8 new vegan products | Friday Finds! | Quorn, yoghurt, burgers etc

Friday and i had planned to post this blog last week but instead this post ended up sitting in my draft section for the past week! That is unfortunately what happens with the majority of my posts… i begin writing them, or think about an idea but it takes me a while to get round to actually posting them/finishing them!

Sometimes i get hit with an idea/inspiration/thought i want to share and either i write the post and share it directly or it takes me two weeks to finish the post and finally get round to sharing it. There seems to be no inbetween with me, haha.

This week i wanted to share 8 “new” vegan products on the market (or soon to be available). As i live in Sweden i usually post the products i have been made aware will be available in Sweden, but i also sometimes stumble across new foods available in ex. England. So for some people i am sure these posts may be useless as the food isn’t even available in their country, but sometimes i like seeing that new vegan foods are available (even if i can’t get them in Sweden), just because it shows the demand for vegan products is growing!

And of course… most of the foods are processed considering that there aren’t so many new local fruits and vegetables available that i have never seen or heard about before!


Enter a caption

As i mentioned in my previous “New vegan products” post, Quorn aren’t just releasing sandwich toppings they are also releasing new frozen items! Sausages, burgers and vegan “fish fingers”. Typically Quorn isn’t vegan as it contains egg whites, but their new vegan range has the vegan marking! So if there is no vegan symbol on it, then it’s most likely not vegan (read the ingredients incase!)

A new alpro soya yoghurt in the flavour apple kiwi which i really hope will be made available in Sweden! Alpro yoghurts are my FAVOURITE. And i eat several of their “on the go quark” yoghurts a week, but i also love their natural and mango flavour yoghurt!

The chocolate bar VEGO (which makes one of the best vegan chocolates) has made a chocolate spread, and even if i don’t miss or crave nutella or chocolate spread i still want to try it if i find it.

The vegan magnum isn’t a “new” product as i posted it in my previous post. However, i have now tried it and my opinion….Not my favourite ice cream. Sure i would eat it again, but i wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it and would personally spend the money on something else… like vegan chocolate or buy another vegan ice cream. But i think it is great that it is available and i have heard many who like it. I just personally found that the ice cream had this weird taste and texture which wasn’t to my liking. But good thing that people can have different likes and preferences, hahaha. 


“New” vegan milkshakes from the fastfood restaurant MAX. And i write new in quotation marks because the milkshakes have been available in Sweden for some time, but they were only available in one (or two) of the fast food restaurants. But now they should be available in more of the MAX restaurants. Once again, i don’t feel the need or desire to drink milkshakes so for me it doesn’t really matter. HOWEVER i am a sucker for trying new vegan foods and i feel like i HAVE TO try them if i am ever at a MAX restuarant [which isn’t often]. But i know that many vegans have wanted and missed a milkshake so i think it is awesome that it is available for those who like milkshakes.

A burger, similar to the beyond meat burger which “bleeds” will be available in frozen package. From what i have seen, it will be PRICY. But i am excited to try and see how it tastes. Like mentioned above, i feel the need to try new vegan products just because….

The brand Hälsans kök which already makes delicious vegan products is releasing a new product – pulled beans. (Not sure if it is based on beans or soya with beans added, hahah). But looking forward to trying nonetheless!

And vegan mayonnaise from Hellmans. I can’t actually remember the last time i ate mayonnaise vegan or none vegan because i truly dislike mayonnaise. So this is infact a new vegan product i am not planning on buying or testing, hahaha. But it shows that if a company like Hellmans can make a vegan option, then the vegan demand is truly showing and putting pressure on companies to change and offer vegan options!


I’m excited to try the new products and to see what new releases there will be in the future!!!

Frill ice cream review |Vegan ice cream

This weekend i tried a new ice cream brand which i thought i would do a review of! 🙂

You can see other product reviews/recommendations in my tag HERE . Incase you want to see other products i have tried!
And of course, this is not sponsored, haha! I am always honest with my opinion, whether sponsored or not, and you can usually tell which products i love depending on how frequent i post about/eat them!




Made from “natural” ingredients

No added sugar – and vegan of course.

I like the packaging as well!



Some type of cardboard texture, HOWEVER tastes better when it has defrosted and is almost melted.

I didn’t think it was sweet enough. HOWEVER, i think that is just because i am used to ice cream with added sugar, so i am used to ice cream being sweet. But if you are someone who doesn’t eat alot of sugary products then you might find this ice cream just right for you/sweet enough.

I think it could have been better if the base was from cashews or coconut cream…. it wasn’t as creamy as i would have liked. However, that is just personal opinion.


Will i buy this ice cream again? No, i won’t. I might buy their new flavour, nutty caramel and give it a try. But for the same price of €6 i can buy vegan ben and jerrys or 3 vänner ice cream which i prefer. And i feel like i could make this type of ice cream myself (Or even better) by using bananas, dates and cacao.

I give this ice cream a 5/10. It is tasty, and i will eat it… but it is not my favourite type of ice cream, not to mention it is very pricy and i don’t think the ingredients call for the price of the ice cream haha. (I.e, i can understand why some cashew based ice creams cost 6-10 euro, and that is because cashews are super expensive.)

The ice cream DOES taste better if you let it defrost completely – you can even heat it in the microwave c.a 10-20 seconds 🙂

Past 24 hours: Vegan ice-cream, “throw together” dinner, family time

The past 12 hours (when writing this post) have just flown by like crazy… feels like i have done alot, while also only done a little.

This weekend i am spending with my family as i had plans in Stockholm but they ended up getting cancelled, so instead just spending time with my dog and family – which is important as well!

My alarm rang at 6.30am, and i remember waking up and thinking, i can sleep 10 more minutes… which infact resulted in me sleeping for 2 more hours. So when i woke up at 8.30 amd realised i have to catch my train in 90 minutes i realised that my planned workout was cancelled. But that is ok as well. In the past i would have freaked out, but now i just thought… that’s life, the gym and working out will still be there when i get back next week. I needed the extra hours of sleep instead of going to the gym.

Then i headed into the city, and got my train. And it was not a fun train ride…. 3 kids screaming. 6 middle-aged adults who had had a little too much to drink and were arguing/talking/laughing at a higher volume than necessary and one person watching series on their laptop with no headphones. And me sitting in my seat trying to work on my assignments with internet that was extremely unstable….. oh and to top it off the train was 50 minutes late… meaning 50 more minutes of chaos.

But you know what… it was a good time for me to work on patience and tolerance. To NOT get irritated in a situation which could have led to me being very irritated and frustrated. But instead, i listened to music and just tried to focus on my work… the situation around me wasn’t worth getting irritated over because there was nothing i could do about all the noise anyway.

The positive thing though was that when i got off the train and was going to meet my mum i saw that the company Oatly which makes vegan ice cream was giving away free ice cream…. It felt like some type of good karma thing, hahaha. So i queued and got myself and my mum a scoop of their chocolate fudge ice cream (which is SO good, and i amn’t even a fan of chocolate ice cream!).

Then we headed home, i dropped off my things before following with my mum to a gallery as she had some errands to run and i had nothing better to do. Of course i wandered into the sports store and then the health food store….I can spend hours just browsing and looking at all the items in health food stores, i love it!

And after that we headed home and i was asked to prepare dinner – and i just threw together what was available in the pantry and fridge/freezer and resulted in a “make your own salad/bowl” which is my typical food at home!! Roasted potatoes and carrots, fried tofu in a soya/garlic/ginger marinade, avocado, garlic roasted edmame beans, vegan creme fraiche and beetroot! Even if i eat this type of food everyday, it almost tasted even better than normal because i was enjoying it with others!

And then i ended the day with a walk in the forest with my sister and dog! Such a long day that has just flown by!


And Friday my plans are to eat lunch with my mum, bake a cake for dinner and then we are having guests/family for Friday dinner which i am looking forward to!!

A weekend to just have a break from work and school work which is very necessary at the moment!