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You can read more about mental health and mental health posts on my previous blog, HERE. Many posts about depression help and advice, my depression, my depression recovery, anxiety and tips for coping with anxiety, as well as posts about my eating disorder and eating disorder recovery.

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Anxiety & Depression: Mental health advocate & anxiety attacks, anxiety and mental health day, world mental health day, dealing with anxiety and panic attacks, stepping out of your comfort zone – anxiety/change is scary, supplenents i take for anxiety/stress/depression

Stress/burnout: Are you living or just surviving?, stress-mindfulness-mental rest, glamourizing overworking – finding balance in life, comparing lifestyles – feeling like you are not doing enough, general life update – stress, stress free weekend and self care

Eating disorders: Are you obsessed with eating healthy and working out (Orthorexia), food and guilt don’t go together, fitness isn’t the same as health, thinking that weightloss or diets will make you happier? , less workouts – more health?, moving on from an eating disorder?, recovery questions – functional sufferer & fully recovered, exercise addiction – my story and advice, recovery question – exercise addiction and counting calories,

Body image & self love: learning self love & body love, weightloss isn’t your life goal, healthy outside starts from the inside, struggling with body image – self love and self acceptance, bad body image days and how to cope (tips) Tips to improve selfesteem and self confidence

Gut bacteria and connection with anxiety, depression and eating disorders

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