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Nutrition advice posts HERE

Nutrition advice: Vegan nutrition masterpost , raisin children vegan & nutrition informationdon’t complicate nutrition, be critical of nutritional advice , constantly craving chocolate and sweets? , supplements as a vegan – importance of b12, getting the right vitamins and minerals through a vegan diet & supplements, is it necessary to take supplements as a vegan? , finding balance with food, don’t feel full or satisfied on a vegan diet – advice, what supplements i take,

Food comparisons: Vegan food comparisons , , fresh vs frozen vegetables?White potato vs sweet potato?, bean pasta vs regular pasta, “real” food vs “fake” food, sugar vs sweetener, prebiotics vs probiotics,

Different foods: Superfoods – what are they? ,  Seitan – what is it?, antinutrients in legumes and grains do you need to eat oil – nutrition post, nutritional yeast – what is it and why eat it?, Palm oil – what is it?, vegan replacements, blue matcha & what is matcha tea, tofu – what is it and why eat it?, golden milk recipe & turmeric benefits, salt and sugar intake – importance of enough salt,

Different diets: Raw food diets – what is it?eating low carb as a vegan & low carb vegan meals, intermittent fasting – pros and cons, scared to eat vegan because of the higher carb intake?, vegan & glutenfree, is it necessary to count calories? 

Macros & food tips: Carbohydrates & why we need themWhat are fats in your diet and why you need to eat healthy fats, How to increase healthy fats in your diet (tips), protein powder as a vegan – yes or no, food combining as a vegan (protein) 

There are plenty more nutrition posts on my blog, so you can always use the search button to find more posts, or leave a comment and i will try my best to answer!


Guide to going vegan posts HERE

Myself & my veganism: My transition to veganism, do i wish i had gone vegan earlier?, why vegan?, have my motives for being vegan changed & do i miss any non vegan foods? , changes since going vegan, would i date a non vegan?, why am i vegan?,would i ever eat animal products again?

Vegan information: Vegan animal rights masterpostThinking of going vegan – vegan masterpost with information, is it necessary to test on animals – what should/do they test on?, animal testing & cruelty free products and medicines, veganism isn’t natural? , normalizing veganism,  receiving a non vegan gift – what to do?, why go vegan – when faced with the truth you know you would have to make a change, accidently buying a non vegan product?, 5 steps towards a more vegan lifestyle post series 5 steps towards a more vegan lifestyle part 2

Documentaries: Vegan 2017 – the film , vegan documentaries, okja 2017 movie

Vegan food queries: Why honey is not vegan, may contain traces of milk and egg – is it vegan?Eating vegan on a budget, smoking as a vegan & eating insects?, health vegan vs healthy vegan? , tips when going vegan – food edition, difference between plant based and vegan,vegan food marking & symbols, 10 DIY vegan food hacks

General veganism/Activism: Vegan activism – using your money to make a difference, overcoming social anxiety as a vegan, asking questions and getting ridiculed in the vegan community, no one way to be a vegan, meat and dairy advertisements – vegan propaganda, World vegan day – 1st November, is my dog vegan – can dogs be vegan?, are tattoos vegan & tattoo aftercare,

Veganism and social life: veganism is only restrictive if you make it restrictive – finding alternatives, is veganism restrictive – how does it affect my social life?, is veganism the same as an eating disorder? , 5 products you thought were vegan but actually aren’t, going out to eat as a vegan – no vegan options?, inspirational vegan accounts/people i follow


Other ways to help if you can’t be 100% vegan: Small changes you can make towards a better planet, Every choice and change matters – you don’t have to be 100% vegan, you can still make a difference!

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