Struggling with an eating disorder?

Some of you may already know me from my previous blog,, where i spent 7 years blogging and helping people suffering with an eating disorder.

In the past i was sick for 5 years with anorexia nervosa with purging tendencies as well as struggling with depression, self harm, binging and exercise addiction. After spending 2,5 years in different treatment centres i was diagnosed healthy, however i didnt feel fully free from my eating disorder until about 2014. Since then i have moved on from my past with an eating disorder and instead focus on my present life.

I will continue to help those who suffer with eating disorders however if you have any questions about eating disorders or eating disorder recovery i direct you first towards proffessional care and also to my previous blog where i have many posts about eating disorders and recovery.

You can find many posts about different recovery subjects HERE as well as my masterpost of recovery posts HERE. You can find more useful posts about depression, recovery, binging, purging, weight gain etc HERE


Most importantly, know that recovery is possible and you are not alone. Also always seek professional care and treatment.

Some of my posts about eating disorder & help: