Dont forget to actually live life – are you living or just surviving?

Today i began thinking about life and whether I’m actually living life or just surviving. I’m the type of person who always says “I’ll travel when I have time…” “I’ll do it when i have money”, “I’ll start my business when I’ve finished school”, “I’ll be happy when I’m not stressed “, “I’ll start YouTube when I have my own apartment”, “I’ll buy the thing I want next month..” But never actually do. All these things I want or want to do in my life I put off and have an excuse….waiting for a better time. But the time is now…. so many opportunities I’ve missed because I thought “I’ll do it when i have time/not stressed/later etc”
Of course having goals and working towards goals or going to school or work ate important. Sometimes you need to do half fun work shifts or school assignments because it brings you closer to your ultimate goal. Sometimes you need to do certain work just to earn money so that later you can travel or start your own business or do other things you want to do but can’t do without money. The problem though is when you stop living and just start surging. Each day is just about surviving work or school until you can go to sleep. Each week is jistabout surviving until the weekend. Each school term or work is about surviving until summer or vacation. You just survive but don’t actually live. You turn into a sort of robot and forget to enjoy life, both the big and small things. You forget to appreciate the good times and the bad times that lead to learning experiences.

The thing about life is that a new day is not guaranteed.  The only thing guaranteed in life is death and you don’t know when that could be… you could be hit by a car tomorrow or end up with an illness in 5 years time when you’ve planned to “begin living life”. Anything could happen and do you really want to think back on your life and think about all the missed opportunities or life you never really lived?

Of course you can’t just drop everything and travel just because you want to. Or to stop working or stop studying, somethings you need to do as a human in society. But maybe you can ask yourself if you should change job or school program? Maybe study or work in another country or city …. change what doesn’t make you happy. 

But also begin appreciating the small things in life. Begin appreciating each day and making the best out of each day. Find what makes you happy and motivated in life and do more of that. You have one life to live and you don’t want to waste it!!!

I am going to focus more on the small things in life. Stop waiting for the weekend or summer or until I’m finished with school….. start to do youtube, start my own business, buy the new training clothes if I have money to spare after I’ve paid all the necessary bills and put away some saving money…. if theres money left, be ok with treating myself . … I mean sure it’s just 5 minutes of happiness but that doesn’t have to be a bad thing!!!

To appreciate today I decided to go to my favourite vegan store and going to make My own seitan today not to mention bought my favourite white chocolate and then walked through the city appreciating the city I live in and loving my life as it is!!!

Do you appreciate life and grateful for the big and small things in life?

Vegan apparel – wearbarebones vegan t-shirt

When it comes to vegan apparel i’m pretty sure i have more than some people.who have been vegans for several years. By this stage I think I have 3 vegan t-shirts, a necklace and a bag with vegan motive. All of those I have bought myself but recently I collaborated with I’ve been following then for a long time on Instagram and eyeing their collection  jealously, so when they asked if I wanted to collaborate of course I said yes it’s a brand with clothing I love and a company i believe in and support in.

I ordered the black sporty vegan t-shirt, link here. The past week I’ve worn the too 4 times I think, i.e more than any other clothing item!

It’s sporty so can be worn to the gym but also for just normal casual wear or for a comfy clothing at home. I do think the too is rather outgoing and well, it’s hard to miss that you are a vegan when you have the top on, so how comfortable I would feel wearing it if meeting new people who I don’t know how they feel about vegans I’m not sure. But at the same when you first look at the top you just think it’s an Adidas top.

It’s a comfortable fit and I took a size medium as the clothing is a smaller size than usual so I would recommend to go up a size just in case!

Once the “eat plants” jumper is back in stock I need to get it as I love it and perfect for winter and autumn and a cosy clothing item for early morning lectures as well as a secret vegan propaganda jumper hahah!

Picture from:

If you want to purchase a clothing item or other item from them you can use the code ” ITSAHEALTHYLIFESTYLE ” for 15% off! I’d highly recommend it, And I don’t co-operate with companies I don’t believe in and wouldn’t recommend or try to sell something if I didn’t truly like it or believe in it myself! And of course I don’t earn anything or get any money from this, just recommending a vegan clothing brand if you want to add some vegan apparel to your wardrobe!

If you are vegan, do you wear vegan clothing or do you think it’s too much/too outgoing?

Vegan activism – using your money and choices to make a difference

I am so happy that there are more and more vegan foods appearing on the market. Different cheeses, spreads, ice cream, chocolate, candy, fake meat and the list goes on. Of course i don’t know how the sortiment is in other countries, all i know is what is available in Sweden, but even then i don’t know how it is out in the small towns and cities as i have only lived in the biggest cities which have a high damnd for vegan products.

I like that there is more vegan food for many reasons, because even if more vegan food doesn’t suddenly stop animal suffering it gives people more of a choice and can open eyes that there is delicious vegan food to buy, and that in turn can stop more animal suffering. For example if 1 in 5 people begin buying vegan ice cream or vegan products instead of dairy then that is less suffering and over time it might be 3 out of 5 people who buy the vegan version! I believe that activism in all different ways works but also activism through your choices and through your money. You make a choice where you spend your money and that has it’s consequences. 

The market relies on supply and demand so if there is more demand for vegan products the more will be made and hopefully less non vegan products will be made and sold, so even if it is a slow process it does have its affect!

Of course on a side note regarding making a choice with your money, there have been times i have bought non vegan food for friends when i am at the store and asked if they wanted something and then they have paid me back, so it hasn’t been *me/my money* that has bought the product, but i still have mixed feelings about it because i am still promoting the sale of that item, if that makes sense. But then i try to think realistically, just like when i am at the cashier, just because i scan and take the money(put it into the cashier) for the animal products doesn’t mean i am enabling or helping the purchase of those items…. i can’t exactly sit there and say no ,hahahah. It’s all about being realistic as well hahaha.

Making changes with your money or signing petitions for things such as child slavoury and not buying clothes from places which relies on child labour to produce the clothes, or factories where women spend 12 hours or more working. But also not spending money on products where there is animal testing done…. because there can be products which are vegan i.e include no animal products but they might still test on animals, so then if you buy the product you are still paying a company that tests on animals.

Money is very powerful and you have your choices with how you spend your money. And being vegan doesn’t have to be expensive, as many use the argument that veganism is expensive but it really doesn’t have to be unless you make it expensive. Of course a diet which consists of just vegetables, lentils, beans and potatoes might get tiring or boring compared to a vegan diet which has alot of substitues and fake meats and vegan diary products etc but with the right spices and different cooking methods you can make lentils, beans and potatoes work for a very long time!! 🙂

Activism and change can be done in many ways, and one way doesn’t have to be better or more effective than the other. I do want to be part of demonstrations some time in the future, but for now i am using my social media to inspire and have already influenced and inspired my friends and family to eat more vegan and hopefully they will inspire others (apparently i have even been the inspiration for my sisters friends to eat more plant based!), but also using my money to donate to charities and buying vegan food and vegan and cruelty free products, it all makes a difference!! 🙂

I also believe that social media is incredibly powerful, so many vegan youtubers and instagrammers who have made a huge difference and influenced so many people to go vegan!! Some of my favourites are James Aspey, Naturally Stefanie, Bonny Rebecca, Supreme Banana, Hot for Food, Lauren Toyota, Livs healthy Life….. and then there are people like Ida Warg, Kalel, Jenna Marbles who are vegan but don’t really talk so much about veganism i.e their channel isn’t a solely vegan chanel 🙂 And then on Instagram there are far too many amazing accounts i follow so it’s best to just look at my “following” tab, or if you want me to make a post with like my top 25 instagram accounts i follow hahah!

You can only do the best you can and veganism isn’t about being perfect, i.e you can’t living a life completely free from animal suffering but you can atleast do your best and i believe that each choice makes a difference either in a positive or negative way!