Vegan apple pie | Recipe

2 recipes in one day? I really should have planned my posts better, hahah… but you can’t really complain when it is two super delicious recipes!!

For someone who lives alone, i sure do bake alot, but as it is very therapeutic and the end result is delicious it is hard to not bake!

I may be someone who loves “extra everything” when it comes to making cakes and desserts…. why make cookies when you can make cookies stuffed with oreos? Why make brownies when you can make cookie/brownies. Why make one cake when you can make two?

But apple pie is one of those forgotten, simple desserts which is just a classic. And when you serve it warm with vanilla ice cream or custard, you realise how the simple things are often the best!

**Note none of the cakes shown below are vegan – Apart from the apple pie of course! *

This was actually a type of raw food cake (minus the chocolates) i.e i used black beans and avocado and coconut oil etc
That time i made 3 cakes for midsummer… and there were only 3 of us eating!

This recipe calls for just the basic baking ingredients which you may already have at home – so you can just whip this together. And great to use up apples if you are tired of eating them as they are!


Another great thing about this recipe is that you can most likely switch the flour for just oats, switch sugar for stevia (or other sweetener) and you could maybe use half the margarine and use coconut oil instead. As usual i go for the “normal” flour, sugar, butter combo as i don’t see the point in switching to other ingredients when making a dessert. But i know that many would like to skip gluten, sugar and margarine… so you can test this recipe with other ingredients – but i can’t guarantee the results!

Note, you can most likely make these into small muffins/apple pie crumble muffins if you like!

Also, cinnamon is key to making this delicious!


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Vegan banana bread with chocolate chips | Vegan recipe

Instagram is overflowing with pictures of banana bread and it has got me craving some!!

For a few weeks now i have been meaning to try make banana bread again but just never gotten around to it. I have been meaning to make foccacia bread as well (recipe HERE), but i just haven’t had the time or ingredients at home to make it.

I have made banana bread in the past, HERE, and i adapted it a little because the last time it didn’t really rise as i wanted.


This time it turned out a lot more moist than before – however the flour also makes it sort of dense, so just once slice is rather filling. (I mean, i still ate 3 slices at once…ย  hahah).

banana bread recipe 2 updated

I am sure you can use oats or oat flour and use sweetener instead of sugar, and using coconut oil instead of regular oil will add a coconutty flavour. So adapt the recipe according to your own preferances, but i used regular flour and sugar because that is what i had at home!!


And the best topping on banana bread? Of course peanut butter!! I have also made peanut butter and banana bread puddingย  (recipe HERE) which is an amazing dessert or snack ๐Ÿ™‚

If you try this recipe – or an adaption of it, let me know!! ๐Ÿ™‚

Vegan mango and passionfruit cheesecake!

Now that it is summer…. or well in the nordic and european countries anyway, that might mean BBQ with friends or picnic in the park with family, or maybe you just want something extra sweet after dinner on Friday evening. Then this cake is for you!!

It is light, fluffy and summery!


I had originally wanted to make a lime/mint cheesecake, but i went to 3 different stores and they didn’t have mint so i decided to just improvise and recreate a new cheesecake, and while wandering around in the store i saw there was extra price on mango and passionfruit. That lead me to the idea of a mango and passionfruit cheesecake… and i have to say, it was a great idea!!


The cake turned out soo good, however with some afterthought i think that a brownie base would have made the cake 12/10 instead of just 10/10 hahah. But if you prefer a crunchy base like normal cheesecake, then stick to the recipe below… otherwise, maybe make a brownie base (or make a raw food base with dates, walnuts, cacao powder and coconut oil and a pinch of sea salt :))-

If you try this cheesecake – let me know!! ๐Ÿ™‚



2dl soya cream (to whisk)

300g vegan cream cheese

1,5dlย  (C.a 150g) sugar

1 tbs vanilla sugar

3 passionfruit

1 whole mango (or c.a 225g frozen mango.) **Note, i would recommend using more mango for extra flavour but i only had one mango to use!

c.a 300g digestive biscuits

c.a 150g vegan margarine

Pinch of cacao


How to:

Begin by melting the margarine in a pan – meanwhile crumble the digestive bisuits to crumbs and add to a baking bowl. Then add some cacao and eventually the melted margarine. Mix together well (adding more digestives or melted vegan margarine if necessary). Pour out into a cake base and press down to make a semi thin base – you can begin to form edges of the base if you have left over mix. Place in the freezer while you begin to make the filling.

Begin by chopping the mango and adding to a pot with 2 of the passsionfruit and heating on low temperature. Once slightly heated begin to mash with example a potato masher to form a mush. Once that is heated and mashed, set aside.

Begin whisking the cream until fluffy (adding a few drops of lemon or vinegar can make it whisk and become thicker). Once fluffy, add the sugar, vanilla sugar and cream cheese. Mix until combined. Lastly add the mango/passionfruit mix and mix well. Once done, take the base out of the freezer and pour the filling on top.

Place in the freezer for several hours, and take out c.a 30-45 minutes before serving!

(*Note, because of the passionfruit there will be a slight crunch when you chew the cake. So i am sure you could swap for raspberries or strawberries instead if you don’t like passionfruit!)


This cheesecake got top marks from my family, and aside from the slight crunch of the passionfruit kernels i give this cake a 9/10!!! ๐Ÿ™‚



Vegan snickers cake (peanut butter and chocolate mousse!) Recipe

The sweet and salty combo is one that can never go wrong! It is like it satisfies all cravings in one bite.


For a long time i have seen pictures of a snickers cake and have wanted to try making one myself a while but never had the opportunity, so now when i am at home with my parents and we are going to have lunch with friends/family, i thought it was the perfect time to try making the cake!!

It is a chocolate and peanut butter mousse with a digestivebiscuit base…. and i can say, the mousse is so light and fluffy it almost melts in your mouth! Give this cake a try if you want to treat yourself or othres – also it isn’t hard to make either. Takes about 2+ minutes of prep time ad then around 3 hours in the freezer, so if you don’t have alot of time to prepare a cake (but still have time for it to freeze), then this cake is perfect….. well, unless you are allergic to peanuts. But i am pretty sure you could make an oreo version of this and just swap the peanuts for oreos and the peanut butter for crushed oreos!! ๐Ÿ™‚


Recipe: Original recipe from HERE

12 pieces

400g digestivebiscuits
200g vegan margarine

Peanut butter-chocolate mousse
100g dark chocolate
50 ml vegan milk
50ml cacao powder
1 dl peanut butter
1 dl syrup
Pinch of salt
250ml vegan whisp cream

100ml salte peanuts
Chocolate sauce alternatively melted dark chocolate

How to: Base Digestivebotten
Mix the digestivebiscuits in a mixer to a fine crumble (or do it by hand, example place all the biscuits in a plastic bag and crush by hand or crush with something heavy)
Melt the vegan margarine. Mix together with the crushed biscuits.

Place the mix into a cake form and and form into the sides of the cake form as well. Place in the freezer while you make the mousse.

How to: Mousse.

Melt the chocolate with the milk, cacao powder, peanut butter and salt in pot/pan (on low/medium heat). Add the pinch of salt.ย  Once it is all melted let it cool for a few minutes (but not harden).

Whisk the cream fluffy – if you have an electric mixer you can whisk the cream while melting the chocolate.

Once the melted chocolate mix has cooled slightly mix together with the whipped cream (be careful when doing this so that it mixes properly but doesn’t destroy the whipped cream.)

Pour the mix into the base and place in the feezer for c.a 3 hours. Take out of the freezer c.a 30 minutes before serving and decorate with melted chocolate/chocolate sauce and crushed peanuts.