Vegan twix bars |Recipe

Surprisingly… it has taken me 4 years to recreate and veganize twix bars. In the past I have veganized kit-kat andsnickers bars… however they may need an updating soon just to double check the recipe and make a few changes if necessary. But I am surprised that it has taken me so long to try…

Double chocolate ganache birthday cake | Vegan

Looking for a chocolate cake recipe that isn’t based on dates, coconut and avocado? Or looking for a chocolate cake recipe that i can guarantee you won’t turn out dry? Well then this is the cake for you.  A brownie-fudge base and a truffle/ganache filling with a tiny bit of rum for that extra kick….

Banana bread granola

Crispy, crunchy granola…. amazing to snack on just as it is!! I remember when i was younger -and even now as an adult – i love eating granola right out of the package! However storebought granola is often rather expensive – if you want the yummy kind – and it is not so economic for…

Stuffed and baked apples with oat crumble | Vegan

When I was filming a “ my followers deicde what I eat in a day” video for one of my snacks I had the options, fruit salad or stuffed apples. And well, I was very happy that you all voted for stuffed apples because it was something I had never tried before but wanted to….

Triple layer vegan cookie brownies! [i.e slutty brownies]

When it comes to baking i can never seem to just keep it simple… or well i have a few times in the past. I have just kept myself to a simple carrot cake or just chocolate mudcake. But typically… i go all out in one way or another when baking. Either by baking two…