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Vegan ferrero rocher |Recipe

A while (i.e a few days ago) I made 2 ingredient chocolate truffles, and I realised… I could use that base to make ferrero rocher! It has been over 2,5 years since I ate ferrero rocher, so I can’t really remember the taste. And I know that they do have a slight crispy crunchy, which… Continue reading Vegan ferrero rocher |Recipe

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Constantly craving chocolate or sweets?

I got some questions recently wondering what to do if they are constantly craving chocolate and sweets. I don't have a direct answer which will work for everyone, because cravings can be due to may factors and knowing why you are craving a certain food is the first step in figuring out how to solve… Continue reading Constantly craving chocolate or sweets?

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Vegan snickers recipe

October 31st, Halloween which is usually associated with candy.... and well as a vegan i didn't want to miss out. Also, snickers has - and is one of my favourite type of candy bars. Before i have made a protein version of snicker using protein powder and oatflour, however it was just a trial run… Continue reading Vegan snickers recipe

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Vegan chocolate brands 

Chocolate.... who doesn't love it? (Ok, i know that many don't and that always leaves me wondering, How could you not like chocolate?But some people are more salty-snacks type of people and thats ok as well!) Just because you are vegan doesn't mean you have to live your life without chocolate, thankfully! However, the amount of… Continue reading Vegan chocolate brands 

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Vegan kex bar (chocolate wafer) recipe

In Sweden we have this chocolate bar called "Kex" which is a chocolate wafer bar, and is one of my favourite chocolate bars. One bar is 55g, but i could easily eat 3 at once because they just sort of melted in your mouth. Recently i have been having cravings for this dreamy chocolate bar,… Continue reading Vegan kex bar (chocolate wafer) recipe