Vegan chocolate mudcake | Portionsize

Halloween is coming up…. and that means candy and chocolate in overload!

Typically it is candy you eat and want… but who can say no to chocolate cake? Of course… i am just using Halloween as an excuse to make these because they are so amazing. And also great to have in the freezer and ready to heat for when you get that chocolate craving… or maybe if you have friends or family over.

These are also the best way to impress anti-vegans or those who are sceptiacal to vegan food. Then whip these together and impress them with some chocolaty goodness!

If you are looking for some candy ideas then i have several homemade candy recipes you can try:

Kitkat, snickers, daim, ferrero rocher, oreo truffles,

In the future i need to try making some vegan twix or vegan mars!

If you have the ingredients at home then make these asap! You can half the recipe to make less, or double the recipe if you are having a party!!!

They work great to freeze in… so you have something chocolatey ready when you need some!!!

This recipe is definitely my go to when i want to bake something sweet or when baking to impress or give away to others!!!

If you have some nuts, coconut shreds or chili at home… you can always those to the mix!!



180g flour

200g sugar

50ml cacao

1tbsp vanilla sugar

1/2 tsp baking powder

100g vegan margarine, melted

100ml vegan cream, cooking or baking(not whipped)

Pinch of salt

* extras, nuts, coconut, chili powder, espresso, nut butter

*muffin/cupcake forms – the best is to use reusable ones. Preferably, use sturdier forms as otherwise the mixture will spread out when baking.

How to:

Preheat oven to 180c

Begin by melting the margarine.

In the mean time mix together the flour, sugar, cacao, baking powder and pinch of salt. Make sure it is fully mixed and no clumps!

Once the margarine is melted pour over the dry mix along with 100ml plantbased cream. Mix until it all comes together.

Pour into individual forms. Fill about 3/4 of the way.

Place in the oven and bake for 20-30 minutes.

They will still be a little loose in the middle, but my recommendation is to allow them to cool in the fridge or freezer so that they get fudgy!!

Either eat warm, after cooling a little or eat when cold and fudgy!!!

These are the perfect dessert to throw together for any occasion!!!

Note, you can try making this in one long form but i can’t guarantee the results and the baking time may differ.

If you try these, don’t forget to comment below or let me know on instagram: itsahealthylifestyle

Chocolate aquafaba mousse


Aquafaba… the liquid from a tetrapack of chickpeas, this often forgotten about and wasted food.

Nutritionally, it doesn’t add a lot… mostly sodium if you use aquafaba from salted chickpeas. However, it sure adds a lot when cooking or baking, such as being a good binder when it comes to breading foods. But even works great in pancakes, waffles, bread.

I have a post about aquafaba, what it is and what you can do with it which  you can read HERE.

In this post, I am instead going to share the recipe for a chocolate mousse made from aquafaba.

When you think of mousse, the first thing you think about isn’t exactly “chickpea water”… but after you make this recipe you won’t be wanting to waste aquafaba again.


Granted…. A chocolate mousse made from whipped soy cream or coconut cream might have more of a creamy texture, but this mousse is still tasty for what it is. And even if you may be sceptical… if you have the ingredients at home… give this a try.

I do recommend that you use aquafaba from unsalted chickpeas…however if you only have salted then you may need to add a bit more vanilla and sugar to override the salt.


So onto the recipe… because that is what you are all here for:

240ml aquafaba (roughly all the aquafaba from one can of chickpeas)

1 tsp lemon juice or vinegar (this helps make the aquafaba stiffen and form peaks)

100g vegan chocolate, melted

1-2tbsp coconut milk (or other plantbased milk)

c.a 2tbsp sugar or stevia (depending on which chocolate you use, if it is vegan milk chocolate you may just want to use 1tbsp sugar).

Optional: Pinch of vanilla, pinch of sea salt if the aquafaba isn’t already salted.

Optional: Top with some banana, peanut butter and berries

How to:

First, make sure that the whisk and bowl you will use to whisk the aquafaba is clean and has no fat residue left in it, as this can stop the aquafaba from forming peaks, which is what you want.

Begin by melting the chocolate – as you don’t want it to be super hot when you mix it in with the aquafaba. I mix mine in a waterbath, meaning you place a plate with the chocolate ontop of a pot with boiling water. The steam and heat will melt the chocolate – stir occasionally. However, you can also melt the chocolate in the microwave, doing it in 20 second intervals to avoid burning the chocolate. Add 1-2tbsp coconut milk to the chocolate, as that will keep it smooth and keep from hardening into a hard chocolate block again.

In the meantime, begin whisking the aquafaba. The best is to use an electric whisk, and then it will take about 5 minutes. By hand it can take around 10 minutes. Note, add some lemon juice or vinegar when mixing as this will help the aquafaba to stiffen.

After about half the time, add the sugar and keep whisking. The aquafaba is done once it has “peaks”, and you should be able to turn the bowl upside down without anything spilling/falling out.

Add in the melted chocolate, being careful to fold it in and not whisk or mix too hard. Note, the mousse will lose some of it’s peaks and stiffness, but that is ok. Just don’t overmix.

Then, either place that bowl into the fridge or pour into your desired mousse forms/cups and then place into the fridge overnight or for atleast 2-3 hours. This will help the mousse set.

Once done, eat and enjoy and make this a weekly dessert because it tastes so good!!


If you do try this recipe, let me know what you think…. . I personally really like it, but maybe that is just me!

Remember, you can add some liquorice powder, vanilla powder or chilli to add extra flavour to this mousse!!

Oreo truffle cakepops | 3 ingredients | Vegan recipe

Cake pops – i.e basically cake mixed with some frosting so that it becomes soft, and then covered in chocolate and preferably placed on a stick and ready to eat. The best type of party snack.

I am not so sure if these oreo cakepops can be called cakepops…. but that is what i have always called them, and that is what i will continue to call them!! Though in a way i guess they are more like truffles than cakepops due to the lack of cake, haha!

These are an absolute favourite of mine, and even my family as well! And so easy to vary, i.e use a different biscuit and vary with white/milk*/dark chocolate!



So valentines day is coming up…. and for those of you who want to make a sweet treat either for yourself, friends, family or partner i thought i would recommend 4 favourite chocolate treats you can make! And all rather simple to make!

2 ingredient chocolate truffles (recipe) – which you can vary taste of in so many ways… add orange peel, or chilli, or sea salt or licquirice… and the list goes on! (Also, why not try using white chocolate instead if you want to make them extra sweet!) **Note, there is also a recipe for peanut butter cups in that post!

Home made vegan ferrero rocher! (recipe) – Granted… they may not have the wafer, but still a good option for homemade versions!

Home made vegan kit kat! (recipe) –  You can make them as big or small as you want, based on which wafer forms you use!

Definitely give the truffle (cakepops) a try… or one of the other chocolate treats!! 🙂 And if you do… let me know in the comments below or tag me on instagram: @itsahealthylifestyle




Copy of Copy of Copy of Blue and Pink Chocolate Cake General Recipe Card (5)



Vegan ferrero rocher |Recipe

A while (i.e a few days ago) I made 2 ingredient chocolate truffles, and I realised… I could use that base to make ferrero rocher!

It has been over 2,5 years since I ate ferrero rocher, so I can’t really remember the taste. And I know that they do have a slight crispy crunchy, which these are lacking. HOWEVER these taste soooo good and close to the real deal, according to me!

Trust me… make these! Also, you can make the PB truffles by freezing some PB and adding in the middle of the truffles instead of the hazelnuts, and optional to coat in chocolate.


Chocolate 225g

Coconut milk (90ml)

Pinch of vanilla

Optional: hazelnut spread/vegan nutella or hazelnut stevia drops

Dark chocolate c.a 100-200g

Hazelnuts c.a 15 & more for coating

How to:
Begin by making the chocolate truffles according to THIS post. Also, add c.a 1tbsp hazelnut spread(alt. Nutella or hazelnut stevia drops).

In the mean time, when the chocolate is melting. You can chop the hazelnuts into small pieces, place in a bowl until it is time to use them.

When the chocolate truffle mix is melted, place in the fridge for 2-3 hours to cool (Or leave over night). Then once cooled, make small truffles and add the hazelnut in the middle. Optional, coat in hazelnuts and melted chocolate, and place in the freezer. Or, you can choose to freeze the truffles c.a 30 minutes before coating in hazelnut pieces and melted chocolate.

Once done, eat and enjoy!!

If you make these, don’t forget to tag me on instagram and let me know what you think 🙂

Constantly craving chocolate or sweets?

I got some questions recently wondering what to do if they are constantly craving chocolate and sweets.

I don’t have a direct answer which will work for everyone, because cravings can be due to may factors and knowing why you are craving a certain food is the first step in figuring out how to solve the craving.

Sometimes it is just as simple as eating the food you are craving, and then the craving is gone. However then hopefully that craving won’t return for a while, if you frequently have cravings for certain foods or uncontrollable cravings then that can be due to something other than just “the food tastes good and i haven’t eaten it in a while – type of craving”.

Different cravings can mean different things, such as if it is sugary, high fat, certain food groups or certain foods. So in this post i will stick with chocolate and sweet cravings.

When it comes to craving chocolate very often the best thing is to look at your lifestyle first.

How are sleeping? Are you drinking enough water? Do you have alot of stress? Are you anxious? How are are you eating?


Lack of sleep and being very stressed can cause chocolate cravings because you are tired and your body wants quick energy. The body is very smart and will crave for high energy food when you are not sleeping enough or are very stressed. So it can be recommended to try to fix those if they may be a problem.

Second is to look at how and what you eat. Are you eating irregular meals? Are you only eating vegetables and salad or very filling but low calorie food that leaves you feeling unsatisfied? Or maybe you are just eating very one sided and never really feel satisfied after eating? Or it could just be that you are eating alot of salty food and your body craves sweet to balance it out.  Also if you are eating low carb that can be a reason for the cravings as your body wants sugar/glucose/carbs  and chocolate is an easy source of that. However many times it can be that you are not eating enough and so the chocolate cravings are a sign that you need to eat more. But also eating irregular meals throughout the day where your blood sugar goes up and down and there is no balance. One of my best suggestions is to try to eat at minimum 3 meals a day and eat carbohydrates, protein and healthy fat with all your meals. Make sure you are feeling satisfied after you have eaten – also adding something sweet to your meals whether it is dried fruit, fresh fruit, berries or even sauce it can add some sweetness and balance out the saltiness of the meal.


Third, ask yourself if you have any other cravings that are very strong… or if you have any symptoms such as extreme tiredness for no explained reason as well as other symptoms, then it could be a sign of a vitamin deficiency. Generally, extreme chocolate cravings (among other symptoms) can be realted to magnesium deficiency. However, the best is to go to a doctor if you do think you have a deficiency…. but you could try eating some dark chocolate, dried fruit or even eating some cacao such as in oatmeal, yoghurt, smoothies or make hot chocolate out of it. Eating regular milk chocolate won’t help if it is magesium deficiency, dark chocolate has more magensium. Also a suggestion could be trying to eat more vegetables and microdense food… of course this sounds like the opposite of what you want, but vegetables are a great source of vitamins and minerals and it could be that you aren’t eating enought vegetables (however, if you already consume lots of vegetables, then this most likely isn’t the reason). So maybe add some kale, brocolli and dark leafy greens to your diet!


Fourth, check if it is an emotional craving…. this can be related to stress and tiredness as well. But sometimes food is connected with certain memories or experiences. Maybe when you eat chocolate you feel more calm or you feel safe and it is more the emotional memory and the feeling related to eating chocolate you want. It becomes like a safety net and the craving can become stronger and more frequent over time. But this also brings me to, chocolate can release dopamine which is a feel-good neurotransmitter i.e you feel good and happy after eating chocolate, which is also connected to the emotional craving. Maybe it is that happy feeling afterwards you want – then you need to find other things that can make you feel happy, such as the endorphines after a workout, being around positive friends and family, hugging people you love, being with animals you love, etc

And lastly, what about sugar addiction? Sugar addiction doesn’t exist, however food addiction does. Meaning that you wouldn’t go eat white sugar straight out of the bag – it is the actual food with sugar in it which you want. And that food is often high calorie and a mix of high fat and high sugar and those are often craved for the reasons above – tiredness, stress, anxiety, emotional connection, not eating enough etc

Also an addiction often requires proffessional help and addicts usually show withdrawl symptoms if they don’t get their “fix”. Most people who say they are addicted to sugar don’t get those symptoms….. they may get a headache, feel tired and crave the food but most often they can move onto another food or substitute with sugar free options or make changes in their lifestyle or eating habits and it can go away. It is just the first 1-2 weeks which may be tough.

So a very long anwer to a rather short question, but that is how it is when it comes to nutrition…. there is not always a straight forward answer and different symptoms can be due to may different factors and the best is to look at your own life and lifetstyle and figure out what it could be due to.


Also knowing whether the cravigs are strog ad persistent or just from time to time can help figuring out the cause. I.e if you can’t stop thinking about the food then it might be something a little more “serious” than just wanting the food because it tastes delicious.

For me personally, i don’t crave chocolate so often at all. The time i crave it most is if i haven’t slept so well or not eaten enough or if i am very stressed. But also eating something sweet everyday/most days can help balance out my meals as i have alot of savoury meals. Then i like to eat some dried fruit or fresh fruit or even just a bowl of yoghurt with home made granola can help!

In the past when i wasn’t eating as many carbs or when i was undereating then my cravings for chocolate were alot stronger and wasn’t just the “i want chocolate because it tastes good” type of craving.

I hope this helps!! 🙂

Leave your questions or comments below and i will try my best to answer 🙂

Vegan snickers recipe

October 31st, Halloween which is usually associated with candy…. and well as a vegan i didn’t want to miss out. Also, snickers has – and is one of my favourite type of candy bars. Before i have made a protein version of snicker using protein powder and oatflour, however it was just a trial run and never got around to taking photos or wanting to share the recipe.


Making vegan snickers really isn’t so hard… you want the base which should be similar to nougat, and then the sweet caramel combined with the salty peanuts and of course the chocolate coating to finish it off…. a sweet and salty candy bar which leaves you wanting more!!

You can make the base – and even the caramel sauce – in many different ways, ranging from coconut flour and protein powder to just dates and nuts or even using chickpeas. I settled with something in between, i.e dates, oats, coconut oil. And the caramel sauce is just a simple one made from dates.

As usual, i suck at actually measuring or weighing out the ingredients when i make my creations, but i will try my best to estimate and share my recipe. But my best suggestion is to add more/less of an ingredient depending on the texture and taste… i.e how many dates you need and how much salt depends on what dates or salt you use!

Recipe: Makes c.a 5 snickers bar


C.a 1,5-2dl rolled oats

c.a 10 dates, pitted

1,2-3tbs peanut butter

c.a 1,5 tbs coconut oil (NOT melted)

Caramel sauce:

c.a 15 dates, pitted

c.a 1 tbs water (add more if/when necessary)

c.a 1 tbs oatcream (soya works as well)

Sea salt (can omit – but i wanted the caramel sauce to have a touch of saltness)

& salted peanuts

c.a 150g Dark chocolate

More coconut oil (c.a 1tbs)


How to:

Begin with adding all the ingredients for the base into a food mixer and mixing together. Add more of the ingredients if necessary. The “dough” should stick together enough to be able to shape it and scrape out from the mixer without everything falling apart. Form into the size/shape you want and place on a plate which has been covered with tinfoil or baking paper. Place into freezer while you prepare the caramel sauce.

Place all the ingredients for the caramel sauce into a food processer and mix – add more liquid and/or salt as necessary. Note… it is better to make too much caramel than too little. So add more dates if you feel that the caramel sauce won’t be enough. Note… the sauce should not be too liquidy, it should hold together but also not be a clump.

Take out the base/nougat from the freezer and place the caramel sauce on top and add peanuts. (You can either mix the peanuts into the caramel sauce once it is done, or just place on top of the caramel sauce.) Then place the bars into the fridge while you melt the chocolate.

You can melt the dark chocolate in the microwave or by a water bath where you boil water in a pan and place a plate (which can manage the heat) on top with the chocolate in it. Stir in melted coconut oil to make the chocolate more liquid and not as thick.

Take out the bars from the fridge and coat in chocolate. Note, once you have coated the top, place back into the freezer for c.a 10 minutes before coating the bottom and then placing back into the freezer.

Eat and enjoy! Best kept in the fridge or freezer.




Note, this base is not the same as an actual snickers, but it works well anyway. You can of course use another base such as with chickpeas or flours or protein powder.

If you try this recipe, let me know what you think!