Vegan snickers recipe

October 31st, Halloween which is usually associated with candy…. and well as a vegan i didn’t want to miss out. Also, snickers has – and is one of my favourite type of candy bars. Before i have made a protein version of snicker using protein powder and oatflour, however it was just a trial run and never got around to taking photos or wanting to share the recipe.


Making vegan snickers really isn’t so hard… you want the base which should be similar to nougat, and then the sweet caramel combined with the salty peanuts and of course the chocolate coating to finish it off…. a sweet and salty candy bar which leaves you wanting more!!

You can make the base – and even the caramel sauce – in many different ways, ranging from coconut flour and protein powder to just dates and nuts or even using chickpeas. I settled with something in between, i.e dates, oats, coconut oil. And the caramel sauce is just a simple one made from dates.

As usual, i suck at actually measuring or weighing out the ingredients when i make my creations, but i will try my best to estimate and share my recipe. But my best suggestion is to add more/less of an ingredient depending on the texture and taste… i.e how many dates you need and how much salt depends on what dates or salt you use!

Recipe: Makes c.a 5 snickers bar


C.a 1,5-2dl rolled oats

c.a 10 dates, pitted

1,2-3tbs peanut butter

c.a 1,5 tbs coconut oil (NOT melted)

Caramel sauce:

c.a 15 dates, pitted

c.a 1 tbs water (add more if/when necessary)

c.a 1 tbs oatcream (soya works as well)

Sea salt (can omit – but i wanted the caramel sauce to have a touch of saltness)

& salted peanuts

c.a 150g Dark chocolate

More coconut oil (c.a 1tbs)


How to:

Begin with adding all the ingredients for the base into a food mixer and mixing together. Add more of the ingredients if necessary. The “dough” should stick together enough to be able to shape it and scrape out from the mixer without everything falling apart. Form into the size/shape you want and place on a plate which has been covered with tinfoil or baking paper. Place into freezer while you prepare the caramel sauce.

Place all the ingredients for the caramel sauce into a food processer and mix – add more liquid and/or salt as necessary. Note… it is better to make too much caramel than too little. So add more dates if you feel that the caramel sauce won’t be enough. Note… the sauce should not be too liquidy, it should hold together but also not be a clump.

Take out the base/nougat from the freezer and place the caramel sauce on top and add peanuts. (You can either mix the peanuts into the caramel sauce once it is done, or just place on top of the caramel sauce.) Then place the bars into the fridge while you melt the chocolate.

You can melt the dark chocolate in the microwave or by a water bath where you boil water in a pan and place a plate (which can manage the heat) on top with the chocolate in it. Stir in melted coconut oil to make the chocolate more liquid and not as thick.

Take out the bars from the fridge and coat in chocolate. Note, once you have coated the top, place back into the freezer for c.a 10 minutes before coating the bottom and then placing back into the freezer.

Eat and enjoy! Best kept in the fridge or freezer.




Note, this base is not the same as an actual snickers, but it works well anyway. You can of course use another base such as with chickpeas or flours or protein powder.

If you try this recipe, let me know what you think!


Vegan chocolate brands 

Chocolate…. who doesn’t love it? (Ok, i know that many don’t and that always leaves me wondering, How could you not like chocolate?But some people are more salty-snacks type of people and thats ok as well!)

Just because you are vegan doesn’t mean you have to live your life without chocolate, thankfully! However, the amount of chocolate bar types you can actually buy lessens compared to the dairy chocolate amount. But also there arent as many “exciting” and different flavoured vegan chocolate bars which is a little disappointing according to me. I would love a toffee-nut vegan chocolate bar or an oreo vegan chocolate bar or more exciting flavour combinations, but i am happy over the fact that vegan chocolate exists!



First off, lactose free chocolate does not mean vegan.

Second, most dark chocolate is vegan and even some dark baking chocolate is vegan. So accidently vegan chocolate.

Image result for vegan chocolate bars
Most commonly found “accidentally vegan” chocolate bar. However as it is made in the same factory as dairy chocolate it is not marketed or branded as vegan.

And then there is raw chocolate bars which are often the very expensive chocolate bars which are of course raw and most often organic


Image result for vegan chocolate bars
Have not tried this chocolate bar as they are often very expensive.

Image result for vegan chocolate bars

Image result for loving earth chocolate
Photo source:    -> This chocolate is one of the best vegan chocolate’s ive tasted and often on the higher price scale, but worth it!


And then there is the vegan branded chocolate such as ichoc,  Vego, Moo free.

Image result for vegan chocolate bars
(All of these flavours are amazing according to me!)


Image result for vegan chocolate bars
This is one of my favourite vegan chocolate bars, however it is also on the expensive side, however definitely worth it!
Related image
I have not tried this chocolate bar, so have no review.


Image result for vegansk choklad
One of my favourite vegan chocolates. Unsure if they are available outside of Sweden though. picture source:

Vegan chocolate: Lindt dark chocolate is vegan (not the flavoured ones! Double check the ingredients, but from 70% up it should be ok)

Image result for vegan chocolate bars
Picture Source:


There are some “candy bar” vegn chocolates, photo below, which i have never tasted but supposedely they are very good and they can be bought on vegan

Image result for vegan chocolate bars


Where you can buy the chocolate depends on where you live. Most often health food stores sell vegan chocolate or if you have any solely vegan food stores in your area. Otherwise Amazon or Iherb are great options to check out and see if they sell and ship to your country!

Also i am sure there are plenty more vegan chocolate brands, but these were the ones i could think of now and i will make a part 2 when i find more brands!

Vegan kex bar (chocolate wafer) recipe

In Sweden we have this chocolate bar called “Kex” which is a chocolate wafer bar, and is one of my favourite chocolate bars. One bar is 55g, but i could easily eat 3 at once because they just sort of melted in your mouth. Recently i have been having cravings for this dreamy chocolate bar, but of course not wanting the actual Kex bar due to the milk products in it, so instead… i decided to recreate it as best i could.


As usual, i didn’t follow a recipe instead just made what i thought would be similar to the chocolate bar, even if it differed a little of course!

The chocolate bar consists of waffers, some sort of chocolate cream and a chocolate coating, so thats what i tried to recreate… and of course using some peanut butter because you can never have too much peanut butter, but you can omit this part if you dont like peanut butter!

To recreate the chocolate cream inside i used chocolate soy protein powder with some water, this may not work for all protein powders but the one i have because sort of sticky and almost like a spread when you add just a bit of water maybe 3-4 tablespoons. . What you can use instead of protein powder? Maybe if you have powdered chocolate PB2, or maybe some form of nugatti or maybe make a chocolate frosting with margarnie, powdered sugar and cacao? But not making it too sweet because the chocolate coating will be sweet enough!

And finally, the chocolate coating!!


Ingredients: Makes 4 chocolate bars.
Wafers – i used 12

Chocolate – i used a whole 200g dark chocolate bar

1 scoop protein powder (c.a 30g) (can use chocolate flavour or use vanilla flavour and add some cacao). Or you could use some nut butter and mix with caocao. Or even chocolate mousse made from avocados/tofu or from aquafaba could work well if you don’t have or don’t want to use protein powder)

Peanut butter – mount unknown!

How to:

Start by melting the chocolate in a bowl ontop of boiling water – make sure the bowl/plate can take the heat and doesnt crack!

Mix together the protein powder with some water to make it gooey/paste like.

Put some of the protein powder mix onto one side of 2 different wafers. Put peanut butter on one side of another wafer, and then put together the 3 waffers.

Begin coating one side of the bar with the melted chocolate and then let freeze for c.a 10 minutes before coating the next side. Into the freezer for c.a 30 minutes before eating!!

Eat and enjoy!!

I have to say, even if this was simple to make it is one of the best recipes i have made because it was very similar to the bar and fixed my cravings as well! Also they were “melt in your mouth sort of” but also rather sweet and dense so just 1/2 of the bar was enough!!

I think there are infact vegan waffer bars to buy in stores, but it’s much more fun to make my own!!