Double chocolate ganache birthday cake | Vegan

Looking for a chocolate cake recipe that isn’t based on dates, coconut and avocado? Or looking for a chocolate cake recipe that i can guarantee you won’t turn out dry?

Well then this is the cake for you. 


A brownie-fudge base and a truffle/ganache filling with a tiny bit of rum for that extra kick. But that is entirely optional and would taste amazing without the liquor.

This cake was the result of mixing two good ideas into one. As it was a birthday cake for my mum i didn’t want to make a super simple chocolate cake, but neither did i want to go full on 4 layers with extra filling and toppings like i have in the past. So this cake idea seemed like a good middle ground. Not to mention, easy to throw together meaning that you really don’t need any baking or cooking skills to make this cake.

Also this cake would be a great addition to the new years eve celebrations or dinner 🙂 And a good way to impress non vegans with some amazing vegan cake!

So if you have the ingredients at home, or just want to try this cake… then give this recipe a go!


Also note, you can change the cake base to something else if you don’t want the chocolate cake as the base. Example crush some digestives, add melted margarine and press into the base of your cake form, that will give this cake a bit more crunch.


If you want more pear taste you could try adding c.a 30ml of the pear juice from the concentrated pears into the mix. But note, don’t add too much as there is risk that the mix won’t firm up in the fridge then.

You can add frozen – or fresh – raspberries straight to the chocolate mix to add more raspberry flavour.

You can opt for lighter or darker chocolate, but then of course the sweetness will change and if you go for very dark chocolate the cake will taste more bitter. But if you go for a very sweet milk or white chocolate you may want to cut back on a little sugar in the base or skip the vanilla sugar.


Cake recipe:

Serves 12.

30 minutes prep, 30 minutes cook, 2+ hours to chill



  • 150 g margarine
  • 100 g vegan chocolate – light or dark
  • 180g all purpose flour
  • 190g sugar
  • 1 tsp vanilla sugar
  • Pinch of salt
  • 50g cacao or around 3tbsp
  • 150ml plantbased milk – go for soya or oat

Cake filling – ganache

100 g margarine
250 ml whisking cream, e.g oat or soya
400 g dark chocolate
1 tablespoon icing sugar
1 teaspoon vanilla sugar
1 tablespoon light rum, can be excluded

1 can of preserved pears
1 box, 100 g, raspberry


How to:

Make the base:

Preheat the oven to 175 ° C.
Grease a cake form with some margarine – or place parchment paper around the cake form.
Melt the margarine in a saucepan and remove from the stove. Chop the chocolate into small pieces and add into the melted margarine. Let the chocolate melt, mixing when necessary.
In a baking bowl, mix flour, sugar, vanilla sugar and salt in a bowl and sift in the cocoa. Mix until the dry ingredients are fully combined with no clumps.

Pour the margarine and chocolate mixture into the dry ingredients and add the plantbased milk. Mix until it’s a smooth batter. Pour the batter into the cake form.

Bake in the middle of the oven for about 20-25  minutes. The cake will firm up when it cools down.

Allow to cool down for 20 minutes before placing in the freezer for 30 minutes.


Begin by boiling the margarine and cream in a saucepan (the same saucepan), takes around 3-5 minutes. Meanwhile, chop the dark chocolate into small pieces and place in a bowl.

When the mararine has melted and the cream is boiling, pour it over the chocolate.

Let stand for 1 minute before mixing until you get a smoothchocolate batter.

Add the icing sugar, vanilla sugar and rum into the mix.

Once the cake base has cooled properly (after being in the freezer) pour the chocolate on top of the base and place in the freezer for around 45 minutes to firm up before placing in the fridge for at least 90 minutes before serving.

*Don’t forget to set a timer so you don’t end up forgetting the cake in the freezer!*

Before serving, add some canned pears and raspberries on top!

This cake tastes almost better a day later, so you can make this cake in advance – just don’t top with the pears or raspberries until it is serving time.


I highly recommend you give this cake a  go if you like chocolate.

If you do try this cake, let me know what you think down in the comments below… or let me know on my Instagram (itsahealthylifestyle)


Vegan daim recipe

Before i went vegan i loved Daim chocolate and in my 2,5 years as a vegan i have never tried recreating it.

One of the things i miss as a vegan is all the different dairy types of chocolate. Most vegan chocolates are just plain… even if iChoc does make some different ones such as cookie and orange etc

In the pst i have made vegan ktikats (recipe)  and i do want to try make a vegan kinder bueno, as i have seen some recipes for that. And who knows, maybe i will try make some other types of chocolate bars.

Also i recently made my own fruit and nut bar by melting dark chocolate and adding raisins and hazelnuts!!

I thought it would be harder than it actually was to make daim… the only real hard part was waiting for the caramel to reach the right temperature. Also i would definitely have gotten it wrong if i didn’t have a thermometer!

Now i have plenty of left over daim which maybe i can do something else with such as a daim cheesecake or bring with me to my family!

Recipe down below!

Let me know… which type of candy bars do you like? 🙂


Copy of Copy of Blue and Orange Simple Mexican Food Recipe Card


Original recipe/inspiration from HERE

Oumph! ribs – Christmas dinner recipe | Vegan

I am the type of vegan who actually likes fake meat and vegan meat alternatives. I like the texture and taste it adds.

Sure, i also love whole foods and like being able to make burgers and balls from beans and lentils and vegetables. But they often lack texture and can often be mushy, or at best… a little crunchy. So for me, a balance of both works well.

On the christmas table this year, i am hoping that there will be a mix of both home made, wholefood recipes as well as some store bought vegan meat balls or Oumph!. I still don’t know what we will be making or eating for Christmas this year, but i love making these recipes to post beforehand to inspire some of you on what you can make for your Christmas table (or any other day as well!).


Sure, what is typical to eat for the holiday season, varies on where you live. Each country has different traditions and typical meals, so my meals are inspired by swedish classic recipes.

This is a recipe you should definitely try! You could also choose to use seitan or even tofu or tempeh instead of Oumph!, but i like the texture that Oumph! adds.


This turned out so so good! So if you like fake meat or miss “saucy meat” dishes… then i highly recommend you make this! Also, i can imagine it is super tasty combined with some noodles!

Copy of Copy of Copy of Blue and Pink Chocolate Cake General Recipe Card (3)


The recipe for the spinach puff pastries is HERE or make pizza rolls: HERE

How to cope on Christmas – struggling with an eating disorder/recovery

During Christmas and new years there is often alot of media and talk about diets and weightloss and it can be hard to avoid.  I would however suggest that you set a rule at the Christmas table that there will be no talk about calories or weightloss or diets if that triggers you…. for me personally, this year as usual there was talk about calories and working out and diets and well I just tuned out , but if it triggers you it might not be so easy to tune out.

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But also remember that you don’t need to go on a diet after Christmas.  Even if you gain weight it’s not the end of the world. Your body wants to stay in balance and homeostasis so it will try to get back to that. You also need to realise what is best for you….. don’t care what others do or plan to do; you need to do what is best for your own health!! Try to avoid magazines for a while and unfollow accounts if they trigger you, or block certain people on fb from coming up on your feed… whatever will help you. But most important try to not engage or promote diet thinking, instead focus on health.  The more people who can find the strength to just focus on health the better!!!

Post – Post christmas detozes and diets – what not to do
Now for the new year you might have friends or family around you who are on a diet or trying to follow their new years resolution. And that can be tough when you know that you have to eat alot and gain weight and it feels like everyone around you is doing the opposite.

One of those tough situations you are put in during and after recovery is when friends or family around you are dieting or eating low kcal. That can trigger something within you, thinking that you are doing wrong by ordering a pasta dish when a friend orders a salad, or you eat a magnum ice cream and your sister takes a popsicle… you begin feeling guilty, anxious, triggered. You get self hate for yourself and believe you made the wrong decision because someone ate something that might be less calories. But you need to stop that type of thinking right then and there. To take a moment to just breath and ask yourself What does it matter what someone else ate/is eating?

It’s easy to  compare yourself to others, look at what others are eating and want to do the same thing. But you need to listen to yourself, know what YOUR body needs. There will always be someone dieting, wanting to lose weight or saying they have already eaten/not hungry. that doesnt mean you have to do it as well.

If you go to a cafe with a group of friends and you all order cake and hot chocolate with extra whipped cream and one of your friends orders a diet cola, it can evoke feelings inside of you. But you know what, WHO CARES. Instead enjoy that you can eat that cake or the extra scoop of ice cream or that toasted bagel etc and know that you will enjoy more food later on. You are giving your body energy, and you know what your friend will still eat later on and if they don’t, well then feel sorry for them. Because a life without food, a life where you are scared to eat and obsessed with calories, that is a very sad life. It’s barely a life at all. Instead be proud and happy of yourself that you are fighting for your health, that you know what your body wants and needs, that you can enjoy all types of food and give your body energy.

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And there will be people who are dieting and trying to lose weight and you know what, some people need to lose weight. Dont get triggered by that… weightloss is not your life goal, some people need it to be healthy that doesnt mean you have to lose weight as well or that you are suddenly in competition or you need to eat less than them.

You are not a monkey, you shouldnt just follow others. I mean if someone jumps does that mean you have to jump as well? No it doesnt.  Everyone goes their own ways and has to know what is best for them.

So instead of focusing on what others are doing focus on what is best for YOU.

When you get guilty feelings or feel triggered by friends or family, take a moment to just breathe and think rationally. Even if that means you go to the bathroom and just try to calm down for a few moments. Or even sit in the bathroom and write down your thoughts… ive done this before, even if it meant i was gone 10 minutes. That was what i needed to do to calm down and then be able to actually eat. Be kind to yourself and your body!! Having a good motto or mantra to repeat to yourself in tough times is also a good idea :):)

I hope this helps. Focus on YOU and YOUR body and YOUR goals. Not on what others are doing.

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Let’s talk about christmas – it’s not all that it’s made out to be

Posts on how to cope on easter when you have an eating disorder (restrictive or binging) – can also be applied to Christmas or other holidays: POST


Below are some useful links:


Vegan Christmas food recipes | Vegansk jul mat recpept | Part 1

Christmas is just around the corner, and like previous years… it doesn’t feel like christmas at all. Most likely because i have so much school work so i don’t have time to think about what day or date it is or even think about that the days to Christmas are flying by! Luckily i have gotten 60% of the christmas presents, but still unsure what i should buy for the remaining gifts…… Buying presents isn’t my strong side, not only do i find it extremely commercial and a little too materialistic, i would rather buy something that the person really wants or needs and not just small gifts that will never be used or end up sitting in the persons storage for the next 10 years, hahaha.

I may not be in the Christmas spirit, but i have atleast begun thinking about what food i might be making for Christmas dinner. Because I am Swedish, all these ideas are veganized versions of the typical christmas dinner in Sweden. So if you live in other countries these recipes might seem weird or unusual as you  might eat other typical dishes for christmas!


No one in my family eats meat, they do eat eggs and fish though, but i am guessing we will buy store bought vegan meat balls to replace the typical christmas meat balls – unless i decide to make my own from beans and lentils.

Christmas food ideas i plan to make (some of them anyway):

Roasted potatoes alternative hasselback potatoes. (Or you could do boiled, but i don’t like boiled potatoes so i will roast mine!)

Roasted brussel sprouts and sweet potato – maybe mix in some pecans or make a nice sauce for this!



Beetroot salad (recipe here)


Coleslaw (recipe here)

Savoury “shrimp” cheesecake i.e skagentårta . It’s a typical swedish savoury cheesecake which you use lots of mayonaise and prawns, but i will be using tofu instead. (RECIPE)

Kale, tofu, onion pie (made one last year!) RECIPE


Tofu “ribs” or using Oumph! Recipe 

Potato gratin (Recipe in my next post)


Some type of home made bread!

Oven roasted vegetables is always a good idea and perfect for leftovers the next day!



Either a ginger bread & lingon cheese cake or a saffron cheesecake. (RECIPE)


I will try to find and post the recipe for this saffron cheesecake as well 🙂
Or maybe this chocolate and gingerbread cake?

But also saffron buns (recipe), maybe some fudge or ginger bread cookies, maybe i will make my own chocolates or truffles!


Some chocolate covered orange or maybe i will bake the orange in the oven and the drizzle over some nuts and chocolate 🙂

Rice pudding (Recipe HERE or a coconut rice pudding recipe)


This week (or weekend) i will try to make some more Christmas inspired recipes – both sweet and savoury, so that will be up this weekend or next week for more inspiration!

In Sweden a typical christmas food is herring in different sauces. So vegans make a version using aubergine instead which is supposed to be very similar! recipe HERE and  HERE

Seitan ham – Recipe here

A soft gingerbread cake, or some ginger bread muffins.

Daim chocolate or rocky road.


These are just some of the ideas i could think of now 🙂 But hopefully they will help inspire you if you are unsure what to make for christmas dinner!

Let me know in the comment section what you plan to eat and/or make for christmas 🙂