Vegan remake of pickled herring | Vegansk skärgårdssill | Aubergine “herring” | Classic Swedish dish

In Sweden it is common to eat pickled herring, especially during high times such as Christmas, Easter and Midsummer.

In the past i did like eating the pickled herring, however it was mostly the sauce i liked and not so much the raw fish. Since going vegan i have never tried to recreate this dish, because it just hasn’t been something i have wanted or felt the need to eat. However a few weeks ago i had some extra aubergine i needed to use, as well as all the ingredients to try recreate the sauce so i thought… why not give it a go.

The sauce has a slightly fishy taste from the vegan caviar, but it also has a sweetness due to the marinade, and of course the creaminess from the creme fraiche.

I would recommend you use vegan mayonnaise, or 50/50 vegan creme fraiche and mayonnaise as that will give the best results. But you can switch for a lighter version such as creme fraiche or soya quark.

For the marinade, i have written less sugar than i used as mine was a little too sweet for my preference, so in the recipe it is about 60% sugar than what i used which will hopefully give a better balance, but you can of course use even less, as the sugar is mostly for preserving and giving a little flavour but it shouldn’t be overly sweet.

This dish may sound strange for many who aren’t from the Nordic countries, but all countries have their different cuisines and dishes… so if you are willing to try something new and different, give this a try. Of course, i don’t know who readily available vegan caviar is in other countries…. Maybe Ikea will have it if you have an Ikea close by…? Otherwise you could always try adding some seaweed flakes/crushed up seaweed to give it a slightly “fishy taste”.

Also, in Sweden there are many different types of pickled herring with different sauces such as onion based, mustard based and each year they have a new sauce the exclusive/limited edition sauce, hahah. But many companies have also realised that not everyone wants to eat fish and have made alternatives based on tofu, which are very tasty in my opinon.


You could switch the aubergine for tofu in this recipe, though i would then use a firm tofu and you don’t need to salt it… however you should press it of water before marinating!



For the marinade:

100ml vinegar

100g sugar

300ml water

3 bay leaf

8 black peppercorns

½ small red onion, diced

For the “herring”

1 aubergine


For the sauce:

½ red onion

200ml vegan creme fraiche, or 50/50 crème fraiche and vegan mayonnaise

Fresh dill

2 tbsp vegan caviar

½ lemon (juice)

Salt and pepper

How to:

In a pot, add all the ingredients for the “marinade” and allow to boil for a few minutes.

In the meantime, rinse the aubergine and chop into small cubes. Pour over a little salt and allow sit for about 10 minutes, so that some of the moisture is drawn out.


Add the aubergine to the “marinade” and allow to boil for a few minutes before removing from the heat. Then allow to cool down before placing in the fridge overnight.


Prepare the other sauce as well, so that it can sit overnight as well, and the flavours will be a lot stronger and combined.

To make the sauce, dice the onion and the dill. In a bowl mix together all the ingredients, taste and adjust seasoning according to preference. Allow sit in the fridge overnight as well.

In the morning, pour away the “marinade” from the aubergine and mix the aubergine into the other sauce. Preferably, you then let that sauce sit for another few hours in the fridge, but it is fine to just mix and eat directly.


This is a remake of a class Swedish dish, i.e skärgårdssill. You can make this recipe using tofu instead of aubergine, and you can make a mustard sauce instead of the caviar based one.

In the future I will be making this for Christmas, midsummer, Easter and all those other hightimes when the non vegan version is classic at the table!







Top 10 vegan lunches/dinners on my blog!

I have been blogging on here for about two and a half years now, and that means a whole bunch of recipes. Some have turned out great, whereas some may need a bit of an update now, haha. And that is one of the things I am currently going to work on… looking back on some recipes and updating. Such as measurements, seasoning, descriptions as well. So in the future there may  be some updated recipes rather than “new” recipes.

But when looking back I realised that I have a lot of super delicious recipes, and a few of them I make on repeat at home. Of course, which meals I prefer eating also depends on what season it is. In winter and autumn, I prefer soups, stews and warm dishes. Whereas in summer I prefer “Lighter” dishes such as salads, eggplant aubergine, tofu fish fingers, pasta salads etc

This post will focus just on lunch/dinner recipes, and not any snacks, breakfasts or desserts. But I do have a post coming up with all my dessert recipes, which you can save for when you want to make a sweet dessert.

So here are my top 10 recipes which I think you should all try, haha. And don’t forget to let me know if you have any recipes from my blog which you love!


Sweet potato pizza crust. This is infact one of my most popular recipes and most created ones…. And I can say, there is a reason for that. You can also see when I make this recipe in an Instagram video, here.



Buffalo cauliflower wings. I love these so much, and I would make them on a weekly basis if cauliflower was cheaper, haha. Note, it does work with frozen cauliflower which you have defrosted, but fresh cauliflower does taste best.  I have different variations of this recipe: BBQ cauliflower wings, sesame cauliflower wings, airfryed cauliflower wings



3 bean lentil and sweet potato chilli – Aside from the sweet potato crust this is in tired place with my most created and loved recipe. It is what I would call a “go to student-meal prep” dish. It is cheap to make, you can make a huge amount, works great to freeze and is so delicious. You can vary which beans and seasoning you use. I do also recommend you use sweet potato instead of regular potato as it – in my opinion – tastes best, but it is fine to use regular white potato, it is cheaper then as well.



BBQ chickwheat – I have tried making seitan many times before and it has never really worked for me… but each time I make this recipe it turns out so good! Of course, it takes about 2+ hours to make, meaning that it may not be one of those dishes you just “throw together” on a whim. However, you can make a huge batch and freeze in, and then you have your cheap protein source for a while. For those of you who don’t know, seitan – which is made from gluten, is infact high in protein. Of course, if you have a gluten allergy or intolerance then it is not an option for you.

Also, to make a BBQ sauce for these chickwheat shreds, click HERE


Vegan “meat” stew – This recipe/meal has fooled many meateaters into thinking they are eating meat. It is so similar to a typical “meat” stew…. though what really adds that meaty texture is Oumph!, which is a soybased fake meat alternative. It has just the right texture. So it won’t work to switch for example tofu or a lighter fake meat, however it may work to use seitan instead.




Red lentil and vegetable lasagne: This meal was one which i just threw together one evening when filming a “my followers decide what i eat in a day” challenge, where lasagne was choosen as my dinner. I created lasagne just using what i had at home and this was the very delicious result!! I would definitely recommend you make this, not to mention that it works great for meal prep and you can make the lasagne directly in glass lunch boxes so you have portion lasagne!



Pasta with pea pesto – This pea pesto can be made in many different variations. I.e adding avocado, adding tofu, adding nutritional yeast, using basil or spinach….  But the base is peas, oil and then adding either spinach, fresh basil, tofu or all of them! It turns out so good and the peas give this dish extra protein.


Eggplant schnitzel – For years I said I didn’t like aubergine… that was because I had one tried making “aubergine pizza” which was a complete disaster, and after that I was sort of scarred and not willing to try aubergine again. But then last summer I decided to give it a try again… and then I tried making eggplant schnitzel and I am hooked. The key is to cut them thin, salt them so that some of the moisture is sucked out, this makes them super crispy!


Tofu fries & BBQ tofu Two recipes in one here… well because they are both tofu and they are both delicious. The tofu fries are more like a snack, or can work great in a salad or in a baguette! This BBQ tofu is one of my favourites and works so great just as it is or part of a salad, or with some noodles or why not use it as your “Burger” instead of meat or halloumi?



Sweet potato and peanut butter stew   This meal is combining all of my favourites into one meal… sweet potato, peanut butter, sundried tomatoes, peanuts…. what is not to love? If you are allergic to peanut butter this would work great with almond butter as well 🙂 Also a great meal to make a huge batch and eat as your mealprep along with some rice!



And there you see some of my favourite meals/recipes on my blog which you should definitely check out. These are also my top viewed/recreated meals and there is a reason for those 🙂

This shows how you can create a huge range of different dishes and meals as a vegan and they don’t have to be boring or tasteless. Just get creative 🙂

If you recreate any of these dishes or get inspired by the meals and recipes i share, don’t forget to tag me on Instgram (Itsahealthylifestyle) or comment on my blog!

Creamy mustard pasta with sundried tomatoes, olives and vegan bacon

For someone who runs a recipe blog… I don’t really know what qualifies as a recipe….? Is it enough to state the ingredients? Or do I need to share exact measurements?

Does it have to be a detailed description of how to make the food or is it enough with 1-2 lines because that is all it takes to describe how to make the dish….?

I still don’t know.


Though I guess it all depends on the dish…. Sometimes it is as simple as, “mix these ingredients together and tadaa… you are done.”


By now you all know that a lot of the food I make is the result of just throwing food together and hoping for the best, and that was definitely the case with this recipe. But as I promised a while back… I would begin sharing these types of meals/recipes as well as they can serve as a source of inspiration even if there are no exact measurements.

And that is what I want to do… give inspiration. I don’t believe you need exact recipes or measurements when cooking… of course when it comes to baking, that is more of a science where you do need exact measurements for the result to actually be edible. And certain gourmet or specific cuisines it can help to have exact measurements and detailed descriptions.

But I have grown up in a household where recipes have just been a source of inspiration and you just loosely follow the recipe, and that is pretty much what I still do when creating and making food. That of course makes it hard to run a recipe blog where people expect exact measurements and recipes to follow along with the pictures, hahah.



So… here is an inspiration for a pasta dish you can make!



Pasta of choice.

Sundried tomatoes.



Vegan bacon (alternative, use some tofu or soya crumbls)

Optional, vegan feta cheese or tofu.

Mustard sauce:

2-3 tbsp Dijon mustard

1 tbsp oil

1tsp apple cider vinegar (or lemon juice)

1tbsp maplesyrup (or 1/2tbsp brown sugar)

120ml oat cooking cream

salt & pepper

How to:

Boil your pasta according to instructions. In the mean time fry the vegan bacon in some oil until crispy.

Chop the sundried tomatoes and olives. Rinse the spinach leaves.

In a bowl mix together the ingredients for the sauce. Once the paste is done, drain of water.

In the pot add all the other ingredients along with the sauce. Mix until combined.

Eat and enjoy!


Mediterranean inspired meal prep: Pasta salad & roasted vegetables with pearl barley

Sunday and that means meal prep, clean my apartment, do the laundry and study!

Last week i didn’t meal prep as i made a big batch of pasta (recipe here) and then just threw together quick meals in the evening which lasted for lunch the following day.

Butnext week, with onl 10 days left until my bachelors thesis has to be submitted it will be LONG days in school and studying… and well, the last thing i want to do is think about having to cook food or prepare snacks.

*Post contain affiliate links to & lagerhaus*


Of course the meal prep i made for next week will last until around Wednesday or Thursday and then i will have to cook more. Also, if i crave something else for example dinner then i will cook it. But as i made two different dishes, which taste incredible i don’t think i will tire.

For my snacks next week i have yoghurt, oats, berries, some chickpea muffins and even mango ice cream. So no prepared snacks for the week, but if you need some meal prep snack ideas you can see some previous meal preps: HERE and some other snack ideas HERE

The recipe for the ice cream and chickpea muffins will be coming up on my blog soon 🙂

In total my meal prep took about 45-60 minutes… i didn’t really track the time. But it went relatively quickly. Of course, as i photograph my meal prep it takes longer for me than it might do for you 🙂

I was thinking mabe this summer i will make a meal prep ebook… would that be something you want/are intereested in purchasing? There would be recipes, tips, advice etc… Not fully sure i will make it, depends on how much time i have. But it might be a good help and well… i would say i am rather good at mealprepping by this point haha.

I buy my glass jars from Lagerhaus, and they can be both frozen and heated in the oven!

The glass jars i use, 840ml glass jars, 600ml round glass jars, 330ml mini glassjars


So what did i meal prep? 

Pasta with a tahini sauce with tomatoes, red onion, vegan feta cheese, cucumber, olives

And roasted vegetables with pearl barley along with hummus and olives.

The ingredients are listed under the recipes!


Mediterranean pasta


Pasta of choice

Olives, tomato, cucumber, red onion, chickpeas, vegan greek cheese (feta)

Sauce: Tahini, around 80ml, some garlic powder, lemon juice & water around 50-80ml (Optional, add a little sweetness with either some sweet mustard or maple syrup!)

Making a hummus sauce will most likely work great as well

How to:

Boil the pasta according to instructions.

In the mean time begin to chop the tomatoes, onion, cucumber, olives and feta cheese.

Then mix together the sauce ingredients, or make hummus (recipe) and thin out with some extra water or aquafaba to use as a sauce.

Once the pasta is boiled, drain of water and add all the fillings and lastly the sauce. Mix until combined, eat and enjoy!


Roast vegetable & pearl barley mix



1 aubergine

1 zucchini

2 red onions

2 bell peppers

olives, chickpeas

oil & sea salt

Pearl barley ( i used 500g dry weight – which will kake about 4 meals)

Optional: Tomato sauce to mix with the veggies

For the hummus: Chickpeas, tahini, aquafaba, oil, sea salt, lemon juice. (Recipe HERE)

How to:

Prepare the pearl barley according to instructions: (In a pot combine the barley and water & some salt. Bring to a boil, then lower the heat to a simmer cover with a lid and allow to simmer for around 20-25 minutes. Check on it and if there is still water, alow to cook for another 10-15 miuntes. If it is done, take away from the heat! *Note, if there is still a little water left after 20-25 minutes, you can just turn off the heat and allow the pott o sit there and the water will most likely absorb anyway!)

Preheat the oven  to 200C.

Chop the vegetables into medium sized pieces. Place on a tray with parchment paper. Cover in a generous amount of oil and sea salt.

Mix. Bake in the oven around 40 minutes. Check after 30 minutes to make sure they aren’t burning!

Once done, mix together the barley and the roast vegetables along with some chickpeas and olives. Optional, mix together with tomato sauce!



If you like these meal prep posts let me know 🙂 Or if you get inspired and try the same dish… don’t forget to let me know or tag me on instagram!



Green pea patties! |Vegan | Gluten free

When i was filming a challenge for Youtube – eating only green food  i decided to test making green pea patties.



Usually i find making bean burgers rather hard…. they either crumble apart or are too dry, or if you use too much flour as a binder they can end up tasting rubbery. So basically i don’t make bean burgers so often – not to mention that i am not a huge fan of them either. I find that they often lack texture which i want in my meals… they are too soft or crumbly.

HOWEVER…. i decided to just throw together some ingredients and try making green pea/chickpea burgers, and i was positively surprised with the burgers. Infact, they turned out very good so i thought i would share the “recipe”!



Arond 150-200g peas (boiled/defrosted)

1x 400g can of chickpeas

Salt & pepper

1-2 cloves garlic

1/2 small red onion

Around 100g breadcrumbs (start off with half and add more if necessary)

Around 1tbsp cornstarch

Oil for frying

How to:

Begin by boiling the peas. Dice the garlic and onion.

In a bowl mix together the peas, chickpeas (minus the aquafaba), garlic and onion. Mix until it is combined – but not so mixed that it turns into hummus.

Then add your seasoning of choice – and some salt and pepper. Along with the breadcrumbs… start off with half and add more if necessary.

If the mix is too loose, then add some cornstarch or a little flour.

Form into patties and fry on medium heat – turning over after a few minutes.

Eat either warm or cold, works great either way!

Combine these patties with some sauce, rice or roasted potatoes 🙂