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Chocolate peanut butter granola |Vegan recipe | (can be made gluten free)

Granola is such a super simple food to make - and you can make so many different flavour combos and add whatever extras you want, such as nuts, seeds, dried fruit, coconut chips, banana chips, chocolate etc when you make your own granola. Whenever i do make home made granola i always ask myself, why… Continue reading Chocolate peanut butter granola |Vegan recipe | (can be made gluten free)

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Vgeanized english breakfast with recipes

According to Wikipedia (a very serious and credible site XD), an english breakfast includes bacon, sausages, egg and other cooked items such as tomatoes, mushrooms, baked beans, toast etc This meal isn't very vegan friendly, however is incredibly easy to make vegan! Yesterday i decided to use the ingredients i have at home to make… Continue reading Vgeanized english breakfast with recipes