Butternut squash and carrot soup | Vegan & glutenfree

I feel like i say i don’t like a certain food, only to realise that i do infact like it, haha. My tastebuds really do change, but i guess it is about how i prepare it as well.

I said i didn’t like brussel sprouts, turns out that i do. However i have been a little put off them (as i ate SO MANY brussel sprouts last autumn/winter), so even if i have seen them on “sale” at store, i haven’t been tempted to buy them. [The same thing happened with oats… i ate so much of it, that it took me several months to finally buy and enjoy oatmeal again].

In the past i said i didn’t like eggplant… well turns out that i do, if i roast it or stuff the eggplant and roast it.

And so many times in the past i have tried butternut squash but i just haven’t been a fan of it…. that was until i made THIS casserol which contained oven roasted butternut squash and i realised.. it was actually good. So i decided to give this vegetable another chance, maybe my tastebuds have changed. And all i can say, is that i am glad i gave it another chance because this soup was delicious!


Butternut squash and carrot soup with a coconutmilk base! And i think i am going to roast the other half of the butternut squash in the oven ๐Ÿ™‚

One thing i don’t like about this vegetable… is trying to peel it/get rid of the skin. It feels like a very dangerous task trying to chop away the peel, and that makes me a little apprehensive to buy it too often, haha. I just need to find a good and safe way to peel this squash!

butternut squash soup recipe20180925_132931.jpg




Quinoa, sweet potato and black bean casserole | Vegan |”Left overs meal”

When you come home after being away for a few days and you haven’t gone grocery shopping – then it is the best time to think, “What can i do with the food i have at home?”

A little bit of red and green lentils left, a little quinoa left. I had a can of sweet corn and a package of black beans along with some veggies.

I began thinking… i could most likely try to make some type of lentil soup, or maybe some quinoa/black bean burgers, or just go with the typical roast veggies and eat with sauce and tofu.

But i wanted to try something slightly different and new, even if it was just the same foods i usually eat. And then i thought… why not make some type of quinoa-vegetable bake?

I am sure i could have used some oatcream and vegan cheese if i had that at home (but i used the oat cream i had to make the vegan stew, recipe HERE).

This dish turned out really good even if it was improvised – however i wouldn’t recommend making so much as i did because after a few days of eating it, it does get a little boring. Also it did dry out after c.a 48 hours – but that may just be that i didn’t store it in airtight boxes.

As this was improvised, i don’t have any exact measurements but i have written out the ingredients and instructions so you can try to make a similar dish if you are interested! And why not give it a try by using crushed tomatoes instead of vegetable broth, or maybe making a cream/cheese filling/sauce like in my vegetable casserole!

I give myself 10/10 for creativity, but now i am ready to eat other types of foods hahah!


Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Blue and Pink Chocolate Cake General Recipe Card (1)



Vegan vegetable-cheese casserole |Recipe

This weekend i was asked to make a 3 course meal for my family, and of course i couldn’t say no, especially when my parents paid for the food, hahah!


It was my mum who came up with the idea of a vegetable pie. She had seen a recipe in a food magazine, but she asked me if i could make it vegan – so i made it my mission to try to make a vegan version.

There are many ways to make the cheesey/egg filling that pies have, but i decided to opt for a tofu-oat cream-cheese type filling!


I was a little nervous over how it would turn out, but it actually turned out very good according to me. Super creamy and filling – the only thing i would recommend is to use silken tofu (i.e the super creamy type) and not use a firm tofu which i did.

Also the pie filling does spill out when you cut into the cake, so it won’t keep it’s form. But you could choose to skip the tofu and then the filling might hold it’s form more.

You can also make this dish gluten free by following a recipe for gluten free pie crust and using soya based cream and milk! ๐Ÿ™‚


For starters i made toast with skagenrรถra (which is a swedish seafood suace, which i made vegan by using tofu and vegan caviar), recipe HERE. And also beetroot hummus, recipe HERE.


And the cake i made for dessert, recipe HERE.


It was a whole mix of tastes which maybe weren’t the best combined, haha. But seperatly they were all delicious!




vegetable casserolScreenshot_20180924-185649_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185048_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185020_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185203_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185438_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185550_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185517_Instagram.jpg


Cauliflower, chickpea and tofu curry | Vegan and glutenfree recipe

If i am honest i can’t remember the last time i ate curry! You may notice that i am not a huge fan of different cuisines or indian food…. but now in the cold weather you can’t go wrong with a warming curry.

I do admit, i am not a huge fan of the curry taste. So this may not be a favourite of mine, however i do love the tofu-chickpea-cauliflower-coconut combo… but i will have to find another seasoning to use next time! But this was still edible and super delicious, even if it may not make my top 5 favourite dishes.

Hahah, i don’t feel like i am selling this dish or recipe so well… but i got ot be honest, and i am sure there are others who will ove this recipe. I am just far too basic and love my simple meals and just using spices such as garlic and onion.

I will never be a culinary chef anyway, haha. I am rather mild when i use seasoning, so if you prefer more spices and taste i do suggest you add more seasoning than stated in the majority of my recipes!

Onto the recipe then?

Well first off i have to mention… don’t wear white when wearing this, and not that curry seasoning/powder does stain – so be quick to clean up if you get curry seasoning on the floor/kitchen/clothes!

If you make this recipe – or any other recipe i would love to see your pictures, so don’t forget to tag me on instagram or send me your pictures ๐Ÿ™‚

**Note, the lighting was not on my side when photoing this meal…. that will be the battle for the next few months, trying to get good lighting for my food pictures when it just keeps getting darker at an earlier time!

Cualiflower chickpea curry

Vegan chocolate coffee cake

Chocolate and coffee is a match made in heaven! And add in some berries and it makes the combo complete!

So this weekend i reached 100k on Instagram, which really isn’t that big of a deal for me. I don’t like to focus on numbers unless it is a maths problem, hahah. But i felt like i had to have some sort of special photo… and as we were having guests for dinner i thought, why not show my appreciation by baking a cake!



vegan chocolate cake


I thought about having the stereotypical photo with number balloons but i thought it was far too cheesey and stereotypical, and baking a cake is alot more “me”. Not to mention.. you also get to eat a delicious cake at the end of the day, hahah.

So this cake was inspired by lovingitvegan, but i added coffee and berries to the mix!Screenshot_20180922-141244_Instagram.jpg