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It’s a new year and i know that many are starting the year off with Veganuary. For many, going vegan may be a complete 180 from what they are used to eat and it can be hard to know what to eat.

One of the important and helpful things when trying a plantbased diet, is writing down a list of different recipes and meal ideas you can make. Whenever you are stuck for ideas or what to make, then you can resort to that list. It may also make you more excited for all the meals to test the different meals!

I thought i woul do a masterpost of some of my recipes to help you with some meal idaes!! Of course there are plenty more recipes and ideas out there, but these are some of the ones i have to offer on my blog 🙂 I hope this is helpful to anyone who may need more food inspiration!

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Breakfast and snacks:

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Chickpea cookie dough

Banana bread with chocolate chips & another banana bread recipe

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Pad thai

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Rice paper rolls

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5 minute microwave brownie

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Why eating fish isn’t vegan – overfishing, more plastic than fish in the water?

I have several posts on my blog about meat, dairy and eggs…. but what about fish?

Is fishing really so bad? Isn’t fish healthy? Do we need to eat fish? What about Omega 3?

Let’s start off with why eating fish isn’t vegan and the ethical part about fishing, and then  in a second post i will write more about the nutrition and health benefits/consequences of eating fish.

Many don’t see fish as unethical to eat…. many can easier make a connection with mammals such as cows, pigs, hens (but even then, many don’t see why it is wrong to eat them). People tend to forget that fish have feelings and want to live, just as much as any other animal or human. They might not have the same emotions, thoughts, consciousness as other animals or humans… but when fish are caught and killed they are often done so in brutal ways and are often left to suffocate. At the end of the day, fishing = killing an animal that wants to live. (Read more HERE: fish feel pain)

There is also a problem that certain fish are being overfished and this can cause problems in eco system and sea life. All the fish and different sea life have a purpose and place in the eco system and environment of the water… it is a balance and when one type of fish is gone from that eco system it can cause an imbalance. (Read more about overfishing: HERE)

Image result for overfishing

Fishing and selling fish is a HUGE business and fishing isn’t always regulated which has lead to quotas (how much of a certain type of fish that the boat/business can fish/sell), but also lead to illegal fishing. At this rate of fishing, it is thought that there will be more plastic and pollution in the water than actual fish (this of course can be debated but you can read more HERE) .

I recommend you watch the last episode of the show Rotten on Netflix which is about fishing – if you want to know more.

Image result for sustainable fishing

Just like with bees and wildlife… sealife is an important part of our ecosystem and if one type of animal begins to die out, it can have much larger consequences, which is why there should be stricter rules but also that people are aware of what type of fish they eat/buy, if they do eat fish. Optimal – from a vegan and even environmental view – is to not eat fish.

However fish can have some health benefits, but even some health consequences if you eat the wrong fish or too much of certain fish. But a post about that is coming up in a few days!


**Also, fishing as a sport isn’t vegan. Even if you catch fish and release them it can cause stress for the fish which isn’t healthy or fair to the fish. And fish as sporting isn’t ethical at all just like hunting.

Image result for why fish isnt vegan

Eating vegan on a budget: Cheap vegan, nutritious meals!

This post has been a long time coming!! I have been meaning to write and share this post for a while but just never gotten around to it…. even if this is one of the simple posts that doesn’t require any sources or reading of articles like some of my other nutritional posts!

I have written a post about eating vegan on a budget (&getting all the vitamins and minerals): HERE

As well as a list of staple vegan foods to have at home.

Eating vegan can be as expensive, time consuming and complicated as you make it to be. Just like any way of eating, it can be easy or complicated or it can be cheap or very expensive.


If you are eating vegan on a budget then fake meats and cheeses might not be an option and instead focus on in season vegetables, beans and lentils, vegetables and grains will be the base of your diet. It doesn’t have to be boring or tasteless just because you eat vegan on a budget!! And you can of course get all the vitamins and minerals you need (apart from b12 – you will need to take a supplement, just like all vegans), as long as you try to eat as varied as possible within your budget!

Focus on potatoes, dried beans and lentils which you prepare yourself, oats (which you can turn into oat flour and make pie crusts, scones, pancakes, bread etc out of), frozen vegetables are often cheaper than fresh vegetables. Buy in season and on sale fruit and vegetables. Rice and pasta are great alternatives and even white flour which you can make bread, scones, pancakes out of or make your own seitan (post about what seitan is). Also many smaller asian shops sell tofu for alot cheaper than normal food stores, so i would check that out as tofu is a great source of protein as a vegan. Aquafaba from chickpeas is great to use in recipes, click HERE.


I have a post with what to do with leftovers (some food tips) & also some vegan food hacks on how to make your own oat milk, vegan butter, cheese etc which might be a good idea if you are eating on a buget and can’t buy the premade vegan alternatives!

In this post i will share just lunch/dinner ideas, and i will make a second post with some snack alternatives! Also note, these are just ideas – you don’t need any exact measurements to make these dishes… it is just inspiration 🙂

The first obvious food tip is lentil soup with vegetables and potatoes & crushed tomatoes. You can vary with seasoning and vegetables – a filling and very nutritious meal.



Simple tomato soup and roast some chickpeas to have on top for extra crunch. Combine with some homemade bread as well.


Soak and cook your own chickpeas (tips here) & make hummus (recipe) or falafel or chickpea burgers.

Roasted vegetables – use oil and seasoning and bake in the oven!


Beans in tomato sauce with rice

Spaghetti with a red lentil “mince” sauce


Pasta and make a potato & carrot “cheese” sauce (works best if you can use nutritional yeast and oat cream for optimal creaminess).


Bean burgers with home made bread & roasted potatoes

Bean mix: Beans, sweet corn, tofu (if you can find some for cheap) and rice (mix together and add some sauce example crushed tomatoes)

Mashed potatoes with peas

Pasta with oat cream and peas – add tofu for extra protein.


Baked potato with a bean/tofu mix and if you either make your own mayonnaise or have some vegan yoghurt for the mix.


Chickpea curry with rice – if you find coconut milk cheaply this works great!

Pasta with tomato sauce and beans (& peas for extra protein and taste!)

Tofu scramble (add beans, onion and other vegetables for extra texture and taste) with scones or roast potatoes

Tacos or burritos i.e taco bread/wrap and make a mince using black beans, seasoning and tomato sauce and cook rice and make a burrito or taco.

Chickpea omelette with example a mix of beans or vegetables


Tomato pie (example, if tomatoes are cheap an in season)


Kale and onion pie (Kale isn’t always so cheap, but you should be able to sub for example spinach or just skip the kale! Also skip the vegan cheese and walnuts if it is too expensive)

Lentil salad – works best with green lentils, and add black beans, rice, in season roasted vegetables and add some tomatoes and garlic and mix together. Also add some fried tofu if you have it available!

Filled sandwiches. Make a creamy mix of example vegan mayonnaise, tofu, onion, and chickpeas and fill some bread (a baguette!)


So many ideas, so i might make another post with more recipes/ideas if you would like that 🙂 Might be a good inspiration. Of course, if you are eating on a budget there is not a whole lot of variation in foods… but you can prepare and season the food differently for some variation! Also i am sure there are different cuisines which have alot of good recipes using lentils, grains, rice, beans as their diets are based on those food!

(Also, can we appreciate how many links/posts i have written the past year of this blog… sometimes i forget how many posts about different topics i have actually written. So searching my blog for certain topics can be a good idea if you are ever stuck, or just commenting so i can write a post about it in the future!)


Meat and dairy advertisements – vegan propaganda?

A comment which i have seen alot of online is people saying that vegans are always shoving their message into people’s faces…. that they just want to eat their meat without a vegan telling them that it is wrong.

I personally am not someone to shame others for what or how they eat – especially not when they are eating. However saying that vegans are shoving their message into your face is a little hypocritical when you think about how much meat and dairy advertisements there are everywhere. Recently I’ve been seeing more ads for vegan products which i love but it is mostly animal products.

When im listening to a podcast there is advertisements for chicken/a chicken company.

When i watch YouTube advertisements for McDonald’s and their burgers (non vegan ones!) show up.

When I am scrolling through social media i see adds for dairy products and for chicken – despite only following and liking c.a 95% vegan accounts and pictures. Considering that social media collects so much data about it’s users – you would expect it to know when an account is vegan and doesn’t want ads for meat and dairy.

When im walking to the tram there is advertisements for dairy milk and yoghurt.

When i look at the extra prices/special offers in the stores it is ALWAYS meat, dairy and eggs. And in some corner there is some vego (not always vegan!) options.

Non vegans say they are bombarded with vegan propaganda/messages…. but as a vegan i am on a daily basis shoved meat and dairy advertisements in my face. When shopping the majority of the products are animal products.

Also a question to ask yourself is why does it bother you….? To have advertisements for products that haven’t harmed or killed animals, isn’t that a good thing? It opens your eyes to new products.

Image result for oatly reklam

And personally when i see advertisements for milk or dairy products with cows out in the grass being “free” i just feel like its false advertisement because I’m pretty sure the cows aren’t roaming free in a huge green grassed area….. maybe for a few hours in the summer if it is an organic milk farm (?) But it’s definitely not like it’s pictured in the advertisements.

I know that the people who need to read this post most likely won’t. But if you know someone who is anti vegan or anti vegan advertisement…. remind them just how much meat and dairy advertisements there are and that the person is most likely numb to them…. doesn’t even notice the advertisements because they don’t see anything wrong with it.

Image result for oatly reklam

If you become conscious of all the meat and dairy ads you see/hear everyday you will realise just how many they are and that vegan advertisements are just a tiny percentage of the daily advertisements you are bombarded with daily.

Veganism isn’t natural ?

One of the main arguments i hear against veganism (apart from the…. “it’s too restrictive”, “i love meat”, “i can’t get enough protein on a vegan diet excuses”) is that it isn’t natural because you need supplements.

This argument is not a valid or good reason to not go vegan according to me. Taking supplements or medicines isn’t just something vegans do or should do… infact many vegans take less supplements than omnivores. I know many omnivores who take SO MANY supplements everything from fish oil, calcium, iron, c vitamin, extra b vitamins, d vitamin and the list goes on. And this is young, healthy adults (the older you get the more you may need supplements as you can’t eat as many calories or your body doesn’t absorb nutrients as well so taking supplements can help make sure you get enough of the vitamin or mineral.)

As a vegan, the only supplement you need to take is b12, and you can get that either through just a b12 supplement or example a multivitamin. (Fortified products do have b12 but it is best to use supplement just to ensure you get enough). Otherwise it is recommended with a D vitamin supplement – for everyone who lives in colder climates, and taking a vegan omega 3 can be useful if you don’t eat alot of chia seeds, flax seeds or walnuts which are rich in omega 3. Generally, a multivitamin can be a good idea – but NOT a necessity. You can get all the nutrients you need from a vegan diet apart from b12.

But you know what, even omnivores who eat meat can get b12 deficiency. Sometimes the body doesn’t absorbed b12 as it should, and the older you get (or if you have had a gastric bypass or don’t have enough stomach acid) then the body doesn’t absorb b12 as it should. Also iron and D vitamin deficiency can happen to omnivores – it is not something that just happens to vegans…. infact it most likely affects more omnivores than vegans.


A vegan diet isn’t magically a healthy diet and neither is an omnivoroous diet magically healthy. It is about WHAT and HOW much you eat of the food you do eat.  People can get sick and get deficiencies from an omnivorous diet, just like people can get sick and end up with deficiencies on a vegan/plant based diet. You need to eat balanced and healthy and try to get all your nutrients and vitamins from the food you eat.

Supplements are just extra… they are not the base of your diet, they should just be there for extra if you need them. Also, there is NOTHING wrong with taking supplements. It is not “Unnatural”… it would be a little abnormal if you base your diet around supplements, i.e thinking that you can eat just salad and fruit and take supplements and you will be fine… that is not recommended. Instead, first focus on food and getting everything you need from food, and then supplement if necessary.

But back to the argument that a vegan diet isn’t natural…. well animal farming isn’t so natural. Sure in the past (thousands?) of years ago the people had animals to get milk and meat from, it was their way of surviving…. they may have *needed* the meat and milk to stay alive and get all the nutrients they needed. But back then they 1) also ate alot of the vegetables and grains they were able to produce themselves, 2) the meat and animal products they ate were very little, 3) they had their own animals to take care of and it wasn’t a mass production of animals and 4) the average lifespan was alot shorter back then than it is now.

Image result for vegan isn't natural

Times were different back then… there weren’t shops you could go to and buy everything you needed. There wasn’t an abundance of food everything or lots of different products to choose from. You ate what you could produce, you bought an animal and kept it alive until it was time to eat it…. and the cycle went on until society began to change and the industrial revolution began. (**if my history is wrong, please feel free to correct me in the comments below) Times change and you can not focus on the past or what people did in the past, i mean they died from sickness, so the argument that “the past was better” really isn’t a valid argument because it wasn’t better in the past.

It is also important to remember that the one thing that is unnatural is the mass production and slaughter of animals. THAT is not normal or natural. Insemination of animals to have “babies”, keeping the animals caged up or locked up, driving them to a slaughter house to be killed to be packaged and sold as meat. Having cattle caged up to milk them. Hens locked up to produce eggs. Animals dying every second either from the abuse/torture of being locked up or from being slaughtered.

According to Worldwatch, c.a 56 billion animals are killed each year for meat world wide. People eat between 30-80kg meat per person per year (depending on where in the world you live).

Image result for how much meat is produced each year

How is that natural?

Not to mention that many animals have their food fortified. Some animals get extra D vitamin in their food so that they have more D vitamin, as well as B12. The animals don’t produce B12, instead they would get it from the ground/grass/soil where there is bacteria that produce B12. Also when you are eating meat you most often get small doses of antibiotics and hormones…. that is not so natural. (**Of course “organic” meat and eggs would have less antibiotics compared to not organic/free range).

And lastly….  The huge trend for protein bars, protein ice cream, processed food…. That’s not very natural. The same people who say that a vegan diet isn’t natural are the same people who go to the store and buy a frozen pizza. Or the same people who say they can’t get enough protein from a vegan diet go and buy protein bars from the health food store. It seems a little hypocritical/double moral.

Image result for protein processed food


I am not against processed food, eat it in moderation if you like it. But feels strange for someone to say that vegan food isn’t natural when i am pretty sure very little of the food people buy in stores now a days is natural. Instead you would have to grow your own organic foods and vegetables if you want it to be natural.

Image result for protein processed food

Almost all food in the store is processed in someway…. the fruit and vegetables that comes from different countries. The frozen vegetables which have been cut, packaged, frozen and shipped to the stores. There is nothing wrong with processed food – i mean frozen vegetables and fruits are just as good as fresh ones, but they have been processed.

Infact sometimes the organic food doesn’t last as long, or the organic plant based milks aren’t fortified i.e (not a good idea to drink/spend money on as a vegan)… so it is better to  buy the food that will last a little longer or is fortified – example iodized salt (as long as you don’t have a thyroid disorder where you need to limit your consumption of iodine.)


Instead of coming up with arguments as to why you can’t go vegan or eat vegan, why not come up with all the reasons you can and should eat more plant based and less animal products. Like i always say: It doesn’t have to be all or nothing. You can still limit the amount of animal products you consume without having to go fully plant based or vegan. It still makes a difference.

Instead of finding excuses, people should just try.

Also a tips is to DONATE & download Earthling ED ebook with 30 non vegan excuses and how to tackle them. I.e whenver friends or family come with different reasons as to why they can’t go vegan… you know how to answer them without getting angry.

I haven’t personally read the ebook yet. but have heard great things about it so i am going to donate and download the ebook now 🙂 (It is free to download, however considering that he has put so much time and energy into writing and creating the ebook i wouldn’t want to download it for free anyway. That would just be disrespectful according to me.)

Image result for reasons to go vegan