Mango and passionfruit coconut ice cream | No ice cream machine

How to make a creamy ice cream that doesn’t require an ice cream machine? Or isn’t *just* frozen bananas….? Then this is the recipe for you. Not to mention has alot of summer vibes with the mango and passionfruit.

This ice cream recipe may take a few hours to make due to all the freezing time, it is worth it. You could double this recipe to make a big batch to have ready for whenever you get sweet cravings or want some ice cream.

If you skip the vanilla sugar/maple syrup this ice cream is also refined sugar free, and of course both vegan and gluten free so everyone* can enjoy it. Making your own fruit and/or coconut based ice cream is great for kids, not only that you know what is in the ice cream but they can pick their flavour combos and even help make the ice cream.


Tips/substitutes when making the ice cream:

You can skip the frozen banana, however from experience it turns out more icy when you  don’t use the banana.

You can use coconut milk instead of coconut cream, but then you want to put the coconut milk into the freezer overnight, and then when frozen scooop out the actual coconut cream/milk and not use the water.

*I do recommend you try to mix the ice cream after 1-2 hours in the freezer and then allow it to freeze for another 1-2 hours.

Optional, i have seen other recipes that freeze the mixture/ice cream into ice cream cubes or small pots and then once frozen – before eating, you mix the ice cream in the blender again. However i have not tried this so i can not say how the ice cream would turn out.

Note, you do need a good food mixer if mixing frozen banana and mango. I use a blender from Philips, you can see it HERE.

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Time: 3-4 hours, servings: 1-2


2-3 passionfruit

250ml coconut cream

250g frozen mango

1-2 frozen banana

Pinch of vanilla or maple syrup

What you need:

Food mixer

How to:

Peel and dice bananas and place in the freezer for 4-8 hours, or overnight. You can omit this step, and skip the frozen bananas however the ice cream may turn out a little more icy instead of creamy then.

Begin by placing the coconut cream in the fridge to chill for about 30-60 minutes. Or place in the freezer around 15 minuts (Don’t forget it!).

10 minutes before making your ice cream, take the frozen banana and mango out of the freezer and allow to defrost slightly.

P,lace all the ingredients – banana, mango, coconut cream, passion fruit, pinch of vanilla/1-2tsp syrup into your food. Begin mixing on medium/high speed until the mix turns smooth and creamy.

Once done, after around 2-3 minutes. Pour into a container and place in the freezer for 3-4 hours. My recommendation is to take it out and stir/mix the ice cream after 1-2 hours.

Leave in the freezer, and once you plan to eat the ice cream take out of the freezer and allow to defrost for  10-20 minutes! Eat and enjoy.

You can see me make a version of this ice cream (i.e without the bananans) in my instagram, Itsahealthylifestyle.

If you make this ice cream, don’t forget to let me know and tag me on Instagram or leave a comment here letting me know what you think!


Frozen grape ice cream| Vegan

I am not a sorbet person… I am the type of person who likes my ice cream creamy… but also to have lots of different ingredients in the ice cream such as cookie dough, brownie pices, nuts and caramel sauce.

So to call this ice cream is almost an insult to ice cream…. Though I guess I could call it a grape sorbet.


Whatever you want to call it… it is DELICIOUS and amazing in the warm weather.

All you need is grapes…. And then of course if you want to top it with something, but it is tasty just as it is.

Note* you don’t want to let it dethaw too much as then it can turn watery, so only make the amount you want to eat within 30-60 minutes… or make a big batch and place the rest which you won’t eat back in the freezer. And then just defrost that when you want to eat it.  But it doesn’t really work to let it dethaw too much so it turns watery and then freezing again.

So how do you make this…?

All you need is a good foodmixer and grapes.


Choose organic grapes – as unorganic grapes can contain/have a lot of pesticides and chemicals on them. Also… if you can afford them, making this recipe using cottoncandy grapes can make this 10 times better!!!

How to:

Rinse grapes – buy seedless grapes. Then place in the freezer for several hours.

20 minutes before making the ice cream, take the grapes out of the freezer and defrost slightly… just to limit the risk of breaking your foodmixer! Then, place all the grapes into the foodmixer and blend until smooth.

You can then place in a bowl and eat as it is or with some toppings… or place into icecream trays, back into the freezer for about 60 minutes…. And then you can grape ice cream on a “stick”.

Such a refreshing snack…. Almost better than a green smoothie!!!

Try this out… and don’t forget to let me know what you think!


*Inspiration from Ekotipset on Instagram*

Vegan soft serve ice cream

Soft serve ice cream, that brings back alot of memories from my childhood.

On Friday evenings after school my mum would drive my sister and I 90 minutes into the closest town/city where we would meet our dad at his work place and hang around there while he continued with the last bits of his work. Then we would get dinner in the city and at times that would be followed by getting soft serve ice cream and walking through the small town in the evening, though it would always feel much later to me than it actually was. These are childhood memories i cherish just that little bit extra, i remember just how amazing the ice cream would taste and how happy i felt.

But then i developed my eating disorder and my happy memories of ice cream turned into ones where i would cry, scream and panic over ice cream. And since then i don’t think i have had soft serve ice cream, or i have had frozen yoghurt which i loved but never one of those cones where the ice cream comes out of the machine and looks so amazing!

When i heard about the event “licqourice vegan ice cream” in the city i live in, i knew i had to go there. Infact i was one of the first 5 customers Saturday afternoon, hahaha, and i am glad i came early because the line got longer very quickly and as i sat and ate my ice cream i saw how more and more people began to queue!

What can i say about the ice cream? It was amazing, just like soft serve ice cream! Did it taste like licqourice? Not that i can remember, i think i was a little to excited about the icream that i sort of ate it all without really thinking…. but it wasn’t an overwhelming amount of licourice taste, and you can get without the licqourice anyway!

Also i got it in a donut instead of a cup or cone, and the donut was soo good. Not like a freshly made donut, but not a stale donut either…. so a 7/10 donut, hahahah!


I would definitely go back for more and i am so glad it exists!!! 🙂 There are more and more places in Sweden which are beginning to sell vegan soft serve ice cream as well as other forms of vegan ice cream so usually its no problem if you are out with friends and they want ice cream!