I’m an introvert and that’s ok

If i am honest….. i have many times gotten sad over the fact that i am an introvert. I have tried to be extroverted…. but it just isn’t me.

I am not someone who needs to be around people all the time.

I am not someone who needs the attention on me.

I am someone who needs my alone time. I enjoy being with my close friends who give me energy… but it also takes alot of time for people to break down those walls around me to actually become a close friend

I am not saying that all extroverts want attention or to always be around people. Everyone needs their alone time…. i just need more than others.

Of course i am more of an ambivert in recent years. Wanting to be more social, wanting to spend more time with my close friends, wanting to meet new people and not always be on my own. Not needing as much alone time as i did before. In a way, i guess the majority of people are ambivert, i.e both introverted and extroverted… even if some are just either or the other.

When i ask people to describe me… or what their first impression of me is/was, the answer is 95% of the time:

You are rather quiet. You observe before you speak and you choose your words. You are never someone who judges and i feel like i can tell you anything without being judged. You are amazing at listening.

But i also get… You are very different when i actually get to know you. You are sarcastic, joke and laugh alot when you are comfortable around people.

Of course… for me to get to that stage where i feel comfortable just being myself, being sarcastic, open and laughing… it does take a while. Which is of course why i can come across as very shy, in the background, listening…. not taking up alot of space. I don’t like small talk…. i prefer to talk about other things and meaningful things. Even if i love jokes, sarcasm and memes. I am not someone who feels the need to speak… i can walk beside you in silence and not feel awkward or feel the need to say anything… but of course, if the person i am walking beside gives of an awkward energy because they don’t like being quiet… then i also begin to feel awkward. But i like spending time with people who are ok with just being quiet sometimes… not feeling the need to fill every second with sound and talking.

What is an introvert and extrovert?

“An introvert is often thought of as a quiet, reserved, and thoughtful individual. They don’t seek out special attention or social engagements, as these events can leave introverts feeling exhausted and drained.

Introverts are the opposite of extroverts. Extroverts are often described as the life of a party. They seek out interaction and conversations. They aren’t one to miss a social gathering, and they thrive in the frenzy of a busy environment.” (Healthline)

Being introverted, having my guards up does make it hard for me to make friends… or atleast very close friends. I have alot of friends, but maybe not ones who are super close because i never really get to that stage where i let my walls down.

And this does sadden me…. sometimes i feel like i need to change. I need to change who i am. I need to change my personality and try to be someone else… someone more extroverted… someone who has lots of friends… someone who is social all the time. But on the other hand, i tell myself that this is just who i am and i should accept it….

On my recent trip, we were talking about being extroverted and introverted, and everyone else was pretty much an extrovert, even if some were more like me…. slighly held back and maybe not as open and energetic at first. However i was told that i was very introverted…. and even if i am aware of it. It saddened me…. maybe because i feel like i am really trying? And i didn’t feel like i was holding back or being shy, infact… it was the most extroverted, open, friendly and energetic i have been around others. To think that i spent 12 hours a day with a group of people and never once felt tired or drained of energy from being social, instead felt comfortable being myself…. but yet, i still came across as very introverted. They didn’t mean it in a bad way, but it made me sad…. and that was what sparked me to write this post.

To make me realize it is ok to be an introvert. I am ok the way i am. I don’t have to change or try to be anyone else. People like me the way i am… even if it takes time to truly see my personality and true self. I still socialize, i still have friends, i still enjoy meeting new people and being social. But i also want my alone time…. i don’t always have to say what i am thinking, instead sometimes i can just listen…. be someone who people want to talk to or feel like they can talk to me about anything – which is what many people say that they feel when speaking to me.

I am telling myself that i am ok the way i am.

And if you are introverted, just like me…. tell yourself the same thing, that it is ok to be an introvert. Of course… do push yourself to be social, do push yourself to meet new people. When you find the people you feel truly comfortable and yourself around, they will fill you with energy. For me personally, my closest friends and family always give me energy and i can spend hours with them without feeling drained…. Find people who love you for who you are and want to spend time with you. You may feel lonely….

Even if introverts, like myself, love their alone time… love spending time alone and just doing what you want to do. It can get lonely, or it can feel like no one really likes you because you have a small group of friends or never really open up enough to let people know the real you. But remember, try to just be yourself… try to be as open and friendly as you can be with new people. People will like you for who you are, and you don’t need to be someone else… it won’t last anyway. In the past i have tried to be someone else… put on a personality and facade that wasn’t truly me, just because i thought i needed to act a certain way to please others and make them like me. The fact is, it doesn’t work that way. Be true to yourself and accept yourself the way you are….. even if you also need to be honest with yourself and change the habits or personality traits which may be self destructive or harmful to others. I.e just saying that you are a bithco r have a hot temperament as an excuse to be rude to people is not ok… and is instead a personaity trait that can be changed or atleast controlled.

It is ok to be an introvert… we need both introverts and extroverts in society. Just don’t isolate yourself because you feel/are introverted…. you still need to push yourself to be social and step outside of your comfort zone.

Enjoying being alone – Introverted – Not meeting friends | Advice

Being alone doesn’t mean you are lonely. Infact i am someone who loves my alone time and it takes special people to get me to give up my alone time to be with others.

I am very introverted…. or well, i would say i am an ambivert, because when i am with the right people, or when i am comfortable with friends, new people or my family i am very open and talkative.  When i first meet people i can give the impression that i am withdrawn, silent and maybe even shy when infact i am just observative and choose my words. I might not open up fully until i feel comfortable… but then once i am comfortable my sarcastic humor and my joy for deep conversations and even just talking about everything and anything will begin to show.

What i wanted to write about in this post is about spending alot of time on your own. Maybe you don’t have alot of friends, maybe you are just very introverted or maybe you don’t have time to meet friends and miss out on social events. I would say that i am all 3…. i have a few close friends, i am rather introverted and like my alone time and this summer i am working a whole bunch so don’t always have time to meet when my friends are free from work. So that means that this summer i will spend alot of time on my own.


This isn’t something i am worried or feel anxious about. Infact i like being alone… i have my routines, i have my habits and i am constantly connecting and talking with people online and talk to my mum on a weekly basis so i don’t feel alone, even if it can go several days where i haven’t talked to anyone. Though of course with work, i can constantly be “talking” (i.e saying hi, have a nice day, and how much everything costs) for 8 hours… but there are no real conversations.

I don’t mind this… but i also know that i need to meet friends. I need to spend time with people who i can talk to about my life or my problems or just sit and laugh with.

If you are someone like me, who enjoys there time alone a little too much .Or who doesn’t feel the need to meet others to be happy, i would suggest… atleast try, a few times a month to meet friends or family. 

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To meet people who you can talk and socialize with. It is so easy to lose focus on real life and real people, especially if you are someone like me who uses alot of social media. Because it can feel like i am constantly talking with people when i infact haven’t spoken a word all day. And that can be very isolating in the long term. It is important to meet people in real life, to continue developing social skills.

If you feel like you don’t have close friends and that is why you are always alone, maybe you can start a new hobby or join a group and try to make friends that way. Even some local FB groups you can make “friend advertisements” and see if you can find people who want to meet you in your city (of course, there are pros and cons to this).

Try to make an effort to meet people a few times a month, because it is positive for your mental health. So maybe call an old friend, meet a family member or why not go on a Tinder date if you are confident enough for that! ( I have personally gone on a few Tinder dates just to meet people every now and then even if it isn’t anything serious, it is also a good way to step outside of my comfort zone and learn new people. So now i don’t even find it nerve wrecking to go on “blind dates”).

It is ok to be introverted. It is ok to enjoy your alone time. Just make sure you aren’t isolating yourself or spending all your time alone.

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I also admit i do get jealous over people who have lots of friends or are always doing things with friends. I sometimes wish i had a huge friend gang which i could spend time with, but i don’t easily make close friends and sometimes have my guard up a little too much to let people into my life, which also makes it hard to make friends. So i just want to say that if you are like me and don’t have alot of friends… it is ok. And know that even those who seem to have a huge friend circle, they don’t always have close friends. And well… some people just make friends easier than others, and i don’t actually have any tips to make close friends apart from just putting yourself out there, meeting new people and trying to be open and open to making friends!

Also a tip, you can always combine things like going for a walk with a friend to both get a workout in and meet a friend (if you don’t have alot of time.) or schedule a lunch date so you can eat lunch and meet someone/a friend!

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This is just some thoughts i have had recently. One of the things i like about school is that it means i meet friends every week when going to lectures or seminars. But during summer it is always so hard to meet because of different work schedules and people travelling away, not to mention that i amn’t the best at keeping in contact. So one of the best tips i can give as well… is to try to stay in contact. Whether it is via FB messenger, instagram or snapchat. Just try to keep a regular contact with people so that it is easier to just spontaneously meet and catch up!

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