Life update! School, life, health, climate change?

It’s been a while since i last posted a life update or anything that wasn’t recipes/food!

Though that’s what happens when your life isn’t that interesting… there really isn’t much to share!  And just like many times before… contemplating what and how much to share. I know many people want to know more about myself and my life, but i always think “why would people want to know about my life or what i am doing/my thoughts”.

Maybe i should start doing one of those weekly lists instead with ex: “the best thing this week”, “the worst thing this week”, “something i learned this week”, “favourite film/series/show this week” etcetc

That might be a way to share more of myself and my life and not feeling like i repeat myself each time!  I definitely do want to show more of who i am and my personality… as i feel like that is lacking in my social media right now. But it may be easier ot do via film… so if you aren’t following my on YouTube… go there and subscribe as there you get to see more of who i am (sort of). CLICK HERE.


Well, it is is statistics and qualitative analysis in school, which is preparations for my essay. It is definitely a struggle and far from fun, but it has to be done! I have had two similar courses in the past, and if i plan to do a masters it will be even more courses in this topic. University and studying can’t always be fun!


Otherwise i have been working…. i always feel a little anxious before my first shift when it has gone several weeks without working. But once i begin working it is back to the same routines/what i know, so it is kind of nice. A way to turn off my brain for a while.

Also i went out to try the beyond meat burger once again…. and i actually really like the burger. It definitely has a meaty texture, but i don’t mind it. I completely understand though if some people are put off it because it tastes rather realistic (or in my opinion anyway!).


It has also been a snowing a whole bunch this week and i must admit…  I am very tired of the snow and winter right now, and just long for summer. Though at the same time… i am also worried about the climate, because certain parts of the world are EXTREMELY COLD right now and others (from what i understand) are much warmer than they should be/usually are at this time of the year. And this is definitely signs of global warming and climate change… When places are freezing over and others are heating up way too quickly, then it just isn’t right. And it is frightening. I just want everyone to start taking action and making a change…. No, i am not perfect and i can definitely change certain things in my lifestyle and what i buy that could help the climate more, but being a vegan (or eating as plant based as possible) is one of the best things you can do for the climate. – I might write a post on some other things you can do, but you can also read a pervious post i have written about this: Climate change and global warming: Take action and make a change  & Food and environmental impact

Image result for climate change 2019

Onto other lighthearted things….?

Well, just taking each day as it comes. Ups and downs in how i am feeling, but generally positive and happy. Though i do have fears and worries for the future, and some nights the anxiety creeps in and keeps me up all night. But i feel like for the majority of time i am happy and doing well….. isn’t it a little strange that i have to write this, hahah. But for me, it is a positive thing to be doing so well with so little anxiety and stress, haha.

That is pretty much my life update right now… Already the second month in the year and it feels like January was never ending, but at the same time it passed by so quickly!!


I hope you are all doing well and i apologize for not being so active on here…. i just haven’t had so much inspiration to blog – lots of questioning myself about what to post and what people actually want to read. It is definitely a struggle!

First week of 2019 | The week that’s been

Hello and Happy new year!!

Not sure if i have already written that on here, as some of my recent posts have been scheduled so i can’t really remember what i have written and what i haven’t!

It’s the new year and my 2019 has started off slow to say the least…. and maybe not the best start of the year as i haven’t been feeling so well, physically or mentally the past few days. Infact, it is only really today that i am feeling better.

It’s not how i wanted to start the new year – or this post – but that is also part of life, you don’t always feel so great, and you don’t always know the reason why either. Sometimes you just have to keep going and know that it will get better eventually.

So even if the first week of 2019 wasn’t the best week of my life, i can atleast focus on making the rest of the year better 🙂


I did however have a lovely new years eve dinner/party with my friends. We made a 3 course vegan dinner – though as no one had actually read the recipes beforehand it wasn’t until we began cooking that we realized how long everything would take. So we ended up eating dinner around 10.30 and dessert was after we had watched the fireworks. However it was a lovely evening which i spent with my old high school friends, and it was nice to catch up with them. As we all study in different places we rarely get to meet, so it is nice when we do get to catch up again.


The dinner we made was: Appetizer: A sort of hashbrown with vegan caviar and oat creme fraiche. Main: Burgers with a potato gratin and a red wine sauce. Dessert: Key lime pie

This past week – as mentioned – i haven’t done so much. I have studied, gone to the gym, spent some time with my sister, watched series, made alot of delicious food, and that is pretty much what i have done.


The past week i have felt incredibly restless – but at the same time tired – i have felt unproductive and like i haven’t done anything, despite both studying and doing other things.

But this week i want to sit down and write down all my goals, for the week, month, year and also some sort of action plan. It is easy to write goals and dream, but harder to actually work towards those goals. But also create a better structure and sleeping plan for myself.


It has been nice to not have to set an alarm and to wake up whenever i do, not to mention nice to finally have time to watch a bunch of series and YouTube. The past term there hasn’t been much time for it due to all the studying and at the same time trying to keep up with my social media. But now i want to get back into my regular updates and blogging and also editing – which i keep saying i will do but never actually do it!

3 new vegan items i have found!

This year i want to focus on making a great year… despite all the changes that might happen, and the stress i know will come. But hopefully this year will be a great year.

And i hope that 2019 is a great year for all of YOU. I would love to know if you have any goals for this year?

2018 in review

My 2018 –

Each year I have usually done a year in review, where I have gone through each month and looked through photos and everything I have done during the year that has been.

When you look through the year and look through all the photos you have taken you remember all these things you have done which you might have forgotten. I personally love taking all these small photos and just documenting my life.

Imagine when I am 50 and being able to look back on my blog posts and remember different events and times in my life which I may have forgotten about. But also all these small photos which may be silly to take, but they are a part of it and my life.

This year I am not going to go through each month individually, just summarize the year that has been!

2018 has just flown by, but at the same time the start of the year feels like a life time ago. I remember trudging though the snow and minus degrees in January – feeling over worked and stressed as usual.

2018 has been a year of stress and lots of work, but I have also gotten a lot better at coping with my stress and anxiety. Compared to previous years, my anxiety has actually been a lot lower…. Or maybe it is just that I have forgotten about all the dark times and tough times filled with anxiety this year. I.e I usually choose to just remember the good times and don’t generally take photos when I am feeling down…. So the weeks where it is just blank and no photos to look at, that genereally means I didn’t feel so good.

One thing i have realised this year is that i have stressed/worried ALOT about things – which always end up working out in the end anyway. Worrying about moving apartment, worrying about being able to pay for double rent, worrying about the courses i would study in autumn, worried about studying 150-200%, worried about finding work for summer etc etc Just so much worry and stress which takes alot of energy and time and leaves me feeling awful. But in the end… things work out. And THIS is a life lesson i need to really learn and stop worrying about things so much. Sure a little worry and stress, but in the end… just believe that things will work out.

Image result for worrying takes away today's peace


This year has been a year of pushing myself out of my comfort zone and doing things that I might not have done otherwise. I have met new people, met people who have followed me online, gone on different dates, spent time with friends  ad really tried to be more social.

I finally got my own apartment, which is one of the best things that happened in 2018!



I have studied a lot and also worked a lot! Also studied alot of interesting and some less interesting courses.

The summer was one of the warmest summers i have experienced – which was both amazing but also a little scary thinking that it is most likely due to climate change and the fact that it was almost 30 degrees already in May is not a good sign. Not to mention, that the heat affected my health very negatively – and it is now in autumn/winter i realised just how badly my CF health was affected by the heat.


*Just realized… I didn’t get any tattoos this year…. Crazy, hahahah. I have wanted to, but decided to invest in a camera instead of getting a new tattoo. And even if I really want a new tattoo I am glad I made the decision to buy a camera instead!

I started YouTube… though it hasn’t been something I have been so great at actually keeping up with. Started with my computer stopped working, and now when my computer is fixed again my editing program isn’t working. Also there just hasn’t been any time… but I am truly hoping to get back into it in 2019. Sure I made a few videos, but I think I was just a little too ambitius to think that I could study 150-200%, work, keep up with my other social media as well as have a social life. There just wasn’t time or energy to also film and edit. But hopefully 2019 I will be back… with atleast 1 video a week. I do actually have 4 videos filmed, 2 vlogs, 1 full day of eating and 1 sit down/talk video, but I haven’t been able to edit them which sucks.

I wrote and published an ebook, I have shared A LOTof recipes here on my blog. I have had several fun sponsorships and collaborations – and am hoping for more in the future. Because the truth is, the only way to really earn a living from what I do online is to do collaborations and sponsored posts. Everything I do is for free, so it is a lot of time and money that I invest into my social media and hoping that 2019 is the year that I get monetary compensation for it. Even if I love helping and inspiring others – that’s why I do it, I can’t deny that getting paid for my work would be kind of nice, haha.


I have a whole bunch of goals for 2019, but they are just my usual goals – long term and short term ones, and some which I want to keep secret because I just want to work towards them. Or atleast work up the courage to begin working towards the goals, haha.


2018 has been a really good year, ups and downs and usual but I feel like 2018 has been a great year for me. Also with a lot of mental progress with better coping skills when it comes to stress and anxiety, opening up to my mum and even a psychologist about my struggles, making the decision to really try to better my CF health, which has paid off.

I am looking forward to 2019! Hoping I will get to travel, start working with health and nutrition for real, really commit to social media and youtube, maybe write a book, start doing lectures. Also it will be the year I write my bachelors essay and get my bachelors! Crazy that 3 years of studying will be done – it has just flown by!

So far my plans are to continue studying, whether it till be 6 months, 12 months or doing a masters and studying for 2 more years…. I don’t really know.

How has your 2018 been? Do you have any goals you want to share for the new year?

My christmas celebrations and life at the moment | Pictures | Last life update of 2018

Christmas 2018 is over and time to focus on the last few days left of the year. Soon it is January and the start of a new year…. if i am honest, all i am looking forward to is summer 2019 and -hopefully- warm weather. Of course, summer 2019 also means the year that i am done with my bachelors degree… so either i will be applying for jobs/without a job and having to move – somewhere. Or i might continue studying…. whether that means 6 months, 1 year or 2 more years i don’t know. Maybe part time working with nutrition and health as well.

If i am honest, i currently have my thoughts on doing a magister or master exam in nutrition. This is something i have never thought about before… instead i have been so focused on just working. Doing my 3 years of studying and then working… and i admit, studying for another 2 years and having to write a magister and master reasearch paper is incredibly daunting. I also think that i am lucky to live in Sweden where i can study for “free”, and that i have the opportunity to study. Not to mention that a higher education level and more knowledge would only benefit me in the future… because who knows what i will end up doing or wanting to do in 30 years time and then i might be glad that i continued to study.


But i guess right now i just need to focus on the 6 months i have left of my bachelors before planning the next 2 years of my life.

So how is life at the moment?

Well, i can say that i am taking time to destress with my family. I have had several days to just be with my family and my dog. To workout, go for walks in nature, cook and bake. Eat dinner with my family, play games with my family but also time for myself to just listen to podcasts and not feel stressed – which is exactly what i have needed.


Though today, Wednesday i took a day to just sit and do some school work, as i had begun to feel stressed over the fact that i hadn’t studied. So now after several hours and sending in one of my essays i feel more relaxed again and feel like i can enjoy a few more days off before i begin focusing on my next assignment. Unfortunatly that is how it is as  a student, you are never fully free or off, unlike my family who can now enjoy their break without the stress of having to study or work.

Otherwise, i got an airfryer for Christmas and i am excited to experiment and see what delicious foods/recipes i can make!


Also it was my mums birthday, so it meant another dinner party with a 3 course meal!



For now i want to make the best of being home with my family. Try to get out into nature, meet my old high school friends, spend time with my sister etc  Do all the things i wish i had time for/want to do when i am busy studying!


Christmas break 2018

Hello and good afternoon!

12 hours of sleep, a gym session and lots of cuddles with my dog and finally feeling relaxed and ready for my Christmas break!

If you have followed me on IG (itsahealthylifestyle) you might have noticed on my stories that i have broken a whole bunch of plates, bowls, lunch boxes and coffee presses…. Basically a sign that i need a mental break from studying.


Usually i have really good reflexes, but i have felt the past week that i have just been a little gone. I have lost my trail of thought when speaking i.e in the middle of a conversation i can just go blank and forget what i am saying, i have felt SO TIRED and just haven’t had any energy, and just felt out of it. Basically, my body and mind telling me i need a break and that is exactly what i am giving my mind for the next few days.

Sure, i still have a bunch of school work to do. But that can wait until after Christmas!

For now, i am going to take a few days off from school work to just be with family, to finally be able to workout without a 45 minute time limit – because that is all i have time for. And also looking forward to making a bunch of Christmas food and desserts 🙂

Alot of the food we will be making are from the recipes i have posted on my blog, HERE & my latest posts. But i do have 2 christmas desserts i will be making which i haven’t shared the recipe for yet so those will be coming up most likely after Christmas (unfortunatly… but maybe you can make them for new years or some other time!).

If i am honest, i am proud of myself for getting through this past term of studying. It sure has been intense and i am in much need of a break and also to be with my family and my dog. I really do wish i could bring my dog with me to my university town, but i know that it wouldn’t be fair to her as she is a dog who always wants to be around people. It wouldn’t be fair to her to just sit on her own in a little apartment all day when i am away studying or working.

Anyway, i have a few posts scheduled so my blog won’t be empty and i will try to get back into more regular posts or atleast sharing some more lifestyle posts the next few weeks 🙂

And i want to thank everyone who keeps checking in on my blog and commenting even if i haven’t been so active on here, it does mean alot to me!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas whether you celebrate or not 🙂 Be kind to yourself and make some delicious food!