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The week that’s been – My birthday, weekend in Stockholm and the past week

Hello and good morning everyone! I've been meaning to sit down and write some posts all week, but there just hasn't been time. It feels like i have been saying that alot recently, but this whole term has been filled with school assignments and i am still studying 2 courses at once so there is… Continue reading The week that’s been – My birthday, weekend in Stockholm and the past week

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Aluminium foil….what’s the big deal? |Health/environment impacts.

The past while i have had to use aluminium foil when baking or cooking. Or let me rephrase that: I ran out of baking paper and had aluminium foil at home so choose to use that instead of buying more baking paper, or investing in reusable baking mats. I have then gotten several/quite a few… Continue reading Aluminium foil….what’s the big deal? |Health/environment impacts.

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23 things I’ve learnt this past year |My Birthday!

Friday the 30th November, and that means it is my birthday today!! I am not someone who gets crazy hyped or excited about my birthday, usually it just a standard day for me and i don't feel the need to celebrate or make a big deal out of my birthday. And i am not someone… Continue reading 23 things I’ve learnt this past year |My Birthday!

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Life update – my thoughts

LIfe update! It feels like it's been a while since i last wrote a personal/life update..... And i really don't know/can't remember what i have shared or not shared. Life recently has had it's up's and downs. The good times - being with friends and laughing/having a good time, long conversations wtih friends, going to… Continue reading Life update – my thoughts

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Giving nutrition advice? | My thoughts

I love learning more about nutrition and i love being able to help others with their nutrition, food intake and balance with food. I would gladly give out nutrition advice when asked for it, however i also try to abstain from writing general nutrition advice or recommendations because how much you need to eat or… Continue reading Giving nutrition advice? | My thoughts

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Black Friday – consumerism – fast fashion?

Black Friday..... or apparently, Black week according to all the emails i am getting. And getting emails from comapnies i didn't even know i had signed up for. If you have followed me for a while you would know that 1) i very rarely buy myself anything - that isn't food. And if i do… Continue reading Black Friday – consumerism – fast fashion?

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Normalizing eating disorder behaviour?

Something i have seen alot of online in recent years.... is a normalizing of certain behaviour, which in my opinion is not the healthiest of behaviour. Sometimes people leave comments encouraging certain behaviour... and it leaves me wondering, what effect does that comment have on the person who wrote the caption. I am sure people… Continue reading Normalizing eating disorder behaviour?