New Years Eve vegan dinner ideas

New Years eve is coming up and that may leave you wondering…. what should i make to eat? The last meal of 2019 – and the decade – it should be special right?

Well, of course it doesn’t have to be…. my recommendation is always to just go for your favourite foods or meals to end the year. Why make something complicated and gourmet if you won’t like it?

But of course, many end the year with a 3 course dinner and i thought i would give you some tips on what to cook or prepare…. or what to bring to the party to impress your non vegan friends. Because whether vegan or not, the majority of people can all enjoy a vegan meal! So why not end the year with a vegan 3 course meal….?

So i have gathered some recipes and ideas from the internet which i thought i would share with you. If you want to check out the recipe, click on the name and it will take you to the recipe.


Bruschetta with a tomato and basil mix on top (or 3 other topping ideas, HERE)

Different canapes such as “crostini” with tomato topping, or an olive mix on top.

Spinach, sundried tomato and olive puff pastry

Crisps and guacamole/hummus

Dumplings or bao buns with smoky tofu

Yorkshire puddingsThese look so amazing i am tempted to give them a try myself

Garlic bread

Smashed potatoes with gucamole, or a pea and avocado dip… or why not make a ranch dressing.

Pinrolls with example sundried tomato, basil and cream cheese. Or spinach and cheese pinwheels. 

Focaccia – tomato and thyme

Pizza twists with pesto, cream cheese and vegan bacon

Savoury stuffed dates

Tomato tart

Beetroot, vegan feta cheese, rocket and walnut salad with a balsamic vinagrette

Roasted bread with tahini and israeli salad “vegetable-tahini toast”

Main meals:

Hassleback potatoeswith seitan steakand grilled asparagus with ared wine sauce

Vegan Bouef Beourginon or try THIS recipe by Jävligt Gott(it is in Swedish, but it is a really good recipe)

Baked potatoes with chickpea “tuna” salad.  Or twice baked taco stuffed sweet potato. Or baked potato with vegan feta, rocket and sundried tomatoes.

Vegan “beef” wellington

Creamy Mushroom risotto

Saffron paella

 VegetableStuffed portabello with salad

Pizza or sweet potato pizza – choose your favourite toppings! It can be a fun idea for everyone to make their own pizza or if you buy premade dough that everyone tops their pizza themselves.


Savoury crepe with a creamy mushroom filling

Mini pizzas with vegan feta cheese, walnuts and rocket.

Make your own sushiis also a good idea. It isn’t as difficult as you may think!

Langos with smoked tofu and cream cheese

Potato gratin or give THIS recipe a try by the Minimalist baker


Chocolate mousse with whipped cream, nuts and berries on top (or try chocolate mousse based on aquafaba – it is surprisingly good!)

Nutella pizza top with eg. bananas, berries, nuts

White chocolate mousse with saffran cookies – recipe is in Swedish, but should work fine to translate

Creme brulee this recipe includes both tofu and turmeric, which may not be for everyone. So then you can check out THIS recipe which is creme brulee with the basic ingredients like sugar, cream, corn starch.

Tiramisu – can make into portions or in one large form

Saffrons parfait or some other parfait ideas HERE

Mojito cheesecake

Oreo mousse cake

Snickers mousse cake

Raw food chocolate cake

Mango and passionfruit cheesecake

Chocolate ganache pie

Vanilla pana cotta (this recipe is based on cashews) ortry THIS recipe based on coconut milk

Triple layer vegan cookie brownies! [i.e slutty brownies]



Hopefully these give you some ideas on what to make for new years eve! Remember it doesn’t have to be too complicated just because you want to make vegan food 🙂

I hope you all have an amazing New Years Eve and a great start to the new year!!!

And if you are planning to give Veganuary a go… don’t forget to follow me on here – and myinstagram (itsahealthylifestyle) where i will be sharing tips and advice to help you 🙂

Top 10 vegan lunches/dinners on my blog!

I have been blogging on here for about two and a half years now, and that means a whole bunch of recipes. Some have turned out great, whereas some may need a bit of an update now, haha. And that is one of the things I am currently going to work on… looking back on some recipes and updating. Such as measurements, seasoning, descriptions as well. So in the future there may  be some updated recipes rather than “new” recipes.

But when looking back I realised that I have a lot of super delicious recipes, and a few of them I make on repeat at home. Of course, which meals I prefer eating also depends on what season it is. In winter and autumn, I prefer soups, stews and warm dishes. Whereas in summer I prefer “Lighter” dishes such as salads, eggplant aubergine, tofu fish fingers, pasta salads etc

This post will focus just on lunch/dinner recipes, and not any snacks, breakfasts or desserts. But I do have a post coming up with all my dessert recipes, which you can save for when you want to make a sweet dessert.

So here are my top 10 recipes which I think you should all try, haha. And don’t forget to let me know if you have any recipes from my blog which you love!


Sweet potato pizza crust. This is infact one of my most popular recipes and most created ones…. And I can say, there is a reason for that. You can also see when I make this recipe in an Instagram video, here.



Buffalo cauliflower wings. I love these so much, and I would make them on a weekly basis if cauliflower was cheaper, haha. Note, it does work with frozen cauliflower which you have defrosted, but fresh cauliflower does taste best.  I have different variations of this recipe: BBQ cauliflower wings, sesame cauliflower wings, airfryed cauliflower wings



3 bean lentil and sweet potato chilli – Aside from the sweet potato crust this is in tired place with my most created and loved recipe. It is what I would call a “go to student-meal prep” dish. It is cheap to make, you can make a huge amount, works great to freeze and is so delicious. You can vary which beans and seasoning you use. I do also recommend you use sweet potato instead of regular potato as it – in my opinion – tastes best, but it is fine to use regular white potato, it is cheaper then as well.



BBQ chickwheat – I have tried making seitan many times before and it has never really worked for me… but each time I make this recipe it turns out so good! Of course, it takes about 2+ hours to make, meaning that it may not be one of those dishes you just “throw together” on a whim. However, you can make a huge batch and freeze in, and then you have your cheap protein source for a while. For those of you who don’t know, seitan – which is made from gluten, is infact high in protein. Of course, if you have a gluten allergy or intolerance then it is not an option for you.

Also, to make a BBQ sauce for these chickwheat shreds, click HERE


Vegan “meat” stew – This recipe/meal has fooled many meateaters into thinking they are eating meat. It is so similar to a typical “meat” stew…. though what really adds that meaty texture is Oumph!, which is a soybased fake meat alternative. It has just the right texture. So it won’t work to switch for example tofu or a lighter fake meat, however it may work to use seitan instead.




Red lentil and vegetable lasagne: This meal was one which i just threw together one evening when filming a “my followers decide what i eat in a day” challenge, where lasagne was choosen as my dinner. I created lasagne just using what i had at home and this was the very delicious result!! I would definitely recommend you make this, not to mention that it works great for meal prep and you can make the lasagne directly in glass lunch boxes so you have portion lasagne!



Pasta with pea pesto – This pea pesto can be made in many different variations. I.e adding avocado, adding tofu, adding nutritional yeast, using basil or spinach….  But the base is peas, oil and then adding either spinach, fresh basil, tofu or all of them! It turns out so good and the peas give this dish extra protein.


Eggplant schnitzel – For years I said I didn’t like aubergine… that was because I had one tried making “aubergine pizza” which was a complete disaster, and after that I was sort of scarred and not willing to try aubergine again. But then last summer I decided to give it a try again… and then I tried making eggplant schnitzel and I am hooked. The key is to cut them thin, salt them so that some of the moisture is sucked out, this makes them super crispy!


Tofu fries & BBQ tofu Two recipes in one here… well because they are both tofu and they are both delicious. The tofu fries are more like a snack, or can work great in a salad or in a baguette! This BBQ tofu is one of my favourites and works so great just as it is or part of a salad, or with some noodles or why not use it as your “Burger” instead of meat or halloumi?



Sweet potato and peanut butter stew   This meal is combining all of my favourites into one meal… sweet potato, peanut butter, sundried tomatoes, peanuts…. what is not to love? If you are allergic to peanut butter this would work great with almond butter as well 🙂 Also a great meal to make a huge batch and eat as your mealprep along with some rice!



And there you see some of my favourite meals/recipes on my blog which you should definitely check out. These are also my top viewed/recreated meals and there is a reason for those 🙂

This shows how you can create a huge range of different dishes and meals as a vegan and they don’t have to be boring or tasteless. Just get creative 🙂

If you recreate any of these dishes or get inspired by the meals and recipes i share, don’t forget to tag me on Instgram (Itsahealthylifestyle) or comment on my blog!

Vegan Easter recipes! |Masterpost

Easter is just around the corner, and i thought i would share some of the Easter food ideas i have! Of course, what you eat for Easter depends on what country you live in, so these are typical Swedish dishes!

However even if you don’t live in Swden you can still give some of these ideas a go 🙂 Try something new and impress others with some delicious vegan food!

If you try any of these recipes, or get inspired by some of these recipes don’t forget to let me know or tag me on Instagram 🙂 

*This post includes affiliate links to*


Bread with skagenröra (a tofu/”caviar” mix)  (You can see/buy the vegan caviar, here)


Vegan meatballs – Made from Anamma vegan mince.

Recipe: around 400g formbarfärs, 1 small yellow onion; diced, 1/2tsp soja sauce, 2-3tsp mustard, around 3tbsp bread crumbs, salt & pepper.

Allow the vegan mince to defrost completely until sticky (around 1-2 hours in room temperatur). Then mix together all the ingredients, form into balls and fry in some oil – making sure to fry all sides!


Kale and tofu pie

“Oumph” ribs


Vegan pickled “herring” i.e using aurbergine or tofu! (In Sweden this is a common dish for Easter, however i am not a huge fan of this dish so i haven’t recreated it myself, so linking to Jävligt Gott instead which has a recipe for this!)

Carrot lox (i.e “salmon”) – recipe from Delightful vegans




Puffpastries ex with spinach, tofu, cream cheese and sun dried tomatoes. Or mushroom, thyme and garlic.  Carrots, thyme, vegan feta cheese.

Potato gratin

Beetroot salad

Caramellized carrots & parsnip

Boil/steam carrots and parsnips for a few minutes until slightly soft. Then, in a frying pan or in the oven, cover the carrots and parsnips in a mix of syrup & margarine(melted) and fry until glazed, or bake in the oven at 200C for 10-20 minutes. (*note, can add a little balsamic vinegar to the mix as well, or use sugar instead or syrup, or oil instead of margarine).

Roasted potatoes

Bake in the oven around 30-40 minutes at 220 C. Cover the potatoes in some oil, salt and seasoning before hand! Flip/rotato the potatoes after half the time.

Roasted asparagus

Baked cauliflower with tahini, almonds and cranberries


Potato salad

Savoury stuffed dates

Baked celery root with hazelnuts, onion and tomatoes

Carrot bread





Carrot cake with lemon frosting

Chocolate coffee cake!

Oreo Mousse cake



Mango cheese cake




Cookie dough balls

Chocolate-coconut balls


Chocolate covered Pb filled dates

Home made daim

Vegan kitkats (homemade!)


Oreo truffle cake pops

2 ingredient chocolate truffles

Vegan ferrero rocher


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Vegan meal ideas | Masterpost | Veganuary

It’s a new year and i know that many are starting the year off with Veganuary. For many, going vegan may be a complete 180 from what they are used to eat and it can be hard to know what to eat.

One of the important and helpful things when trying a plantbased diet, is writing down a list of different recipes and meal ideas you can make. Whenever you are stuck for ideas or what to make, then you can resort to that list. It may also make you more excited for all the meals to test the different meals!

I thought i woul do a masterpost of some of my recipes to help you with some meal idaes!! Of course there are plenty more recipes and ideas out there, but these are some of the ones i have to offer on my blog 🙂 I hope this is helpful to anyone who may need more food inspiration!

Some other helpful posts:
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Vegan staple foods to have at home

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Top 10 tips to eat Vegan on a budget – getting all your vitamins and minerals on a budget

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Breakfast and snacks:

Oatmeal recipes: Carrot cake oatmeal with coconut milkCinnamon fried appleOvernight oats (& weekly meal prep)Chocolate & coffee oatmeal & different overnight oats

Rice pudding & coconut rice pudding

Savoury tofu scramble breakfast

SconesVegan scones recipe | Simple and quick to make  & Cornbread scones recipe

Chia seed pudding: Chia seed pudding recipe

Pancakes: Oat and banana pancakes & Chocolate chip pancakes & Cinnamon swirl pancakes & The best vegan pancakes – simple recipe 

Chickpea pancakes recipe  &  Chickpea omelette with ch*cken and mushroom filling – savoury, can be good for both breakfast or lunch/dinner

Chickpea cookie dough

Banana bread with chocolate chips & another banana bread recipe

Chocolate peanut butter granola & make your own granola


Sandwiches: Barbeque tofu sandwich & Vegan sandwich toppings/fillings

Nice cream: Berry banana nice cream – recipe

Smoothies: Smoothie recipe masterpost & Green smoothie recipe – banana & mango & Chocolate & ginger protein smoothie bowl & Green smoothies recipes

Savoury snacks: Roasted chickpeas Home made vegetable crisps | Vegan | Recipe

Hummus: Roasted carrot hummus | Recipe & Sweet potato hummus  Roasted red pepper hummus  & Beetroot hummus & different types of hummus recipe





Different soups: Carrot, sweet potato and lentil soup with ginger and chilli & Butternut squash and carrot soup Sweet potato and carrot soup with coconut milk Red lentil and sweet potato soup & Pumpkin and red lentil soup & roasted pumpkin seeds recipe 3 bean chilli & Vegan “meat” stew

Pasta recipes: Creamy vegetable one pot pasta | 15 minute recipe & Creamy vegetable & tofu pasta salad & Vegan pasta bake! & Beetroot pasta sauce! & Pasta with avocado and green pea sauce! & Creamy mushroom, garlic and thyme pasta & Pea & avocado pesto with pasta & Pasta with a creamy sun dried tomato and basil sauce & Pasta with sweet potato “cheese” sauce 

Pad thai

Tofu “fish” recipe




Swede scnitzel recipe | Vegan | & Hasselback potatoes

Stuffed aubergine recipe

Different cauliflower wings:  Breaded and baked cauliflower wings & Sesame coated cauliflower wings – vegan recipe & Vegan cauliflower buffalo wings

Different pizza recipes: Rainbow pizza – using prebought crust & Vegan tortilla pizza | 15 minute meal & Vegan spinach-tofu pizza rolls! & Cauliflower pizza recipe

Potato salad and coleslaw

Oumph! ribs

Seitan recipes: Vegan orange “chicken” seitan & Chickwheat shreds/Pulled ch*cken seitan recipe!


Falafel recipe & Beetroot, black bean and quinoa burger | Vegan (can be made glutenfree) & Baked beetroot falafel – Vegan recipe

Stuffed paprika with quinoa, tofu and beans

Tofu nuggets – Vegan recipe

Rice paper rolls

Vegetable & tomato casserole with garlic bread | Vegan

Cauliflower and broccoli gratin

Tofu satay recipe | Vegan & Gluten free

Tofu and vegetable skewers with peanut butter sauce | Recipe | Vegan




5 minute microwave brownie

Double chocolate chip cookies & Simple vegan chocolate chip cookies! & Vegan oatmeal raisin cookies & The best vegan fudgy chocolate cookies! & Vegan Oreo cookies 

Vegan apple pie

Vegan fudge brownies recipe

Cheesecake: Vegan mojito cheesecake recipe! & Vegan oreo moussecake | Recipe & Vegan mango and passionfruit cheesecake! & Vegan saffron cheesecake recipe


Cake: Vegan snickers cake (peanut butter and chocolate mousse!) Recipe & Vegan carrot cake with lemon frosting & Vegan saffroncake with white chocolate and lingonberries & Vegan oreo cookies and cream cake recipe

Candy: Vegan ferrero rocherVegan daim recipe , Vegan kitkat Recipe/ Vegan “kex” recipe!Chocolate covered peanut butter filled dates | vegan | christmas candy2 ingredient chocolate truffles | Vegan | & Peanut butter cups


World Vegan Day 2018

Related image

As it is World vegan day i think everyone who reads this post (and in general, everyone!) should at least eat a completly vegan meal today (Hint, veggies and hummus, potatoes and avocado, falafels with rice and tahini, tomato pasta with veggies, oats with peanut butter and banana with soya milk etc etc … Or why not get inspired by some of the recipes i have on my blog?)

Vegan recipes category

Vegan nutrition & vegan posts (i.e i have alot of different vegan related posts and have answered many different vegan related questions!)

Or if you can… make it a whole vegan day of eating (or from when you read this – maybe you have already eaten your usual non vegan breakfast?). Of course if you had planned a few days before it might have made it easier, but it really isn’t so hard to eat plant based and it can be a good challenge today! Infact, many eat fully vegan meals without thinking about it – which is awesome!

Most recipes/dishes can be veganised… some easier than others. But it is about replacing the animal products with alternatives, and now a days there are plenty of alternatives to use instead.

Related image

Skip the eggs, skip the dairy, skip the meat. Instead find alternatives today….. if you are craving chocolate, then find a vegan chocolate to buy. If you want yoghurt, buy some soya or oat yoghurt! The least you can do is try. Maybe you can’t eat completely plant based, or live a completely vegan lifestyle, but you can atleast make choices and changes sot hat you eat more plant based and live more vegan 🙂 Such as when you can, choose the vegan option!

Image result for vegan food

What about other things you can do today and in the future? I have a whole post with things you can read HERE , but i will list some below!

*Post:  Tips for going vegan – documentaries, information, ntutrition, facts | Masterpost *

You can skip the plastic bags and bring your own bags when food shopping.

I always try to bring this bag with me when i go food shopping. (Or i wil put the items into my school bag!) And when i do need to buy a bag i’ll buy paper instead! *I always think it is comical when i show my “happy vegan bag” in the store and look angry/tired, haha

You can buy CF and vegan house hold and beauty products (will try to do more posts about those in the future.) You can find some vegan beauty product brands HERE and household product brands HERE (In Sweden the brand Grumme is vegan!)


Note, from what i have read – Dove has stopped (or will stop) testing on animals. However not all their products are vegan… and i read that from about 2019 it should be “ok” to buy Dove products [the vegan ones].
Watch vegan documentaries and films to make yourself more aware. You can see a list of documentaries HERE

Follow vegan facebook groups, follow vegan accounts on social media! Also, this can be a way to make new friends who are vegan, and this in turn can help support you/make it easier for you to stay vegan, if example your parents or friends aren’t supportive of your lifestyle choices.

Find your reason to be vegan – make the connection. Per definition, vegan means ”

Veganism is a way of living which seeks to exclude, as far as is possible and practicable, all forms of exploitation of, and cruelty to, animals for food, clothing or any other purpose.” (source)

I.e veganism is about animals and animal rights and their right to life. However… whether you eat more plantbased for the sake of the planet or your health, it still makes a difference to the lives of the animals. So find your reason whether it is more about the ethics and animals, the planet and climate, reducing waste or just about eating a plant based diet.

Ask questions. I know this can be scary and sometimes you don’t get the answer you want to hear, or even worse, people answer rudely and try to belittle you when you were just asking out of curiosity or because you wanted to know the answer. But dare to ask vegans questions, this is so that you can LEARN more and educate yourself, however you also have to be OPEN to the answer because it may not be what you want to hear. As a vegan, it can be frustrating to get asked a question and you spend time gathering the facts and information and answer in a correct way only to be disregarded and the person who asked the question just answers rudely and doesn’t even take in the facts or information. If you ask a question, be prepared to learn more and maybe hear an answer you don’t want or hadn’t thought you would hear.

Donate to an animal charity or animal rights organisation. Just €5 can make a difference, i send a monthly as well as an annual donation to an animal rights charity and in all honesty its basically the same as 2 cups of coffee each month which i can definitely spare and the money goes to a good cause. I may not be able to do alot or donate alot of money, but a little can go a long way!

Think about what changes you can make in your life right now. Maybe going 100% plant based or vegan isn’t possible but ask yourself, are there any changes i CAN make right now? Maybe as simple as buying soya milk instead of regular milk or eating only plant based lunches or maybe you can even make enough changes to eat completely vegan when you are making your own food but then eat meat/dairy when eating out or when offered food. Or maybe you can decide to eat only vegan snacks or breakfast. I am sure there are changes you can make now!!

When faced with the truth you know you’d have to make a change

So tell me… will you being completely vegan today or will you be making some vegan meals today? And are you planning on making changes in your life to go more plant-based/vegan? 🙂

Also if you have any questions or topic ideas or vegan questions just comment below and i will try my best to answer!