Spaghetti with lentil bolognaise | Vegan recipe | GF

Buying fake meat isn’t always an option for everyone. Whether it is because it is too expensive, maybe you don’t want to eat fake meat, or  maybe you are allergic to soy. If i am honest, i haven’t eaten spaghetti bolognaise in years, infact i can’t even remember the last time i did eat it….

Falafel recipe – Vegan

One of the best and most vegan foods i can think of is falafel. Of course, not all falafels you buy or eat out are vegan, which surprises me… but usually it is the garlic sauce that restaurants and fast food places add which makes it no longer vegan. Making falafel at home isn’t so…

Vegan baked falafel recipe – Soaked and uncooked chickpeas

Falafel, one of the most “vegan” food items according to me. Of course not everyone has the same idea, and when you add the garlic sauce on top it can easily make a classic vegan dish not so vegan. I have made falafel several times in the past and even experimented with different beans, however…

Vegan thanksgiving dessert recipes

Follow up from the previous post with some main meal thanksgiving recipes , here is a list with some vegan dessert recipes you can make 🙂     ‘ You can find even more dessert inspiration HERE