The week that’s been – My birthday, weekend in Stockholm and the past week

Hello and good morning everyone!

I’ve been meaning to sit down and write some posts all week, but there just hasn’t been time. It feels like i have been saying that alot recently, but this whole term has been filled with school assignments and i am still studying 2 courses at once so there is a whole bunch of reading and writing to do. Not to mention that i also have to apply for internship, which is taking alot of time and energy (worrying that i won’t find somewhere to do my internship), as well as having other things outside of school that i need to work on!

I still enjoy blogging and it is not something i want to give up, so still tring to keep up with some type of regular blogging!

Last week was my birthday – and i want to thank everyone who congratulated me and sent me messages. I know i may not have replied to everyone yet, but it does mean alot to me!

My birthday was spent with my family, and even my dad who lives in Ireland was over and visited! I even spent the my birthday with my friends at the Fitness Festival. For those who have followed my blog for several years know that i have been to it pretty much every year the past several years, and even worked there one year! I mostly went to be with my friends as the range of vegan items is limited, not to mention that alot of the supplements sold are unnecessary and just a waste of money. But it was fun to be with friends, and the few hours i was there was enough for me.

Then it was birthday celebrations with my family to end the day! 


The rest of the weekend i mostly walked around Stockholm with my family, we went through a Chritmas market, ate some food and just wandered around the city.

Then Sunday evening it was time for me to head home – and finally sit down and begin to prepare my presentation i had on Monday morning!


It was nice to have a break and be with family, but it was also not the best timing as i had a presentation Monday morning and an exam on Friday which there wasn’t so much time to study for. But i am reminding myself, that even if school is my number 1 priority, i can’t spend my whole youth and all my years in unversity just reading and studying. I also need to take breaks and allow myself those mental breaks from studying – to be with friends and family for more than just a few hours! Even if school and studying is important, so is actually living and being with friends and family!

I did film my weekend away, so i am trying to edit that now. However, i think it might take a while as the computer i am currently using isn’t the best for editing films as it is rather old and it takes a VERY LONG time and the computer slows down alot when editing. But for anyone interested in seeing Stockholm and maybe a bit more of me, i will let you know when those are posted 🙂

The rest of the week? Well i had my presentation, which also included showing a food intake calculated for a powerlifter on a competition day. (We had to write an essay and calculate the nutrition required for a training and competition day of a certain individual in a certain sport!). The burger was supposed to be a bacon burger with mayonnaise but i made it vegan as there was no point buying food that wouldn’t be eaten. [Also note, on the training day the food had to be according to recommendations and to reach the different requirements for the total day/pre workout/post workout recommendations. But on the competition day it was just about optimal energy for competing and not about reaching nutritional recommendations)


I was super surprised – and happy – when i realised i got max points on my exam in one of my previous courses! I wasn’t even sure i would pass the test, haha


The rest of the week, Tuesday-Thursday i basically sat infront of the computer studying for my exam – with a few breaks to get some fresh air and cook food. I have to admit, after my exam on Friday i definitely feel a little uncertain of the results. There were definitely a few tough questions – some of which i knew i had read but couldn’t remember the answer, and a few which i just had no idea the answer of.

I have to say, this sports nutrition course has been really good and eye opening for me. It has got me thinking about my own intake regarding exercise. But i will try to share some information and thoughts i have regardining sports nutrition sometime this weekend or next week 🙂

And that has been  my week…. a week that has just flown by!!  I am looking forward to a weekend which isn’t as stressful, where i have time to watch YouTube and rest, but also get some other stuff done!!!

I hope you have all had a great week and have a lovely weekend!

Roasted carrot hummus | Recipe

I hadn’t actually planned to post this recipe – because i don’t consider it much of a recipe – but as i have had so many people ask and message me about the recipe i thought it would be easier to just make a post about it rather than answer everyone seperatly!!

As i hadn’t planned to make a post about this i don’t have any fancy pictures to go along with the recipe, but i hope that is ok!

I am not a hummus expert in any way… and i am pretty sure people who are experts at making hummus would laugh at me, but i wanted to share a few things i have learned when making hummus:

1) You need a good food processor and mixer (also, removing the chickpea “skins” can make it more creamy. But not so many people actually have time for that.)

2) Use oil. I know many fear and avoid oil…. but hummus without oil just isn’t the same thing. You can of course use c.a 50/50 oil and aquafaba, that still gives a good result. But i have made hummus in the past using water and it just doesn’t taste as good.

3) Tahini – a runny kind – is key. It makes such a difference to taste and texture!

4) GARLIC! Can hummus without garlic even be called hummus, hahah?

5) Experiment with different flavours and extras… you can read a post with different hummus recipes, HERE

Some other hummus recipe i have made: Sweet potato hummus | Vegan recipeRoasted red pepper hummus | RecipeBeetroot hummus


Carrot hummus recipe2.png


Vegan vegetable-cheese casserole |Recipe

This weekend i was asked to make a 3 course meal for my family, and of course i couldn’t say no, especially when my parents paid for the food, hahah!


It was my mum who came up with the idea of a vegetable pie. She had seen a recipe in a food magazine, but she asked me if i could make it vegan – so i made it my mission to try to make a vegan version.

There are many ways to make the cheesey/egg filling that pies have, but i decided to opt for a tofu-oat cream-cheese type filling!


I was a little nervous over how it would turn out, but it actually turned out very good according to me. Super creamy and filling – the only thing i would recommend is to use silken tofu (i.e the super creamy type) and not use a firm tofu which i did.

Also the pie filling does spill out when you cut into the cake, so it won’t keep it’s form. But you could choose to skip the tofu and then the filling might hold it’s form more.

You can also make this dish gluten free by following a recipe for gluten free pie crust and using soya based cream and milk! 🙂


For starters i made toast with skagenröra (which is a swedish seafood suace, which i made vegan by using tofu and vegan caviar), recipe HERE. And also beetroot hummus, recipe HERE.


And the cake i made for dessert, recipe HERE.


It was a whole mix of tastes which maybe weren’t the best combined, haha. But seperatly they were all delicious!




vegetable casserolScreenshot_20180924-185649_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185048_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185020_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185203_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185438_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185550_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185517_Instagram.jpg


Stuffed paprika with quinoa, tofu and beans | Vegan recipe | GF

Stuffed paprikas (or peppers as some people call them) is one of those dishes i love but don’t make so often. Infact i say this about most of the food i eat…. there is just so much good food and not enough time to make and eat it all!!!

Sometimes i don’t know what to cook or eat or i just get this “blaaahhhh” feeling for all foods. And other times there are so many dishes i want to make and feel like there isn’t enough time to make them all, haha. The thing about loving to cook – and having a food blog is that i try to vary food as much as i can, but also means i have so much food at home all the time, hahaha. Good thing that freezers exist so i can freeze the excess food. However i don’t have a problem eating the same thing for 3 days in a row so whenever i make big dishes i usually just eat the same thing until it’s gone!

Here is a simple – yet delicious lunch/dinner idea. You can even make stuffed tomatoes or aubergine in the same way – for the sake of variation! Also you can use brown rice instead of quinoa, and add whatever veggies you like/have at home. Even adding some vegan cheese ontop, or in the mix works great!

Also you can roast some veggies at the same time as you roast the peppers, so your meal will be done at the same time!! – and the excess filling you can just eat as it is, or maybe add some salad or veggies and make a quinoa salad out of it!

Stuffed paprika recipe

Vegan rice pudding recipe!

Rice pudding is one of those snacks/meals which i love, but never eat or make often enough. If i am honest, i am surprised that there isn’t a premade vegan version of rice pudding available in the stores. Considering that there seems to be a vegan version of almost all foods available in Sweden. But who knows… maybe one day there will be.

Making rice pudding isn’t so difficult, though it can easily turn out sort of dry… but if you add vegan soya cream (or other sweet cream, or coconut milk) it makes it more creamy. So i do highly recommend adding some type of plant based cream, or full fat coconut milk when making rice pudding! The other thing about making rice pudding is that you need to stir every 5-10 minutes so that it doesn’t stick to the bottom of the pot… so it is not one of those meals which you can just leave to cook while you do other things. But the good thing about it is that you can make a huge batch and save in the fridge for the week!



I posted this recipe in my instagram post, but i thought i would share it on my blog as well – for those of you who don’t follow my IG. But also so others can find it easier 🙂

I had several people ask me about eating white rice, and eating it daily… whether it is “healthy” or not. And my reply to that is of course… everything in moderation. Brown rice does have more fiber and nutrients, but as long as white rice isn’t the majority of your diet then it is fine! But you could vary white rice with brown rice and quinoa. And for rice pudding you can vary with oats, chia pudding, overnight oats, cereal etc

The one thing about white rice is that it may contain arsenic, so it isn’t recommended to eat everyday because of that. And also to avoid giving rice products (such as rice milk, rice cakes, rice etc) to kids because their bodies are smaller and therefore can’t handle as much arsenic which they may get from eating too much rice products. So that is one thing to keep in mind and maybe not to overdo it on rice products!

Rice pudding recipe

rice pudding



Sweet potato and lentil chilli | Vegan recipe

One of my favourite meals during winter and autumn is different lentil stews and daahls. If you look back to autumn/winter 2017 you will see a bunch of different lentil daahls. Not only delicious and nutritious, but great to eat warm or cold or pack with you for lunch to work or school! (Though i would recommend not using garlic and making the dish more thick and not so runny with tomato sauce to minimize the risk of it pouring out if you are packing it with you!).

You can make this dish in many different ways, but this time i decided to go for more of a chilli variation using black beans and making home made nacho chips from tortilla bread. And of course the obligatory oat creme fraiche and avocado which makes the dish a 10/10!!

I love this meal and of course it is cheap and you can make a whole batch of it, not to mention it works great to freeze so you can make a huge batch and freeze in! 🙂

The recipe for the home made nachos is HERE

chilli recipe