Do animal lives matter more than human lives? | Vegan question

I got a rather interesting – and hypothetical – question asked to me which was… if i had to choose between an animal (in this case it was a cow) or a human, which would i save. And this was based on me being a vegan. (It’s a bit like the… if i was stranded on an island with only a chicken/pig would i eat it type of question all vegans seem to get asked).

Of course i hope that i will never be in this situation… and it sounds rather hypothetical. And the answer to that question is that i would save the human…. which someone may think is strange because “I am vegan and for the animals… wouldn’t i save the animals… you don’t want animals to die?” .

And why would i save the human… well, for many reasons but even if a cow has a consciousness and nervous system, meaning they can think and feel, a human being does have that extra consciousness. Of course i wouldn’t want the cow to die, but in this hypothetical situation i would choose the humanbeing to save.

Of course, if it was between my own dog and a human it might be a different answer… but then again if i had to choose between saving (which i never hope happens) a family member or my dog… that would be a completely different answer and situation… i really couldn’t choose.

In our society, the majority of us DON’T need to eat or use animal products to be healthy, to get nutrients or to live. The majority of people can survive without animals having to die for their consumption.

I don’t believe in factory farming. I don’t believe it is correct for thousands and millions of animals to die each year just to be eaten or in worst case… to die, be turned into food and then just thrown away because the food has gone bad. I don’t believe in the animal abuse/torture that happens on a daily basis just for the production of food…. when the majority of people in society don’t need it. It is more sustainable for the planet to actually not consume so many animal products anyway.

So i am against the killing of animals when it is absolutely not necessary.

In the past it might have been necessary to kill animals to get enough nutrients to survive, develop and grow as well as use the fur for warmth… now a days, we don’t need any – or very little in certain cases – animal products to survive. But the killing of animals is on a much higher level than the actual requirement or need.

I am against using animals to test on for different experiments. I am against locking up animals and in some cases beating them just for the sake of entertainment. I am against using horses or dogs for racing or any other animals just to fight each other.

I am against the abuse of animals in all forms.

This however does not mean i think animals are better than humans or that humans should die out so that animals can live in peace, which some vegans believe.

I still believe humans have a higher conscious level and are more developed…. though it also surprises me then that not more people make the choice to go vegan or atleast try to eat as vegetarian as possible.

These types of questions are interesting and can lead to quite a discussion and debate, which i am fine with having – though i would prefer to have it in real life, not online. However they are also unrealistic and hypothetical situations… and i live in a society where i don’t need to choose between saving either a human or a cow…. i can do both. By eating vegan and also doing things such as giving blood, being an organ donar and helping people in other ways.

This is my thoughts on this topic, and as mentioned i don’t mind getting these types of questions…. however it is easier to discuss and bring up different thoughts and nuances in a real life discussion.

If you have any thoughts on this topic, feel free to comment down below… would love to know how others think.

Graduation day | Health promotion with focus nutrition

After 3,5 years at university, whereof 3 years studying health promotion with focus on nutrition, it is finally coming to an end.

These three years have gone SOO quick. Trust me, when you first begin university it may feel like a lifetime until you graduate and are done… but it will go by so quickly. Three years anyway… if you study 5 or 7 years, of course it will feel like it never ends. But even then, i have heard people who study 5 years to do a masters and say that the time at university went far too quickly.

Today is my graduation day… hopefully get my bachelors in health promotion. Though i won’t know until summer whether i have passed or not with my final bachelors essay.

In three years alot can happen. I feel like a completely different person compared to the girl i was autumn 2016 and first started the program.


^When i moved to Gothenburg, autumn 2016^^

2016 – new start

I moved to a new city… on my own. Wanting a new fresh start.

I had only been in Gothenburg once before where i spent a two day weekend with my boyfriend at the time… and i fell in love with the city.

Moving to a new city is scary… especially when you don’t know anyone. When you don’t have any contacts and don’t know where you will live. How to travel around the city.

Read more about this HERE:ย moving to a new city to study| life change and 8 tips for moving to a new city

I had moved out and lived with a roommate earlier, when i was studying at Uppsala univeristy, though i just had a 60-90 minute journey back home if i wanted to see my family. Now i was going to be 4 hours away by train.

However, i have always been so independant that that never bothered me… mostly i knew i would miss my dog. Which i very much have these past 3 years.

There are alot of fears moving to a new city and starting a new university program.ย Would i make any friends? Would i like the program? Would i feel lonely? Would i like the new city? etc etc I had to face alot of fears and step outside of my comfort zone alot when i first started university and moved to a new city.


Did i always know i wanted to study this program?

I have had doubts about my program… often wondered if maybe i should study the dietititan program instead. But in the end, i am very happy i have studied this program… and i do have plans to continue studying… to learn more about coaching, psychology, eating behaviour, leadership, sports nutrition and maybe do a masters in nutrition. Three and a half years at university but i still doubt that i have enough knowledge. Or well, i know i have enough knowledge… i know that my knowledge in nutrition and exercise and health promotion is adequate and higher than the average person… but i guess i am just not done studying or learning.

I love learning…. not so much the stress involved with assignments and exams. But learning more information which i can then share with others and use to help others is what i love. So i am not done with studying, even if i am done with my bachelors.

My university program

Many people are interested in what program i studied and it was “Health promotion with focus nutrition”, and i have written some posts about what i have learnt and my thoughts about the program, HERE: & HERE, which you can read.

My overall thoughts… it is a good program. You learn information about alot of different areas from nutrition, coaching, motivational interviewing (an evidence based counselling style that is usually used when helping people to change behaviours), sports nutrition, biochemistry, health promotion and the list goes on.

Compared to the dietitian program, we have focused alot onย health promotion. I.e working with healthy people to keep them healthy. Promoting health and working on “health factors” instead of so called “risk factors”. In the dietitian program they learn more about how to work with sick people and people with different diagnoses. With my knowledge i can work with people who are sick to a certain extent… however we don’t really have the right knowledge to work with nutrition advice regarding certain illnesses and then it is better that the client is sent to a dietitian with more knowledge in those areas of nutrition.

So what can I, and the others in my class work with after this program? Well… we don’t really have a license like dietitians do. However we have qualifications to work with nutrition, exercise, health, health promotion, lifestyle changes etc

Careers can vary from having your own business and doing health coaching, doing lectures, working in health care centres, working in schools, working with businesses, creating mealplans or even working with food. The list goes on…. just from the wide range of internships that people did in my class shows how many different career options there are for us.

Not to mention that there is more and more attention focused on the health for qualified healthcoaches and people focused on promoting health. More and more people are getting sick due to lifestyle related illnesses, and i definitely think people with a similar university degree/program can have a huge impact in helping people improve their health.

What happens now?

It is so crazy to think that these 3 years are over, and it does send me into slight panic mode. I must admit… i feel like i have been constantly stressed these past 3 years, hahah. Which isn’t a good thing. But i have the same feeling as i did after graduation from highschool where you are left thinking…what happens now? What do i do now? Do i work… do i study… how do i get from A to B? What am i doing with my life? Am i on the right path?

So many questions and no answers…. I don’t know where i will be in 5 years time or what i will be doing with my life, or how my life will look like then. But i don’t want to worry about it either.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting and food

This summer my goal is to just work at the foodstore i currently work at. Focus on my social media work with my blog, instagram and YouTube. And also work on some side projects i want to try to build up. And also begin with lectures, maybe doing health coaching and also applying for nutrition/health related jobs. I don’t know how my autumn will look like… but this summer i know i just want a break from school because these past months have been stressful with school and my bachelors essay.

My advice to others:

All i can say from my experience is…. Dare to try something new. Apply to that university course or program. Dare to move to that new city. It is ok if you realize that the first course or program isnรคt for you… that happened to me. The first time i started university and moved away from home it didn’t turn out as expected. I didn’t make friends, i felt lonely and didn’t have any fun at university. But the second time rount it was better.

It is ok if you study 3 years and realize you hare passionate about something else. You are not a failure. You have still learnt things, gotten experience and realized what you don’t want to do.

Just dare to try. Things may not work out as planned, but that’s life.

I had to move a bunch of times before i finally got my own student apartment. I didn’t makke friends at first when i started university the seocnd time around. I have felt lonely. I have doubted my program and whether i should continue studying.

But for the majority of the time i have enjoyed studying and enjoyed my university experience.

Also, i am so thankful that in Sweden it is free to study. Of course, i have taken a student loan to be able to afford to pay rent/food/etc and not have to work fulltime as well as study… but atleast i don’t need to pay to actually go to unversity, which i am very thankful for.

So… this long post finally comes to an end. All i can say is that i am so happy to finally graduate and have my degree *hopefully*… but at the same time i really don’t feel ready and like time has gone too quick.

Also, i know i haven’t written so many personal posts recently… i used to share my monthly goals and life updates… but with all the school and work stress i have had recently i stopped doing that. But i felt i atleast wanted to share this update in my life ๐Ÿ™‚ For those of you who have followed me for the past few years ๐Ÿ™‚ And hopefully you will stick around for the next few years as well!


Christmas break 2018

Hello and good afternoon!

12 hours of sleep, a gym session and lots of cuddles with my dog and finally feeling relaxed and ready for my Christmas break!

If you have followed me on IG (itsahealthylifestyle) you might have noticed on my stories that i have broken a whole bunch of plates, bowls, lunch boxes and coffee presses…. Basically a sign that i need a mental break from studying.


Usually i have really good reflexes, but i have felt the past week that i have just been a little gone. I have lost my trail of thought when speaking i.e in the middle of a conversation i can just go blank and forget what i am saying, i have felt SO TIRED and just haven’t had any energy, and just felt out of it. Basically, my body and mind telling me i need a break and that is exactly what i am giving my mind for the next few days.

Sure, i still have a bunch of school work to do. But that can wait until after Christmas!

For now, i am going to take a few days off from school work to just be with family, to finally be able to workout without a 45 minute time limit – because that is all i have time for. And also looking forward to making a bunch of Christmas food and desserts ๐Ÿ™‚

Alot of the food we will be making are from the recipes i have posted on my blog, HEREย & my latest posts. But i do have 2 christmas desserts i will be making which i haven’t shared the recipe for yet so those will be coming up most likely after Christmas (unfortunatly… but maybe you can make them for new years or some other time!).

If i am honest, i am proud of myself for getting through this past term of studying. It sure has been intense and i am in much need of a break and also to be with my family and my dog. I really do wish i could bring my dog with me to my university town, but i know that it wouldn’t be fair to her as she is a dog who always wants to be around people. It wouldn’t be fair to her to just sit on her own in a little apartment all day when i am away studying or working.

Anyway, i have a few posts scheduled so my blog won’t be empty and i will try to get back into more regular posts or atleast sharing some more lifestyle posts the next few weeks ๐Ÿ™‚

And i want to thank everyone who keeps checking in on my blog and commenting even if i haven’t been so active on here, it does mean alot to me!

I hope you all have a lovely Christmas whether you celebrate or not ๐Ÿ™‚ Be kind to yourself and make some delicious food!

Fears & fear of failure

Last night i couldn’t sleep and was just up thinking about different things. Instead of just lying in bed and not getting any sleep i decided to get up and write down some of the thoughts in my mind. And those thoughts included writing down all my goals and dreams… turned into 2 full pages of goals i want to achieve.

But not only did i write down my goals and dreams, i also wrote down all my fears. I don’t plan to share my goals/dreams or my fears, apart from one fear and that is…. the fear of failure. I have mentioned this before, but writing it down really got me thinking.

I have a rather deep rooted fear of failure, and i don’t know why.

I think it is because i am such a high achiever, i always want to do my best and achieve the best. I want things to be perfect and i want to succeed at everything i do, and if i think i won’t succeed i don’t even try. Like, if i know i am bad at something i don’t try because i don’t want to seem bad at it (or just have it confirmed that i am bad.)

This of course means i never really get better at certain things because i don’t work or practise them – because i don’t want to be bad.

Image result for failing quotes

But it also means that i don’t even try certain things, or try to work for certain things because i am scared of failing. This holds me back ALOT.

In a way i just want to fail at something…. of course i don’t actually want to fail. But i think failing at something is a life lesson i need to learn. I need to learn that it is ok to fail, that things will work out anyway, even if they don’t workout the way i want or planned them to. Failing isn’t the end of the world and yes… i am sure it is awful to fail at things you have worked hard for whether it is school grades and assignments, applying for jobs, or work assignments/other goals. But i think i just need to learn that even if i fail at something, atleast i tried and that is SO MORE IMPORTANT than not even trying.

You learn so much from failing – or so i have heard.

Like the quote goes, “The master has failed more times than the beginner has even tried”.

Everyone starts off somewhere. You have to be a beginner and learn to get better. No company starts off successful, i am sure there are ALOT of failures and mistakes behind successful businesses. Different successful athletes have all begun somewhere and practised and worked their way to success.

Image result for failing quotes

I really need to overcome the fear of failing and learn that life goes on and i am sure i would learn alot from trying and failing than never trying at all.


Like with all fears, to overcome them you have to face them. You can’t keep running from your fears unless you want to be controlled by your fears.

Writing down your goals and dreams can help you achieve them, but also writing down your fears and what holds you back. Analyzing and reflecting over your thoughts.

(This is also great to do if you struggle with an eating disorder, i.e write down your fears and think rationally. That was what i had to do in recovery…. i had to write down all of my irrational fears and just try to think clearly and rationally about them.)

Maybe one day i will stop letting my fear of failure hold me back so much and just get more confident and realise that failure is just a learning experience.

Moving city to study | Life change the past 2 years & 8 tips for moving to another city

This morning i was reminded of the fact that this day, 2 years ago, i was on a train with my (3) packed bags on my way to Gothenburg. Ready to start a new life.

So let’s backtrack for those who haven’t followed my previous blog or my life story.

At the end of high school, 2015, i was extremely stressed which led me falling back into depression and struggling with alot of anxiety. I struggled with depression and anxiety (again) for about 1-1,5 years until summer 2016 when i realised i needed to make a change, and i made more than one change which i will get into later.

I had moved city before and lived on my own during spring 2016, but that had been a bit of a disaster for my mental health, and if anything it just made me worse. After moving home again, after my school term was over i realised i needed to make a change. I couldn’t keep feeling and struggling the way i was. I had no life motivation and just tried to fake a smile.

Related image

I applied for school in Gothenburg, hoping to get into 1 of the 2 programs i had applied to. I was extremely nervous thinking, 1) what if i don’t get in, 2) what if i do get in and don’t find anywhere to live, 3) what if i get worse and sicker if i move, 4) what if i don’t make friends if i move… (Because in my previous uni i had been very lonely and hadn’t made any friends.

I spent almost the whole summer 2016 working which was very beneficial for my health, as i felt like i had something to do and it got me out of the house almost everyday. But at the same time i worked LONG hours and couldn’t say no to work, so i think i worked 17 days in a row, or something like that. So it was also mentally and physically tiring.

At the same time, i had made the choice to go vegan spring 2016. I ended my relationship with my boyfriend at the time. I stopped taking birth control (which i think was one of the factors making my depression worse… just speculation though). I began taking different herbal medication for my depression, anxiety and sleep problems. (Note, i believe you should talk to a doctor and make your own decision whether you want to take anti-depressant and anxiety pills, try herbal medication or take no pills at all. Each to their own.)ย And finally the end of summer i moved city.

I feel like a completely new person compared to who i was back then. I still struggle with anxiety time to time and i have had my moments where i have been very sad, low and not had any life motivation. But it has never been as long lasting or as deep as it was back then.

In 2 years i have moved housing 5 times. I am glad to finally have my own place after 1,5 years… but it is also good to live with others and moving around meant that i got to see alot of the city i live in. So i choose to see the positive, even if i didn’t always feel positive when trying to find somewhere to live.

I have finished 4 terms, i.e 66% of my program and only have one year left. However i think i will continue studying and maybe trying to work part time with something health and nutrition related.

I have stepped outside of my comfort zone alot more. When you move to a new city you have to do things that scare you. Trying to make new friends, meeting new people, even trying to find a new gym and going to new places can be scary at first.

I feel like i have become alot stronger mentally and grown alot more. A little less insecure, even if i still struggle with insecurity and self esteem… i am trying to improve it!

My blog and blogging has changed alot, hahah.

It feels like each year that passes i say that i feel more balanced, but it is true. It is like with each year that passes and each year i get older i get more mature and more balanced. Small things that once bothered me don’t matter as much. I find more balance in different areas of my life. Of course, when school starts again i might not say the same thing….

Moving was one of the best decisions i have made in my life, even if there have been ups and downs.

I thought i would share some tips/things i have learnt from moving the past 2 years:

  • You might not feel ready to move, and that is ok. But you have to be honest to yourself if you think you can manage it. This is especially for those suffering with mental illness such as eating disorders or depression. Be honest with yourself… will you be able to manage living away from home, being more independent and still making choices that will help you recover? Because the illness will want you to move away from home just so that you can get sicker and follow all your routines/sick habits and not be disturbed. So be honest if moving away from home/to another city or country, would be helpful or if you should wait.


  • Try to make friends from the get-go. This is easier if you move to a city to study, it may be harder if you just move to a new city/country to try to find work or just for the experience. But i regret not being more proactive trying to make friends and socialize in the beginning…. i didn’t go to all the activities for the new uni students, so i could have missed out on meeting people.


  • Join groups or activities to try to find friends or people with the same interests.


  • Walk/cycle around the city/where you live. It is much easier to see new places, and put together the locations/pieces and locate yourself if you walk/run/cycle around! Maybe walk around a new place one day each weekend! You might find small cafes you love or new locations you love!


  • Make connections and facebook friends! It was through facebook connections that i got all the living places i have lived at (apartment from where i live now, as that is through a student housing queue).


  • Which brings me to…. if you are moving to a city to study, sign up for all the housing queues! And don’t forget to pay the fee (i almost lost my housing queue for Stockholm because i forgot to pay one summer, haha. I think i have 5 years in the queue now though which is good! Though it can take alot longer in the queue to actually get an apartment.)


  • Keep in contact with people and don’t isolate yourself. This is key if you live on your own. If you have housemates you will atleast be surrounded by other people. But if you live on your own, it can be a good idea to call friends or family, or someone atleast once a week!


  • If things don’t work out… whether it’s financially, you can’t find anywhere to live, you don’t like what you are studying, you feel too lonely or you feel you can’t cope living away from home, then that is ok. It is ok to be honest with yourself and realise things didn’t work out… that doesn’t make you a failure. It makes you strong for listening to yourself and your intuition and realising that things didn’t work out. Maybe you just need more time or to move back home or move to another location, depending on why things didn’t work out. It is not a failure, remember that!!


So there are just some of my tips and things i have learnt/wanted to share with you.

*I think it is easy for me to move away from home/move to other places because i never really get attached to places or people. So i have it easy to just pack up and move. But also because i am so independant… which can be a negative thing because i never ask for help either, even if i am struggling. But i think when you are very independant and good at sorting things out yourself then it’s easier to pack up and move, compared to if you are very attached to places or people or always feel the need for family/comfort etc* (I do miss my dog alot, which i think is the worst thing about moving.)


If any of you have moved to another city or country to study/work/travel, i would love to know how it went/what you learnt/your experiences etc