I’m an introvert and that’s ok

If i am honest….. i have many times gotten sad over the fact that i am an introvert. I have tried to be extroverted…. but it just isn’t me.

I am not someone who needs to be around people all the time.

I am not someone who needs the attention on me.

I am someone who needs my alone time. I enjoy being with my close friends who give me energy… but it also takes alot of time for people to break down those walls around me to actually become a close friend

I am not saying that all extroverts want attention or to always be around people. Everyone needs their alone time…. i just need more than others.

Of course i am more of an ambivert in recent years. Wanting to be more social, wanting to spend more time with my close friends, wanting to meet new people and not always be on my own. Not needing as much alone time as i did before. In a way, i guess the majority of people are ambivert, i.e both introverted and extroverted… even if some are just either or the other.

When i ask people to describe me… or what their first impression of me is/was, the answer is 95% of the time:

You are rather quiet. You observe before you speak and you choose your words. You are never someone who judges and i feel like i can tell you anything without being judged. You are amazing at listening.

But i also get… You are very different when i actually get to know you. You are sarcastic, joke and laugh alot when you are comfortable around people.

Of course… for me to get to that stage where i feel comfortable just being myself, being sarcastic, open and laughing… it does take a while. Which is of course why i can come across as very shy, in the background, listening…. not taking up alot of space. I don’t like small talk…. i prefer to talk about other things and meaningful things. Even if i love jokes, sarcasm and memes. I am not someone who feels the need to speak… i can walk beside you in silence and not feel awkward or feel the need to say anything… but of course, if the person i am walking beside gives of an awkward energy because they don’t like being quiet… then i also begin to feel awkward. But i like spending time with people who are ok with just being quiet sometimes… not feeling the need to fill every second with sound and talking.

What is an introvert and extrovert?

“An introvert is often thought of as a quiet, reserved, and thoughtful individual. They don’t seek out special attention or social engagements, as these events can leave introverts feeling exhausted and drained.

Introverts are the opposite of extroverts. Extroverts are often described as the life of a party. They seek out interaction and conversations. They aren’t one to miss a social gathering, and they thrive in the frenzy of a busy environment.” (Healthline)

Being introverted, having my guards up does make it hard for me to make friends… or atleast very close friends. I have alot of friends, but maybe not ones who are super close because i never really get to that stage where i let my walls down.

And this does sadden me…. sometimes i feel like i need to change. I need to change who i am. I need to change my personality and try to be someone else… someone more extroverted… someone who has lots of friends… someone who is social all the time. But on the other hand, i tell myself that this is just who i am and i should accept it….

On my recent trip, we were talking about being extroverted and introverted, and everyone else was pretty much an extrovert, even if some were more like me…. slighly held back and maybe not as open and energetic at first. However i was told that i was very introverted…. and even if i am aware of it. It saddened me…. maybe because i feel like i am really trying? And i didn’t feel like i was holding back or being shy, infact… it was the most extroverted, open, friendly and energetic i have been around others. To think that i spent 12 hours a day with a group of people and never once felt tired or drained of energy from being social, instead felt comfortable being myself…. but yet, i still came across as very introverted. They didn’t mean it in a bad way, but it made me sad…. and that was what sparked me to write this post.

To make me realize it is ok to be an introvert. I am ok the way i am. I don’t have to change or try to be anyone else. People like me the way i am… even if it takes time to truly see my personality and true self. I still socialize, i still have friends, i still enjoy meeting new people and being social. But i also want my alone time…. i don’t always have to say what i am thinking, instead sometimes i can just listen…. be someone who people want to talk to or feel like they can talk to me about anything – which is what many people say that they feel when speaking to me.

I am telling myself that i am ok the way i am.

And if you are introverted, just like me…. tell yourself the same thing, that it is ok to be an introvert. Of course… do push yourself to be social, do push yourself to meet new people. When you find the people you feel truly comfortable and yourself around, they will fill you with energy. For me personally, my closest friends and family always give me energy and i can spend hours with them without feeling drained…. Find people who love you for who you are and want to spend time with you. You may feel lonely….

Even if introverts, like myself, love their alone time… love spending time alone and just doing what you want to do. It can get lonely, or it can feel like no one really likes you because you have a small group of friends or never really open up enough to let people know the real you. But remember, try to just be yourself… try to be as open and friendly as you can be with new people. People will like you for who you are, and you don’t need to be someone else… it won’t last anyway. In the past i have tried to be someone else… put on a personality and facade that wasn’t truly me, just because i thought i needed to act a certain way to please others and make them like me. The fact is, it doesn’t work that way. Be true to yourself and accept yourself the way you are….. even if you also need to be honest with yourself and change the habits or personality traits which may be self destructive or harmful to others. I.e just saying that you are a bithco r have a hot temperament as an excuse to be rude to people is not ok… and is instead a personaity trait that can be changed or atleast controlled.

It is ok to be an introvert… we need both introverts and extroverts in society. Just don’t isolate yourself because you feel/are introverted…. you still need to push yourself to be social and step outside of your comfort zone.

Plastic Free July? | Tips & advice | privilege, practical, realistic?

It’s July, and i have noticed on social media there is a “campaign” talk about plastic free July.

I think it is great that we are bringing awareness about plastic and the need for everyone to decrease their use/consumption/buying of plastic. To use alternatives and to demand that products are packaged in other materials than plastic.

You can read more about plastic pollution crisis, HERE. I.e we all need to do something about this…. and if we as consumers show that we want products with less plastic and make active choices. For the sake of the climate and planet, but also for the animals as many animals and marine life are actually dying due to plastic pollution… but even our health is impacted due to the microplastics and BPA.

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I have written previous posts about plastic which may be interesting to read:
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If i am honest, i am not someone who believes in 100% plastic free or zero waste. Even if i like the idea of it…. I just don’t think it is practical for anyone. Unfortunatly, our society uses plastic in SO MANY items… just like with being vegan, there seems to be animal products in almost everything. However, just because there is so much plastic doesn’t mean that it isn’t possible to make a change/difference and decrease your use of plastic.

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It just means some extra planning. You may also need to invest in things such as glass lunch boxes, Metal straws, reusable fresh produce bags, on the go coffee cups/thermos, glass jars,reusable utensils and the list goes on.


You will also need to carry around an extra bag with you incase you need to buy something when you are out and don’t want to purchase a plastic bag. Of course, this is one of the simplest changes you can make… just buy a cheap cotton bag which you can always have in your bigger school/work/gym bag!

Bring your thermos/on the go coffee cup with you so that you don’t buy coffee out… but if you do have to buy coffee out, skip the plastic lid!


I think it is great with the initiativ to decrease plastic use… how it is not always practical or possible for everyone.  There is plastic everywhere. And i am pretty sure i use and purchase items which contains plastic which i had no idea about.

But also …. going plastic free means you may need to invest in certain products/items before you can go fully plastic free. Not to mention, it may mean having to cut out ALOT OF different foods because they contain plastic. If i am honest… almost half the food i buy comes in some form of plastic packaging. When going plastic free you will most likely have to shop at stores which sell products that have very little or no plastic packaging… where you bring your own jars or use brown reusable bags to pack the fresh produce. However… alot of frozen food is then no longer an option. But frozen food (meaning frozen vegetables and fruit, not pizza and fries) which are often cheaper and last longer, arenät an option. But many people don’t actually eat up the fresh produce they buy and have to throw it away, meaning that it isn’t really better.

However… what you could do if you can afford it (and have the space in your freezer), is to buy big 1kg frozen vegetables instead of the small 200g/500g bags… because then you atleast minimize plastic in that way. 



4 examples of plastic:

1 The lid and little inside “lid” in plantbased milks. (Note, cut the little “capsule/lid” when you thro them away so that wildlife don’t get caught in them/eat them)

2: Alot of the food i buy does have plastic… which i do want to become more aware of and limit – as i do have the possibility to do it at times.

3: Everything in that pesto came in a plastic pacakge… apart from the garlic

4: Eevn the glassfood boxes i bought came with plastic.

Also, you can’t forget that if someone is living on minimum wage the most important thing for them is to find some form of cheap food to be able to eat…. not whether it is plastic free, vegan or nutritious.

Going plastic free is a privelage in a sense… I live in Sweden and have the possibility as well as somewhat economical possibility to make choices. I can buy food in bulk and without plastic when possible. I can bring my own bag to the grocery store and invest in glasslunchboxes and metal staws. I can bring my own freshproduce bags and skip the plastic bag that is usually used when buying fruit and vegetables in bulk.



I can choose between buying lentils in a cardboard package or plastic package. I can choose to not buy a food because it has lots of plastic packaging – because i know i can buy other food. I can take the time to walk/travel to another store just because they have more fresh produce which is loose/buy in bulk. Some months i can spend the extra money on making more plastic free choices. It is a privilige which not everyone has.


However… i can’t avoid all plastic. It would not be possible for me to buy all my food plastic free. Not to mention, i take medication which i need daily that comes in/is packaged in plastic… there is no plastic free alternative.

I can of course make active choices when possible.

But what about disabled people… there are certain foods which may have extra packaging because it is easier for someone who is disabled.

I think when possible we should all try to limit plastic… example, does the product with a cardboard/nonplastic package cost 1dollar more than the option with plastic… then it is worth tat 1 dollar… according to me anyway.

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Can you skip the small portion packages of food and instead buy in bulk? Can you skip the Nescafe coffee capsules and instead use a coffee press/coffee beans? (in all honesty, i think these coffee capsules should be banned). Can you buy fresh produce in bulk using a paper bag or your own fresh produce bag? Can you buy the frozen berries in a cardboard pacakge instead of plastic pacakge? Can you skip the plastic lid when ordering coffee on the go?


Just because we can’t do something perfectly or can’t do it all… doesn’t mean we can’t try. Can’t go completely vegan? Well you can still eat as vegetarian as possible and not buy products with animals products (such as fur, leather, wool), as well as buying cruelty free. Can’t go completely plastic free? Well you can still decrease use of plastic when possible. Can’t go zero waste/minimalist? Well you can still try to limit waste and clutter when possible. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing, 0 or 100. We can just do our best and what is possible.

I also think it is important for us all to ask ourselves… do we not make these changes because we don’t want to or because we can’t? There is a difference. Many people don’t even try to limit plastic or try to eat more vegetarian because they don’t want to… even if they can. Whereas there are many who are in situations where they actually can’t make those choices but might want to.

So if you are in a situation where you actually can make choices and changes that are better for the climate, planet, animals… then i think you should. It doesn’t have to make a huge impact in your life, but may make a huge impact for the planet and climate if everyone made those small changes.

You can read more about plastic and plastic pollution in the links below:

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The worlds plastic pollution criss explained  *highly recommend you read*

100 steps to a plastic free life

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How to gain weight on a plantbased diet

Gaining weight as a vegan/eating plantbased.

There is alot of talk about a plantbased diet having alot of health benefits and alot of talk about weightloss on a plantbased diet. But not everyone wants to or needs to lose weight….

So how do you gain weight on a plantbased diet? Well…. just like with all weight gain, you need to eat at a calorie surplus. Meaning, more calories in than out.

This can be harder on a plantbased diet as typically vegan food is lower in calories and contains alot of fiber which can leave you feeling full. But it’s not impossible to gain weight while eating plantbased. It just means eating more energy dense foods to help you eat more calories withiut feeling overly full.

Meal one and two are large portions, but not so many calories (aside from maybe the avocado.. but even then.. half an avocado really isn’ät that much energy when you need to gain weight. Then it would be better to eat one full avocado, along with adding some rice/pasta/potatoes or even some dressing to the meals on the toop. ) Whereas the bottom two meals aren’t huge portions but have more energy which can be more beneficial to eat when weightgain is your goal. All four of these meals can be part of a healthy diet whether you just want to main weight, lose weight or gain weight.. it is about the portion size you eat as well as how your diet is in total. So even if one meal may have alot of calories, that doesn’t mean you will gain weight… it is about the total energy intake and expenditure … not  just one meal. These meals were just examples how if you eat alot of low calorie vegetables you get alot of volume but not so much energy, which may be great for some people while not so great for others.

So how to gain weight while eating plantbased?

Increasing portion sizes… and i don’t mean increasing the amount of fruit or vegetables you eat. But increase the amount of potatoes, pasta, rice, bulgur etc you have on your plate. If you don’t eat those foods you may want to implement them in your diet! They are great sources of carbs and nutrition!

If you just increase and add vegetables all you will do is increase your satiety and fullness without contributing the extra energy you need to gain weight.

When i first went vegan i ended up losing a bunch of weight for different reasons, but one of them was that i ended up eating just a bunch of fruit when i went vegan. And didn’t realise i needed to really increase my portion sizes… which is something i have noticed other vegans forget when they first decide to eat plantbased or go vegan. Also.. don’t forget to replace the food you take away. Find alternatives. (Post: Substituting food – but not with the same nutrients? | Vegan )

Below are some of the tips that helped me to gain weight while eating plantbased. But also overall recommendations and guidelines for when you need to gain weight.

If you don’t already eat snacks, it can be a good idea to eat 1-3 snacks a day along with your 3 main meals.

Example of some good snacks. Bread with avocado. Nuts and seeds. Chia seed pudding with nut butter or nuts and seeds. Yoghurt with granola. Smoothie/milkshake with banana,oats, plantbased milk and nut butter. Bread with peanut butter and jam, or peanut butter and banana.  Dates with peanut butter.

Increasing your intake of healthy fats such as avocado, nuts, seeds, nut butter, full fat plantbased dairy products, frying in oil. As a vegan it can be beneficial to increase your intake of rapeseed oil or flaxseed oil as they contain alot of omega 3 which is an essential fatt acid, and can be harder to get on a plantbased diet. However, flaxseed oil shouldn’t be heated so can instead be added to smoothies or part of sauces or dressing. However, choose the oil you like best flavourwise so you enjoy the food you eat as well.

If possible, drink some plantbased milk as part of snacks or along with meals. Not only will it give you some extra energy, if you choose the fortified options it will give you more calcium, iron, b12 and even D vitamin.

Don’t be scared to eat some extra dessert, chocolate, candy or fries. When you are eating at a surplus, you have more room for extra foods. Of course you can still eat those foods even when you just want to maintain your weight, but when gaining weight you can eat more of them.

Try to increase the size of your main meals if possible, and make sure to include protein, carbs and fat for each meal… and some vegetables if you have the space in your stomach for those as well!

Example meals: Fried tofu, quinoa, avocado/hummus and some broccoli.

Bean pasta with lentil bolognese including black beans and carrots as well as avocado on top or maybe some vegan cheese or creme fraiche.

Vegan burgers, from soy meat or beans, potatoes and sauce of choice.

Vegan vegetable lasagne, or lasagne made using soy meat.

Pesto pasta with broccoli.

Those were just some example meals!

Other tips… make creamy dishes. Such as potato salad. Creamy pasta salad. Creamy pasta dishes. Use plantbased cream or margarine in your meals when you can.

If you need to gain weight, just eating fruit or raw salads or raw vegetables isn’t enough.

Gaining weight while eating healthy?

I know many want to gain weight in a healthy manner, and eating oil/margarine/vegan cheese/vegan cream can all be part of a healthy diet and healthy weight gain. It can be very hard to gain weight eating just extra beans, potatoes and avocado… even if it is still possible, it may not be the most fun as you may feel overly full. However, if you snack alot on nuts and seeds as well as nut butter, or make example raw food balls or raw food cakes and add alot of avocado to your meals it can help with the weight gain.

Also, you may feel full or feel like you can’t eat bigger portions or more food… but give your body time to adapt. You may spend 1-3 weeks feeling a little overly full when you are first adjusting to eating more, but eventually your body should adapt. It can also be good to not go overboard on fiber rich foods when you have the goal to gain weight as all the fiber can make your stomach go a little crazy, as well as making you feel full.


Weight gain does usually take time and doesn’t happen overnight. Enjoy the food you are eating, and try to look forward to eating more frequent meals or bigger portions!

Many people are dieting and trying to lose weight so it can feel tough to have to do the opposite, but see the positives in weightgain. Being able to eat more, eat alot of food, hopefully feel more energetic and stronger, and also the health benefits of weight gain if it is something your body needs!

If you have any questions regarding this topic or other nutrition related posts, don’t forget to comment below and i will do my best to answer!

My workout routine| June 2019

Recently i have been getting quite alot of questions regarding my workout routine and also people wanting different workout schedules/programs.

And well, instead of answering everyone seperatly, i thought i might as well do an update of my workout routine on here.

Regarding workout schedules and programs, i don’t personally do them… even if i have taken courses regarding exercise and planning exercise routines, i am more focused on nutrition and feel more comfortable with health coaching and nutrition plans. So for workout schedules, there are plenty of amazing people out there who have more knowledge in creating workout programs!

So how is my workout plan at the moment? Well …. my workouts go in phases.


Sometimes i have lots of time to workout, sometimes i have little time to workout.

Sometimes i have lots of motivation to workout, othertimes i have barely any motivation to workout.

Sometimes all i want to do is lift heavy weights and other times i just want to run.

And other times all i want to do is go for walks.

After a phase of just wanting to run and go for walks, i am now back into my strength training phase and just wanting to lift weights.

It is kind of nice to vary and to be able to do different forms of exercise. Just going to the gym and lifting weights X times a week for 10 years straight doesn’t appeal to me. I need some sort of variation in my workouts so that i don’t just do the same thing over and over as that gets rather boring.

Recently i haven’t actually had that much time to workout, so i have gone to the gym around 3 times a week and other days just gone for walks. But typically i try to go to the gym every second day, so around 4 days a week works well for me in my life right now. And the days i don’t lift weights at the gym i go for walks – usually, unless i have a long 8 hour work shift then i am often too tired, as i am on my feet working for 7 of the 8 hours.

So what do i do when i lift weights/strength train? Well, i still do the typical “body builder” type of training where i workout muscle groups. I do personally think that workouts life crossfit or functional training is the most optimal… where you work your whole body and do both strength and cardio in the same workout or movements. Those exercises and workouts are more beneficial for health and function…. training biceps and triceps isn’t exactly what you need in everyday life unless you have a job where you need alot of arm strength. But typically a “Body builder” workout does build strength and muscle but is also about aesthetics.

However my goal is neither to get stronger, i.e i don’t always press myself to max to get stronger. And my goal is neither to have visible abs and boulder shoulders…. i mostly just workout for health and because i enjoy it.


So my workouts are very much based on what i want to workout that day… i don’t have any set program i follow. Typically though in a week i would do 1 back session, 1 leg session, 1 upperbody session (i.e shoulders, biceps and triceps) and 1 cardio and abs session. And do a warm up/run/cardio when i feel like it. The schedule and exercises i do vary.. but if i just workout at the gym 2 times in a week then i would do an upperbody and lowerbody session as i like to workout all my muscle groups in one week anyway.

So that is pretty much my schedule at the moment. During summer this will change as i may be out in the sun more doing runs or walks, or if i have long work shifts i may not workout at all due to time/energy levels. I don’t usually plan my workouts beforehand either… i plan my workout when i get to the gym.

However i do usually try to plan what times/what days i can workout at the start of each week. Somedays it is early sessions before school and other days it is late sessions after dinner, all depends on what i am doing in the day. And somedays i plan to workout after lunch/after school but have things to do or am too tired and then i head home instead. And somedays i sleep past my alarm and miss my planned morning workout… that’s just life.

I make sure that my workouts are based on enjoyment and because i want to do them and never force myself to workout, however i do make sure to get some fresh air and move my body each day (as long as i am not super sick or injured). But i don’t have any minimum time i have to workout, sometimes a 20 minute walk is enough.


So there you see my workout routine as of May/June 2019 🙂

I do want to get into more functional/crossfit style workouts again, because as i mentioned i do think they are the most beneficial, especially for health. Not to mention super fun. And in the future i would like to run some OCR/obstacle couse races such as tough mudder. And also to begin running more often/regularly and not just have it as a phase thing.

I would love to know HOW do YOU workout? What’s your workout routine? 🙂

Graduation day | Health promotion with focus nutrition

After 3,5 years at university, whereof 3 years studying health promotion with focus on nutrition, it is finally coming to an end.

These three years have gone SOO quick. Trust me, when you first begin university it may feel like a lifetime until you graduate and are done… but it will go by so quickly. Three years anyway… if you study 5 or 7 years, of course it will feel like it never ends. But even then, i have heard people who study 5 years to do a masters and say that the time at university went far too quickly.

Today is my graduation day… hopefully get my bachelors in health promotion. Though i won’t know until summer whether i have passed or not with my final bachelors essay.

In three years alot can happen. I feel like a completely different person compared to the girl i was autumn 2016 and first started the program.


^When i moved to Gothenburg, autumn 2016^^

2016 – new start

I moved to a new city… on my own. Wanting a new fresh start.

I had only been in Gothenburg once before where i spent a two day weekend with my boyfriend at the time… and i fell in love with the city.

Moving to a new city is scary… especially when you don’t know anyone. When you don’t have any contacts and don’t know where you will live. How to travel around the city.

Read more about this HERE: moving to a new city to study| life change and 8 tips for moving to a new city

I had moved out and lived with a roommate earlier, when i was studying at Uppsala univeristy, though i just had a 60-90 minute journey back home if i wanted to see my family. Now i was going to be 4 hours away by train.

However, i have always been so independant that that never bothered me… mostly i knew i would miss my dog. Which i very much have these past 3 years.

There are alot of fears moving to a new city and starting a new university program. Would i make any friends? Would i like the program? Would i feel lonely? Would i like the new city? etc etc I had to face alot of fears and step outside of my comfort zone alot when i first started university and moved to a new city.


Did i always know i wanted to study this program?

I have had doubts about my program… often wondered if maybe i should study the dietititan program instead. But in the end, i am very happy i have studied this program… and i do have plans to continue studying… to learn more about coaching, psychology, eating behaviour, leadership, sports nutrition and maybe do a masters in nutrition. Three and a half years at university but i still doubt that i have enough knowledge. Or well, i know i have enough knowledge… i know that my knowledge in nutrition and exercise and health promotion is adequate and higher than the average person… but i guess i am just not done studying or learning.

I love learning…. not so much the stress involved with assignments and exams. But learning more information which i can then share with others and use to help others is what i love. So i am not done with studying, even if i am done with my bachelors.

My university program

Many people are interested in what program i studied and it was “Health promotion with focus nutrition”, and i have written some posts about what i have learnt and my thoughts about the program, HERE: & HERE, which you can read.

My overall thoughts… it is a good program. You learn information about alot of different areas from nutrition, coaching, motivational interviewing (an evidence based counselling style that is usually used when helping people to change behaviours), sports nutrition, biochemistry, health promotion and the list goes on.

Compared to the dietitian program, we have focused alot on health promotion. I.e working with healthy people to keep them healthy. Promoting health and working on “health factors” instead of so called “risk factors”. In the dietitian program they learn more about how to work with sick people and people with different diagnoses. With my knowledge i can work with people who are sick to a certain extent… however we don’t really have the right knowledge to work with nutrition advice regarding certain illnesses and then it is better that the client is sent to a dietitian with more knowledge in those areas of nutrition.

So what can I, and the others in my class work with after this program? Well… we don’t really have a license like dietitians do. However we have qualifications to work with nutrition, exercise, health, health promotion, lifestyle changes etc

Careers can vary from having your own business and doing health coaching, doing lectures, working in health care centres, working in schools, working with businesses, creating mealplans or even working with food. The list goes on…. just from the wide range of internships that people did in my class shows how many different career options there are for us.

Not to mention that there is more and more attention focused on the health for qualified healthcoaches and people focused on promoting health. More and more people are getting sick due to lifestyle related illnesses, and i definitely think people with a similar university degree/program can have a huge impact in helping people improve their health.

What happens now?

It is so crazy to think that these 3 years are over, and it does send me into slight panic mode. I must admit… i feel like i have been constantly stressed these past 3 years, hahah. Which isn’t a good thing. But i have the same feeling as i did after graduation from highschool where you are left thinking…what happens now? What do i do now? Do i work… do i study… how do i get from A to B? What am i doing with my life? Am i on the right path?

So many questions and no answers…. I don’t know where i will be in 5 years time or what i will be doing with my life, or how my life will look like then. But i don’t want to worry about it either.

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting and food

This summer my goal is to just work at the foodstore i currently work at. Focus on my social media work with my blog, instagram and YouTube. And also work on some side projects i want to try to build up. And also begin with lectures, maybe doing health coaching and also applying for nutrition/health related jobs. I don’t know how my autumn will look like… but this summer i know i just want a break from school because these past months have been stressful with school and my bachelors essay.

My advice to others:

All i can say from my experience is…. Dare to try something new. Apply to that university course or program. Dare to move to that new city. It is ok if you realize that the first course or program isnät for you… that happened to me. The first time i started university and moved away from home it didn’t turn out as expected. I didn’t make friends, i felt lonely and didn’t have any fun at university. But the second time rount it was better.

It is ok if you study 3 years and realize you hare passionate about something else. You are not a failure. You have still learnt things, gotten experience and realized what you don’t want to do.

Just dare to try. Things may not work out as planned, but that’s life.

I had to move a bunch of times before i finally got my own student apartment. I didn’t makke friends at first when i started university the seocnd time around. I have felt lonely. I have doubted my program and whether i should continue studying.

But for the majority of the time i have enjoyed studying and enjoyed my university experience.

Also, i am so thankful that in Sweden it is free to study. Of course, i have taken a student loan to be able to afford to pay rent/food/etc and not have to work fulltime as well as study… but atleast i don’t need to pay to actually go to unversity, which i am very thankful for.

So… this long post finally comes to an end. All i can say is that i am so happy to finally graduate and have my degree *hopefully*… but at the same time i really don’t feel ready and like time has gone too quick.

Also, i know i haven’t written so many personal posts recently… i used to share my monthly goals and life updates… but with all the school and work stress i have had recently i stopped doing that. But i felt i atleast wanted to share this update in my life 🙂 For those of you who have followed me for the past few years 🙂 And hopefully you will stick around for the next few years as well!


Full but not satisfied? | Plantbased diet | Nutritionpost

A question i have recieved numerous times over the years is, “i never feel satisfied after eating”. This is especially related to a plantbased diet.

This is something i have felt before… where you feel a physical fullness and not really that you are hungry, but you aren’t satisfied. Something is missing.

And the fact is… there most likely is something missing from your diet in total which is giving you that feeling of not being satisfied.


Many people who ask this question i have noticed are either 1) eating very restrictive diets with very little food, or 2) eating big portions but alot of vegetables either raw or cooked.

To feel satisfied after a meal it is not just about eating a huge volume of food or feeling physically full, but it is about getting in all the food groups and even different textures and tastes help with satisfaction.

Example, if you eat a raw food meal that is mostly salad and watery vegetables you will be lacking in both healthy fats and protein and even relatively low on carbohydrates and salt (unless you season with salt). So even if you feel full from the huge salad you ate, you haven’t actually gotten alot of energy into you and neither have you gotten energy from all the macronutrients.


And the same goes if you eat a monomeal example just fruit, or just potatoes, or even eating a simple meal like beans and rice may leave you feeling unsatisfied but full. And that is because you are lacking both in macronutrients but even different tastes and textures that can help satisfy you.

So first off… eating a monomeal or rawfoodsalad from time to time is not a problem, somedays you just want a fresh salad for a meal or you just want to eat fruit. You don’t have to have all tastes, textures and macronutrients in each meal. The important thing is what you do overtime. So even if you just eat fruit for a whole week or just raw food for a whole week it is “ok”… maybe not the most optimal nutrition and in the long term can cause issues with nutrient deficiencies, digestive issues or huge cravings which i will talk more about below.

If you are eating restrictevly in some way, whether it is retrictive in food groups or restrictive in calores, or both… eventually you will begin to get cravings. You won’t feel sastisfied after a meal.


So if you are in this situation, my best recommendation is to:

1) Eat varied with foods. Eat from all food groups meaning you get carbs from example oats, beans, lentils, whole grain bread and pasta, rice, quinoa and the list goes on

2) You get protein from ex: tofu, seitan, tempeh, beans, lentils, peas, oats, soy protein etc

3) You get fat from healthy sources such as: avocado, nuts, seeds, rapeseed oil, olive oil

Eating more regular meal times and not eating huge amounts of low energy, high volume foods such as salad/raw vegetables, and instead making sure to actually eat foods that provide more energy and different flavours can give you more satisfaction after a meal.


Remember that fats provide you with energy which is needed for a healthy body, but also help you feel full for longer. Not to mention it adds flavour to your meals. (Read more about why you need fat here)

And protein is important for your whole body and even to help you feel full (which may not be the actual problem when you feel full but not satisfied. However, protein can also help you feel more satisfied after a meal as it adds essential nutrients and energy to your meals) (More about protein here &food combining as a vegan )

And carbohydrates provide energy, nutrients and fiber and can leave you more satisfied than  if you example eat zoodles instead of noodles or use cauliflower rice instead of rice . By cutting out carbs you also cut out important vitamins and minerals and you lower your energy intake which can leave you feeling unsatisfied and hungry. Of course… for some situations maybe cutting down on carbs a little or doing 50/50 rice and cauliflower rice or 50/50 zoodles and noodles maybe beneficial, but completly cutting out carbohydrates for a long period of time is not recommended. Post about: carbs and why we need them


And lastly… adding more textures to your meals can help with satisfaction, as well as combining sweet and salty. Granted, not everyone likes sweet and salty in the same meal… but sometimes if you eat a very sweet meal you may notice you crave something more savoury and salty afterwards. Thoiugh this is individual, not everyone gets salty cravings after a sweet meal.  However, note… constantly having sweet cravings can be a sign of not getting enough energy or carbohydrates, or maybe you are not getting enough sleep. (Post: Constantly craving sweets and chocolate )

So, to end this post. Look over your diet and how you eat….. are you lacking in a food group? Are you eating high volumes of food but very little energy? Is there a certain taste that is lacking from your diet (salt, sweet, bitter, sour, umami)?

Hopefully this post helps you and don’t be afraid to change your diet or way of eating and see if that works better! If you constantly have cravings or you never feel satisfied after eating, then you need to make a change to your diet or look over how you eat and see if something is missing!

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