Always productive and always busy?

Hello and good morning 🙂

I try to always be honest and open on my social media. Open about the fact that i don’t workout everyday. Open about the fact that i don’t eat just vegetables or have the most “perfect diet” (even if there is no such thing as a perfect diet.). Open about my struggles and the fact that i don’t always drink enough water, i can forget to take my medication and that i far too often stay up too late and drink too much coffee.

I am a human and i try to show those sides as well –  even if i am not proud of them. I wish i was the type of person who went to bed at 10pm and drank more water and less coffee.

However i sometimes think i can give off this image that i am always busy, always productive, always working. (Or who knows, maybe i don’t give off that image and you are all smart enough to know that i am not always productive/busy.).

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I do admit, i am in a period of my life where i am working/studying alot and the majority of my days is spent studying, researching, reading or writing and the times i don’t have my head stuck in a course book or researching, then i am most likely cooking food or trying to edit a video. At the moment, it is mostly the latter though.

However, even if i am in a period where i do need to be very productive and work hard… i also have my times where i don’t do anything. Of course, my “doing nothing” may be different from someone elses “doing nothing”, but i have days where i mostly just watch series and there is 0 chance of me opening a word document or a course book.

Today is one of those days where i know that i am not going to do anything productive. After 4 days of studying long hours, i woke up today (Friday) and it was like i had this cloud in my head and this heavy tired feeling. I woke up at 7am, dragged myself out of bed to make coffee and then got back into bed where i just sort of snoozed/scrolled on social media for the next 2 hours. Generally i am the type of person who gets up, and starts my day as soon as possible. But we all have days where we just need to rest mentally and/or physically.


Typically i do feel anxious if i don’t have productive days. I feel like i am wasting time that i should be doing something productive and beneficial and not just watching YouTube or series. However…. i am also reminding myself that we all need mental rest days.

The days you wake up and know right from the start that your brain is not going to take in any information, that you have 0 motivation to study, then you should just take a break. (Of course, if that is you everyday then maybe you should try to do a little reading/revision anyway i.e doing a little everyday is better than doing 72 hours straight before the exam or essay is due.)

Anyway, i just wanted to share this because i think i can give off this image that i am always busy when that isn’t always the case. I choose to just show certain things i do in my day/life, but there is so much else in my life/day which i don’t share online which of course can lead to a skewed image of myself as maybe i portray myself differently than how i actually am.

Those were just my morning thoughts 🙂

And i want to thank everyone who takes the time to click in on my blog and read my posts – even if i haven’t been so active on here with writing or replying to comments. Hopefully in December (or the end of January!)i will be more active on here again, but for now it is just to try to get through the next month before it – hopefully – lessens a little with the workload!


My 10 best study tips | Balancing uni, social media and work

From an early age, i have always loved studying.

It’s not so much studying i like, it is learning which i love. I love feeling smart, i love learning new facts and i love when i begin to understand what i am learning, and make the connection between one topic with another. When you begin to understand how different things go together.

Studying is something i would say you get better at the more you do it.

Of course, not everyone likes studying and some people may naturally just be better at it than others. They can easier focus and concentrate. But also it depends on WHAT you are studying. If you find languages easier to study and learn then you may find studying science or math extremely difficult and vice versa. So maybe you are amazing at studying the subjects you enjoy and are good at, and not as good at studying the subjects you struggle with.

I have recently been asked about my best study tips, which i shared on my instagram, but also have to balance life when studying at university.

And i can say… it is not always easy.

Life at university can be very different from week to week according to me. Some weeks you have 1 lecture and lots of at home reading to do, other weeks you have lectures 8-5pm and have assignments on top of that. And some weeks you just have essays and group work and no lectures.

So how and where you study – and how much time you have for other things in your life depends alot on what course you are studying and how mcuh work the course includes.

Some weeks i have more time to be at home, go to the gym, watch YouTube etc and other weeks i leave the house at 7am and don’t return until after 6pm and don’t get the chance to go to the gym or do anything else but study.

That is sort of my life right now. I am studying 200%, i.e 3 courses at the same time. It is very intense as there are assignments, essays and tests all at the same time. And while studying i am also working as well as running my social media, so if my blog is lacking you know the reason why.

So how do i balance studying and everything else in life? Priortize, plan and structure up your life.

Buy a calender and write down all the due dates. Make to do lists.

Focus on what is most important – due date first.

Plan your days. I.e on Monday between x-y you focus on Z, then afterwards you focus on A-B. On Tuesday you focus on C-D etc etc 

Of course, you are only human and the plan doesn’t always workout. I.e maybe you wake up sick or you feel extremely demotivated and nothing will stay in your brain, then you need to change the plan and that is ok. 

Take away the things that don’t give you anything/you just waste time on/aren’t helpful. I.e for me at the moment, i basically don’t have time to watch any series or YouTube. I do take breaks, but then i prefer to listen to podcasts or go for a walk or take a shower or just bake – things which are more productive, This is just right now, otherwise i love watching YouTube and series, but at the moment it is something i don’t have time for.

Do take breaks and take time for yourself. And make sure to sleep! Usually when you are busy or stressed, sleep is the first thing people cut out on. But that is one of the worst things you can do, instead it will make you less effective and productive. Make sure to get 7-9 hours sleep, and instead just be more effective in the hours you are working.

Meal prep! Take 1-2 hours 2 times a week to meal prep – it is so worth it. And your meal prep can abe as simple as a pasta salad, or make a one pot lentil soup which doesn’t take alot of time.

If possible – walk places. This can take more time than public transport, but if you have the time it is a good way to get in some daily exercise if you don’t have time to workout.

Those are just some of the tips i could think of right now which i hope help! 

Below are some of my best study tips:

1) find your best way of studying. I.e do you study best when alone or when studying in group? At home or in the library? With or without music? Etc Find what works best for you. Typically, having a quiet place where you can sit and concentrate is the most efficient – also in an inspiring setting can be helpful. (I.e sitting in a completely white, silent room may not be so inspiring)
2) Find which way you learn best. (For most people it’s a combo of seeing/hearing/discussing/writing about the topic.) For me, i learn best by note taking and then answering questions about the topic and trying to teach out to others.
3) Priortize and organize – focus on the thing that is most important/due first. It’s easy to get caught up in small extra things and forget about the assignment which needs to be done first!

4) Flash cards and clear notes makes a huge difference!! Also, take notes during your lecture… trust me, you won’t remember what was said and you will regret not writing it down. It’s better to take too many notes then too little-
5) Also remember to not just memorize facts-but to actually try to learn. I.e it’s easy to just memorize and then forget the information after the exam… but by really trying to understand it can make it easier to remember!
6) don’t be scared to ask questions or ask for help! If you are stuck, discussing with a teacher or classmates can help alot!
7) Exercising really does help with creativity and studying!
8) Turn off your phone/notifications and put your phone away to not get distracted 📵
9) Take breaks and remember to eat enough to fuel your mind! Also don’t forget to drink water!
10) make a plan for your studying. It’s better to study a little everyday, read a few pages everyday than to sit 8 hours straight 2 days a week.