November goals, life update & life thoughts and my current inspiration

Hello and good morning everyone 🙂 Or well, not sure it can still be considered morning when i am writing this post.

It feels like a long time ago i actually wrote anything about my life on here or maybe that’s just me. As usual, there really isn’t much to update about my life, hence why i haven’t written much about it.

Just trying to get through my school work load, which has consisted of far too much work and litteratur reading – but that’s what happens when you love learning and decide to study 3 courses at once. But soon it will be over.

At the moment it is full focus on studying for an exam which i have next week, and after that, my next course starts which will be in exercise nutrition. And hopefully i will have atleast a little more time for other things – because right now i am mostly spending my days infront of the computer taking notes and studying. This of course means that pretty much everything else in my life hasn’t been a priority. But that’s just life at the moment!

Now it is a new month and only two more months of the year left…. a year that has flown by incredibly fast. I am looking forward to 2019, but it will also be the year of changes…. in spring i will be done with my bachelors and hopefully get my degree. Maybe start working – where i don’t know. Having to move and find a new apartment if i stop studying. Where i want to live… i don’t know.

Yesterday (Thursday), i met with my step dad and had dinner and we began talking alot about the future…. how things happen and change which you have no idea or had never planned for. My goals and plans which i have now, may be completely different in 10 years time. Where i think i will be in 10 years time, i may not be there at all. I mean, if you had asked me at the age of 16 what i would be doing with my life – or where i would be at the age of 22, i would have said something completely different.


I know what i want and what i want to achieve, but i am also open to new and different possibilities and the fact that things might not go the way i had planned or thought.


What i do know is that i want to have my own apartment – somewhere, not sure where. I want to adopt a beagle (one night i was up until 3 just looking at dogs to adopt, and found the cutest beagles from Ireland which needed to be adopted. And i was very close to sending an adoption application. Realistically i could have a dog now. Though i also need to think long term, and the fact that i might want to travel or live somewhere else. And i don’t know where i will live in the future and if i will be allowed dogs. Of course, my parents could take care of the dog. But it is a huge responsibility as well as costs alot with food, insurance etc and you need to have the time, which i don’t know if i have. But in the future i know i will adopt atleast one dog.)


Also i want to help people with their health, mindset, balance. Whether i do that through my own business or through another company ,i don’t know yet. But i know that in someway i want to help people – and just to start believing in myself that i can help people.


Sometimes i feel like i am not doing enough and i think, “why don’t i have a successful career like other people?” forgetting the fact that i am only 22 and in school, studying for my bachelors. I don’t need to have my own business and successful career on the side. It’s easy for me to compare myself to people who are 30+ and are doing what i want to do in the future, and i think….”why don’t i have that as well? Why am i not doing what they are doing?” forgetting that they are focusing 100% on their businesses and career while i am still in school, focusing 200% on studying. Not to mention that they are older and have had their failures and sucesses – but all i see are their successes, forgetting that they have had set backs and tough times and failures.


Sometimes i think i am far too hard on myself – i am definitely an overachiever. But i am learning to be kind to myself and knowing that i am doing my best, even if i often think i am not doing enough. But that just leads to stress and negativity and not taking time to think about what i am actually doing and giving myself credit and praise.

One thing i am so thankful over is my family. The support i get from them is amazing, and the conversations i had with my step dad was exactly what i needed. To give me some perspective and also my mum who reminds me that i need to just take a moment to be kind to myself and give myself praise – instead of always thinking about the things i am not doing or thinking about what i haven’t achieved. My family have always supported me, and been there for me, as well as they all give me so much inspiration. We may have different paths and careers in life, but my sister is inspiring me so much with all her hard work with both her studies and now career. And my mum and step dad inspire me by always wanting to grow, continue to learn and progress in everything they do. Studying courses to keep learning and getting more knowledge!

So after this long post – needing to share my thoughts.

What are my goals for this month and rest of the year?

To be kind to myself. To give myself praise and credit. To take time for self care weekly. To stop doubting myself. Also keep being social and meeting new people – not letting my anxiety get the better of me. Keep staying positive. Stay in contact with my family – talk to them atleast once a week and not let it go several weeks like it has the past while. Also try to get into a regular sleep schedule again i.e there have been far too many late nights which has led to me sleeping past my alarm.


These are just some of my goals.. .i would love to know some of your goals for the month and rest of the year?:)

**Attached are some of the inspiration pictures i have found recently and wanted to share*



Are tattoos vegan? & what aftercare to use on your tattoos

Hello and good morning everyone 🙂

So after 7 weeks of waiting since i booked the appointment and more than 6 months of knowing i wanted the tattoo it was finally time for my appointment. Apart from having to know what i wanted and being certain of it, i also had to do my research into whether the tattoo parlour i was going to was vegan or not.

You may not know this, but getting a tattoo isn’t s vegan friendly unfortunately, it seemed like there were 101 extra things to think about getting a tattoo as a vegan compared to before when i wasn’t vegan. However i had done my research and i went back to the same place i went in autumn where i knew the girl did tattoos with vegan products.

So why aren’t tattoos vegan?

If you want an in depth text then it is best to read THIS post by bitesizevegan.

Some inks used contain animal products such as bone char, glycerin from animal fat, shellac from beetles etc However from my understanding now a days it is alot more common with vegan ink than it is with non vegan ink. Though i think the colour red, or certain coloured ink contains animal products so coloured tattoos are more likely to not be vegan.

But then there is also the whole process of the tattoo. Such as the jelly/vaseline used on the skin while they are tattooing, the transfer paper (i.e where the stencil is drawn on and put on your skin) can contain lanolin which comes from sheep wool but also the razor which is used has a moisturizing strip which contains glycerin. All of these things which you really wouldn’t think about and have no idea about.

Now a days there are more vegan tattoo artists appearing and you can always talk to your tattoo artist or if you are someone who is serious about tattoos but the tattoo artist doesn’t use vegan products, then you can always buy vegan transfer paper, the jelly used while tattooing and just shave the area yourself and just do your best to make the tattoo as vegan as possible!

And then there is the aftercare which requires a cream to help the tattoo (which is actually a wound!) heal. I still have an old aftercare product from before i was vegan so i will continue to use that this time and next time i get a tattoo i will most likely buy a new one which will then be vegan…. so i won’t advise the one i am using now, however below are some vegan alternatives you can buy instead 🙂

Lush ultrabalm is one of the first ones i found when i google searched and according to vegan groups i am in, it is supposedly very good!


Hustle Butter – another one which was mentioned often in certain vegan facebook groups!

After Inked


Hopefully this helps you if you are interested in getting a tattoo and are vegan.. or even if you aren’t vegan maybe you can consider these things? 🙂 But most importantly, talk with your tattoo artist! This was the first time i booked and waited several weeks for my appointment, the other 5 tattoos i have just gone spontaneously to the parlour and gotten a time, but i am so happy with the result and those 7 weeks of waiting gave me alot of thinking time so i could be fully sure it was what i wanted… but then again i don’t regret any of my other tattoos and still love them just as much! And all of my tattoos i have thought about them for several months/year, before actually doing them so none of them have been so spontaneous and they all have a reason behind them. However now after 6 tattoos i’m realising not all tattoos need to have a special meaning or reasoning haha!

Also to answer the question whether the tattoo hurt? No, surprisingly not at all. However i don’t think i am the best person to ask as i have a high pain tolerance but it was almost relaxing to just lie there and talk or lie there and just think! None of my tattoos have hurt so much, only a little when i had it done on my ribs where there it is very thin skin. The areas which have more fat and muscle such as the thigh and arm really don’t hurt so much, but areas where it is thin skin such as the neck, ribs, knees, feet, that is where it can hurt more. However pain is individual and if you are stressed or anxious it can hurt more or if you just think it will hurt alot then it will more than likely hurt more than necessary haha.

If you want me to write more about tattoos or such just comment below 🙂