Why am I not blogging anymore?

Not sure how to start this post… with hello?

Over the last few weeks i have been getting quite a few messages from people wondering why i am no longer blogging on here… or why it is mostly recipes.

First off, it is lovely to hear that you care and miss my posts… it does mean alot!

And well, the short answer to the question is…there is no time.

But if i am honest with myself, that is not the real or full answer. Sure, not having alot of time left for blogging is definitely one of the reasons i haven’t been able to blog. But if i truly wanted to blog, i would make time for it. If i can write and share recipes, then i should be able to write a few non recipe related posts as well?


However, i just haven’t been motivated or inspired. There hasn’t been any creativity left for blog posting recently. Haven’t known what to write about, and sometimes it feels like i end up just writing about the same things over and over.

Many want to read more about eating disorder recovery posts, and i understand that. But it also feels a little like i have done that in the past, and one of the reasons for changing blogs was to not write so much about it. Sure, i still want to help and share advice posts… but i am also trying to do that in video format on my YouTube at the moment. (My channel, HERE).

It also feels like i have written so many posts about eating disorder recovery, shared all the advice i could and it is easier to just refer to old posts instead of writing new ones.

And with nutrition posts, which have also been requested… well i just haven’t known what to share. I’ve been stuck in a battle of… what could i share that isn’t already available online? As well as feeling…How much free information can i give away? For the past 10 years i have been blogging for free, so much time and energy dedicated to writing blog posts, sharing advice, answering emails and of course… helping people is SO MUCH MORE important than money. But there also comes a time when I have to realise that i can’t give away all the information i learn at my university course and from all the hours spent studying… because in the end, why would anyone want to hire me as a health coach or a lecturer(?) or even to buy ebooks from me if everything is already available online for free? I hope that makes sense! Of course… that doesn’t mean i will never write nutrition or advice posts again… most of all i just need to find inspiration again and find my creativity.

For those of you who don’t know, i am writing my bachelors thesis right now which is taking up the majority of my time. Preparing, reading articles, writing, rewriting things and the list goes on. And then on top of that i am also trying to keep creating recipes and content for my IG and on here (recipes anyway) and trying to post a YouTube video a week… even if that isn’t always possible as editing can take 8-10 hours and i don’t always have the time for it. And then on top of that i work some evenings and weekends… and somewhere inbetween i want to try to meet friends and have a social life, work out and also get time to clean my apartment, do laundry and actually just watch series.

Somedays it can feel like i don’t actually get any time for myself or that i am working on something from 8am to 10pm. And otherdays… i am so exhausted mentally and have 0 creativity or motivation.

Of course i must admit… i sometimes feel bad about the fact that there are people out there who are running businesses while also writing their bachelors thesis (or even masters – which is much tougher), people who can actually post several youtube videos a week while going to Uni or writing their thesis essay.. and people doing so much more than me while still able to do their Uni work. And it makes me feel bad… like i should be doing so much more. Why can’t i also run a business or post several YouTube videos a week and still do everything else i do… or why can’t i just write a few extra blog posts a week.

However, i am trying to remind myself that we are all different. And adding more to my plate isn’t going to help me. I am already incredibly sensitive to stress and easily get anxiety when i have too much on my plate… so even if i want to do more and often feel like i am not doing enough or good enough, i also need to realise there is only so much i can do without breaking down.

Anyway… so that was the long post as to why i am not really sharing so much on here right now. My goal is to be more active on Youtube and try to show more of my personality and to also sharing some advice and inspirational videos on there.

And in time, i do hope to start blogging on here again and sharing more than just recipes. But i hope you all understand why it has been a little empty here recently. Just trying to balance everything in my life and figure things out!


You have to start somewhere – it is ok to be a beginner

Two days into my internship and i can tell you i am feeling rather mentally tired. Though pretty much everyone told me this beforehand… there is alot to take in, new faces, new information, new work routine…. so even if the 9 hour workdays days aren’t so tough, i.e i am used to working those hours. It is all the new information and impressions that take alot of energy.

But so far so good. And i don’t plan to write so much about my internship or what i am doing or where it is etc, but hopefully in the next few weeks i will begin to get to do coaching with clients and even write nutrition/meal plans. So i am looking forward to that.

But one thing i am learning to accept is that it is ok to be a beginner…. And you don’t always start off amazing or perfect.  But to get better… you have to start.

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I am – unfortunatly – the type of person who doesn’t like trying new things in the risk of being bad at whatever i am trying. This does hinder me in life. I don’t want others to see me failing at something and i don’t want the negative feeling i get when i am bad at something… even if i have never tried it before and there is no reason why i should be good at it.

But i am now realising that to get better you have to start and just do it…And you get better the more you do it or practise.

Just like with ex pull ups or pushups or even running… for most people, when they first try push ups or pull ups they might not even be able to do one, but over time the more they practise they will suddenly be able to do 5 or more in a row. And it is the same with other things.

So if i compare myself to my work colleagues who have been working in the business for years, and i am new to this business (i.e i already have the nutrition and coaching competence) they have different qualities which are good to have at the workplace. And i know that within time i will also develop and work on them.

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But for now i just need to accept that it is ok to be a beginner…. and that just means i can only get better. Hopefully.

I know this post may be a little weird to read, especially when i can go into the different things i mean. Also the fact that this idea and topic came to me yesterday at work, but i didn’t have time to write it then… so my thoughts aren’t as sharp as they were right when the idea hit me! But hopefully you get something out of this post as well…. To learn that it is ok to be a beginner and ok to not be good at things. But if you want to get better… then you have to practise and work on them. 

I hope you are all doing well 🙂 I know i haven’t been writing or sharing so many posts that aren’t recipes the past while… but that’s just life. There just hasn’t been time or energy to share other than recipe posts. But hopefully i will be back to blogging or sharing nutrition or vegan related posts in the future 🙂

Otherwise… feel free to recommend YouTube video ideas i can do during the weekends so you get to know me better and can follow me on that social media platform where i am more than just words 🙂  My Youtube channel.

Life update! School, life, health, climate change?

It’s been a while since i last posted a life update or anything that wasn’t recipes/food!

Though that’s what happens when your life isn’t that interesting… there really isn’t much to share!  And just like many times before… contemplating what and how much to share. I know many people want to know more about myself and my life, but i always think “why would people want to know about my life or what i am doing/my thoughts”.

Maybe i should start doing one of those weekly lists instead with ex: “the best thing this week”, “the worst thing this week”, “something i learned this week”, “favourite film/series/show this week” etcetc

That might be a way to share more of myself and my life and not feeling like i repeat myself each time!  I definitely do want to show more of who i am and my personality… as i feel like that is lacking in my social media right now. But it may be easier ot do via film… so if you aren’t following my on YouTube… go there and subscribe as there you get to see more of who i am (sort of). CLICK HERE.


Well, it is is statistics and qualitative analysis in school, which is preparations for my essay. It is definitely a struggle and far from fun, but it has to be done! I have had two similar courses in the past, and if i plan to do a masters it will be even more courses in this topic. University and studying can’t always be fun!


Otherwise i have been working…. i always feel a little anxious before my first shift when it has gone several weeks without working. But once i begin working it is back to the same routines/what i know, so it is kind of nice. A way to turn off my brain for a while.

Also i went out to try the beyond meat burger once again…. and i actually really like the burger. It definitely has a meaty texture, but i don’t mind it. I completely understand though if some people are put off it because it tastes rather realistic (or in my opinion anyway!).


It has also been a snowing a whole bunch this week and i must admit…  I am very tired of the snow and winter right now, and just long for summer. Though at the same time… i am also worried about the climate, because certain parts of the world are EXTREMELY COLD right now and others (from what i understand) are much warmer than they should be/usually are at this time of the year. And this is definitely signs of global warming and climate change… When places are freezing over and others are heating up way too quickly, then it just isn’t right. And it is frightening. I just want everyone to start taking action and making a change…. No, i am not perfect and i can definitely change certain things in my lifestyle and what i buy that could help the climate more, but being a vegan (or eating as plant based as possible) is one of the best things you can do for the climate. – I might write a post on some other things you can do, but you can also read a pervious post i have written about this: Climate change and global warming: Take action and make a change  & Food and environmental impact

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Onto other lighthearted things….?

Well, just taking each day as it comes. Ups and downs in how i am feeling, but generally positive and happy. Though i do have fears and worries for the future, and some nights the anxiety creeps in and keeps me up all night. But i feel like for the majority of time i am happy and doing well….. isn’t it a little strange that i have to write this, hahah. But for me, it is a positive thing to be doing so well with so little anxiety and stress, haha.

That is pretty much my life update right now… Already the second month in the year and it feels like January was never ending, but at the same time it passed by so quickly!!


I hope you are all doing well and i apologize for not being so active on here…. i just haven’t had so much inspiration to blog – lots of questioning myself about what to post and what people actually want to read. It is definitely a struggle!

Vegan thoughts: Judgemental and exclusive vegans? Should vegans be more open and inclusive? Shaming others and the vegan label…

If you’re vegan and you follow certain online-bigger-vegan-social media accounts you may have noticed that there is some debate/talk about exclusive veganism. Talk about the vegan label and how some vegans can be far too judgemental and instead turn people away from the vegan message.

First off, there is different forms of vegan activism and they work in different ways. Some people need scare tactics to actually make the connection and get an insight into what meat and dairy actually is…. I.e realising the process of the food and not just seeing dairy and meat as food. While others instead want encouragement and praise to go vegan.


I wrote a post on my instagram which i thought i would share here, for those of you who don’t follow me on there… but also share some other thoughts i have.

“Some thoughts I’ve had. I don’t write much about veganism on here. Mostly i just want to inspire others through plant based food… I want to show that it’s easy to eat vegan and doesn’t have to be complicated or time consuming. And maybe getting people to switch meat for tofu, soya, seitan etc or trying vegan options instead of dairy options. But also i don’t want to guilt or shame people for not being vegan. I personally think all small changes and choices matter and that vegans should be more inclusive and encouraging. If someone buys a vegetarian meal that accidentally has some chicken broth or someone accidently eats sweets with gelatin it shouldn’t be a huge deal. At least someone is trying. We shouldn’t scare people away from going vegan but instead encourage small changes. Forget labels… it doesn’t matter if you’re vegan, vegetarian, plant based etc just do your best and make the choices you can.

Not everyone can go vegan and not alot of people can go vegan overnight, but they can make small changes continuously. There is of course a difference between not being able to eat fully vegan because of different reasons and not even trying to eat fully vegan/atleast cut down on animal products.

For the animals and even the planet and majority of peoples health… isn’t it better that 5 million people cut down on animal products rather than 500 000 people being completely vegan……?”


My personal opinion and form of activism is inspiration. In the past i had people comment on my old blog asking why i wasn’t vegan or didn’t go vegan. They tried to guilt me for the amount of meat and dairy and eggs i ate and that actually made me a little anti-vegan. I thought they were preachy and had no consideration of my situation. Of course i hadn’t done the research or made the connection and i had excuses as to why i couldn’t be vegan…. but also, i just wasn’t in the right space to go vegan. I didn’t want to feel any restrictions on my diet and food intake, and coming from someone with a past of an eating disorder that is important to take into consideration. Of course i don’t feel a vegan diet is restrictive at all, but maybe back in the past it would have been. For some people who have had an eating disorder they don’t want to feel like they have to say no to food if it’s offered, or maybe they don’t want to be the awkward one asking friends and family to specially make vegan options if they go to eat, and that is ok. Instead maybe they just eat plant based the majority of the time and live an almost vegan lifestyle – that is better than nothing.


And then there are of course different illnesses, situations and circumstances which can make it hard for people to go/be vegan. But maybe in the future it will be more possible… and once again, that is ok. The important thing is that people try and atleast try to cut down on the amount of animal products they consume and buy.

I do believe that money is power and that if the demand for more vegan options increases it will make a difference. I mean even now there are huge brands that have begun to cater to the vegan demand and make plant based alternatives. Just a few years ago that wasn’t possible or an alternative – there is a huge shift in the availability of vegan options in many places.


For me, the important thing is to inspire others. I have inspired my friends and my family just by eating vegan… i don’t talk or preach about it unless they ask me questions. Instead they have gotten inspired by what i eat and wanted to try it themselves… and that’s the type of activism i do.

I also have to admit… sometimes it is scary to be open and present online as a vegan. I am scared of messing up. I am scared of accidentally buying and sharing a product that isn’t vegan.

I have messed up in the past… i have accidentally eaten butter, i have accidently bought a bag of trail mix that some of the nuts were honey coated. I am sure i have accidentally bought something that wasn’t vegan… i don’t always check everything i buy. I mean i have found out over the years that things like razors, lighters, different drinks aren’t vegan. I know i have drunk alcohol which i wasn’t sure was vegan or not, i drank NOCCO until i found out that the vitamin D wasn’t vegan (but now it is vegan friendly!). Also i take medication that has animal products because i need them to be healthy.

Am i still a vegan…. i don’t know. I think the important thing is the intention….. did i intentionally buy the nuts with honey? No i didn’t. Did i intentionally buy the razor that wasn’t vegan when i knew it wasn’t vegan? No.

I make mistakes, i learn and i grow. But sometimes i feel like i have to be perfect, never mess up. But there is no such thing as a perfect vegan…. just going out walking i’ll end up maybe killing bugs. Or for me to be healthy i need to take certain medications which aren’t vegan and i wish i could do something about that. But an unhealthy, sick vegan who doesn’t take their medications isn’t much use to the world or vegan message.

I want people to forget about labels. Who cares if you are 95% plant based. Who cares if you are flexitarian or mostly vegetarian.

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Just do your best. Make the choices YOU CAN make and limit animal consumption and use of animal products as much as possible. I mean if you have the option of buying plant based milk instead of regular milk, then why not. If you have the option to choose vegan beauty products and household products, why not. Just do as much as you can. THAT IS WHAT MAKES A DIFFERENCE.

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Changing paths in life

During the 8-9 years i have been blogging i have had countless messages from people feeling worried, anxious, hopeless about what they are studying or what they want to be in when they grow up. So many people messaging me wondering, “How did i know that i wanted to study nutrition?” How did i figure out what i wanted to do with my life or what i wanted to work with in the future.

There are so many people who begin studying something only to realise half way through, even when they have finished their program that it was the wrong direction. So many people studying things they don’t want to just because they think they have to. If you are one of them, you aren’t alone.

So many people don’t know what they want to study or what they want to be when they grow up, and that is ok. There are people in my university program who have already studied a bachelors and worked with in the area they studied, only to realise it wasn’t right for them and began studying a new bachelors. There are people in my class who after 1,5 years still aren’t sure it is the right program for them. It is not easy to know what you want to study or do when you are older. I personally haven’t been in the situation where i have doubted what i am studying – or well, i have at times felt like certain courses in my program aren’t so beneficial and i rather take a course that would benefit me more, but in whole i feel like the program is right. Even if i do plan to study extra courses such as in psychology, business and maybe even stress and coaching to help me even more.


It is ok to not know what you want to do. Every situation is individual and i know in the UK and US where you have to pay for your education (in Sweden you don’t really pay for your education, however the majority of students have to take a student loan which will take xx years to pay off.) it is not as easy to just quit your program and start a new one. Not to mention some courses or programs it can be extremely hard to get in.

But i personally don’t think you should be studying something you hate, or studying a program for someone elses sake (i.e maybe your parents want you to study something?). It is not a failure to stop studying, it is not a failure to quit your university program…. there is NO POINT doing something you hate and gives you anxiety. If your gut feeling is telling you that it is wrong, then listen to it…. If you go to school with anxiety and a feeling of “I really really don’t want to do this” then maybe you should listen to that feeling.

Of course sometimes you have to study things you aren’t so interested in or you have to do things you would prefer not to, but if you constantly feeling anxious and hate what you are studying then maybe you should listen to that. It is your life and your future after all…. the feeling won’t go away when you have finished your education and you have a degree in something you don’t even want to work with.

It is ok to change paths in life.

I know it is easy for me to sit behind my computer screen and write this when i am not and haven’t been in this situation. I haven’t always known what i want to study or work with in the future, and even now i don’t fully know what and how i will work in the future. I know i want to work with nutrition and health – but how i do that, whether i work for another company, or start my own business i really don’t know… there are pro’s and con’s to both. I have no idea what i will be working with or how i will be working in 10 years time….


When i was younger i was set on being an engineer or an author and then when i got sick with my eating disorder i lost all interest in those areas. Infact i lost interest in everything apart from food….. and then in recovery when i began learning more about health, reading about nutrition and wanting to take care of my body i sort of found my “calling in life”. Usually i tell people in recovery to make sure they are feeling mentally healthy and free from obsession around food before studying nutrition – because i know alot of people who have begun studying nutrition while they are recovering from their eating disorder because they are so focused on food, and then when they recover they realise that they aren’t even passionate or interested in nutrition or food, instead it was just their eating disorder.

However, learning more about nutrition in recovery can also help aid recovery because you learn the importance of nutrition and learn to take care of your body. And in cases like myself, you find you are truly passionate about health and nutrition and it is not an obsession or just your eating disorder.

Of course my passion has gone from dietitian and writing meal plans to being more of a health coach and working with healthy people instead of sick people. And now i am rather interested in stress and stress coaching as well…. so paths change. Interests change and that is ok.

It can be tough to admit that you are studying something that isn’t right for you, but it is even worse to go through life hating what you are doing.

You don’t have to know what you want to do with your life. Most people don’t know…. interests change and people change jobs over time when they find new areas they want to work with or areas that interest them.

My suggestion is to do different things in life. Example if you decide to not study, then work… or travel – do something. Because even if you don’t find what you want to do, you will find out what you don’t want to do. Not to mention it will give you experience whether you travel or work. Don’t stress yourself or worry about having your life together or knowing what you want to do.

Do things that interest you. Try new things. Read, travel, work, take extra courses…. someday you will figure out what you want to do. Maybe you can combine interest and hobbies with work…. Making money while doing something you love is the best feeling in the world.

I may not make alot (or any!) money from social media and blogging or helping people online, but it is something i love and am passionate about and i know that as long as i love it i want to keep doing it, and that i will start earning money through doing what i love!

If you don’t know what to study or what you want to work with, don’t feel sad or worried… you are not alone in those feelings. And hating what you are doing or studying is not worth it in the long-term. You only have one life, do you really want to spend it hating what you do and feeling unhappy?

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