2018 in review

My 2018 –

Each year I have usually done a year in review, where I have gone through each month and looked through photos and everything I have done during the year that has been.

When you look through the year and look through all the photos you have taken you remember all these things you have done which you might have forgotten. I personally love taking all these small photos and just documenting my life.

Imagine when I am 50 and being able to look back on my blog posts and remember different events and times in my life which I may have forgotten about. But also all these small photos which may be silly to take, but they are a part of it and my life.

This year I am not going to go through each month individually, just summarize the year that has been!

2018 has just flown by, but at the same time the start of the year feels like a life time ago. I remember trudging though the snow and minus degrees in January – feeling over worked and stressed as usual.

2018 has been a year of stress and lots of work, but I have also gotten a lot better at coping with my stress and anxiety. Compared to previous years, my anxiety has actually been a lot lower…. Or maybe it is just that I have forgotten about all the dark times and tough times filled with anxiety this year. I.e I usually choose to just remember the good times and don’t generally take photos when I am feeling down…. So the weeks where it is just blank and no photos to look at, that genereally means I didn’t feel so good.

One thing i have realised this year is that i have stressed/worried ALOT about things – which always end up working out in the end anyway. Worrying about moving apartment, worrying about being able to pay for double rent, worrying about the courses i would study in autumn, worried about studying 150-200%, worried about finding work for summer etc etc Just so much worry and stress which takes alot of energy and time and leaves me feeling awful. But in the end… things work out. And THIS is a life lesson i need to really learn and stop worrying about things so much. Sure a little worry and stress, but in the end… just believe that things will work out.

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This year has been a year of pushing myself out of my comfort zone and doing things that I might not have done otherwise. I have met new people, met people who have followed me online, gone on different dates, spent time with friends  ad really tried to be more social.

I finally got my own apartment, which is one of the best things that happened in 2018!



I have studied a lot and also worked a lot! Also studied alot of interesting and some less interesting courses.

The summer was one of the warmest summers i have experienced – which was both amazing but also a little scary thinking that it is most likely due to climate change and the fact that it was almost 30 degrees already in May is not a good sign. Not to mention, that the heat affected my health very negatively – and it is now in autumn/winter i realised just how badly my CF health was affected by the heat.


*Just realized… I didn’t get any tattoos this year…. Crazy, hahahah. I have wanted to, but decided to invest in a camera instead of getting a new tattoo. And even if I really want a new tattoo I am glad I made the decision to buy a camera instead!

I started YouTube… though it hasn’t been something I have been so great at actually keeping up with. Started with my computer stopped working, and now when my computer is fixed again my editing program isn’t working. Also there just hasn’t been any time… but I am truly hoping to get back into it in 2019. Sure I made a few videos, but I think I was just a little too ambitius to think that I could study 150-200%, work, keep up with my other social media as well as have a social life. There just wasn’t time or energy to also film and edit. But hopefully 2019 I will be back… with atleast 1 video a week. I do actually have 4 videos filmed, 2 vlogs, 1 full day of eating and 1 sit down/talk video, but I haven’t been able to edit them which sucks.

I wrote and published an ebook, I have shared A LOTof recipes here on my blog. I have had several fun sponsorships and collaborations – and am hoping for more in the future. Because the truth is, the only way to really earn a living from what I do online is to do collaborations and sponsored posts. Everything I do is for free, so it is a lot of time and money that I invest into my social media and hoping that 2019 is the year that I get monetary compensation for it. Even if I love helping and inspiring others – that’s why I do it, I can’t deny that getting paid for my work would be kind of nice, haha.


I have a whole bunch of goals for 2019, but they are just my usual goals – long term and short term ones, and some which I want to keep secret because I just want to work towards them. Or atleast work up the courage to begin working towards the goals, haha.


2018 has been a really good year, ups and downs and usual but I feel like 2018 has been a great year for me. Also with a lot of mental progress with better coping skills when it comes to stress and anxiety, opening up to my mum and even a psychologist about my struggles, making the decision to really try to better my CF health, which has paid off.

I am looking forward to 2019! Hoping I will get to travel, start working with health and nutrition for real, really commit to social media and youtube, maybe write a book, start doing lectures. Also it will be the year I write my bachelors essay and get my bachelors! Crazy that 3 years of studying will be done – it has just flown by!

So far my plans are to continue studying, whether it till be 6 months, 12 months or doing a masters and studying for 2 more years…. I don’t really know.

How has your 2018 been? Do you have any goals you want to share for the new year?

The week that’s been…. Stockholm, cafe visits and family time

Hello and good morning 🙂

Writing this post at 00.23 Sunday morning….  but not sure what time or day it is for you when you’re reading this!

This week has just flown by…. crazy that it is already Sunday. But i must admit, i am longing for Monday. I am longing to get back into routines and structure. I am longing back to my own apartment and longing to just focus on my own work for a little while. Recently i have really gotten out of routine and structure in my life and after my weekend away (i will get to that) i feel like i really need to structure up my life again.

Getting back into essay writing, getting back into regular lectures, getting back into meeting friends on a regular basis, getting back into regular gym session, getting back into a normal sleep&wake up routine, getting some structure into my life again.

Recently i have felt overworked and overstressed but at the moment i am just feeling motivated. Motivated to work hard and just get things done – and i am longing for it!

So onto my week…? As mentioned, the week has flown by.

Last weekend consisted of 4 days work in a row (starting at 6am on Saturday and Sunday), so Monday was my cocoon day. A day where i could just be at home, do some cooking, study, rest and prepare for the week.

Tuesday and Wednesday were just two study days where i had a bunch of course litterature to try to read, as well as preparing for the workshop/lecture i was going to hold…. which brings me to the reason why i travelled to Stockholm. I was going to hold a lecture/workshop with my mum, but there was a change of plans and instead we had to postpone the workshop and hold it a later date. As i had book my tickets already i travelled down and decided to just take a weekend away because it will be another few months until i get the chance to travel to Stockholm again.

So these past few days i have eaten at my favourite cafe, Mahalo.


I have had tacos with my family. Eaten a surprisingly delicious avocado sandwich at Joe&the Juice. I have looked around a favourite store of mine, Paradiset (more about it HERE). I have been for walks with my dog. I have made a cake. I have had a photosession with my step dad/mum. I have gone to my sisters housewarming party. I have tried to study but not really had the time for it (Instead i have just give myself these few days off from studying and getting back to it on Monday.) And that’s about it……

It has been a good week, and it has been great to spend time with my family and especially my dog. But i am also ready to just get back into my study-mode and focus 120% on myself and my goals at the moment with no distractions, hahah!

Sometimes you need a break from your regular life and routines to realise just how much you appreciate your regular life….. or maybe a break is exactly what you need to realise what you need to change to appreciate your daily life more. I.e you shouldn’t need an escape from your own life.

Life update

Hello and happy Friday everyone 🙂

I hope you have all had a great week! The past few days have just flown by for me and i have barely had any time to be infront of the computer. Which is infact very stressful when i need to both study and want to try to update my blog.

How has my past week been? Well the sun has began to shine and it is feeling alot like summer… which i love, but it also gives me some anxiety – which i plan to write more in a post this weekend. I have tried to be in the sun as much as i can inbetween work, lectures, studying and going to go to the gym.


Also have had a picnic in the park with my friends and we tried to plan summer activities we can do together. However as we all have jobs and our schedules are different, not sure how it will go…. last year we barely got to meet at all because our schedules were so different.


Work has begun and i have very mixed feelings towards it. I have always loved working and love working hard, but this year i just have lots of anxiety towards working. There is no energy or motivation to work… just wanting to pay my bills, but i feel this huge ball of anxiety and “i don’t want to, i don’t want to” repeating in my head before i begin working. Once i am there it is fine… well, somedays chaotic – but that’s how it is when you work in the service branch. But i am hoping this is the last summer i work in food stores because at the moment i am very tired of it and it is giving me so much anxiety…. and the anxiety is affecting my sleep which then means i am very tired and the anxiety just feels worse the next day.  I am most likely just feeling this way because i am trying to find time for everything in my life – when it feels like i really don’t have the time. But once school is done, in 3 weeks time then it is just work to focus on and then 1 year left of studies. 


I do love my life and feeling positive, happy and grateful. But i guess i am just a little more tired mentally than i thought i was and it is beginning to show itself now. So trying to take care of myself and give myself mental rest as much as possible as well as not stress over things i can’t control.

So there you have a little life update and the reason why this blog might be a little empty somedays… but i am going to try my best to schedule posts and have regular/daily posts 🙂