First week of 2019 | The week that’s been

Hello and Happy new year!!

Not sure if i have already written that on here, as some of my recent posts have been scheduled so i can’t really remember what i have written and what i haven’t!

It’s the new year and my 2019 has started off slow to say the least…. and maybe not the best start of the year as i haven’t been feeling so well, physically or mentally the past few days. Infact, it is only really today that i am feeling better.

It’s not how i wanted to start the new year – or this post – but that is also part of life, you don’t always feel so great, and you don’t always know the reason why either. Sometimes you just have to keep going and know that it will get better eventually.

So even if the first week of 2019 wasn’t the best week of my life, i can atleast focus on making the rest of the year better ๐Ÿ™‚


I did however have a lovely new years eve dinner/party with my friends. We made a 3 course vegan dinner – though as no one had actually read the recipes beforehand it wasn’t until we began cooking that we realized how long everything would take. So we ended up eating dinner around 10.30 and dessert was after we had watched the fireworks. However it was a lovely evening which i spent with my old high school friends, and it was nice to catch up with them. As we all study in different places we rarely get to meet, so it is nice when we do get to catch up again.


The dinner we made was: Appetizer: A sort of hashbrown with vegan caviar and oat creme fraiche. Main: Burgers with a potato gratin and a red wine sauce. Dessert: Key lime pie

This past week – as mentioned – i haven’t done so much. I have studied, gone to the gym, spent some time with my sister, watched series, made alot of delicious food, and that is pretty much what i have done.


The past week i have felt incredibly restless – but at the same time tired – i have felt unproductive and like i haven’t done anything, despite both studying and doing other things.

But this week i want to sit down and write down all my goals, for the week, month, year and also some sort of action plan. It is easy to write goals and dream, but harder to actually work towards those goals.ย But also create a better structure and sleeping plan for myself.


It has been nice to not have to set an alarm and to wake up whenever i do, not to mention nice toย finally have time to watch a bunch of series and YouTube. The past term there hasn’t been much time for it due to all the studying and at the same time trying to keep up with my social media. But now i want to get back into my regular updates and blogging and also editing – which i keep saying i will do but never actually do it!

3 new vegan items i have found!

This year i want to focus on making a great year… despite all the changes that might happen, and the stress i know will come. But hopefully this year will be a great year.

And i hope that 2019 is a great year for all of YOU. I would love to know if you have any goals for this year?

Going vegan 2019? Start the year with veganuary

Soon it is time for a new year, and what better way than to start off the year with veganuary?

A time where you get advice and help from others also doing the challenge. A time for you to really try a plant based diet and/or vegan lifestyle. Many actually stay vegan after trying veganuary… so you don’t have to put an end date to veganuary… i.e you don’t have to eat a ham sandwich the first of february just “because you can”.

Of course the goal should be to make lifestyle changes to minimize your consumtion of animal products and live more vegan. To make sustainable changes which you will keep up the whole year, not just one month of a plantbased diet followed by eating animal products 5 times a day everyday for the rest of the year.

I understand that not everyone can or wants to go vegan, but it is also a chance to really give it a go if you are in a place in your life where you can actually do that. I.e if you are struggling wtih an eating disorder then maybe it is not the right time to start mixing with your food even more.

Image result for veganuary

I do encourage everyone who can to try veganuary – and to get your friends or family involved as well. Small changes add up, and also by having support from others it can help motivate you and support you to stay vegan. It can also make it a fun challenge to do with others.

Hopefully you realise that it is easier to be/eat vegan than you thought.

I do of course realise that being and eating vegan is a privelege whcih not everyone has the choice to make. Also not everyone has supportive friends or family like i do, but you can still try your best to minimize your consumption of animal products – not only for the sake of the animals, but also for the planet and your health, not to mention that eating more vegetables and whole foods and less animal products is usually cheaper. (Even if of course buying some vegan alternatives can be more expensive than the non vegan options).

The important thing to realise is that YOUR choices DO matter, and all SMALL choices and changes add up. So don’t think that just because you can’t be 100% vegan, that you shouldn’t try at all. Or just because you are “one person” that your choices don’t matter… if everyone thinks like that, then nothing would change. So everyones choices matter and make a difference.

Image result for go vegan

My goal is to try to write some helpful vegan posts during the month of January for those of you who are trying veganuary. Of course i realise that there are many resources out there and some premade challenges you can sign up, but i will try my best to help and be a support to you as well ๐Ÿ™‚ To inspire you and even those of you who can’t do veganuary!!

If you have any questions or cetain topics you want to read about, comment below.

Also you can read my previous posts about veganism and related to vegansim, HERE. and some more vegan related posts HERE

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Always productive and always busy?

Hello and good morning ๐Ÿ™‚

I try to always be honest and open on my social media. Open about the fact that i don’t workout everyday. Open about the fact that i don’t eat just vegetables or have the most “perfect diet” (even if there is no such thing as a perfect diet.). Open about my struggles and the fact that i don’t always drink enough water, i can forget to take my medication and that i far too often stay up too late and drink too much coffee.

I am a human and i try to show those sides as well –ย  even if i am not proud of them. I wish i was the type of person who went to bed at 10pm and drank more water and less coffee.

However i sometimes think i can give off this image that i am always busy, always productive, always working.ย (Or who knows, maybe i don’t give off that image and you are all smart enough to know that i am not always productive/busy.).

Image result for your worth is not measured by your productivity

I do admit, i am in a period of my life where i am working/studying alot and the majority of my days is spent studying, researching, reading or writing and the times i don’t have my head stuck in a course book or researching, then i am most likely cooking food or trying to edit a video. At the moment, it is mostly the latter though.

However, even if i am in a period where i do need to be very productive and work hard… i also have my times where i don’t do anything. Of course, my “doing nothing” may be different from someone elses “doing nothing”, but i have days where i mostly just watch series and there is 0 chance of me opening a word document or a course book.

Today is one of those days where i know that i am not going to do anything productive. After 4 days of studying long hours, i woke up today (Friday) and it was like i had this cloud in my head and this heavy tired feeling. I woke up at 7am, dragged myself out of bed to make coffee and then got back into bed where i just sort of snoozed/scrolled on social media for the next 2 hours. Generally i am the type of person who gets up, and starts my day as soon as possible. But we all have days where we just need to rest mentally and/or physically.


Typically i do feel anxious if i don’t have productive days. I feel like i am wasting time that i should be doing something productive and beneficial and not just watching YouTube or series. However…. i am also reminding myself that we all need mental rest days.

The days you wake up and know right from the start that your brain is not going to take in any information, that you have 0 motivation to study, then you should just take a break. (Of course, if that is you everyday then maybe you should try to do a little reading/revision anyway i.e doing a little everyday is better than doing 72 hours straight before the exam or essay is due.)

Anyway, i just wanted to share this because i think i can give off this image that i am always busy when that isn’t always the case. I choose to just show certain things i do in my day/life, but there is so much else in my life/day which i don’t share online which of course can lead to a skewed image of myself as maybe i portray myself differently than how i actually am.

Those were just my morning thoughts ๐Ÿ™‚

And i want to thank everyone who takes the time to click in on my blog and read my posts – even if i haven’t been so active on here with writing or replying to comments. Hopefully in December (or the end of January!)i will be more active on here again, but for now it is just to try to get through the next month before it – hopefully – lessens a little with the workload!


Taste test: The vegan burger that bleeds (Juicy vegan burger)

When i was working i saw thatย  the store i work at had begun selling the “juicy vegan burgers” by Garant.

They are supposed to resemble the beyond meat burger which “bleeds” and is supposedly very similar to meat.

For 65kr (โ‚ฌ6,50) you get 4 burgers ala 125g, i.e โ‚ฌ1,60 per burger, and kind of expensive. Part of me was thinking… for the same price i could buy 3 blocks of tofu or 2 packages of other fake meat, or i could buy 8 vegan burgers for the same price from another brand. The economical part of my brain was saying, “can i really justify buying this?”. But i love testing new foods, there is something so exciting about it, so after work i treated myself to the burgers and some burger buns!


I haven’t eaten red meat in years so i am not the best person to compare if this burger is meatlike or not. But also i personally like the taste of the fake meats that already exist, i like the taste and texture of them. Not to mention that i love tofu so don’t feel like i need to eat fake meats.


So, after preparing and eating the burgers what do i think?

Well, when you cook them they do “bleed” unlike other fake meats. This is the beetroot juice… personally i did find it a little strange, and i don’t need my food to fake bleed, hahah.

I fried the burgers for several minutes on both sides until cooked all the way through.

Taste and texture?

It was the weirdest texture…. sort of mushy in a very weird way. There was no resistence or chew, and it hard a sort of gummy texture.ย Very weird and hard to describe. I also read a comment from another person who said that it was similar to medium rare burgers in consistency. As i have never had medium rare burgers i can’t compare… but i feel like that is how it might taste. It also kind of reminded me of failed (undercooked) seitan, which has a sort of gummy texture to it.

Taste wise? It was rather bland and next time i might add some seasoning or sauce when preparing it. Also i might try preparing the last burger in another way to see if maybe it tastes better then.


Wellย each burger contains 15g protein which is quite alot, and the burgers are soya free which is great for those who can’t eat soya. They do however contain gluten, so are not gluten free. And c.a 200kcal for each burger which is similar to burgers in the same size. But i guess the pros to this burger is that it doesn’t have saturated fats, trans fats or cholesterol like red meat burgers do.

My final thoughts?

Personally i don’t think i will buy these burgers again as they weren’t to my liking. Instead if i want burgers i’ll use another brand or just make my own burgers! I do still want to try the beyond meat burger that can be bought from certain restaurants in Sweden… maybe it will taste better.

Everyone is different, so just because i don’t like it doesn’t mean that you won’t!

I just don’t feel the need to have my food taste or look like meat products. I don’t miss eating meat and feel no need for my vegan food to be similar to meat. However i do like the consistency and taste of certain fake meat alternatives, and they can be a good go-to when too tired to make my own food or when eating out/with friends!


How to get your period back

Losing your period can happen for many reasons, and it is important to figure out why your period is gone.

If it’s gone for just a month or two, it could just be signs that you have been overly stressed or maybe undereating/overexercising or you have had a hormonal imbalance. If your period has been gone for several months, it is important to talk to a doctor incase it is due to hormonal imbalance or problems with your thyroid that creates hormones or illnesses that can affect your hormones and menstrual cycle.

But it is also important to do something about why your period is gone. Most often not having your period is due to having too little weight and body fat, or overexercising and being very stressed. Those are things you can actually do something about without having to take medication and hormones.


My story:

When i was sick with anorexia and overexercising i lost my period for several years… i don’t think i had ever really had a regular period before it was gone as i was so young when i got sick. To get my period back i had to of course eat more and reach a healthy weight – and maintain that weight. I remember when i was half recovered and still underweight and got my first period in years… or well, it wasn’t actually my period. But i was convinced then that i was healthy and didn’t need to gain anymore weight, despite being around 5kg from my lowest healthy weight. However, it wasn’t until about a year or more later, after having reached and maintained a healthy weight for several months that i got my period back again. It was still irregular for several months. Also the times i have been very stressed or fallen into a cycle of a little too much exercising it usually affects my menstrual cycle. And after i stopped taking birth control it took about a year for my period to become regular again.

Having had a low weight as well as not having had a period or regular period for the majority of my adult/fertile(?) life has also led to me having low bone density, and infact the scans from my most recent bone density test have shown that i pretty much have osteoperosis – which is kind of terrifying. Having your period and hormones in check reduces the risk of developing osteoperosis and other complications/risks of not having a period, or having a low weight for a long time.

Tips to get your period back:

Having a healthy weight and fat percent i.e you can have a healthy bmi but have alot of muscle and very little body fat and your body still won’t be healthy.

Eat enough healthy fats = healthy fats are part of hormones, so if your diet doesn’t include enough fat there won’t be enough fat to help produce the hormones.

Eating enough calories and nutrients overall.

Get enough rest and try to avoid stress – meditation and yoga can be helpful to manage stress.

Don’t overexercise – exercising is also a stress. I would recommend “Light” and moderate training. And i would avoid heavy cardio if you are underweight/have been overexercising, and instead maybe do an exercise form like yoga, short walks or strength training. Remember exercising is a stress to your body and your body has to feel it is healthy for it to be safe enough to have a menstruation.

After reaching a healthy weight, eating enough calories including healthy fats and resting it may take a few weeks or 2-3 months before your period comes back, so give it time. And allow your body to rest up and feel safe.

*Some people do need to take hormones to kickstart their period again.

*Also note, if you have been on birth control and you stop, it can take several months for your period to come back again and be regular. This isn’t something to worry about unless it takes a very long time after stopping.


Foods to eat?

There are no specific foods that will kick start your period unfortunatly, but there are certain foods that may help you reach a healthy weight, or foods to eat to include more healthy fats into your diet.

If you are underweight, you need to eat at a surplus.

If you exercise alot, you need to both cut down on exercising and also focus on eating enough and resting.

Healthy fats such as: Avocados, nuts, seeds, nut butters, oil. (If you eat animal products – salmon, eggs, dairy products).

Eating enough iron rich foods, such as dark leafy greens, tofu, seeds and nuts, grains.

Maybe make smoothies with oats, nut butter, banana, berries and plant based milk. Make rawfood balls/bars. Chia seed pudding with oatmilk, nut butter and banana. Handful of nuts and seeds. Trail mix. Toast with avocado. Yoghurt with granola.

Add an extra snack – or maybe drink some plant based milk with your meals. Fortified plant based milk is rich in vitamins and minerals which is great when trying to regain weight!





Give your body time… your period may be irregular in the beginning, but also it doesn’t begin right away. It can take weeks to months for your body to feel safe and healthy enough.

Having your period is a sign that your body is healthy and that your body could carry a baby. I.e if you are very stressed, underweight, too little body fat, eating too little…. then it is unlikely that your body could carry a baby. Not to mention all the energy you do eat just goes to your other organs and muscles that are more important. Having your menstrual cycle does require energy hence why you are more tired and hungrier, but it is not a vital function in the body, so when your body is in a stressed mode or gets too little energy, it shuts off the functions that aren’t vital for survival and carrying a baby isn’t a vital function. (Just like you can lose your sexdrive/lower libido when you are underweight or stressed, because if you are in a “flight/stressed” mode your body knows there isn’t exactly time for sex, haha.)

Also important to remember that the longer you go without a period (amenorrhea) the higher risk you are for osteoporosis but even things like ovarian cancer.ย  Not to mention that if you don’t have your period you can’t become pregnant (i.e you can become infertile if you never get your period back). So even if most girls would like to skip having their period – it is important (even if it’s not as important as having your liver, heart and lungs working properly).

Image may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting, table, food and indoorImage may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting and foodImage may contain: 1 person, smiling, sitting and food

So remember: Eat enough, make sure to rest physically and mentally, don’t over stress your body and make sure to have a healthy weight and fat percent.ย 

You can read more about my journey/story of getting my period back, HERE

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