The week that’s been: School,life, mental health


I apologize for the late post – as well as for neglecting my blog recently. There just hasn’t been the time for it recently. Despite barely sleeping i feel like there just isnรคt enough time each day…. maybe signs that i am overworking? I definitely feel the stress and anxiety creeping into my life at the moment. Most likely the reason why i have caught a cold ๐Ÿ™‚

How has my week been…? Well it has just flown by, i can barely believe it is Sunday evening. This weekend has consisted of trying to transfer my pictures on my computer to an external harddrive… i am not even half way through and it has taken me c.a 48 hours. And this Sunday has consisted of mealprepping – and filming while i cooked – then out for a short walk before returning home and editing for the past 4 hours. And now i realized i should try to blog anyway! Afterall, my blog is my first social media account!



This week has consisted of studying and late lectures. One lecture was a practical lecture where one girl from our class did a vo2 max cycling test, which we then analyzed and talked about. I have actually done that type of test almost every year for my CF health, though it hasn’t been focus on my vo2 max, but on my lung function and health. But they kind of go together, i.e when the lungs worsen, the vo2 max also decreases. And when i did the test during summer it was my lung function that hindered me, rather than my legs and physical strength – which is very disheartening. But moving on….



I also had a hospital appointment which always gives me anxiety and leaves me feeling drained and tired. It didn’t help that it was pouring down with rain… so it was the perfect day to study – send in my essay – and bake cinnamon buns. (Recipe HERE) At the same time i also made the best chocolate cookeis! (Recipe HERE).





I also recieved a package from a competition i won – always exciting to get free stuff, especially food, haha!



I went out for drinks on Friday night, feeling cosy in my new autumn jumper! I don’t typically buy stuff for myself but when i saw this jumper i just knew i had to have it… and i don’t regret buying it all, because i have pretty much lived in it for the past 72 hours!



Saturday morning i got this burst of energy and decided to deep clean my whole apartment, which took about 2,5 hours. Scrubbing down everything, going through random piles of papers and throwing away things i had forgotten about in the back ofmy drawers and cupboards! I don’t know why i seem to keep boxes and cartons, knowing that i won’t use them, haha. It felt so good to just clean – everything seemed a little extra shiny and bright!

As usual, my life and this week has just flown by. Sleeping issues deluxe and i feel my anxiety getting worse and my energy and mood decreasing. This happens every autumn, no matter how positive i try to be… it’s like it’s harder to get out of bed, harder to motivate myself to leave the house or do anything. But from experience i am just trying to be kind to myself…. i can’t do everything, and the days i do minimal i shouldn’t feel bad for it.

I know my blogging is a little off right now… my basically the whole of me is a little “off” right now. Just in thie period and phase where i am trying to refind my energy and motivation, too many thoughts and too little sleep is not a good combination.



But i am not going to complain about that…. instead i want to leave this post on a positive note! This week has been a good week, and next week is going to be a super hectic week but atleast i have my meals prepped so that saves some time!

I hope you have all had a great week – and if you have any post suggestions, leave them down below! ๐Ÿ™‚



Double stuffed baked sweet potato | Vegan & glutenfree

When you want to take a simple recipe i.e a baked sweet potato with filling – and make it just a little more fancy and “complicated”. Hhahaha.

Taking the most simple dishes and turning them into recipes. I just want to show how you can make a bunch of different food and recipes using the same foods!

The simple version of this meal is to bake a sweet potato in the oven or microwave, and then top with some filling such as hummus/guacamole/bean mix/taco mix etc

Or…. you can do it like this. Twice baked and stuffed sweet potato! Preparing it this way does take more time, but it results in a more crispy baked sweet potato and then sweet potato mash and filling is already mix together – so it is just to eat and enjoy! Not to mention, if you like melted vegan cheese, then it is perfect on top of these!

Note, no measurements given as you really don’t need it for this recipe! Just use as much as you plan to eat!

Stuffed sweet potato recipe

Vegan apple pie | Recipe

2 recipes in one day? I really should have planned my posts better, hahah… but you can’t really complain when it is two super delicious recipes!!

For someone who lives alone, i sure do bake alot, but as it is very therapeutic and the end result is delicious it is hard to not bake!

I may be someone who loves “extra everything” when it comes to making cakes and desserts…. why make cookies when you can make cookies stuffed with oreos? Why make brownies when you can make cookie/brownies. Why make one cake when you can make two?

But apple pie is one of those forgotten, simple desserts which is just a classic. And when you serve it warm with vanilla ice cream or custard, you realise how the simple things are often the best!

**Note none of the cakes shown below are vegan – Apart from the apple pie of course! *

This was actually a type of raw food cake (minus the chocolates) i.e i used black beans and avocado and coconut oil etc
That time i made 3 cakes for midsummer… and there were only 3 of us eating!

This recipe calls for just the basic baking ingredients which you may already have at home – so you can just whip this together. And great to use up apples if you are tired of eating them as they are!


Another great thing about this recipe is that you can most likely switch the flour for just oats, switch sugar for stevia (or other sweetener) and you could maybe use half the margarine and use coconut oil instead. As usual i go for the “normal” flour, sugar, butter combo as i don’t see the point in switching to other ingredients when making a dessert. But i know that many would like to skip gluten, sugar and margarine… so you can test this recipe with other ingredients – but i can’t guarantee the results!

Note, you can most likely make these into small muffins/apple pie crumble muffins if you like!

Also, cinnamon is key to making this delicious!


Apple pie recipeScreenshot_20180831-170141_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180831-165700_Instagram.jpg20180831_160024.jpg20180831_164113.jpg20180831_160227.jpgScreenshot_20180831-170513_Instagram.jpg


The week that’s been – hospital appointments, back to school and life update

Good morning!

I thought i would try to keep up with some type of regular blogging and summarize the week that’s been!

Monday was a rather slow day for me as i was just preparing for the week and resting up, though a few hours of litterature reading and note taking was done.


Tuesday morning i was up early as i had a hospital appointment with tests at 8am. The only positive thing about having to fast for blood tests and other tests is that you can basically wake up, roll out of bed, brush your teeth, get dressed and go. So that meant i could hit the snooze button a little too many times but still arrive on time.

I did a blood glucose test which meant drinking 200ml of glucose and then i had my blood sugar checked after 30 minutes, 60 minutes and 2 hours. (I have also done this as a school assignment which you can read more HERE). Because of my cystic fibrosis i have a risk of getting CF related diabetes, as my pancreas can stop producing insulin and enzymes, so every year – or second year – i need to do this test. However, during the years i was sick with my eating disorder i completely refused to do the test as it meant drinking the glucose drink – and that TERRIFIED me. I mean i would rather drink something tastier like a milkshake or smoothie, but it isn’t so bad to just gulp it down in 1 minute!

And then i also had to test my enzyme levels – i.e my body doesn’t produce enough enzymes to digest food, so they wanted to check how much i actually produce. And i have recently had alot of pain in my stomach which could be related to my pancrease so they wanted to check what it may be. And i even met with the psychologist…. which was strange. We basically just agreed that there wasn’t really much she could do… i am not in a stage where i really want or need help… and don’t even realy know what i need help with. I have pretty much heard several therapists tell me that throughout my whole life…. but i guess you have to be willing to open up and want help to recieve it.

The rest of Tuesday i spent studying at school, before heading home, making food and falling asleep rather quickly.


Wednesday and my first lecture again after the long summer holiday. It felt good to be back in lectures again, but i must admit…. i love having my freedom and getting to decide when and where i study. I don’t have alot of lectures this month, which is a good thing as it means that i do still have alot of freedom and can choose to study whereever i want! I also found the vegan magnum ice cream on my way home – i did a little taste review on my IG story!

Thursday was a very unproductive day for me. I just felt very very tired, so apart from a 5km run at the gym i didn’t do much else. I tried to write blog posts and tried to study but my brain pretty much said “no”. So instead of freaking out and panicking and feeling like i was wasting a whole day where i could be productive and working i thought…. my brain needs the rest and even if i tried to study or write blog posts, it wouldn’t turn out good and i most likely wouldn’t remember anything i wrote. So a well needed mental rest day!


Friday another day of studying and had some things to do in town. And i also prevoted in the general election which is on Sunday, 9th September.ย I have been a little indecisive on which party to vote on… but i did my part and voted for the party i believe in most. This is the first year which i have actually read up on the election and the different parties. When i was 18 and first allowed to vote i think i just voted for the same thing as my family as i didn’t read up on the parties or take a stance on what i believe in.


When i got home from my day of studying i made a “one pan veggie roast” which is one of my favourite type of meals to make. It’s usually the food i make which i don’t show on my instagram because it always looks messy and is so simple… but apparently people loved it and never thought about the idea that you could just roast a bunch of veggies in the oven at the same time, hahah.

And i also made dessert which was sombrero chips (lightly salted corn chips) with melted vegan chocolate! You could do the same thing with popcorn and melted chocolate… i love the combo of sweet and salty!

This weekend will entail studying and some online work stuff and i’ll see what else i get up to!!

5 new vegan products | Chips, ice cream, beyond burger | Eating processed food?

Now a days it feels like i can’t keep up with all the new vegan products being released on the market! Just in Sweden it feels like there are constantly new products to try, and i keep seeing updates/pictures of new vegan items being released in the U.S, U.K, Germany etc

It feels great knowing that more and more people want to eat vegan food and that companies are catering to that, and realising the demand for vegan food is high. Of course, i know that i am lucky to live in Sweden (and also in one of the bigger cities) where there is alot of vegan items on sale. In the smaller cities/towns in Sweden the range of products for vegans isn’t as high. And i know that in other countries they might not have the same access or variety of vegan products to choose from.

Recently, i have seen some comments – not directed at me – that all these new vegan foods are processed and unhealthy and that vegans shouldn’t eat them. Vegans should just eat healthy. Comments like that make me a little irritated, because the truth is…ย veganism doesn’t have anything to do with health. I.e you can eat oreos and fries and be vegan.

But if you are more focused on health, then you eat a wholefood plant based diet, and then maybe you restrict or limit intake of certain foods. But as long as you are eating foods that don’t have any animal products, then it’s fine as a vegan.

From a nutrition point of view i may have my opinion on people only eating junk food/processed food. But generally, i am positive to all the new vegan foods and alternatives. Because most people have some form of balance in their food. And if meat eaters/omnivores can see the vegan alternatives and realise that they might want to try the vegan option then that is great, and it can make it easier for people to transition to a plantbased diet/vegan lifestyle.

And the truth is… people will be eating pizza, ice cream, chocolate, cake anyway so why not make vegan options available so that people have the alternative to choose that anyway.

And processed food in moderation doesn’t have to be bad…. of course i wouldn’t recommend anyone to base their whole diet off of store bought, processed food. But it can definitely be part of a healthy diet. And in the end, as long as it’s vegan according to me! (Also, i think most people are aware that they shouldn’t just eat ice cream and pizza).

This is of course just my opinion, but it is important to know the difference between a vegan lifestyle (vegan for the animals) and eating plantbased for health.

Here are 5 new vegan products available (or soon to be!) in Sweden!


  1. Vegan Magnum! I think it will be released in two flavours…. a little late for new ice cream releases according to me. But if i find it i will definitely try it – even if i have been more of a cornetto type of girl!
  2. 2 new sandwich toppings & burgers from Quorn. Usually Quorn isn’t vegan as it has egg whites, but these sandwich toppings have the vegan label so they’re safe! (Just make sure to check Quorn items incase they have egg white).
  3. Vegan cornetto. I think these have been available for a while but i haven’t found them anywhere… so for me, they’re new!
  4. Beyond burger which is said to be very similar to actual beef burger – and uses beetroot juice to “Bleed”, is available in Sweden now. And more places will hopefully be serving it, as now it is just in one restaurant branch in Stockholm. Some people may be put off this burger as it is said to be too realistic, but i want to try it if i get the chance. I haven’t eat red meat in about 7-8 years so i really can’t remember the taste or texture, and i love vegan fake meat so i don’t know how i will feel about the burger if it too realistic.

And there are 3 (i think) new vegan chips are being sold. But i only found one of them which i decided to try. Lentil chips with the taste of ranch and sourcream. My opinion is that they were slightly dry and flavourless, but reminded me of the bacon chips you can get at the cinema…. except these had less flavour. I like the other lentil chips available, so i was a little disappointed with these if i am honest.

I am excited to see more and more products/foods available in stores over time! Seeing the vegan trend grow, and hopefully more and more people will try going fully vegan – or atleast seeing how easy it is to cut down on animal products!