Vegan Christmas food recipes | Vegansk jul mat recpept | Part 1

Christmas is just around the corner, and like previous years… it doesn’t feel like christmas at all. Most likely because i have so much school work so i don’t have time to think about what day or date it is or even think about that the days to Christmas are flying by! Luckily i have gotten 60% of the christmas presents, but still unsure what i should buy for the remaining gifts…… Buying presents isn’t my strong side, not only do i find it extremely commercial and a little too materialistic, i would rather buy something that the person really wants or needs and not just small gifts that will never be used or end up sitting in the persons storage for the next 10 years, hahaha.

I may not be in the Christmas spirit, but i have atleast begun thinking about what food i might be making for Christmas dinner. Because I am Swedish, all these ideas are veganized versions of the typical christmas dinner in Sweden. So if you live in other countries these recipes might seem weird or unusual as you  might eat other typical dishes for christmas!


No one in my family eats meat, they do eat eggs and fish though, but i am guessing we will buy store bought vegan meat balls to replace the typical christmas meat balls – unless i decide to make my own from beans and lentils.

Christmas food ideas i plan to make (some of them anyway):

Roasted potatoes alternative hasselback potatoes. (Or you could do boiled, but i don’t like boiled potatoes so i will roast mine!)

Roasted brussel sprouts and sweet potato – maybe mix in some pecans or make a nice sauce for this!



Beetroot salad (recipe here)


Coleslaw (recipe here)

Savoury “shrimp” cheesecake i.e skagentårta . It’s a typical swedish savoury cheesecake which you use lots of mayonaise and prawns, but i will be using tofu instead. (RECIPE)

Kale, tofu, onion pie (made one last year!) RECIPE


Tofu “ribs” or using Oumph! Recipe 

Potato gratin (Recipe in my next post)


Some type of home made bread!

Oven roasted vegetables is always a good idea and perfect for leftovers the next day!



Either a ginger bread & lingon cheese cake or a saffron cheesecake. (RECIPE)


I will try to find and post the recipe for this saffron cheesecake as well 🙂
Or maybe this chocolate and gingerbread cake?

But also saffron buns (recipe), maybe some fudge or ginger bread cookies, maybe i will make my own chocolates or truffles!


Some chocolate covered orange or maybe i will bake the orange in the oven and the drizzle over some nuts and chocolate 🙂

Rice pudding (Recipe HERE or a coconut rice pudding recipe)


This week (or weekend) i will try to make some more Christmas inspired recipes – both sweet and savoury, so that will be up this weekend or next week for more inspiration!

In Sweden a typical christmas food is herring in different sauces. So vegans make a version using aubergine instead which is supposed to be very similar! recipe HERE and  HERE

Seitan ham – Recipe here

A soft gingerbread cake, or some ginger bread muffins.

Daim chocolate or rocky road.


These are just some of the ideas i could think of now 🙂 But hopefully they will help inspire you if you are unsure what to make for christmas dinner!

Let me know in the comment section what you plan to eat and/or make for christmas 🙂

Vegan scones recipe | Simple and quick to make

Scones are definitely very underrated according to me.

If you ever get bread cravings but don’t want to/can’t go to the store, or don’t like store bought bread… then make scones. Or if you need to throw together a quick brunch or breakfast then scones is a good go to.

You can also vary how you make scones… such as more savoury scones using different seasonings. Or more sweet scones using berries, dried fruit or chocolate. Not to mention which flour sort you use, there are recipes using almond flour or coconut flour or just oat flour, or gluten free scones. However i prefer to just use regular white flour, or sometimes use 50/50 graham flour and all purpose flour, or i just add some oats or oat flour along with the all purpose flour. But that is just my personal preferance 🙂


In the past i have shared THIS scones recipe, and also THIS recipe for cornbread scones.

This time i decided to measure out and try a different scones recipe and it turned out SOO good. Usually when i make scones i don’t measure out… but i can say, it makes such adifferent to actually measure out the ingredients. It tastes so much better.

In total it takes about 15-20 minutes to make these, so MAKE THEM!

Also feel free to add whatever extras you want 🙂

Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Blue and Orange Simple Mexican Food Recipe Card (3)


Recipe for the chili: HERE

Swede scnitzel recipe | Vegan | & Hasselback potatoes

One of my main mottos when it comes to eating – and especially when it comes to getting all your nutrients and vitamins – is to eat varied. Or as varied as possible.

But even if i have this as a sort of motto, i am not the best at actually following this advice. Usually i just buy the same food and ingredients over and over. I may be rather good at varying meals to some extent, but they most often have the same ingredients making my food not as varied as i think.

So i want to try varying my food a little more… even if that just means trying one new grain or vegetable each week.

And this week, i decided to try the vegetable, Swede. I have eaten this before and liked it, but it has never been a vegetable i have thought of buying when doing my weekly grocery shop.

I wasn’t fully sure what to do with the vegetable at first… should i add it to a vegetable soup? Maybe bake it? Make a Swede mash out of it which i have eaten – and liked before?

But i decided… why not make schnitzels out of it, such as the eggplant schnitzels i made in summer. And i can say, i am so glad i made this dish. I still have half of the Swede left, so i will see what i do with that!

A very simple recipe, and you can choose to make a batter out of flour and water, as well as using bread crumbs. But i decided to skip the batter part and just go for corn flour, liquid and bread crumbs.

Note, this recipe can be made glutenfree by using gluten free bread crumbs.

As this recipe is so simple, i decided to not make a recipe card, but hopefully you can follow this recipe easily!

1/2 swede

c.a 50ml cornflour

100-200ml bread crumbs or panko

100ml aquafaba or plant based milk

Seasoning of choice


& serve with vegetables and hasselback potatoes

How to:

Begin by peeling the swede, and then cutting into c.a 1-2cm thick slices.

Boil in water for about 20-30 minutes or until soft – but not so soft that they break.

In a bowl pour in your aquafaba or plant based milk. In another bowl pour in the bread crumbs, and on a plate pour the corn flour. (Note, you can make a batter by using c.a 150ml flour and some water until it becomes like pancake batter. And using that instead of the cornflour and liquid)

Allow the swede cutlets to cool before beginning with the battering.

Begin by covering the cutlet in some corn flour, then dipping in the liquid and finally covering with bread crumbs. Repeat with all the pieces before frying in some oil on medium heat until golden brown.

Eat right away.

How to make the hassleback potatoes:

Preheat oven to 200degrees celsius.

Using medium/large potatoes and slice/cut into the potatoes c.a 3/4 of the way. I.e you shouldn’t cut the whole way through the potatoes. Repeat with all the potatoes.

Place on a baking tray.

Brush oil or melted margarine over the ptoatoes. Add seasoning of choice. Pour over some bread crumbs. Then bake in the oven c.a 40-45 minutes or until the potatoes are crispy and baked all the way through.

Don’t forget to tag me on instagram, itsahealthylifestyle, if you try any of my recipes!

This was such a delicious meal, and a good way to eat more veggies. Of course, i would recommend that you maybe make some salad and add some tofu or beans, or maybe make a tofu based sauce to eat with this – just to make it more of a “complete” meal. Of course, considering that this isn’t all that you eat in a day it’s ok if it isn’t always nutritionally the most optimal meal!

Vegan tortilla pizza | 15 minute meal

When i was in the store the previous day i came across some pink tortilla breads – based off of beetroots. The colour caught my eye and the fact that they were made out of 45% vegetables intrigued me. After checking the ingredients i was happy to see that they were vegan. Though i did message the company to make sure that the E471 (mono and diglycerides av fatty acids) was vegan – as it can come from animal products. Though from my understanding, almost all bread that has e471 comes from plant based alternatives.

I don’t know so much about E numbers, i.e which are vegan and which aren’t. And most of the time you need to email the company to find out. Hence why i prefer buying items which have the vegan mark on them because then i don’t need to worry or think about if the E number is vegan or not!

Onto the actual recipe then?

I bought the tortilla breads and i thought… i could make tacos, tortillas or quesadillas… but that is a standard for me, and i wanted to make something different. And then the idea of tortilla pizza popped up into my head.

It would be quick and easy to make and that is exactly what i needed.

I have to say this was AMAZING. And i mean that 200%. Maybe it was just because i was super hungry, but the flavourcombo and the crunch of the tortilla base worked so well!

My meal prep is all eaten, and now it is about using the leftover veggies and foods i have at home before i get a food delivery this weekend. 

So i decided to roast some purple carrots, broccoli and chickpeas. C.a 25 minutes at 220 degrees celsius.

And i made a “cheese” sauce from potatoes, sweet potato and had two left over carrots which i added as well. The actual recipe is HERE

And in a frying pan i fried up 1 small red onion, half red paprika and half yellow paprika.

I heated the tortilla bread in the oven c.a 5 minutes

Then when everything was done i lowered the oven heat to about 190 degrees celsius.

I put some of the potato cheese sauce as well as the toppings and placed back into the oven and baked for about 10 minutes (didn’t time exactly). But until it was crunch but not burnt.

Took out of the oven, topped with some sweet corn, avocado, hummus and made a garlic tahini dressing.

And then done! Simple, delicious and filled with nutrients!

The lighting was NOT on my side today, hahah.It has been grey and dark all day, but i guess that is how it will be for the next few months…

Vegan food hacks – Home made oatmilk, non dairy yoghurt, vegan cheese, vegan mayonnaise, vegan honey etc

Here is a huge masterpost with some vegan DIY/cooking hacks which i hope you will like and will help you! I haven’t tried all of these recipes unfortunatly, but i hope to try them all in the future.

Also making your own oat milk and vegan cheese seems incredibly easy – i have always thought it would be so time consuming and hard, but i guess i was wrong!

I might try to make one of these posts for some beauty products as well as i know coconut oil can be used for many beauty hacks as well as things like sugar scrub etc and even coffee scrubs or sugar and oil for a body scrub!!:)

If you have any other vegan food or cooking hacks or DIY vegan food comment below 🙂 (Also have a part 2 coming up with some other vegan food cooking tips/hacks/how to’s!)


How to make your own oat milk (I need to try this, it looks so easy!!)

How to make your own almond milk

Making your own soft cheese (Recipe post coming soon!)

Making your own vegan hard cheese (Recipe post coming up!)

Making your own cashew cheese

Make your own vegan cashew cream cheese

Making your own cashew parmesan

Making your own mayonnaise

Making your own vegetable stock

Make your own vegan butter (cashew based)

Make your own vegan butter (coconut oil based)

Make your own coconut yoghurt (with probiotic pills)

How to make your own non dairy yoghurt

How to make your own vegan Baileys

How to make your own tofu

How to make your own tofu (with pictures)

*Note, making your own tofu can be rather difficult and also requires a little more time and equipment than other home made recipes*

How to make your own tempeh (When you make tempeh you need a starter culture as it is fermented soy beans. Also from my understanding it is important to follow the instructions as well as tempterature and storage right when making tempeh.)

Make your own seitan (Basic recipe)

Make your own bacon (rice paper)

Vegan bacon – 6 ways

Make your own vegan caramel sauce

Make your own dandelion honey

How to make firm vegan dandelion honey

Vegan whipped coconut cream

Vegan sour cream (cashew based) 


I am going to make 2 of the cheeses myself at home and post recipes and pictures once i have tested 🙂 And will add the links here once the posts are up as well – incase you want to save this post for the future!