8 new vegan products | Friday Finds! | Quorn, yoghurt, burgers etc

Friday and i had planned to post this blog last week but instead this post ended up sitting in my draft section for the past week! That is unfortunately what happens with the majority of my posts… i begin writing them, or think about an idea but it takes me a while to get round to actually posting them/finishing them!

Sometimes i get hit with an idea/inspiration/thought i want to share and either i write the post and share it directly or it takes me two weeks to finish the post and finally get round to sharing it. There seems to be no inbetween with me, haha.

This week i wanted to share 8 “new” vegan products on the market (or soon to be available). As i live in Sweden i usually post the products i have been made aware will be available in Sweden, but i also sometimes stumble across new foods available in ex. England. So for some people i am sure these posts may be useless as the food isn’t even available in their country, but sometimes i like seeing that new vegan foods are available (even if i can’t get them in Sweden), just because it shows the demand for vegan products is growing!

And of course… most of the foods are processed considering that there aren’t so many new local fruits and vegetables available that i have never seen or heard about before!


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As i mentioned in my previous “New vegan products” post, Quorn aren’t just releasing sandwich toppings they are also releasing new frozen items! Sausages, burgers and vegan “fish fingers”. Typically Quorn isn’t vegan as it contains egg whites, but their new vegan range has the vegan marking! So if there is no vegan symbol on it, then it’s most likely not vegan (read the ingredients incase!)

A new alpro soya yoghurt in the flavour apple kiwi which i really hope will be made available in Sweden! Alpro yoghurts are my FAVOURITE. And i eat several of their “on the go quark” yoghurts a week, but i also love their natural and mango flavour yoghurt!

The chocolate bar VEGO (which makes one of the best vegan chocolates) has made a chocolate spread, and even if i don’t miss or crave nutella or chocolate spread i still want to try it if i find it.

The vegan magnum isn’t a “new” product as i posted it in my previous post. However, i have now tried it and my opinion….Not my favourite ice cream. Sure i would eat it again, but i wouldn’t go out of my way to buy it and would personally spend the money on something else… like vegan chocolate or buy another vegan ice cream. But i think it is great that it is available and i have heard many who like it. I just personally found that the ice cream had this weird taste and texture which wasn’t to my liking. But good thing that people can have different likes and preferences, hahaha. 


“New” vegan milkshakes from the fastfood restaurant MAX. And i write new in quotation marks because the milkshakes have been available in Sweden for some time, but they were only available in one (or two) of the fast food restaurants. But now they should be available in more of the MAX restaurants. Once again, i don’t feel the need or desire to drink milkshakes so for me it doesn’t really matter. HOWEVER i am a sucker for trying new vegan foods and i feel like i HAVE TO try them if i am ever at a MAX restuarant [which isn’t often]. But i know that many vegans have wanted and missed a milkshake so i think it is awesome that it is available for those who like milkshakes.

A burger, similar to the beyond meat burger which “bleeds” will be available in frozen package. From what i have seen, it will be PRICY. But i am excited to try and see how it tastes. Like mentioned above, i feel the need to try new vegan products just because….

The brand Hälsans kök which already makes delicious vegan products is releasing a new product – pulled beans. (Not sure if it is based on beans or soya with beans added, hahah). But looking forward to trying nonetheless!

And vegan mayonnaise from Hellmans. I can’t actually remember the last time i ate mayonnaise vegan or none vegan because i truly dislike mayonnaise. So this is infact a new vegan product i am not planning on buying or testing, hahaha. But it shows that if a company like Hellmans can make a vegan option, then the vegan demand is truly showing and putting pressure on companies to change and offer vegan options!


I’m excited to try the new products and to see what new releases there will be in the future!!!

3 vegan chocolates – review!

For Easter my mother was so kind and bought me 3 different vegan chocolates to try! In normal food stores there aren’t so many vegan chocolate options to buy, only 1 or 2 as well as dark baking chocolate is usually vegan. Also the price of vegan chocolate makes it an extra treat when i do eat it!!

However when you go to certain vegan stores or eco-friendly stores that have a focus on eco friendly and vegan foods, then you realise just how many different vegan chocolates there are – as you can see in THIS post. Also if you want to know what other vegan chocolate brands there are, you can look at THIS post and THIS post.


The first one was a hazelnut chocolate bar from Ichoc, which i have already tested before and i love it! Infact i love all of the Ichoc bars and they are the cheapest bars i have found (that isn’t just dark baking chocolate!) but also taste great according to me! Even my step dad agrees that it is similar to dairy milk. So if you are looking for a vegan chocolate, i recommend this brand… and their white chocolate and cookies&cream one are my favourites!


Second was a raw bar from Love chock which i have never tried before. The flavour was mulberry and vanilla. I didn’t really know what to expect from a raw chocolate, but it wasn’t in my taste…… If you prefer sweet and kind of creamy chocolate like myself, then raw chocolate bars aren’t for you. It wasn’t smooth or creamy, it was almost crumbly and rather bitter….. and i didn’t taste any vanilla… so i was rather disappointed in the chocolate. However, it did sort of get better the more i ate it. The first 2 pieces i didn’t like, then the next time i tried another piece it was a little better and the last piece was actually ok. Maybe it is one of those tastes that grow on you….. But i think i will stick to my vegan “milk” chocolate!!



And lastly, a vegan easter bunny from Rosen Garten which i had never seen before.


The first bite all i could taste was the cocao butter….. it wasn’t sweet, almost like taking a bite of butter/margarine. However the more i ate, the more i liked it and the chocolate and sweetness began to appear. It wasn’t overally sweet which is a good thing – some chocolates it is like biting itno sugar they are so sweet. However this easter bunny had just a little too much cocoa butter taste for my liking. I finished it all, because well… it is chocolate. But i wouldn’t buy it again. The taste did grow on me though, so who knows…. maybe i should give their chocolate another chance and see if it tastes better!

The bunny without his ears!


New vegan foods! (Newly found vegan products!)

Friday and that means only one day until the weekend, new music on Spotify and also…. a post with newly found vegan products (or new vegan products on the market!)

Throughout the week i stumble upon new products which are accidently vegan, or new vegan food on sale! These might be some tips for you if you’re new to veganism, or just so show new foods that might be available to you 🙂 Lots of different products today!!

So first off… ovo-vegetarian ravioli which is now vegan!! Before there was egg in the pasta dough, but now they have updated the recipe and the dough no longer contains egg!! This might not be a product i choose to buy or eat, but who knows… maybe sometime i am craving some ravioli or i need some quick on the go food and this is a great option! *Note, photos from facebook*


Second… new coconut yoghurt (available in Sweden anyway!).  I am looking forward to trying the mango one. They are a bit pricy (almost 20kr = €2 for such a little yoghurt pot) bt i need to try one of them atleast!screenshot_20180215-1502051.png


New vegan butter based on olive oil! I can’t wait to find this and try it. Not sure how it will taste, but it is great that it is free from palm oil. Otherwise i like to use Naturli vegan spread which is also free from palm oil.


Image result for naturli bredbar smör <– the spread i usually use!! (Tastes amazing!)


Chocolate “crisps” from Lidl. Not all of them are vegan, so double check the ingredients!!! But i think the dark and orange ones are vegan anyway! If i pass a Lidl someday i am going to check to see if they sell these as i really want to trye them 🙂


Next up, vegan pesto with tofu!! I think the previous post i made with new vegan products also had a new pesto. I don’t eat pesto so often and usually make my own (it’s not hard at all!), but i definitely want to try these with some pasta once i get the chance!!


Vegan ferrero rocher (why is is so hard to spell ferrero rocher right??”). Apparently they were accidently vegan and just a limited edition… so don’t think i will find them – i guess i will just have to make my own until vegan ones are available always!

Source: floralfrosting


Anamma has released 3 “new” vegan frozen foods. They aren’t really new, just an updated recipe from their old one! As i wrote in THIS post, their new minced meat is amazing and perfect for making burgers or balls. And the new “vegobites” which are an updated recipe are ok… i prefered the old recipe though!


And 3 vegan biscuits which i didn’t know was vegan!! Though double check the ingredients before you buy, just incase!!


New vegan foods!

New week and new vegan foods that i have found…. online anyway haha.

I love finding new vegan foods, because even if i can’t buy them in the country i live in… it just shows progress and how the deman for vegan food is growing!!

First up…. vegan premade frozen pizza from the company Oumph! I love the brand Oumph and their fake meat… however i am not a huge pizza fan, so if i am honest… i wish they would have made a new oumph flavour or something else. But i know many swedish vegans are happy that this alternative will be available… and once it is realeased (week 7 i think!), i will have to try it just for the sake of trying new foods!


Second new vegan food – for the U.S anyway is 2 new non dairy halo top flavours! Pancakes and waffles flavour and candy bar flavour!!! They both sound amazing and i wish they were available in Sweden!!


3rd product is high protein chips from proteinPro. If i am honest, i have no intention of buying or trying these….  I don’t think they are worth the money, and well i can eat lentil chips with hummus if i want extra protein with my chips. I think these are more of an “accidently vegan” product, but atleast they exist and many will eat them without even knowing they are eating something vegan!!

Sour cream and onion flavour is NOT vegan – the other 2 are.

Next newly released vegan product is two more vegan pate/spread made from peas or beans – which is also a good source of iron!


2 new fresh pasta with filling one with pesto and one with tofu and asparagus!!! It feels like forever since i have eaten fresh pasta or filled pasta!


And lastly…. i found out that ben and jerrys have 9 non dairy flavours!!! And only 3 are available in Sweden 😦


First time trying Ethiopian food

When i think of Ethiopian food the only thing i think of is their bread injenera and eating with your hands.

Last year (i think!) An Ethiopian restaurant opened in the city i live in and i heard there was a vegan option available. So when my steo dad was in town and asked if i wanted to go out and eat dinner with him i thought it was a good time to gjve it a try! Also because i was tired of going to the same place to eat each time!

There was one vegan option to choose which was made for 2 people. You get injenera bread and 6 different mixes/sauces which you eat with the bread!


Note, sex = six in swedish hahah!

so… what did i think? It was surprisingly good and even filling! The bread was light and almost fluffy and all the mixes has different flavours. There was 2 lentil mixes, one potato mix, one chickpea mix and one rather spicy tomato mix and then some beetroots and salad. It all worked super well together. However there were so many different flavours at once it was hard to tell them apart!

One negative was that it was so much oil that it left grease around your mouth and hard to get off your hands. Not to mention if you are like me and cant digest alot of fat…. well the stomach cramps kick in after 10 minutes as well as heartburn. Meaning its not such a good idea to eat if you have plans after because all i want to so is curl into a ball from the cramps hahah. I personally thought it was too much oil wguch almost took away the flavours. But maybe thats just me haha.

If didn’t take so many photos as i was hungry and it was so dark meaning you needed flash hahah .

Have you tried Ethiopian food before? What did you think?