Black bean, sweet corn and avocado stuffed sweet potato recipe


Simple recipes are what i love best. As i only cook for one person i don’t find it so fun to begin making a lasagna or a pie or a huge wok or pasta dish, instead i just make single serve meals most of the time.

The good thing about the meals i eat is that it shows that plant based eating doesn’t have to be expensive, complicated or time consuming. You can literally just heat sweet potato in the microwave, buy pre packaged beans and sauce, add some avocado and you have a fully complete meal! Or you can just chop up some veggies and add some lentils and cook together to make a lentil soup or just throw a bunch of potatoes and vegetables into the oven and let them cook for 30-40 minutes and you have several meal boxes complete for the week.

It really doesn’t have to be hard, expensive or time-consuming to eat vegan! My recommendation of course is to cook your own beans as it is cheaper but pre packaged beans work just as well, and you can of course cook up lentils and have them cold and ready to eat in the fridge and the same goes for vegetables, potatoes, pasta and things such as falafel, bean burgers, lentil soup etc Just make sure to not let rice be left in the fridge or out in room temperature too long!

So if you need some inspiration on what to make for a simple lunch one day i recommend making a stuffed sweet potato. You can of course make this in the oven by 1) poking holes in the sweet potato with a fork, and then into the oven for c.a 30-40 minutes on 225 degrees. Then you can add beans, veggies, sweet corn sauce etc and maybe even some vegan cheese and back into the oven another few minutes and then eat and enjoy!

Or you can do it the lazy and quick way like i did, which is to 1) poke holes in the sweet potato before placing in the microwave on full heat for c.a 7 minutes, making sure to turn the sweet potato over half way. And then you just add your fillings and the rest of your meal such as a salad, vegetables, guacamole, sauce, tofu etc

I combined my filled sweet potato with vegan meat balls, vegetables and had planned to eat with the gluten free tortillas i got for free, but they turned out to be inedible so instead i will do something else with them haha!IMG_20170913_114407_614

If you try this food combo let me know what you think! Also let me know what your favourite sweet potato savoury filling is 🙂

Practise makes perfect – you get better at what you practise.

In most areas of life, what you practise is what you get better at. Whether its a certain hobby, proffession, sport, self love, coaching etc And exercise is a perfect example of that. The more you practise a certain sport or exercise the better you get at it.

Of course there are those unique individuals who may never runbut still manage to run a 10km race in 40 minutes. Or those individuals who never, or very rarely workout but when it comes to a competition they will do better than people who do workout regularly. This may seem unfair, wondering how could they have those fitness levels if they don’t even workout or don’t do that form of exercise when you are struggling to get better and doing it several times a week. But life isn’t always fair and for most people, they actually need to practise to get better.

When it comes to exercise most people like to do the thing they are good at – it’s most fun then when you know you are good at it and it’s not as hard as it could be. But to get better at exercise or the exercise form you are doing, it also means focusing on the things you aren’t good at – its the only way to get better. I personally am not good at doing this. I like to just focus on what i already can and what i am already good at, but neglect the things that i amn’t so good at.

It IS hard to work on something you aren’t good at, but it is also extremely rewarding to notice yourself getting better at it…. and this could be anything. Maybe you are getting better at thinking positively, getting better at taking photos or painting, maybe getting better at being more social or learning to run longer distance…. it sucks when you suck at it (haha!), but it also feels amazing when you see improvement. Before you know it, you will be alot better and then suddenly it isnt a weakness or something you aren’t good at… and that just means moving onto the next thing to improve!

We all like to  be good at the things we are doing, most people don’t like doing new things which they know they may not be good at. But sometimes that is what you have to do.


I’ll take myself for example, back in 2013-2014 i was doing push ups and chest workouts regularly and could do quite a few push ups and even decline push ups (i.e my feet on a bench and doing a push up that way), it was one of my favourite exercises because i was good at it. But then for some reason i stopped doing push ups regularly… or at all, and i don’t know the reason why. But fast forward to 2017 when i tried doing a push up again and realised i could barely do 8 on my knees, let alone even manage one “proper push up”. It sucked and i thought, i don’t want to do push ups on my knees it is embarrassing when i was once rather good at push ups. (These thoughts are silly, i know.) But i then realised, i can’t get better at them if i dont practise. So now i have been doing push ups c.a 3-4 times a week, sometimes it’s just one set, sometimes it is 5 sets. But now i almost back to how i was in 2014 and all it took was some practise and hard work and frustration haha.

And the same goes for chin ups (palms towards my face.)…. at the start of the year i was doing assisted chin ups and felt myself progressing every week, but then i stopped as i went to another gym which didnt have a good pull up bar so now several months later and i can barely do 3 assisted chin ups. Once again i felt, i don’t want to start all over again, but that is my plan….. to try to get better and maybe one day finally reach my goal of doing 5 proper unassisted chin ups! It is all about practise!

So even if it sucks, can be frustrating and you can feel like a failure… that hard work and time will lead to results and it will be worth it. You can’t be good at everything and isn’t it rather amazing that you CAN get better at something. I choose to see the positive.. some people are just naturally talented or lucky and are good at everything, they can draw, sing, do maths, talented in sports etc but then they might not have to work as hard to improve and don’t get to feel those amazing feelings when you see progress and know that YOU have worked towards it!

So… tell me, do you have anything you need to practise more of to get better at? 🙂 Imagine how much progress you could make in these 3 months if you set yourself a goal to improve and get better 🙂