The week that has been…. (week 21)

Hello and happy Sunday everyone!! 🙂

Another week that has just flown by and i have barely registered the days passing. This week has felt like a lifetime… if i think about the fact that this time last week i was sitting on a train from Stockholm. Feels like i have done so much, yet so little this week….

This week has consisted of several workdays, long days at school with essay writing/Project work as well as presentations and lectures. One of the lectures was about “how to sell yourself/communicate when trying to get a job/pitch a project idea etc” which was very interesting and useful for myself.

I even went to some extra lectures outside of school time with some of my friends. One of the lectures was about gluten/ibs/celiac another about veganism and the last one was more about food in general/eating for energy and a bit about additives and e-numbers, but i didn’t stay to listen to that lecture.

I have had a little time to sit in the sun for at least an hour or two, and found a new vegan energy drink i wanted to try…. not a huge fan, so i will stick to the other brands i usually consume.

I bought some dried mango from a health food store (I can spend hours just browsing around in these types of stores!).

I’ve been to the gym twice this week… but going to go again today as long as i don’t get called into work.

And lastly, i went to a class party on Friday evening. As next term many are doing studies abroad or they are working/doing internship and everyone will be studying different courses. So we decided to have a class party to end the term right (even if we still have one week left). I had a good time, but because i am rather introverted i can often feel like i just sit and listen/feel left on the outside because i don’t get overly crazy/extroverted… always have mixed feelings for parties like this. But i did have a good time, even if i didn’t wake up feeling amazing and having to work on Saturday with only 4 hours of sleep.

Also found a new vegan wine (not all alcohol is vegan – read HERE – so i like when it is marked out so that i don’t have to Google!) (Note, i don’t promote alcohol consumption, however a glass or two every now and then isn’t unhealthy as long as you are legally allowed to drink. The best of course is to not consume alcohol and i rarely drink, it all depends on how i am feeling and the situation. If you drink alcohol, do it in moderation and if you don’t drink alcohol, that is amazing and stick to that decision!)

Aside from this, i haven’t done much else – or had time for anything else. I have finally gotten a more regular sleeping schedule, falling asleep before 11pm and waking up at 6.30am almost everyday this week…. which feels amazing! The worst is when you can’t fall asleep and are awake until 2 or 3 in the morning and then end up waking up at 9 or 10am and feeling like half the day is gone or you have missed a lecture or have to skip your workout because you have to work etc

So hoping that this regular sleeping schedule will last for a while at least!

I hope you have all had an amazing week and are looking forward to the new week!

Vegan lunch @ Mahalo cafe



When in Stockholm, one of the things i always try to make time for is visiting the cafe Mahalo.  It is a completely vegan cafe which makes some of the best buddha bowls according to me! Not only delicious, but also look so delicious… and can’t get enough of their sweet potato fries! They even serve acai bowls, smoothies, wraps and raw food desserts. And have begun with pancakes and burgers as well!!

Definitely a favourite of mine and a go-to if you are in Stockholm.



However, as they have gotten very popular now there is usually a waiting time for the food and if you are going to eat there during the weekend i would recommend going later and not at 12 or 1pm because then you can wait up to 30-40 minutes for your food. But if you go later on or during the weekday there will be less people (hopefully) and not as long waiting time!! 🙂

Also pets are allowed (well, as long as the pets are calm enough to be in a cafe anyway!).


I got the buddha bowl which consisted of rice, sweet potato, tofu, avocao, kale, edmame beans, brocolli and sauce!


**Just noticed that all the text/photos from my previous post is gone…. i had spent c.a 1 hour writing/researching and writing and it is all gone, and i have no idea why 😦

My weekly food shop (from

As i mentioned in a previous post, when i did my first online food store, it might be my regular way of doing my weekly food shopping. And then going to a nearby store to buy extra things i forgot to buy or fresh produce which is cheaper in “real food stores”, or just when i get cravings for something!!

And i think that online food shopping might be the new thing for me as i don’t have any large food store nearby and it would just be a hassle to do small rounds of food shopping several times a week – not to mention, most likely alot more expensive.

Saturday evening my weeekly food shop arrived, which i was so thankful for because i was tired and didn’t have much food at home, so was great that i knew i could just wait for my food arrival from!

Onto my actual weekly shopping…..  I decided to stock up on oatmilk, frozen vegetables and tofu and then buy some heavy items which last a long time i.e flour, sugar and corn flour. I don’t use those 3 ingredients so often in my cooking, but it is always good to have at home example if i want to bake or if i want to make scones then having flour at home is great, or even for pancakes!


Also, as you can see i bought ALOT of frozen vegetables…. i saw it more as an investment. That buying a large 1kg pack is alot cheaper than small 250-500g packs, however i also overestimated how much space i have in my freezer and i had to squeeze it all in…. barly able to close my freezer after hahah. Already had some frozen vegetables in the freezer and had just bought 4 packages of Frys products at the Vegofair, so had to take a package of frozen veggies out and keep it in the fridge (which i would eat within the next 48 hours!).


Buying in bulk like this is cheaper over time as the milk, frozen veggies and dry ingredients will last longer than a week and is good to always have at home!!!


p.s post not sponsored!

Sunday life update!

So many food posts recently, so i thought i would balance it out with a life update and more personal post!!

I have no idea where this week has gone… it has just flown by and i barely know what i have done!

School work and group work has definitely taken up most of my time. The positive thing though is that almost half my work for this course is done – almost! Also that i am in a great group with 3 other hard-working girls, which means that we started the assignments at once, we have all done our part and everyone is motivated to work and do their part of the assignments. It makes life so much easier when everyone is motivated and works hard when it comes to group assignments so that you don’t have to sit with anxiety and stress because someone isn’t doing their part or someone wants to leave everything to the last second – that is not how i work!


Finally the sun is shining and it has been plus degrees the past 3 days, which makes such a difference to my energy levels and happiness. Feeling alot more positive now than i have in a while… maybe it is because i have my own place, maybe because i am finally sleeping normally i.e asleep before 11pm and waking on my own accord around 6.30/7am most days, or maybe it is just the sunshine and warmth! Makes me long for summer and being able to walk around in shorts and a tank top. Right now it is the weird stage where you need atleast 2 layers to not freeze if you are just standing/sitting outside, but if you are walking somewhere only one layer will do… also it is sort of warm during the day but cold in the evenings so you never really know what to wear!


What about working out…. well, i have been to the gym 2 times this week and i have no intention of going today, haha.  I just haven’t been motivated. I don’t know why i am lacking motivation, but i just haven’t felt inspired to go to the gym. The two times i have gone i have felt strong and felt the endorphin rush afterwards, but actually motivating myself to go to the gym has been hard. So instead i have just skipped it. I’ve gone for walks instead and i know my gym motivation will be back sooner or later….. infact, i have noticed that when the sun starts to shine i just want to go for walks outside. But then during summer when it is really hot, i just want to escape to the gym…. so i am guessing during the summer months i’ll long back to the gym again. Working out and being healthy doesn’t mean you have to go to the gym 6 days a wweek and lift weights. Instead just being active, staying healthy and happy is key. If you aren’t motivated to workout, try another form of exercise… go for walks or run, or just take a rest week or two and get back to it later.

(Of course, if you are someone who won’t get back to exercise if you take a break, then it is best to try to stay active in some form everyday just so that you don’t “lose it”. But if you are someone who has to force yourself to take rest days, then maybe when you lack motivation all you need to do is rest!)

Life at the moment feels good! Feeling more positive and happy and not feeling lonely or alone despite living on my own. Instead i just like coming home to an empty apartment! Someone who is very extroverted might not understand this, but for me who is very introverted i love it! I meet friends during school and then can come home and reenergize on my own. Though a problem i have is that i can easily spend a week on my own, without talking to anyone and not feel alone…. i can isolate myself without realising it and that isn’t a good thing. So need to make sure that i stay in contact and meet people every week hahah! Need some human contact each week 🙂


Next week i am going to start applying for more summer jobs at different places, i have already sent in a few job applications… a few places i knew i didn’t really have the qualifications, but atleast i dared to send in my application and some replied with that they would save my information for when there is a place available. Whether that is true or not, i don’t know… but atleast i tried! Not sure where i will work in summer, whether i just work at food stores again and maybe start with health coaching and clients on my own… we’ll see i guess!

That is pretty much my life update right now! Not so much else happening in my life – school work is taking up most of my life and just taking each day as it comes, enjoying life as it is right now!


Vegovision 2018 – göteborg

Believe it or not, i was more excited about Vegovision than i was to move apartment! I’ve been looking forward to this fair for c.a 2 months now and finally it was time!

A vegan fair in Gothenburg today. Lots of different companies that sell vegan products – everything from frozen meat alternatives, beauty products, household products, vegan dog food, candy and sweets, different cakes, clothes, shoes and the list goes on! And there are different lectures and talks from different people. I didn’t really look at who was on scene talking but i think there was some dietician/Nutritionist talking about a vegan diet, and there was a vegan athlete talking about their diet and exercise and some other inspiring vegans with information or stories to share!

I went to the fair last year, you can read HERE (p.s it took me like 15 minutes to find that post hahaha) and it was alot smaller last year. Not as many people ( i don’t think…) but i remember feeling rather panicked at how many people there were. And the same thing happened this year…. infact, when i was on my way to the fair i began thinking about how many people there would be and i began feeling very anxious and wanted to just head home again. But i know the only way to overcome that anxiety and panic is to face it….

However, when i got to the fair – 2 hours after opening i was shocked at the LONG queue in which i had not expected. I had to wait c.a 45 minutes to get in, which was crazy because last year there was no queue at all. However, this year it was a larger local,

Finally i got into the fair and i did feel rather anxious over the amount of people but i took some deep breaths and began to walk around and see which “exhibitors?” there were. Many of the companies i already knew and had tried alot of the products already so didn’t do alot of taste testing (I don’t find it so hygenic or safe to try the free food at places such as fairs because there is so many people and people take with their hands etc).

I think i spent an hour in the fair before leaving – and the only thing i had bought was 5 chocolates from my favourite chocolate brand as well as 4 packages of Fry’s products! I did find 2 tops which i liked and considered buying…. however i am not so good at doing spontaneous shopping and i never really treat myself to new clothes or items unless it is absolutly necessary. And right now is the best time to buy clothes either so i decided to not buy them, but who knows maybe in the future after thinking about it for 1-2 months i might buy them online, hahaha.

There were so many people at the fair – which is actually a good thing. It shows what a huge trend and popularity it is. People of all ages who are interested in veganism or a vegan diet!! The amount of vegan foods and products on the market is exploding… all the time i am seeing new products – just within the 2 years that i have been vegan the amount of products available has grown so much. I can’t even imagine how great it must feel for those who have been vegan for 10-20+ years….. from maybe only being able to buy certain foods and alot of wholefoods to now being able to eat and buy vegan products most places! Not to mention buying household and beauty products that are cruelty free and vegan is alot easier now than before – i am guessing!

^^My favourite vegan ice cream @3vanner  (they have 4 vegan flavours) & my favourite chocolate (link to their FB)

News reports are saying that veganism is one of the largest growing trends and the amont of people eating/going vegan is on the rise, which is amazing. Even if some people just see it as a trend, it still makes a difference… maybe people just want to try a 30 day plant based diet – maybe they will stick with being a vegetarian or limit their animal products over time, so that still makes a difference!! Of course veganism isn’t a diet or a trend, but if that is how people become aware of veganism, become aware of the animal cruelty then it isn’t a bad thing. The important thing though is that people stick with the changes!

Finally i am home after my day at the fair and feeling both tired and happy! Also i have to say thank you to those of you who said hi and who knew me from Instagram. I don’t know if you also read my blog or not, (Hopefully, hahah!), but if you do, it was nice to meet you 🙂 It always feels a little strange to be recognized or when people write to me and say they saw me but didn’t dare say hi. I would actually much prefer if you say hello – then i can put a face to a name/meeet my followers! Feels strange though as well because followers are just a number and it is easy to forget that it is actual people behind the number!!

Anyway, after this rather long day it is time for rest and a day of study tomorrow!!!



My bag from Gaston Luga (You can get 15% off with the code ” Isabelle “) & my Happy Vegan bag which i use when i go food shopping!!

Positive vibes – positive mood

Hello and good afternoon!

Thursday 29th of March and feels like the first time i have woken up feeling happy and positive in a while! Usually change scares me, but for now i am just ready for change and ready to move into my new apartment – which i got the keys for today!!

It was also the first time i got to see my apartment! I had applied to the apartment as well as accepted the offer on the apartment without ever looking at it, hahah… but i sort of knew how it would look as i had viewed an apartment that was similar to the one i was offered!


When i got the keys to my apartment and got to open the door to my apartment i just wanted to smile and never wanted to leave, hahaha. Despite there being no furniture in the place yet i just sat on the floor and embraced all the positive energy and vibes i had. This will be a positive change!!

Of course, i know that i will have bad days and have days filled with anxiety and panic or feel stressed – a new apartment doesn’t change that. But i am just happy to have my own place – finally after 2 years of moving and just renting a room in different apartments. Finally my own place where i don’t need to adapt to anyone else or anyone elses routine, hahaha. This evening it will just be about packing and cleaning and tomorrow my parents are driving from Stockholm with my furniture (so i don’t have to buy new furniture), and they are also taking my dog with them. Even if i am allowed pets in my apartment and i wish she could live with me, i know that it wouldn’t be the best choice for her. It would be a selfish choice if i decided she would live with me. I wouldn’t have the time and also wouldn’t be home to care for her all the time…. she is a dog that always wants to be around people, so i know she wouldn’t be happy if she was left alone for many hours each day. A part of me wants to keep her with me – now that she will be driven down to my uni city. But i can’t be selfish – i need to think of what is best for my dog, and that is to stay with my parents.

Anyway, my parents are going to help me move into my apartment and then during the weekend we will go to Ikea and buy all the things i need. Also i am realising that the list i had made and the budget i had made for this move is definitely not so realistic… the list of items i need to buy is just growing larger and larger and there will definitely be a dent in my savings – hahah. I feel like i should write a list of all the things you need to buy/think about when moving into your own place – so that for my readers you can be better prepared!! I have moved so many times so i have thrown away alot of things and haven’t really bought any of my own kitchen stuff or more than 1 version of each thing as i haven’t wanted to have lots of items when i knew i would have to pack and move again soon.

Just have 1 of each, hahah.

I am looking forward to this move and Easter. There isn’t going to be any traditional Easter celebration, but maybe an Easter lunch/dinner with my parents before they travel back to Stockholm!!


Otherise… i feel alot more in control over my school and study situation at the moment. I am in a group with other ambitious and hardworking girls so i feel positive and less stressed about the group assignments as everyone is helping and doing their part! And i had two days where i just sat and worked through a bunch of assignments, research and reading so i feel like i am “ahead of the game” and can take this weekend to just relax from school work and be with my family. Which is very much needed, and i don’t feel as stressed about the upcoming workload and assignments in school!

Life feels better at the moment. Not feeling as anxious or as stressed as i have the past few weeks… so hopefully more positive vibes, more energy and more happiness!!


I would love to know – how are all of you ? 🙂 I want to get better at replying to comments and connecting with all of my readers and followers again! 🙂