Positive vibes – positive mood

Hello and good afternoon!

Thursday 29th of March and feels like the first time i have woken up feeling happy and positive in a while! Usually change scares me, but for now i am just ready for change and ready to move into my new apartment – which i got the keys for today!!

It was also the first time i got to see my apartment! I had applied to the apartment as well as accepted the offer on the apartment without ever looking at it, hahah… but i sort of knew how it would look as i had viewed an apartment that was similar to the one i was offered!


When i got the keys to my apartment and got to open the door to my apartment i just wanted to smile and never wanted to leave, hahaha. Despite there being no furniture in the place yet i just sat on the floor and embraced all the positive energy and vibes i had. This will be a positive change!!

Of course, i know that i will have bad days and have days filled with anxiety and panic or feel stressed – a new apartment doesn’t change that. But i am just happy to have my own place – finally after 2 years of moving and just renting a room in different apartments. Finally my own place where i don’t need to adapt to anyone else or anyone elses routine, hahaha. This evening it will just be about packing and cleaning and tomorrow my parents are driving from Stockholm with my furniture (so i don’t have to buy new furniture), and they are also taking my dog with them. Even if i am allowed pets in my apartment and i wish she could live with me, i know that it wouldn’t be the best choice for her. It would be a selfish choice if i decided she would live with me. I wouldn’t have the time and also wouldn’t be home to care for her all the time…. she is a dog that always wants to be around people, so i know she wouldn’t be happy if she was left alone for many hours each day. A part of me wants to keep her with me – now that she will be driven down to my uni city. But i can’t be selfish – i need to think of what is best for my dog, and that is to stay with my parents.

Anyway, my parents are going to help me move into my apartment and then during the weekend we will go to Ikea and buy all the things i need. Also i am realising that the list i had made and the budget i had made for this move is definitely not so realistic… the list of items i need to buy is just growing larger and larger and there will definitely be a dent in my savings – hahah. I feel like i should write a list of all the things you need to buy/think about when moving into your own place – so that for my readers you can be better prepared!! I have moved so many times so i have thrown away alot of things and haven’t really bought any of my own kitchen stuff or more than 1 version of each thing as i haven’t wanted to have lots of items when i knew i would have to pack and move again soon.

Just have 1 of each, hahah.

I am looking forward to this move and Easter. There isn’t going to be any traditional Easter celebration, but maybe an Easter lunch/dinner with my parents before they travel back to Stockholm!!


Otherise… i feel alot more in control over my school and study situation at the moment. I am in a group with other ambitious and hardworking girls so i feel positive and less stressed about the group assignments as everyone is helping and doing their part! And i had two days where i just sat and worked through a bunch of assignments, research and reading so i feel like i am “ahead of the game” and can take this weekend to just relax from school work and be with my family. Which is very much needed, and i don’t feel as stressed about the upcoming workload and assignments in school!

Life feels better at the moment. Not feeling as anxious or as stressed as i have the past few weeks… so hopefully more positive vibes, more energy and more happiness!!


I would love to know – how are all of you ? ๐Ÿ™‚ I want to get better at replying to comments and connecting with all of my readers and followers again! ๐Ÿ™‚


Trying a food delivery service – mat.se

I have always been sort of anti food delivery services. My opinion has been that many people use them just because they are lazy…. i.e going to the food store to shop should just be a part of a weekly routine. So many people are using services such as food delivery and becoming even more inactive.

However, that was just my first thoughts – being critical. Because you know what, food services are very practical and help many people.

I.e if you are busy and don’t have time to shop. Maybe you are a single parent and are busy taking care of your children. Or if you have been away from home for a while, you can just shop your food and have it delivered when you get home so you don’t have to worry about having an empty fridge when you get hom from your travels. Or maybe you live far away from a store… maybe you are injured or sick and can’t go food shopping. Or maybe it is just a way to stop you from buying lots of processed or junk food when you can sit at home and just click home the foods you know are better for you (and maybe just one or two chocolate bars!).

So basically.. .i was just quick to judge.

This week i decided to do my grocery store shopping online… why? Well because i am going to be busy in school and two, i am just feeling extra tired and i want to priortize being at school and working. Also, i might start using this delivery service when i move because i don’t have any large food store close to where i will be living, just 2 small and rather expensive stores – so they will be fine for quick groceries or if i forget something, but i won’t be doing any big grocery store shopping there and instead will have to take the tram several stations to grocery shop where the price is cheaper and more options. So i wanted to test this delivery service and see what i thought… (also, i used a code which gave me 200kr (20 euro) off!).

I bought… 2kg wok mix, 1kg diced pumpkin (want to give this a try!), 2kg frozen carrots, 1kg edmame beans, 1kg tofu, 2l oat milk, 1l oat cream, 600g chickpea flour, dried red lentils, dried chickpeas, turnips, sweet potato, onion, beetroot, swede, oil, Frys fake chicken pieces and potatoes! Note… i might still buy some fresh produce and things i didn’t buy online.

As this store is based in Sweden, it might not be so relevant for my international followers – but for my swedish followers here is what i thought!



The pros? You can sit at home, plan your meals and just click on the foods you need/want. No spontaneous extra items. Also some frozen veggies where cheaper than in normal stores. Also you can have lots of heavy foods delivered which you might not have been able to carry home from the store on your own. And you can plan the delivery of the food within certain hours so you know you will be home – not to mention they have next day delivery! Also you can be more aware of how much you are spending… i always use a self scanner when i go food shopping so i know how much i am spending, but when you shop online you can plan alot better your weekly or monthly food expenses and stay in budget!

The cons? Fresh produce is alot more expensive – so i will be doing that in normal grocery stores. They don’t have all the foods i wanted or certain foods were more expensive so i didn’t want to buy them on that site as i didn’t think it was worth the extra money (hahaha, got to be money smart as a student!). Otherwise there aren’t any other cons which i have experienced.

*Also note, i don’t know how environmentally friendly this is… however the delivery service does several deliveries at the same time so i guess that’s better!

I still think most people should go food shopping i.e walk there/walk in the store – but not everyone can or has the time for it and then food delivery is a good service!

I might use this service when i move… i might not, depends if i decide to just do 2-4 small shops every week and carry it home on the tram … but i think that will get tiring to have to shop almost everyday /several times a week and have to carry it home on the tram… who knows!

Anyway, to all of my Swedes – if you want to try this food delivery service you can go HEREย (i.e my link) and get 170kr off ๐Ÿ™‚ And if you become a member then i get some cash refund as well…. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This is not sponsored, but i thought i would share the link and share my thoughts anyway!

What do you think about food delivery services? Do you use them? ๐Ÿ™‚


Life update – school, health, thoughts

Good morning everyone!!

Long time no life update? Or maybe it just feels like a long time for me…. Truth be told, i never actually look back on the posts once i have published them. I am still very much a mediocre blogger even after 8-9 years of blogging, hahah. It is still just a hobby for me and i write when i feel like it and get hit with creativity or inspiration. Some people think blogging is easy, but it definitely isn’t… you don’t always have something to write about. And as i have chosen to not share every detail about my private life or what i am doing each day there is even less to post about on a daily basis.

Onto my life update…. Well, my previous course is done and i did my test last week and all the seminars and assignments over with. And now onto a new course. All i can say about the course so far is that it will be ALOT of work and i feel like the whole of April is just going to fly by and most of it will be spent in school infront of my computer working on assignments or in lectures or in seminars, or working on the numerous group projects i have. So safe to say… this will be a very busy 4 weeks of school work.

Mentally…ย  Feeling very tired and unmotivated. This whole year i have just felt unmotivated and tired and not like myself…. and i really can’t pinpoint what it is and why i feel this way. But 3 months of feeling this way and it feels like my thinking of “next week i will feel better” is beginning to drag out…. But i don’t really feel like writing anymore about this, but i thought i would just mention it.

Also mentally i have realised that my self esteem is definitely not where it should be or where i want it to be right now…. all these doubts and fears and self esteem holding me back. But i thought i would write a separate post about this.

Otherwise…..ย  Well, updating my CV and personal letter to apply for jobs for summer. Applying to both food stores but also different businesses that work with health, so i am really hoping i get a place to work there… to just start with health coaching or giving nutrition advice. Start using my knowledge! Of course it also scares me…. i have begun to realise that it is a rather huge responsibility to work with people and their health… to encourage and inspire and motivate people to make a change and to want to get healthy and live healthy.ย  Sometimes it feels like it is easier to just work in a food store and not have so much responsibility, but i am also looking forward to working with what i truly love and hopefully make a difference in people’s lives… helping people to change their lives for the better!


As i write this it is only 4 days until i get the keys to my apartment. 5 Days until i move my stuff, but i might not officially move in and sleep in my apartment until a week from now…. but i am excited!ย  Also the list of things to buy which i hadn’t even thought about or thought i needed is just adding up…. But i will buy things over time and as i really need them. I.e measuring cups and a kettle aren’t my first priority when it comes to buying kitchen necessities hahha.

So life in general…. well, iย  am far too focused on the future and having alot of nostalgia and looking back on the past and past memories, which is nota good thing.ย  I am not so focused on being in the present or living life in the moment. Far too many things i want to do with my life and goals i want to reach so i am stuck in the future, but forgetting that i need to be present on work on those goals Right Now to actually reach them in the future. And i need to stop looking back in the past thinking that old memories were better than they actually were…. it’s funny how the brain can turn rather awful times and bad memories into ones that don’t seem like they were so bad.

Goals for the week are to not stress, work hard in school, take time to rest, spend time withย  family next weekend and just making the best out of each day!


Earth hour – March 24 2018

March 24th and it is Earth hour again (i think it has happened once a year for 11 years now. It started in 2007.)

The goal is that everyone (or as many as people – including businesses and places that can turn off lights and electronics), turn off their lights and electronics for an hour.ย  Not only does it save lots of energy, it is supposed to send a message to politicians and people power that we need to start thinking about the environment and how much energy we use each moment and everyday.

Image result for earth hour

Have lights, electronics and energy is a privelage and not something to be taken for granted – but that is exactly what we do. Several times the past year my building has had the power cut off (as they are building right beside out apartment block so at times they have managed to cut a cord or something similar which has caused the power to stop) and for that hour or couple of hours with no electricity, no power, no internet i begin to think…. “what can i even do…? What is there to do.” I am very reliant on internet and being able to charge my phone and computer not only for school work but also for my online work,so when it goes several hours and i can’t access internet or charge my eletronics i do feel a little panicked…. and then there is the whole “can’t cook or heat food” either which is annoying.

So safe to say, i am very reliant on energy and electricity – and most people are. But i don’t think we think about how much we need it and use it everyday.

Of course when it comes to making changes towards a better environment and more sustainable environment looking at your food consumption and ways of travel are the most important. The meat and dairy industry are the top energy requiring businesses and the amount of water, food, electricity they use each day is what effects the climate the most (as well as the c02 emission from the animals – primarily cows/cattle.) And of course if you travel alot by plane or car, that also adds up to your c02 emissions and is not so climate smart. So best to make changes towards those areas in your life, even if cutting down on the amount of electricity you use each day is also a good idea!ย  Not only will it save you money, but also better for the environment!

So from 20.30-21.30 turn off all your lights, don’t charge any electronics!

Listen to a podcast if you have your phone charged, take a bath or shower, have a candle lit dinner, take a nap. If you have enough candles, read or journal! Or even just sit and meditate or think!!! Or why not go out and take a walk and see how many people actually decide to join in during earth hour?

If you do join earth hour, tell me what you did for that hour – i would love to know!!

I think i am going to just write some blog posts, listen to a podcast and do some journalling! (Preferably no electronics during the 1 hour, but i have been hit with inspiration so want to blog while i have this inspiration!!)

If you want, check out the C02 calculater to check your c02 emissions HEREย 

Image result for meat industry environmental impact

What’s in my bag


I was asked if i could write a “what is in my bag post”…. so that is exactly what i am going to do. It has been a few years since i last made a “what’s in my bag” post, but i am pretty sure i still have the same things in my bag hahah.

I am the type of person who throws everything into a huge bag and can never find anything in the bag later on. With my new Gaston Luga bag, i have tried to be alot more minimalistic with what i pack as i don’t have space for everything i would usually have in my bag…. but i am going to share with you what i usually pack with me/always have with me!

I am also the type of person who either has everything in a bag or i just bring the bare minimum i.e cards, keys, charger and have in my coat pockets. There is no inbetween (either everything in a bag or basically nothing with me)


The pictures show what i usually have in my bag…. but the half kiwi is just a representation of a snack (hahahah… don’t usually pack with me a kiwi that is halved!).

Always in my bag:

Computer (if i have a bag with me there is a 99% chance i also have my computer… if i don’t have a bag then i just carry my computer in my hands.)

Calender & pens

Water bottle

Charger & extra battry

Headphones... i always have a pair which i am listening to music with, but also have an extra pair incase i want to change i.e in ear or overhead headphones

Gym bands (i don’t use them so often, but they are always in my bag incase) as well as locker for the gym.

90% of the time i have (fresh) gym clothes (& extra socks, underwear etc) in my bag. Unless i have afternoon classes and have the time to come home and unpack my bag before going to schoool. The days i plan to do cardio at the gym i bring my gym shoes, otherwise i workout in just my socks.

Hand cream and make up… i don’t wear make up so often, but usually have it in my bag just incase. (Surprisingly i don’t have a hair brush with me, which is the one thing i would need to have after the gym, hahah)

Deodorant and perfume

Medication & painkillers – a whole bunch of different medication is always in my bag.

Meal box and snacks if i have long days away from home then i will pack lunch and snacks (usually fruit). However usually i just eat when i am at home or buy something on the go if i need to. But most of the time i have some type of snack or fruit or nuts in my bag just incase!

Usually have chewing gum, but trying to limit the amount of gum i chew so that isn’t always in my bag.

Coffee thermos – mostly when i have early lectures. Thermos is one of those things i didn’t think i needed or wanted until i was given it as a present and realised just how much money i save bringing my own coffee as well as being very practical!

I think that is all… i am sure i am missing some things haha. Right now my stuff is spread out in 3 different bags, haha.


What are some things you ALWAYS have with you in your bag? ๐Ÿ™‚