Vegan ice cream delivery| 3vänner glass|Review

On Tuesday i got a delivery from the company, 3vänner, which is a Swedish Finnish (updated) Ice cream company.

They make both dairy and non dairy ice cream, and of course i am a huge fan of their non dairy ice cream based on coconut cream. I first tried their ice cream several months ago and i loved it! It quickly became my no.1 favourite vegan ice cream… or atleast in tied first place with peanut butter and cookies vegan ben and jerrys. Then i got to try 2 of their other vegan ice cream flavours when i was at the vegan fair in spring (read more HERE). And i realised that i loved all of the flavours, unlike vegan ben and jerrys where i only like 1 of the 3 available.

3vänner contacted me and asked if they could deliver some ice cream for me to try, and of course i said yes…. because well 1) i love their ice cream, 2) it’s a swedish brand which i love supporting, 3) i was feeling low after my hospital visit and needed a pick me up and 3) i wasn’t expecting so much ice cream hahaha. They delivered SO MUCH ice cream… and i can say, i have already eaten a bunch of it!!



They haven’t asked me to post or do a review, but i thought i would do a review of their ice cream anyway as i have done other ice cream reviews in the past!

The four vegan flavours they have are: Peppermint and chocolate. Chocolate, nuts and fudge sauce. Coconut and pineapple. Licquirice and coconut.

I have to start off by saying that i LOVE the coconut based ice cream, it is so much more creamier than ice cream based off of cashews or oats… it has a different texture and doesn’t become “icy.”


Second, i love the flavour combos. Because i must admit… i am a little tired of vegan ice cream only coming in the flours chocolate, vanilla or strawberry.

And third, i love that the chocolate and nuts and the licqourice and and coconut flavour have little aded extras which always make for an extra tasty ice cream experience!



If i am honest, i can’t choose a favourite…. but i would say the peppermint and chocolate would be in 4th place (or maybe 2nd place and all the others are in tied first place)… just because i amn’t a huge fan of peppermint.

Review time:

Chocolate, nuts and fudge sauce: This flavour is super creamy and if you like chocolate ice cream you will love this flavour. Not to mention the fudge sauce which is actually on top/in the middle and not at the very bottom like other ice creams. Also has peanuts for crunch, which i love! This flavour gets 5/5. And note… it is FAR TOO EASY to eat the whole ice cream in one go.


Licqourice and coconut: I am a huge fan of licqourice. Sometimes i can buy bags of licqourice and eat in one go, so not strange that i love this flavour. It has a liquourice sauce added as well which adds a little extra, it has a perfect balance of sweet and salty. Because it has such a balance of sweet and salty it satisfies both cravings – and once again, the coconut base makes it so creamy and delicious.




Coconut and pineapple: This was the one flavour i hadn’t tried before. It is SO FRESH. The pineapple is almost like sorbet, and the coconut is creamy so it makes for the perfect taste. It reminds me of the candy which has the sort of white-foamy base, and the sweet jelly (if that makes sense.) Basically an amazing combo and i could gladly eat this ice cream for breakfast and call it a smoothie, hahahah. Infact, just writing this review makes me want to go to the freezer and eat a pot of this ice cream.


Peppermint and chocolate: This ice cream has christmas feelings because of the peppermint. The two flavours work well together and it is incredibly creamy… but i just can’t get past the peppermint which i am not a huge fan of. The positive is that it does have small chocolate pieces in it, so adds a little crunch!


All of these are best eaten after the ice cream has had time to defrost c.a 5-10 minutes, or you just put it in the microwave c.a 20-30seconds if you are impatient like me XD

For now these ice creams are just available in Finland and Sweden, but maybe they will be available in other nordic countries in the future and who knows maybe they will expand to other European countries as well. But you can see which stores sell the ice cream HERE

I highly recommend these ice creams, and this is not a biased opinion, this is an honest review and opinion. They are pretty much the same price of vegan ben and jerrys i.e not the cheapest ice cream, but that just makes them extra tasty!!

Vegetarian dumplings

It’s Friday, the start of a new course (Health communication) and i have had a productive day of work/study, and i felt like i wanted to celebrate in someway. And the one food i was craving was vegan dumplings.

I considered making my own – as i don’t think it is so difficult if you buy premade dumpling dough… or you could make your own dough but that would take alot longer.

So on the way home from school i stopped by the store and bought myself some nuts and dried fruit as well as vegetarian (**vegan**) dumplings which i made for dinner. You can prepare the dumplings either by microwave, frying or cooking(steaming).

I tried two microwaved while i made the rest by frying/steaming. The steamed/fried version are alot better than just microwaved because the dough is still sort of wet and not as crispy as when they are fried.

Of course nothing beats eating dumplings from an actual asian restaurant, but these are still tasty and a quick solution if you want dumplings.


Many products might say they are vegetarian but then when you look at the ingredients you realise they are vegan. Just like with frozen puff pastry, alot of them are made with margarine and are vegan… not to mention all the biscuits and cakes which are accidently vegan! My best tip is to just check the ingredients of different foods and don’t just presume something isn’t vegan – because you never know. Of course, there are also many products which you think are vegan like certain cereals or bars or bread but then they manage to sneak in some milk powder, beeswax or egg powder into the ingredients which sucks.  But i choose to see the positives about all the accidently vegan products there are out there 🙂

Todays lazy dinner was vegan dumplings, garlic roasted haricot verts, heated edmame beans, peanuts and some sweet potato. The avocado was dry like paper so i did not eat that…. sucks when you think the avocado will be soft but then it turns out to be like cardboard.



3 vegan chocolates – review!

For Easter my mother was so kind and bought me 3 different vegan chocolates to try! In normal food stores there aren’t so many vegan chocolate options to buy, only 1 or 2 as well as dark baking chocolate is usually vegan. Also the price of vegan chocolate makes it an extra treat when i do eat it!!

However when you go to certain vegan stores or eco-friendly stores that have a focus on eco friendly and vegan foods, then you realise just how many different vegan chocolates there are – as you can see in THIS post. Also if you want to know what other vegan chocolate brands there are, you can look at THIS post and THIS post.


The first one was a hazelnut chocolate bar from Ichoc, which i have already tested before and i love it! Infact i love all of the Ichoc bars and they are the cheapest bars i have found (that isn’t just dark baking chocolate!) but also taste great according to me! Even my step dad agrees that it is similar to dairy milk. So if you are looking for a vegan chocolate, i recommend this brand… and their white chocolate and cookies&cream one are my favourites!


Second was a raw bar from Love chock which i have never tried before. The flavour was mulberry and vanilla. I didn’t really know what to expect from a raw chocolate, but it wasn’t in my taste…… If you prefer sweet and kind of creamy chocolate like myself, then raw chocolate bars aren’t for you. It wasn’t smooth or creamy, it was almost crumbly and rather bitter….. and i didn’t taste any vanilla… so i was rather disappointed in the chocolate. However, it did sort of get better the more i ate it. The first 2 pieces i didn’t like, then the next time i tried another piece it was a little better and the last piece was actually ok. Maybe it is one of those tastes that grow on you….. But i think i will stick to my vegan “milk” chocolate!!



And lastly, a vegan easter bunny from Rosen Garten which i had never seen before.


The first bite all i could taste was the cocao butter….. it wasn’t sweet, almost like taking a bite of butter/margarine. However the more i ate, the more i liked it and the chocolate and sweetness began to appear. It wasn’t overally sweet which is a good thing – some chocolates it is like biting itno sugar they are so sweet. However this easter bunny had just a little too much cocoa butter taste for my liking. I finished it all, because well… it is chocolate. But i wouldn’t buy it again. The taste did grow on me though, so who knows…. maybe i should give their chocolate another chance and see if it tastes better!

The bunny without his ears!


Vegan easter eggs (& chocolate)

Easter is just around the corner and just because you are vegan doesn’t mean you can’t have easter eggs!!


I know that not everyone celebrates Easter, but also not all countries have Easter eggs… infact it is not so usual with easter eggs in Sweden. Instead we have a typical easter lunch as well as pick and mix candy. But when i lived in Ireland i would always get a bunch of Easter eggs… infact i would get so many, and would always just save them/not eat them so that they would last all the way to autumn and at times we had to throw them away because i didn’t eat the easter eggs. (I have this mindset that i always need to save for later – still feel this way with alot of things now a days and don’t just appreciate/use what i have.)

But back to the subject… Easter eggs and vegan chocolate! And you don’t even need to be vegan to want to eat or buy these i.e if you are buying easter eggs for family members, why not give them a vegan one… ?!

If you want to know some vegan chocolate brands you can check out THIS post!

First upp Moo Free with 3 different easter eggs:

Image result for vegan easter eggs

Lindt dark chocolate bunny is vegan!

Image result for vegan easter eggs

Tesco free from easter eggs!



Plamil easter egg (is also plastic free which is a plus!)

Image result for vegan easter eggs

Choices white chocolate Easter egg!

Image result for vegan easter eggs

Another Free From Easter egg!

Related image

Divine 70% dark chocolate Easter egg (this may not be the most child-friendly because it is dark chocolate…)

Image result for divine easter eggs vegan

Image result for divine easter eggs vegan


These are just some of the most frequent vegan easter eggs on the market!! If you have any more suggestions let me know 🙂

**Also, make sure to check the ingredients before you buy because it can say non dairy but still contain honey or beeswax!**






Vegan stylish bags with fake leather – Gaston Luga

Do you ever find a company or a product and think, why have i never seen these before? They are amazing? That is how i felt when the brand Gaston Luga contacted me.

I have been a fan of backpacks ever since i started university and realised that using a shoulder bag was causing me neck and back pain as i was walking to school with my gym gear, computer, books, food boxes and carrying it all on one shoulder…. safe to say it is not ergonomic at all. I then saw loads of people using a certain backpack which i loved however it was also made using real leather which is a big no-no for me , and the reason i won’t name the brand here.

So when Gaston Luga contacted me and asked if i wanted to do a co operation with them i couldn’t be happier because 1) How haven’t i seen their bags before?, 2) Almost all their bags are vegan (apart from the Pråper bags which i think have leather), 3) their bags look amazing and exactly what i have wanted but never bought for myself instead had to resort to an “on the sale sports backpack!” and lastly, if i can help create awareness for these amazing vegan bags and more people buy them instead of bags with leather the better!

So i ordered the black Clässy bag (had originally wanted the black classic bag as it was a little bigger, however they were out of stock [they are restocked now!]) so instead ordered the other version!


This is Clässic range:


This is the Clässic range:


If you are interested in one of these bags you can get 15% off by using the code ” ISABELLE “. I don’t earn anything on the sales, however I can personally recommend this bag and if i can save you some money isn’t that great!! 🙂

So how much can i fit in the bag?

Well it is not as big as the other bags or my previous bag. However i can fit my computer (13 inch), computer and phone charger, 1 book, water bottle, small lunch box (& snack!), gym clothes i.e pants, top and sports bra (no gym shoes or jumper). And then of course things like pens, cards, medicine etc can be placed in the pockets inside the bag!

If i have a long day where i need to pack with me alot of stuff or if i plan to bring my workout shoes with me to the gym then i will need either another bag as well or use my old bag. But this is the perfect bag for uni or just if going out with friends or just need to bring some stuff with you!!

Also have to mention i feel so much more fancy using this bag than my previous bag hahahah… i feel like i have some sort of style!!


What type of bags do you like to use? (I usually have SO MUCH in my bag…. almost like i can’t find anything in my bag because i have so much in it, hahaha!)

Also want to mention, i don’t often do co operations with companies. I get offered different co operations and at times even money for co operations, but if i can’t stand for the brand or the product i say no because i want to be honest about the things i review. And i review foods and products even if it is not a co operation – just to share different vegan foods and products! So know that if i do co operate with companies it is because i believe in the company and the product and believe that the review or the recommendation will also be a benefit to all of you – my followers 🙂