Salted caramel-tahini-roasted nut nice cream

Ever since I bought my food processor this summer all I have wanted to do is mix foods….. hummus, soup, nice cream…. It has definitely been a well used kitchen appliance.

And the panic that set in when my food processor began overheating and smoke was coming from the motor…. Full on panic that I would no longer be able to make nice cream. It was then I relized that adding smoking hot soup directly to the blender and blending a little too long was not a good idea i.e the motor overheated. But it is working fine now once it had cooled down.

You can see the blender I use HERE: (amazon affiliate link)

As you saw in my previous recipe, I made a salted date caramel, which was tasty just as it was. However once I made the caramel I also realized I didn’t know what to do with it… of course, I would gladly eat it just on it’s own with a spoon… but I thought I should try making something with it.

And it was then when I was looking in my pantry that inspiration struck….tahini and dates works amazing… add it to nice cream along with some roasted nuts. AMAZING, am I right?

And luckily for me, I had some banana slices in the freezer ready to be turned into nice cream when cravings hit.

So what is nicecream… well if you haven’t heard it before, it is basically just bananas, frozen and then mixed into “ice cream”.

Nice = because it is tasty but also nice = as in no animals were harmed to make this ice cream.

You can find some of my other nice cream flavours HERE. But it is just to go wild and crazy and use whatever extras, toppings and flavours you want. Just use bananas as the base and then add in some coconut milk or substitute half of the bananas for berries and then add some nuts, seeds, nut butter, cacao, cookies, brownies, chocolate chips etc

The best is to use a highspeed food processor when making the nice cream. And I recommend you take the bananas out of the freezer 10 minutes before making just to let them get a little softer so that your food processor doesn’t overwork or break from trying to mix the frozen bananas.

How to make the salted caramel tahini nice cream?


For thesalted caramel, use THISrecipe. Then add 2-3 tbsp or more depending on your preference

Tahini, 2-3 tbsp

1-3 bananas (for one serving). Peel, chop and freezer for 3-4 hours or overnight. (Note, freeze in a container with a lid on, or in a plastic bag/freezer bag

Handful of nuts – salted or unsalted. Either buy preroasted or roast yourself

How to:

Begin by peeling, chopping and freezing the bananas. The best is to buy bananas when on sale and just peel, chop and freeze a whole bunch of them. I recommend you store 2-3 chopped bananas in separate freezer bags so that you have them proportioned instead of freezing them all in one container as then it can be hard to get only some of the banana out.

Freeze for 3-4 hours, but preferably overnight.

Make the date caramel if you haven’t already.

Roast the nuts – Place the nuts on a baking pan, spread them out evenly. Bake in the oven for 10 minutes at 180c. Note, you can add a little oil/vegan margarine and salt, but then just check on the nuts to make sure they don’t burn. You may need to rotate them after half the time.

Begin making the nice cream by adding the frozen bananas, some date syrup and tahini to the mixer. Mix on high speed until smooth. If necessary, add 1-2tbsp oat milk, though this shouldn’t really be necessary.

Once done, taste and add more date syrup or tahini according to preference. Add the roasted nuts, mix in and then eat and enjoy!!

Another amazing nice cream flavour to add to the books! Not everyone will like this flavour because of the sweet and saltiness… the salt from the salted caramel does stand out against the sweet dates and the sweet nice cream, but I liked that!!

Lastly I do need to note that even if this is nice cream and the caramel is made from dates, do consider this a sweet treat. Fruit sugar may not be exactly the same as white table sugar, but it still contains quite a lot of sugar and therefore it works great as a dessert. Of course if you just use 1-2 bananas and 1-2tsbp date syrup it is not a big deal, but I wouldn’t recommend going overboard with bananas or date syrup.

Pumpkin spice peanut butter

November is pumpkin spice season…. And if i am honest, i have never actuall tried a pumpkin spice latter… or pumpkin spice anything. Or…. now when i am writing this, i think i actually have tried a pumpkin spice latte when i was in Lisabon 3 years ago.

In the U.S there seems to be pumpkin spice everything during October-December, and it hit me that pumpkin spice peanut butter would be an amazing idea. I am all about combining 1 or 2 delicious things and making it into something even more delicious.

I have posted how to make your own peanut butter HERE, as well as a video on my instagram. It is super simple, and you can make it just using peanuts, but i personally add a little oil and salt to get the right texture. As well as roasting the peanuts before hand to give more flavour.

You can of course make this spice mix and use in other dishes, such as PS oatmeal which i made and it was delicious. Or why not make some PS cookies, or some PS nice cream. You can also make this using another nut such as almonds or cashews. I just used peanuts as that was what i had at home.

If you want alot of spice mix, i recommend you double this recipe. As i was just trying out this spice mix combo i just made a small batch, but it did disappear a little too quickly so need to make a new batch!

Pumpkin spice mix:

2,5tbsp cinnamon
1/2 tbsp gingerpowder
1,5 tsp nutmeg (powder)
1 tsp all spice
1 tsp clove (powder)

Mix together and store in a container or small spice jar.
To make the peanut butter i used 400g salted and roasted peanuts. Added to a food processor, along with 2tbsp pumpkin spice.

Mix until crumbly/almost smooth and then add a little neutral oil to thin it out.

Mix until the desired consistency!

(Note, you can add a little brown sugar or vanilla if you want to make your PB sweet 👌 you can also make this using another nut!)

Store in a clean glass container. Try to avoid double dipping i.e use a clean knife/spoon, this is to avoid bacteria growth in the peanut butter! Should store fine up to 2 weeks in the fridge… if you don’t use the oil it won’t store as long.

And there you have your own pumpkin spice peanut butter…. eat, enjoy and don’t forget to let me know if you try making it!

Gingerbread cookie nicecream

It’s not even November yet and i have already begun planning Christmas recipes!! The life of a (part time!) Recipe creator!

So expect christmas recipes already in November…. because I’m not sure i can wait to post the recipes and meals until December. Of course i am mostly looking at creating some winter/christmas inspired breakfasts, snacks and desserts… but there will even be some main meals as well. But what is traditionally eaten for christmas varies so much between countries and cultures so it’s hard to make christmas main meals that will be relevant for many.

But i would love to know what you traditionally eat for christmas?

It can of course be questioned…. is nice cream really a christmas food? And my answer to that would be no. Far from actually.

Instead… it is all about the warm dishes. Oats and rice pudding among other meals. But in some parts of the world it is actually warm during Christmas, so then why not make this dish…. ot maybe you just want some gingerbread flavoured nice cream during summer… that works as well!!


Typically nice cream is just bananas with your flavours of choice.

And ice cream is based on cream and sugar.

This recipe is something in between.

Based on bananas, but added coconut cream for extra creaminess.

The coconut cream can of course be excluded, and just use bananas or add in some whipped soya cream. The coconut cream does add quite a bit of coconut flavour which may not be for everyone.

In prep for this recipe, don’t forget to peel, dice and freeze bananas. I used 2 bananas but you can freeze in more and just use the amount you need for each time you make nice cream! So if bananas are ever on sale… then buy a bunch and freeze in!

What coconut cream to use?

I used the top part (the cream) from a can of full fat coconut milk. But you can use an actual can of coconut cream instead.

So this recipe does require some freezing, mixing, refreezing and then defrosting. But it is worth it… and like i mentioned earlier, you could make a big batch and just defrost/freeze when you want to eat some!


Prep: 5-10 minutes, cooling time: 1-2 hours, defrosting: 30 minutes

2+ bananas, peeled, diced and frozen for atleast 2-3hours in advance

10+ gingerbread cookies. Or use as many or as little as you like.

100- 150ml coconut cream or whipped soya cream

Optional, pinch of ginger, cardamom and cinnamon or some gingerbread spices.

How to:

In a mixer, place the bananas, coconut cream and crumbled cookies and mix on high speed until smooth. If you don’t have a high speed food processor, allow the bananas to defrost a little before mixing so you don’t break your mixer.

Add in the extra spices if using. Taste and add more spices or cookies according to preference.

Pour the mixture into a container and place into the fridge for 30-60+ minutes

Then, once cooled, allow to defrost a little before eating!!

A very simple recipe. Almost so simple it doesn’t require instructions or a recipe!!

Give this recipe a try, or check out some of my other nicecream/ice cream recipes and let me know what you think!!

Chocolate aquafaba mousse


Aquafaba… the liquid from a tetrapack of chickpeas, this often forgotten about and wasted food.

Nutritionally, it doesn’t add a lot… mostly sodium if you use aquafaba from salted chickpeas. However, it sure adds a lot when cooking or baking, such as being a good binder when it comes to breading foods. But even works great in pancakes, waffles, bread.

I have a post about aquafaba, what it is and what you can do with it which  you can read HERE.

In this post, I am instead going to share the recipe for a chocolate mousse made from aquafaba.

When you think of mousse, the first thing you think about isn’t exactly “chickpea water”… but after you make this recipe you won’t be wanting to waste aquafaba again.


Granted…. A chocolate mousse made from whipped soy cream or coconut cream might have more of a creamy texture, but this mousse is still tasty for what it is. And even if you may be sceptical… if you have the ingredients at home… give this a try.

I do recommend that you use aquafaba from unsalted chickpeas…however if you only have salted then you may need to add a bit more vanilla and sugar to override the salt.


So onto the recipe… because that is what you are all here for:

240ml aquafaba (roughly all the aquafaba from one can of chickpeas)

1 tsp lemon juice or vinegar (this helps make the aquafaba stiffen and form peaks)

100g vegan chocolate, melted

1-2tbsp coconut milk (or other plantbased milk)

c.a 2tbsp sugar or stevia (depending on which chocolate you use, if it is vegan milk chocolate you may just want to use 1tbsp sugar).

Optional: Pinch of vanilla, pinch of sea salt if the aquafaba isn’t already salted.

Optional: Top with some banana, peanut butter and berries

How to:

First, make sure that the whisk and bowl you will use to whisk the aquafaba is clean and has no fat residue left in it, as this can stop the aquafaba from forming peaks, which is what you want.

Begin by melting the chocolate – as you don’t want it to be super hot when you mix it in with the aquafaba. I mix mine in a waterbath, meaning you place a plate with the chocolate ontop of a pot with boiling water. The steam and heat will melt the chocolate – stir occasionally. However, you can also melt the chocolate in the microwave, doing it in 20 second intervals to avoid burning the chocolate. Add 1-2tbsp coconut milk to the chocolate, as that will keep it smooth and keep from hardening into a hard chocolate block again.

In the meantime, begin whisking the aquafaba. The best is to use an electric whisk, and then it will take about 5 minutes. By hand it can take around 10 minutes. Note, add some lemon juice or vinegar when mixing as this will help the aquafaba to stiffen.

After about half the time, add the sugar and keep whisking. The aquafaba is done once it has “peaks”, and you should be able to turn the bowl upside down without anything spilling/falling out.

Add in the melted chocolate, being careful to fold it in and not whisk or mix too hard. Note, the mousse will lose some of it’s peaks and stiffness, but that is ok. Just don’t overmix.

Then, either place that bowl into the fridge or pour into your desired mousse forms/cups and then place into the fridge overnight or for atleast 2-3 hours. This will help the mousse set.

Once done, eat and enjoy and make this a weekly dessert because it tastes so good!!


If you do try this recipe, let me know what you think…. . I personally really like it, but maybe that is just me!

Remember, you can add some liquorice powder, vanilla powder or chilli to add extra flavour to this mousse!!

Chickpea peanut butter cookies

Cookies made out of chickpeas…. i know you may be sceptical. You may just be thinking, wow vegans have really gone too far now.

However if you haven’t tried chickpea cookie dough before then you are missing out. Your first thought when you think of chickpea cookie dough may be hummus with chocolate chips. But trust me… that is not how it tastes. It is thick, sweet and so delicious. Not to mention you don’t have to worry about salmonella like you do when eating raw cookie dough with eggs/flour. Also chickpea cookie dough works just as great for breakfast as it does for snacks or desserts.

So… i decided to turn chickpeas into actual cookies. Perfect to bring with me to school or when at home studying.

So let’s start off with the fact that these cookies aren’t crunchy like regular cookies. But i am pretty sure nobody expects these to be exactly like regular cookies. You have to enjoy these cookies for what they are!!

If you want another snack cookie to make, i have made banana oat cookies Here:

Also chickpea cookie dough squares.


My recommendation with these cookies is to allow them to cool fully before eating. They might be a little crumbly.

These also work great to be frozen and reheated… or if super hungry, eat frozen hahha. They don’t turn super hard when frozen so works fine to eat when still cold.


You can switch peanut butter for other nut butter.

You can use nuts or dried fruit instead of chocolate.

Necessary kitchen appliances:

Food processor or handmixer



240g chickpeas

8 fresh dates – pitted

40g rolled oats

2-4 tbsp peanut butter

3 tbsp stevia or syrup

1 tsp vanilla

1/2 tsp baking powder

100g chocolate, chopped

Pinch of salt – optional sea salt

How to:

In food processor, or in a baking bowl if you are using a hand mixer, add all the ingredients aside from the chocolate chips.

Mix until smooth, but shouldn’t turn into hummus texture either. Taste and add more dates, sweetener or pinch of salt according to your preference.

Add the chopped chocolate and mix in.

Form into cookie shapes (note, if the mixture is far too lose and you it doesn’t hold together. Add more rolled oats).

The cookies won’t change shape in the oven, so you can make them the size you want. However i wouldn’t make them farr too big as then it may not cook evenly.

Place the cookies on a baking tray with parchment paper and bake in the oven for 12-14 minutes at 175C.

Once they are baked, allow them to cool completely before eating. Optional, add a little sea salt on top for that perfect sweet and salty combo.

These work great to be frozen!

Note, you can also decide to skip the baking and just eat the cookie dough as it is.

You can see a video when i make these on my Instagram: itsahealthylifestyle

If you try these, don’t forget to tag me on Instagram or comment below!