31 vegan dinner ideas for veganuary

January the 1st 2020. And many of you are *hopefully* comitting to veganuary… or maybe you have just decided to eat more plantbased and are looking for some meal inspiration…. well then, here are 31 lunch or dinner ideas you can try making or incoporating into your weekly diet!

When you first start eating plantbased you may find it hard to know what to eat and you end up just eating salad, or you take away the meat and dairy but don’t replace it with anything so you end up unsatisfied, hungry and get cravings.

So my best tip is to 1) Remember to substitute what you take away. I.e switch dairy products for non dairy alternatives. And if you take away the meat or fish on your plate, don’t just take it away or substitute with more potatoes. Instead substitute it with tofu, tempeh, beans, soya products or something else that gives you protein.

Another tip is to write down all your favourite meals and find a way to veganize them. Now a days the majority of dishes can be veganized in one way or another. Though of course, you do have to be prepared for the fact that the dish won’t taste exactly the same. So some prefer to note veganize and isntead just recreate new vegan dishes which don’t try to replicate a non vegan dish.

I would suggest you write down a bunch of different meal ideas or recipes you want to try or try to recreate and have that as a back up for when you don’t know what to cook or eat. A good idea is also to have the list on your phone for the days you are tired and hungry and need to quickly shop for food.

Invest in some cookbooks or follow a bunch of vegan recipe creators online (such as myself 😉 Instagram: itsahealthylifestyle)

Also, here is a post with some good staple foods to always have at home &what’s in my fridge/freezer

And for more inspiration or cooking videos, you can follow me on my Youtube channel – IzzyM

Meal ideas

*click the picture for the name of the dish*

There you have many different dishes you can try out 🙂 I have plenty more recipes you can search for on my blog. Also a whole bunch of breakfast, snacks and desserts which you can check out.

So now it is just to get cooking and try different recipes, see what you like and what you don’t like!

If you try any of these recipes, let me know in the comments down below or on my Instagram (itsahealthylifestyle)

Going vegan 2019? Start the year with veganuary

Soon it is time for a new year, and what better way than to start off the year with veganuary?

A time where you get advice and help from others also doing the challenge. A time for you to really try a plant based diet and/or vegan lifestyle. Many actually stay vegan after trying veganuary… so you don’t have to put an end date to veganuary… i.e you don’t have to eat a ham sandwich the first of february just “because you can”.

Of course the goal should be to make lifestyle changes to minimize your consumtion of animal products and live more vegan. To make sustainable changes which you will keep up the whole year, not just one month of a plantbased diet followed by eating animal products 5 times a day everyday for the rest of the year.

I understand that not everyone can or wants to go vegan, but it is also a chance to really give it a go if you are in a place in your life where you can actually do that. I.e if you are struggling wtih an eating disorder then maybe it is not the right time to start mixing with your food even more.

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I do encourage everyone who can to try veganuary – and to get your friends or family involved as well. Small changes add up, and also by having support from others it can help motivate you and support you to stay vegan. It can also make it a fun challenge to do with others.

Hopefully you realise that it is easier to be/eat vegan than you thought.

I do of course realise that being and eating vegan is a privelege whcih not everyone has the choice to make. Also not everyone has supportive friends or family like i do, but you can still try your best to minimize your consumption of animal products – not only for the sake of the animals, but also for the planet and your health, not to mention that eating more vegetables and whole foods and less animal products is usually cheaper. (Even if of course buying some vegan alternatives can be more expensive than the non vegan options).

The important thing to realise is that YOUR choices DO matter, and all SMALL choices and changes add up. So don’t think that just because you can’t be 100% vegan, that you shouldn’t try at all. Or just because you are “one person” that your choices don’t matter… if everyone thinks like that, then nothing would change. So everyones choices matter and make a difference.

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My goal is to try to write some helpful vegan posts during the month of January for those of you who are trying veganuary. Of course i realise that there are many resources out there and some premade challenges you can sign up, but i will try my best to help and be a support to you as well 🙂 To inspire you and even those of you who can’t do veganuary!!

If you have any questions or cetain topics you want to read about, comment below.

Also you can read my previous posts about veganism and related to vegansim, HERE. and some more vegan related posts HERE

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Simple vegan tomato tart recipe. & Easy vegan pie crust recipe

Thursday afternoon i was given almost a kilo (or maybe more!) of tomatoes from my aunt. This left me wondering what to do with all the tomatoes…. at first i  just ate them as you would with apples, then i considered making tomato soup, maybe roasting the tomatoes in the oven or making gazpacho (cold tomatoe) soup out of them. And you can even do things such as fill the tomatoes with a lentil mix and roast them in the oven or add to lentil soup or add to a salad. But none of those things seemed tempting to make, instead i decided to make a sort of tomato pie/tart.

There was no real filling i.e i could have made a tofu sauce to make it more of a pie, or if i had had some vegan cheese and vegan cream it would have been more of a filling. However, the pie actually turned out really good so i decided to share the simple recipe anyway. It might be good if you have some left over veggies or tomatoes – then you can just make a pie base, fill it with the veggies and if you can… make a sauce out of tofu, vegan cream and herbs!

For the pie base:

1,5 cups flour (i.e c.a 200/220g flour) – All purpose or whole wheat works fine

2 tbs oil

7 tbs vegan margarine

1/2tsp salt

& Herbs/spices


For the “filling”

c.a 7 large tomatoes



Salt, pepper & other herbs

How to:

Preheat oven to 220degrees celsius and grease a pie form with oil or vegan margarine.

Begin with making the base. Mix together the flour, salt and spices in a bowl. Then add the margarine (cut into cubes) into the flour mix. Add the oil and then wth your hands mix together the margarine, oil and flour until the mix resembles crumbs. Then add ice water c.a 1tbs at a time until it forms a dough ball. It should not be too wet and not too crumbly either, i.e it should hold together.

Then roll out the dough on a floured surface and add to a greased pie form. Put into the oven while you make the filling.

Chop the tomatoes into medium sized slices. Add them into a new bowl with crushed garlic, herbs and spices and oil. Mix all together so that the tomatoes are coated in seasoning and oil. Take the pie crust out of the oven and add the tomatoes on top.

If you have at home you can make a mixure of tofu and oatcream and pour ontop of the tomatoes, or you can add some grated vegan cheese, otherwise just place the pie crust with the tomatoes back into the oven and cook for c.a 25 minutes.  (*Note, i don’t know the exact time, but don’t let the tomatoes burn).


This may not sound so good, but it actually turned out really good and even better when it was cold! I’ve been eating it as a snack the best 2 days, hahah!