Carrot cake oatmeal with coconut milk

In the past i have made zoats (i.e oatmeal with zucchini) and caulioats (i.e oatmeal with cauliflower). But i don’t think i have ever tried adding carrots to my oatmeal. Not that i can remember anyway.

But recently i have seen the dish, carrot cakes, appearing online and i thought it was about time i try!!


Of course you may be thinking…. not anoter typical vegan who adds vegetables to everything. But you know what, adding vegetables to smoothies or oats is actually a good way to get in vegetables. And the sam goes for all the different bean/vegetable brownie recipes out there. Of course, you can’t beat a normal carrot cake or regular brownies with flour and sugar. But the alternatives which are made with beans/sweetener/vegetables is actually very good!

Also there is another reason for adding zucchini or cauliflower to oats – which isn’t just for the sake or micronutrients, but because it adds more volume to the oats without adding more energy. And for some, this is a good thing. For other people it is just counterproductive and instead they should be adding more nut butter and seeds to their oatmeal.

Or you could choose to add both, haha.

Usually i just make my oatmeal with water, sweetener and salt and heat in the microwave for 3 minutes. But i decided to make my oatmeal using 50/50 water and coconut milk, and make it on the stove top. And i can say…. the results were a super creamy oatmeal. So if you have the time to make your oatmeal on the stove… do it!

Onto the recipe?

Copy of Copy of Copy of Blue and Orange Simple Mexican Food Recipe Card (3)

You could make this oatmeal more carrot cake like, by topping with some cream cheese (vegan). Alternatively, mixing the cream cheese with some sweetener! But as i didn’t have any plain cream cheese at home i opted for coconut cream which was also delicious!

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Vegan vegetable-cheese casserole |Recipe

This weekend i was asked to make a 3 course meal for my family, and of course i couldn’t say no, especially when my parents paid for the food, hahah!


It was my mum who came up with the idea of a vegetable pie. She had seen a recipe in a food magazine, but she asked me if i could make it vegan – so i made it my mission to try to make a vegan version.

There are many ways to make the cheesey/egg filling that pies have, but i decided to opt for a tofu-oat cream-cheese type filling!


I was a little nervous over how it would turn out, but it actually turned out very good according to me. Super creamy and filling – the only thing i would recommend is to use silken tofu (i.e the super creamy type) and not use a firm tofu which i did.

Also the pie filling does spill out when you cut into the cake, so it won’t keep it’s form. But you could choose to skip the tofu and then the filling might hold it’s form more.

You can also make this dish gluten free by following a recipe for gluten free pie crust and using soya based cream and milk! 🙂


For starters i made toast with skagenröra (which is a swedish seafood suace, which i made vegan by using tofu and vegan caviar), recipe HERE. And also beetroot hummus, recipe HERE.


And the cake i made for dessert, recipe HERE.


It was a whole mix of tastes which maybe weren’t the best combined, haha. But seperatly they were all delicious!




vegetable casserolScreenshot_20180924-185649_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185048_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185020_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185203_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185438_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185550_Instagram.jpgScreenshot_20180924-185517_Instagram.jpg


Taste test: The vegan burger that bleeds (Juicy vegan burger)

When i was working i saw that  the store i work at had begun selling the “juicy vegan burgers” by Garant.

They are supposed to resemble the beyond meat burger which “bleeds” and is supposedly very similar to meat.

For 65kr (€6,50) you get 4 burgers ala 125g, i.e €1,60 per burger, and kind of expensive. Part of me was thinking… for the same price i could buy 3 blocks of tofu or 2 packages of other fake meat, or i could buy 8 vegan burgers for the same price from another brand. The economical part of my brain was saying, “can i really justify buying this?”. But i love testing new foods, there is something so exciting about it, so after work i treated myself to the burgers and some burger buns!


I haven’t eaten red meat in years so i am not the best person to compare if this burger is meatlike or not. But also i personally like the taste of the fake meats that already exist, i like the taste and texture of them. Not to mention that i love tofu so don’t feel like i need to eat fake meats.


So, after preparing and eating the burgers what do i think?

Well, when you cook them they do “bleed” unlike other fake meats. This is the beetroot juice… personally i did find it a little strange, and i don’t need my food to fake bleed, hahah.

I fried the burgers for several minutes on both sides until cooked all the way through.

Taste and texture?

It was the weirdest texture…. sort of mushy in a very weird way. There was no resistence or chew, and it hard a sort of gummy texture. Very weird and hard to describe. I also read a comment from another person who said that it was similar to medium rare burgers in consistency. As i have never had medium rare burgers i can’t compare… but i feel like that is how it might taste. It also kind of reminded me of failed (undercooked) seitan, which has a sort of gummy texture to it.

Taste wise? It was rather bland and next time i might add some seasoning or sauce when preparing it. Also i might try preparing the last burger in another way to see if maybe it tastes better then.


Well each burger contains 15g protein which is quite alot, and the burgers are soya free which is great for those who can’t eat soya. They do however contain gluten, so are not gluten free. And c.a 200kcal for each burger which is similar to burgers in the same size. But i guess the pros to this burger is that it doesn’t have saturated fats, trans fats or cholesterol like red meat burgers do.

My final thoughts?

Personally i don’t think i will buy these burgers again as they weren’t to my liking. Instead if i want burgers i’ll use another brand or just make my own burgers! I do still want to try the beyond meat burger that can be bought from certain restaurants in Sweden… maybe it will taste better.

Everyone is different, so just because i don’t like it doesn’t mean that you won’t!

I just don’t feel the need to have my food taste or look like meat products. I don’t miss eating meat and feel no need for my vegan food to be similar to meat. However i do like the consistency and taste of certain fake meat alternatives, and they can be a good go-to when too tired to make my own food or when eating out/with friends!


Unseen “behind the scene” eats from this week

Trying my best to picture some of the other meals i eat that aren’t just posted on my instagram feed! As i have mentioned before, i don’t want my blog or IG to be a food diary and i see no need to  picture everything i eat and infact i want to refrain from posting everything i eat as it can become a form of tracking food which i don’t want to do.

But atleast a few other meals each week i am going to try to post on here so you can see some of the other food i eat 🙂

I also got asked about whether i eat the same thing over and over for the sake of instagram or because i like the food.

And the honest truth, i love eating roast veggies and potatoes with some soy meat. I can eat just plain tofu with roast sweet potato and avocado and call it a meal. Infact i wish i had more variation in my meals for the sake of my instagram hahaha. I see all these food accounts who constantly have different meals and foods and i just keep posting the same meals and over and over, and that is because that is the food i love to eat and the food i buy for myself. I do try to mix up my food such as eating bean pasta, or making pad thai or different mixes every now and then just to switch things up for the sake of varition (for myself!). But i love the meals i eat and that’s why i eat them… and the reason my food always looks the same hahaha. Who knows, maybe when i have a partner and am cooking for two i will begin to vary my meals more 🙂

This was a mix of chickpeas, black beans, tofu, cucumber, tomatoes and sun dried tomato sauce. [I can eat meals like this as snacks!]
The little bits of left overs from my meal prep: Roasted cauliflower, broccoli, boiled sweet potato, black beans, sweet corn and avocado [night snack]
I got cravings for a chili mix: Soy mince meat, black beans, sweet corn and tomato sauce all mixed together. [Dinner part 1]

Water melon cravings – Only ate 1/2
Breakfast: Soya yoghurt, banana, muesli and half a water melon


^^I made lemon and vanilla cookies (which kind of look like scones hahaha and they turned out more soft than crunchy, but i prefer soft cookies).

Forgot the sweet potato crisps in the oven a little too long… ended up having to throw them away because they were so burnt. I hate throwing away food, and i thought maybe i should eat them. But eating burnt potatoes is not a good idea or healthy…. I am not a chef, i burn food and forget food in the oven too long sometimes!

Thumbs up or comment if you like posts like this and i will try to do them weekly or fortnightly 🙂

BBQ tofu burger and home made croutons! | Collaboration with MAX

Monday – and i am coming at you with a new recipe, infact… i have 3 recipes coming your way in the next week!

Last year i did a collaboration with MAX hamburger to create a recipe with their new HOT frisco bread, which resulted in me actually making 2 recipes – you can find the recipes HERE & HERE.

And a few weeks ago i was contacted and asked if i wanted to create recipes with some of their products which can be bought in normal food stores. The products MAX sells in stores is chicken burgers, chicken nuggets, halloumi burgers and burger dressings… but they also have burger buns and toast which is vegan. So i let them know that i could of course create a recipe using their bread, as it is vegan – and i do infact buy and eat their bread.


You may be thinking… how can you collaborate with a brand that isn’t fully vegan? But my thoughts are that 1) i actually eat MAX bread and their burger buns when i am eating burgers, 2) i have eaten at MAX a few times and they have great vegan options, 3) they are expanding their vegan options and 4) if i can create recipes with their products and get them published on their site, then more people might want to try the recipes and try a vegan option! 


The collaboration was to create 2 recipes, however i created 3 recipes (as one turned out only half ok… and i think it would work better with another bread form – so i will share that recipe later!). And first up is:

BBQ tofu with bread crusting and a salad with croutons using burger buns. So this recipe is in the theme of “not wasting food”…. i.e, have some left over bread and don’t know what to do with them? Either cut them up and make croutons, or why not make your own bread crumbs from the bread? And i can say…. making croutons with some oil and seasoning from MAX hamburger buns is ALOT tastier than store bought croutons! And home made bread crumbs works just as well as store bought bread crumbs!






Pickled onions *
BBQ sauce * (Recipe coming soon)
1 pack of MAX hamburger bread
6-7 pieces frisco toast (* It can be good to leave out of the package for 12-24 hours)
250g tofu
45-50 ml oil
Flour c.a 1dl
Spices according to preferences, ex. garlic and salt
Salad – ex lettuce, tomato, corn, cucumber
Burger topping – ex avocado, dressing

1) Press the tofu by removing it from the plastic package, and then place it on a place and place something heavy ontop (ex a pot with water) and leave for about 10-30 + minutes.
2) Heat the oven to 180 degrees.

3) Start  making the croutons and homemade breadcrumbs. Start by cutting 2-3 burger buns and 6-7 frisco hotmelt bread pieces into small pieces (the size you want as a crouton). Then take half of the pieces of bread – or as many croutons as you want – and place in bowl. Add some oil and spices and mix well. Then place on a baking sheet and spread out so that the bits don’t touch each other.
4) Pour the remaining pieces of bread onto the baking pan (or a separate pan), push them down a little to flatten them. Sprinkle some spices if you want the breadcrumbs to taste.
5) Bake in the oven and for c.a 15 minutes for your croutons.
6) After 15 minutes, remove your croutons and pour into a bowl and leave the remaining pieces of bread in the oven for about 10-30 minutes until crispy (make sure to rotate the pieces so they are completely roasted).
7) When the bread pieces are roasted remove them and leave for a while until they are cold and then place them into a food processor and mix until they have turned into crumbs.
* Recipe for pickled onion and BBQ sauce *

BBQ Tofu recipe:
1) Start by pouring some flour into a bowl, premade (Or storebought) breadcrumbs in another bowl (can be a good idea to only pour half of the breadcrumbs you have available – and add more when you need) and your BBQ sauce in another bowl (* either homemade or storebought BBQ sauce).
2) Heat the oven to 200 degrees and place a baking sheet on a pan.
3) Cut the tofu (that has been pressed of water) into about 2cm thick pieces. Start by first covering the tofu pieces in some flour. Shake off the excess.  Then cover in BBQ sauce and lastly in breadcrumbs – press the bread crumbs into the tofu so that they stick. .Then place on the baking sheet. Repeat until all the two pieces are ready.
4) Bake for about 25-30 minutes, and turn the tofu pieces after half the time.
5) ** Or you can fry the pieces in plenty of oil if you do not want / can’t bake them in the oven.

Finally, heat MAX burger buns in the oven for about 3-5 minutes until golden brown and then it’s time to assemble the burger and make your salad (don’t forget your croutons!)

**Note, recipes written in swedish and translated – so i apologize if there are some mistakes, hahah**