Carrot cake oatmeal with coconut milk

In the past i have made zoats (i.e oatmeal with zucchini) and caulioats (i.e oatmeal with cauliflower). But i don’t think i have ever tried adding carrots to my oatmeal. Not that i can remember anyway.

But recently i have seen the dish, carrot cakes, appearing online and i thought it was about time i try!!


Of course you may be thinking…. not anoter typical vegan who adds vegetables to everything. But you know what, adding vegetables to smoothies or oats is actually a good way to get in vegetables. And the sam goes for all the different bean/vegetable brownie recipes out there. Of course, you can’t beat a normal carrot cake or regular brownies with flour and sugar. But the alternatives which are made with beans/sweetener/vegetables is actually very good!

Also there is another reason for adding zucchini or cauliflower to oats – which isn’t just for the sake or micronutrients, but because it adds more volume to the oats without adding more energy. And for some, this is a good thing. For other people it is just counterproductive and instead they should be adding more nut butter and seeds to their oatmeal.

Or you could choose to add both, haha.

Usually i just make my oatmeal with water, sweetener and salt and heat in the microwave for 3 minutes. But i decided to make my oatmeal using 50/50 water and coconut milk, and make it on the stove top. And i can say…. the results were a super creamy oatmeal. So if you have the time to make your oatmeal on the stove… do it!

Onto the recipe?

Copy of Copy of Copy of Blue and Orange Simple Mexican Food Recipe Card (3)

You could make this oatmeal more carrot cake like, by topping with some cream cheese (vegan). Alternatively, mixing the cream cheese with some sweetener! But as i didn’t have any plain cream cheese at home i opted for coconut cream which was also delicious!

Let me know if you try this recipe, and don’t forget to tag me on Instagram: itsahealthylifestyle



Vegan coleslaw & vegan potato salad recipe!

One of the things I miss as a vegan is being able to buy premade mixes such as potatosalad, beetroot salad and coleslaw. However I donโ€™t have to miss out on them just because I canโ€™t buy them premade, instead I can just make my own. And in all honesty, its better when you know what the food you are eating is made out of and you can add as much seasoning and flavour and different ingredients as you like! It also doesnโ€™t take so long to make, so you can make big batches and store in the fridge for several days to last you a whole weekย ๐Ÿ™‚

For todays dinner i was craving a mix of everything so decided to make a sort of barbeque/pick and mix type of dinner with home made coleslaw, potato salad, sweet potato fries, roasted cauliflower which i marinated in a bbq sauce as well as some pickled onion, boiled asparagus and avocado! This was a super delicious mix, even if it may sound strange!


Coleslaw Recipe:

c.a 300g cabbage

c.a 300g (or about 4 large) carrots

1 cucumber (optional)

1 red apple (optional)

c.a 300g oat crรจme fraiche

c.a 250g alpro soya yoghurt

c.a 1-2tbsp mustard

a few drops of lemon juice or apple cider vineger

Salt and pepper to taste.

(Note, you can switch the oat crรจme fraiche and yoghurt to just vegan mayonnaise)

Also note, you can use pre chopped/store bought coleslaw mix if you prefer ๐Ÿ™‚

How to:

Wash the vegetables/fruit, peel the carrot and get rid of the outer layers of the cabbage (incase of bacteria). Chop the cabbage into very thin slices (Can grate if easier). Grate the cucumber, carrots and apple. Mix together all the vegetables and apple in a large bowl, then add the oat crรจme fraiche and the yoghurt. Add the seasoning and mix together. Store in fridge until ready to eat!


Potato salad recipe HERE

Chocolate peanut butter granola |Vegan recipe | (can be made gluten free)

Granola is such a super simple food to make – and you can make so many different flavour combos and add whatever extras you want, such as nuts, seeds, dried fruit, coconut chips, banana chips, chocolate etc when you make your own granola.

Whenever i do make home made granola i always ask myself, why don’t i make this on a weekly basis?


And another positive thing is that you can choose to use stevia and no oil when making your granola – if that is what you prefer. In this recipe i do use syrup and oil, however there are other recipes out there that are sugar and oil free (if that is your preferance! It is of course a better option for your daily breakfast if you skip those 2 ingredients, but if you make the granola more like a sweet treat, then you can keep these 2 ingredients!).

I choose to make a peanut butter chocolate granola with some nuts/seeds/extras which i had at home, but you can of course flavour your granola however you want!



choc pb granolaScreenshot_20181017-184851_Instagram.jpg20181017_123047.jpg20181017_122729.jpg20181017_191903.jpg

Quinoa, sweet potato and black bean casserole | Vegan |”Left overs meal”

When you come home after being away for a few days and you haven’t gone grocery shopping – then it is the best time to think, “What can i do with the food i have at home?”

A little bit of red and green lentils left, a little quinoa left. I had a can of sweet corn and a package of black beans along with some veggies.

I began thinking… i could most likely try to make some type of lentil soup, or maybe some quinoa/black bean burgers, or just go with the typical roast veggies and eat with sauce and tofu.

But i wanted to try something slightly different and new, even if it was just the same foods i usually eat. And then i thought… why not make some type of quinoa-vegetable bake?

I am sure i could have used some oatcream and vegan cheese if i had that at home (but i used the oat cream i had to make the vegan stew, recipe HERE).

This dish turned out really good even if it was improvised – however i wouldn’t recommend making so much as i did because after a few days of eating it, it does get a little boring. Also it did dry out after c.a 48 hours – but that may just be that i didn’t store it in airtight boxes.

As this was improvised, i don’t have any exact measurements but i have written out the ingredients and instructions so you can try to make a similar dish if you are interested! And why not give it a try by using crushed tomatoes instead of vegetable broth, or maybe making a cream/cheese filling/sauce like in my vegetable casserole!

I give myself 10/10 for creativity, but now i am ready to eat other types of foods hahah!


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Double stuffed baked sweet potato | Vegan & glutenfree

When you want to take a simple recipe i.e a baked sweet potato with filling – and make it just a little more fancy and “complicated”. Hhahaha.

Taking the most simple dishes and turning them into recipes. I just want to show how you can make a bunch of different food and recipes using the same foods!

The simple version of this meal is to bake a sweet potato in the oven or microwave, and then top with some filling such as hummus/guacamole/bean mix/taco mix etc

Or…. you can do it like this. Twice baked and stuffed sweet potato! Preparing it this way does take more time, but it results in a more crispy baked sweet potato and then sweet potato mash and filling is already mix together – so it is just to eat and enjoy! Not to mention, if you like melted vegan cheese, then it is perfect on top of these!

Note, no measurements given as you really don’t need it for this recipe! Just use as much as you plan to eat!

Stuffed sweet potato recipe