Vegan nutrition eBook

Finally i can announce that my ebook is done and is available online to be bought!!!

You can click HERE to go to the page where my eBook can be bought!


72 pages filled with nutrition information, vegan advice, vegan grocery list, FAQ about vegan nutrition, 15 recipes, 3 smaple meal plans and even more!!

The price i have set it at is $16 which is around 125kr (swedish) or around £12, and this includes VAT. So it is a rather reasonable price according to me, hahahah!

You can only pay by paypal from the site i am using. If you don’t already have a paypal it is not hard to create one and can be safer to purchase things online when using paypal. However, if you really don’t want to create a paypal and don’t have one already but want to purchase the eBook then you can contact me and we can figure it out via email (

I have worked on the ebook almost 2 months and I am so glad to be ready and able to sell it… and just hope that whoever buys it will find it useful! I have tried to write as “reader friendly” as possible but still write about nutrition in a detailed way. When you know a topic or subject well it is easy to go into small details such as anatomy and physiology which i had to stay away from as that might be too complicated for a general reader who just wants more knowledge about vegan nutrition. So the information in the eBook should hopefully be applicable in your life, i.e you know which foods to eat to get which sources of vitamins and minerals and also how much that is in foood!

I really really hope you like the eBook if you purchase it – it would mean the world to me – but would also love to get feedback if you do! It is of course only my first ebook and i might make more in the future, who knows. But it is always good to get feedback whether it is positive or constructive critisizm, it will help me grow and improve for next time!!!

The link to the eBook HERE

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